Early Morning Suprise

Early Morning Suprise
I went to bed early on a Monday night so I could get up early on Tuesday to get into the office and get things complete. I had set my alarm for 4:00 AM but I was woken around 2:30 AM by my wife wrestling in the bed. I did not pay much attention to it at all as she always tosses and turns in the bead as she sleeps. I just rolled on my side and went on back to sleep.

I woke again around 3:15 AM, I know this as I looked at my alarm clock thinking “Damn it I will not have a good day if I do not sleep” Again it was my wife tossing and turning, I rolled back onto my back and went back to sleep. My alarm went off and that was when I got the early morning surprise. I went to roll over to shut the alarm off but I could not roll over. At this point I was not sure what was going on. I rolled to look to see what or where my wife was and she was sitting in her chair next to the bed. I could barely make her out as it was so dark in the room. I heard her speak “Good morning honey” with a little chuckle in her voice. At this point I realized I was tied to the bed. I looked over at her and asked her what the hell was going on. She did not speak just got up walked over to the bed and placed a gag ball in my mouth. I was freaked out and mad all at once. Then I watched her go back to her chair and sit down.

She then spoke as she reached for the remote and said “Watch the TV baby I think you will like this” I rolled my eyes to watch the TV, as it came on the light was bright and at first hurt my eyes. I rolled my head to look at my wife and she too was watching the TV screen. I turned back to the TV and just that time I saw a video of a lady laying in a hotel room in a sexy outfit, the room she was in was dark and was hard to see much. Then I heard a noise coming from the TV and it was not long before I knew what it was, a vibrator.

The camera went in for a close up and you could see this lady working the vibrator on her clit and all around her pussy lips. I glanced back over to my wife and she was watching intensely on what was happening on the screen. I turned back to watch the what was happening on the screen as well. I watched as this vibrator was meticulously and sensual, I could see the wetness building on the tip of the vibrator. Then I watched as she pushed the vibrator deep into her pussy only to hear the muffled sound of the vibrator as it went in. She started working it in and out of her pussy letting out soft and low moans.

After just a few minutes of this the camera spanned out to see the room there appeared to be a man standing at the foot of the bed. As the camera moved I could then see the silhouette and I could see his cock just hanging there in front of him. Damn it was huge and long. I then watched this man lean down and start kissing her inner thighs as he worked his mouth and tongue to her pussy. I heard her let out a little bark and moan. I watched her reach down with her hands and grab this mans head and pulled him into her waiting pussy. The man was tearing her pussy up with his mouth and you could hear his sucking and slopping sounds as he ate her.

I watched the lady twisting her body as to try and get this guys tongue deeper into her pussy. The camera zoomed into the guy eating her pussy you could see how wet she was from her juices on the guys face. I watched as his tongue darted in and out of her pussy and then he would flick it across her clit. Every time he touch her clit she let out a moan of pleasure. I glanced over at my wife and still she was staring at the screen. I could tell her nipples where so hard and I noticed her legs where spread but I could not see much more of her. I turned back to the screen to continue watching this man eating this ladies pussy.

The camera then zoomed out to see the entire room and there stood another man. He was standing next to the bed near the ladies head. The other man was still between her legs eating her. The camera scanned up to the other man and I could see he had a large cock as well. I watched the lady reach out and grab hold of the semi limp cock. She massaged it with her had and fingers only for a few seconds. Then with grace she pulled him closer to her and I watched her open her mouth and take the cock into her waiting  throat. The camera zoomed in to where you could only see her lips and tongue working there wonder on this mans cock. I watch as his cock grew harder and harder with every suck and lick she laid on his cock. I could see her saliva all over his cock and I watched her take the head of his cock out and lick and suck on just the tip. The man was moaning and I could tell he was close to cuming. With one hand on his shaft the other was massaging his balls as the camera angle had zoomed out just enough to see this. His breath grew deeper and harder and then I heard him tell her “Fuck bitch I am going to cum” “I am cumming you fucking slut take it bitch” I watched with such intensity as the cum came shooting out of the head of his cock onto her waiting tongue and lips. I watched her aim his cock right at her target and watch the stream of cum hit its mark. She then played with his cum and then took his cock deep into her mouth and covered it with his hot cum. She pulled it out as the camera pulled in for a close up and I watched her clean his cock of all the cum and I heard her swallow it all.

The camera zoomed our again to show that the man who was eating her was now standing at the foot of the bed stroking his enormous cock. With out any words the lady rolled over and got on all four and backed herself up to the foot of the bed. It did not take being a rocket scientist to know what was about to happen her. I glanced over at my wife and this time I saw one hand playing with her nipples and the other was down playing with her pussy. I knew I was rock hard but was unable to do anything or say anything. I glanced down at my own cock and it was throbbing bouncing around and it had precum running down the shaft.

I turned to the screen to watch the camera zoom into the guys huge cock as the head slowly pushed it way between this ladies pussy lips and slowly disappear into her waiting pussy. I was amazed how much cock he put into her but was more shocked how much there was still out of her. I heard the muffed voice of the lady telling him she could not take anymore. The camera zoomed out some and I could see the man behind her with at least 4″ of his cock still not in her pussy. I then watched him pull what he had in her out and I would say at least 8″ came out. As he did this I hear the lady let out a “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” and then I watch this dude push it all back into her and as he did she growled again “GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”. The camera zoomed in for a close up as this guy started going in and out of her pussy. There was already a milky white cream building on his cock and the side of her pussy lips and thighs. Some of witch was running down the inner thighs. The camera was catching all this with precession and care.

