Annie has problems


Annie has problemsAnnies problems started about 5 months ago when she ran away from home and wound up on the seedy side of San Francisco.Back in her hometown Annie was kind of a trouble maker. She smoked pot and had a tendency to hang out with the “wrong boys”. But for the most part she was an innocent midwestern farm girl.After she got busted for smoking pot her folks really came down hard on her. She didn’t like it and decided to run away to San Francisco. She was expecting flowers in her hair and had not expected to be homeless. She had a small backpack that was filled with clothes, but she had no money after a few days and after a few freezing nights on the street she met Brad.He was walking past her as she asked for change. He stopped and asked, “would you like a shower and a hot meal?” She did not hesitate and quickly went with him.He took her back to his place and let her take a shower. While she cleaned up He ordered a pizza and opened a can of beer.When she came out of the shower she looked like a new person. Her red hair laid wet on her shoulders, her smile was bright and cheery. Even more so when Brad handed her a beer. The clothes she was wearing were still pretty filthy, so Brad offered to wash them for her. Annie was so grateful for his kindness, but apprehensive because she had nothing to wear while the clothes were being washed. Brad handed her a robe and she giggled into the next room to change.Soon after, the laundry was in the dryer and the pizza had arrived. Annie was onto her 3rd beer and was starting to feel pretty good. As they ate Brad asked, “do you smoke weed?” and Annie thought to herself “this keep getting better and better!”They ate pizza, drank beer and got stoned. Plus Annie thought Brad was pretty good looking, this was all working out! They were sitting and talking, Annie was feeling pretty damn good. She snuggled up close to Brad and said, “thank you so much for helping me. How can I ever repay you??” as her hand moved up Brads leg and towards his cock.Brad relaxed and cool about it, he allowed Annie to rub his cock thru his pants and soon enough he was hard as a rock. His plan of “enslaving another fucking hick” was paying off better sarıyer escort than he planned.But for the first night, he was calm and collected. Waiting to snare the trap. He let Annie believe she was “repaying” him as she stroked his cock. Soon he had his cock out and Annie was slowly sliding it down her throat, she was only 18, but she had been sucking cock since she was 12. She would work it down almost to the balls and hold it there. Brad was impressed, the last hick had to be trained. This one seemed to come with a skill set. Soon Annie was pretty worked up and ready for anything! She was naked and had Brad’s dick in her throat. He was working a finger or two into her dripping twat and she was rocking back and forth on his hand.Brad took out a camera and she stopped moving. Her eyes lit up but she said, “no, you can’t take any pictures…” so he put the camera away and stood up.He walked to the other side of the room and Annie followed. She was still naked, horny and really wanted to continue to repay Brad.He knew what he was doing – he was just baiting the trap.He pulled a baggie out with a yellowish powder in it, along with a glass pipe. He calmly asked, “ya ever do H?”Annie had no clue what it was, but she was confident she could do most anything. Plus she didn’t want to look “inexperienced” in Brad’s eyes. So she said, “Sure let’s do some!”Brad had her on the hook and proceeded to load the pipe and take a hit. He quickly exhaled and handed the pipe to Annie. She took a toke and coughed until her face was red. They laughed and laughed as she took a swig of beer.Then he handed her the pipe again and she took another toke, then another. She was so high she had not noticed that Brad was not smoking.Now Annie was high as hell and the room was spinning around her, she had forgotten she was naked. Brad took out the camera and started to record her as she walked into furniture and tripped over things.Annie, sat on the couch and was having trouble keeping her eyes open. Brad handed her the pipe and she took another hit.Then he started to hold her legs apart and slide his fingers into Annies cunt. She really was not moving… He pulled his esenyurt escort fingers out of her cunt and held them over her face, she had nodded off. To Brad this was permission to do as he liked. He slipped a finger in her ass and then another – after a few moments, Brad had his dick up Annie’s ass. She didn’t move as he drove deeper and deeper into her butt.The whole time he was fucking her ass he was also taking pictures. Dozens and dozens of pictures, mostly of her with his cock in her mouth or ass.She started to wake up a little, so he dumped a load in her ass and went to get a beer.She opened her eyes and Brad said “well, Hello beautiful! You really needed that nap!” She rolled over smiling and feeling good… She also felt something dripping out of her asshole, as she tried to put together what had happened.They spend the next few days fucking and carrying on like a new couple. She was falling in love and Brad was trying to turn her into a junkie hick fuck slave.After a few days he talked her into just shooting up as opposed to smoking the heroin. He was also adding some roofies to the mix. So she would shoot up and pass out cold.While she was out Brad would place her around the apartment with her pussy splayed wide open. Or with his cock or some random object shoved in her ass. He was posting all of the pictures and videos on his website called “Junkie Slut” and Annie was his newest star.She was in a haze, always high or u*********s. She would wake up naked and coated in cum. Sometimes her ass would ache like it had been abused in someway. But she didn’t know. She just accepted her new life as an endless supply of d**gs. Brad had invited a couple of friends over and he told Annie to clean up and put on some nice clothes. Most of what she had was filthy and Brad had thrown away most of her stuff. So she was able to put on one of his shirts which just hung on her. As well as a pair of cut off daisy dukes. She looked cute. Mike, Eric and Cindy arrived and they all had a few beers. Annie was getting a little drunk and had unbuttoned her shirt a little. As they were all sitting around talking Brad left the room. Soon her returned avrupa yakası escort with the heroin. He sat next to Annie and she rolled up her shirt sleeve and continued to talk.Mike, Eric and Cindy knew where this was going and they were getting excited. Annie just assumed everyone was going to get high. She didn’t know that she was the only one.The moment she nodded off Brad had her naked and displayed. He pulled out his dick and opened Annies mouth. Then he slid his cock into her throat. Annie didn’t move. So he continued to throat fuck her until Eric asked for a turn.He was already standing there naked with a $100 bill in his hand. Brad took the money and shoved his cock balls deep into Annies mouth. He held it there for a long time, then pulled it out and passed her to Eric.Eric wasted no time and simply grabbed Annie’s hair and roughly stuffed his dick in her face. As he power humped her the others were getting ready to take their turn. Cock was being rammed down her throat as Brad began to video the scene.Cindy was already playing with Annie’s pussy as Eric fucked her face. She slid in two fingers and then four. Annie was out cold and didn’t flinch as an entire hand slid into her. Cindy groped deeper into Annies cunt and said, “ I can feel the dumb whores heart beat” they all laughed as Erics balls rested on Annies eyes.Mike said he wanted a piece and pulled out his cock, he was hung like a fuck horse and proceeded to slide it down Annies open mouth.Brad videoed the whole scene, occasionally stepping in and sliding his dick into one of Annie’s holes. After an hour or more of Annie being tossed around like a rag doll she started to come too, Cindy was elbow deep into her ass as Mike rocked her back and forth on his dick. Eric and Brad were taking turns slapping her face and throat fucking her.As she began to wake up Brad started to jerk off on her face, followed by Mike and then Eric. Cindy pulled her arm out of Annies ass and grabbed her by the hair. She spat in Annies face and slapped her. Everyone was laughing as Annie slumped over, her face covered with cum, shit in her hair and all of her holes well used.After everyone left she lay sobbing, her face stuck to the carpet and her ass burning. Brad came over and said “it’s ok, would you like another hit?” She sobbed more and rolled over…He rubbed her shoulder and said, “it’s ok, everything will be fine. I’m making a ton of money off of you”… Then he slapped her playfully on the ass and walked away.

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