A Life…Part III (Liz’s Thoughts)


A Life…Part III (Liz’s Thoughts)
After the lewd conversation had taken place between Liz and her niece, Liz left the house to take a walk in the woods to see if she could walk off her randiness. Before she set off she went up stairs, took off her knickers and bra and threw on a loose cotton dress to cover her nakedness. As she walked down the lane from the house she felt the warm summer breeze waft up underneath her dress causing the soft cotton to billow up to where it became trapped at the top of her midriff where the dress clung to her bouncing tits. She welcomed the feel of the warm breeze that rolled up between her legs causing the wiry curls that covered her quim to move about and tickle her upper thighs. With the sensation of the breeze blowing through the tunnel up there coupled with the tingling sensation of the curly hair, she could feel the lips of her cunt clamping shut leaving a film of cooling moisture along the full lenght of her folding over slit as it did so.

What was she to make of her niece’s suggestion fixing her up with Matts farmhand? Was Eva serious she wondered? No, what really preoccupied her thoughts since last night was what she witnessed while spying on Matt and Eva as they went through their twice daily mating ritual. And that’s another thing, why are young people obsessed with sex? Why can’t they practise some form of self control? Of course the last thing she was expecting was that Matt was going to spot her as he hammered away at her niece’s tight upturned arse. The cheek of him she thought, drawing out his cock slowly like that. Will she ever get it out of her head that look of gloating on his face as the he looked back at her through the slightly ajar doorway. It was not on. How was it fair that he would tease her in that way. The fact that he had a poker of a cock on him was not the point. She never expected him to be so brazen and to show it off to her. Who did he think he was? Had he no morals? She was his step aunt after all, a woman nearly twice his age. Young men have clearly lost all sense of decency as to how they behave in front of their matures.

Served him right how she took the iniatative to bring the proceedings to an early halt when she tiptoed in behind him to take hold of his stones as they jiggled in their low slung hairy ball sack like two plums in a handkerchief under his tight cheeks. How hard and heavy laden the egg shaped balls felt in the palm of her hand as she clasped them bringing them together to give them a gentle but firm squeeze.Over the years she had perfected this technique to quickly extract a mans seed in this way at the appropiate time so as to coincide with her own needs. Forefinger and thumb tightly squeezing a slippery cock as it pummeled in and out of her cut was all very well. With some men it might quicken their release, but with others it only prolonged their excitement and she often found that teasing their cocks in that way aided them to hold off spilling their seed. She thought of it in terms of organ grinder and monkey. From a controlling point of view, in her experience she found that a mans balls were clearly the organ grinders and his cock was the monkey. Lots of men would be quite content to leave a woman suck or wank their cocks all day and if experienced enough could hold onto the seed in their balls for an inordinate amount of time. However balls in the palm of an experienced woman put control back in the womans hands. Virile men with full balls properly handled will rarely be masters of their own timing when it comes to the shedding of their seed.

So it must have shocked Matt to the core when he felt the coolness of her hand clasping him in that way when he least expected it. Before she took hold of his jewels she gentle flicked the underside of their bag with the tips of her pointed finger nails. Almost immediately she felt his balls lifting off the bottom of their sac at which point she raised the palm of her hand to cup and roll them before giving them the fatal squeeze that would send their sap shooting up his long thick stem and into that short and narrow quim of his newly acquired bride. This is something he may not yet have experienced – unless he had already been in the hands of a mature experienced woman, which of course could very well be the case because of his horny disposition. His young bride would not be experienced enough yet to control and handle him to her advantage. Certainly what she saw of her last night wouldn’t lend her to think that she was very experienced. She was clearly putty in his hands the way she was squeeling and squirming as he ravaged her with his long thick stem. She couldn’t help but notice that everytime Matt was up to his balls in her, the entirety of her cunt stretched to the profile of his cocks girth. Then when he pulled it slowly all the way out so as to brazenly show himself to another woman it snapped back shut as tight as a clam shell.

In her state of excitement recalling her memories of last night Liz was confused as to what her next move should be….(to be contd)

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