Then the camera paned out to the room and there was the other guy sitting in a chair next to the bed playing with his semi limp cock and there stood someone else but I could not see them very well. Then the camera zoomed back to the guy fucking her from behind and by now he was giving it to her good and hard. I could hear their bodies slapping together and I could hear him grunting with every thrust and her letting out muffed moans and sighs as he slammed his huge cock deep into her. I also noticed he was now even deeper with his cock and this lady was taking it. I was in awe and was so horny and hard I wanted relief but I was tied and not able to touch myself and my wife was just sitting there still playing with her pussy and tits watching what was on the screen.

As I looked back at the TV screen I noticed the other person that was hard to see standing there was now laying on the bed with their head under the woman’s body with their head placed under her pussy and that their body was placed in a similar way. I then watched the man that was still slamming his huge cock deep in the ladies pussy and now I could tell the person under the lady was for sure doing something to her and the man at the same time. Then the camera zoomed in and I could see that the person under the lady was licking the ladies clit and every once in awhile you could see their tongue work its way on the big thick shaft f the mans cock working in and out of her pussy. As the camera spanned out across the room I saw that the guy that was in the chair was now on the bed on his knees in front of the lady and the other person on the bed. As the room was still dark but with enough light to be able to see the outline of his cock hanging there in front of the two on the bed. It was about that time I watched the lady on the bed and lean into the man kneeling on the bed. She opened her mouth and took the head of his cock into her mouth and started sucking on it. At that time the other person using one free hand started playing with the ladies breast.

It was not long into all this I noticed my wife getting out of the chair, I was thinking she might join me on the bed but instead she walked over to the closet and got a bag out and came back to the chair. Not once did she talk to me or look at me that I could tell as the room was dark just the screen on the TV and with it being dark it was hard to see. She sat down and went back to playing with her pussy and breast. I had to go back to the TV and what was happing on there. As I turned and looked I noticed the guy kneeling on the bed was now lower on the bed and I could make out that the person laying under the woman was a female as the guy on the bed was now fucking her. The lady on the bed was licking the other ladies clit and the guys shaft. With in just a few minutes of watching all four of them on the bed was on the verge of all cumming. I heard the guy in the back of the lady scream out “IM CUMMING OH BITH IM GOING TO FILL YOUR SLUT PUSSY FULL OF CUM BITCH” “OH IM CUMMING” The camera zoomed in and you could see this huge cock pulsing as he was shooting his hot load of cum deep in her pussy. Then you heard the lady scream out “OH GOD IM CUMING OH YEA FUCK MY PUSSY FILL IT FULL OF YOUR CUM” As she was cumming her body was trembling and the lady bellow her was sucking the guys cum and the ladies cum from her pussy and then she let go a muffled moan and the guy that was fucking her let out a moan as well. He pulled his cock from her pussy and let it known he was cumming “I’M CUMMING IM GOING TO CUM ALL OVER YOUR PUSSY OH HELL YEA IM CUMMING” The camera zoomed in on him shooting his load on the ladies pussy. with out hesitation as soon as he finished his cumming the lady on all fours leaned down and started licking his cum from the other ladies pussy. The guy still in front of her. She broke her bond on the ladies pussy long enough to suck what cum was still dripping from his cock into her mouth and then back to licking and sucking the cum off the ladies pussy. She continued to lick and suck on the other lady until she broke out in a scream of “EAT IT BABY EAT MY PUSSY I NEED TO CUM TOO BABY EAT IT LIKE IT BABY EAT MY PUSSY” A pause and then a grunt and I saw her body shack and then she let it out “OH EAT IT DONT STOP EAT MY PUSSY IM CUMMING EAT THAT PUSSY YOU SLUT EAT IT BABY” “IM CUMMING”

They all pretty much collapsed right there in a pool of passion. The camera zoomed out to see all four laying in a maze of bodies on the bed. The camera then faded out and the screen went black. The entire room was dark I could hardly make out much and then my wife got out of the chair eased onto the bed and I head a vibrator and then I heard it go muffed as she inserted it deep in her pussy. She was straddled me and she lowered her clit closer to my hard throbbing cock. She reached out grabbing the shaft with her free hand and holding it straight up she then lowered her clit down to the tip of the head of my cock. With the vibrator in her other hand holding it deep inside her pussy she started rubbing the head of my cock against her clit. With in just a few minutes with out a word I felt her juices flow I first thought she was peeing. But I knew it was her cum and then she eased up from me and with out a word she ran the vibrator from the tip of my cock down the shaft to my balls and slowly passed them to my ass area and back and as she moved the vibrator up my shaft I shot the biggest load of hot cum in my life. It shot to the head board of the bed and on my face chest and belly. It continued to slowly shoot out at every throb it made while laying there. I had cum rolling of the tip of my cock down the shaft of it and laying on the base of my cock shaft. I watched my wife ease over and slowly start licking the my cum from me. She had a mouth full and then she reached up removing the gag and before I could speak she lend in and kissed me with her mouthful of my cum. But she was not through she went back for three more loads of cum to share with me.

More to share later on as to what happen next, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments are welcomed and encouraged..

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