Family Picnic leads to fulfillment of fantasy


Family Picnic leads to fulfillment of fantasy
Back in the Summer of 1982 A few members of my family that included a hot curvilicious sexy elegant Aunt who starred in most of my stroke off sessions for years attended a family picnic that was given by long time friends of the family.
My Aunt Estelle was for me everything I wanted a woman to obtain looks, the way she dolled herself, and the way she smoked her Winston super long 100s. I had always fantasized about sharing her cigarette with her from the time I was 10 years old til that fateful Picnic when i was 16, but always too sheepish to even try, but this day changed everything, We all were having a great time at the picnic and my mother and grandmother and sister were ready to leave and having noticed my Aunt was a bit tipsy I figured that I could at least try and make it happen, so I stayed. I was so ancy and was silently hoping she would say she was ready to leave which in about an hour she did so we left she let me drive because she was a bit drunk and i was only too happy to oblige, we pulled out of the parks lot when she took that gold pack of Winston Super longs and placed that long cork filter in her amazing mouth and i had grabbed her lighter and took the pleasure of lighting her smoke, I kept glancing at her and she asked why I kept looking i told her I was always curious about smoking and asked to take a puff from hers she seemed a bit disappointed then said only do this around me so I took a drag infact i took two and she smiled like aah I see you have smoked before, I told her yes but only when frustrated and she asked me what frustrated me, I began to blush and finally just thought to myself fuck it just tell her whats the worst that could happen, I told her I smoke when im alone with no one in the house and masturbate, Her eyes lit up like I never had seen before. and requested details i told her since we were almost to my house id have to wait then she said do i have to be anywhere if not we could go to her pad and share a few cigs and my story. I was quick to say yes. that two mile drive seemed like a two hour drive lol, we finally get in her apt and i sat on the sofa she went to grab a few beers she said since you are smoking you may as well have a beer with your auntie and a quick full lipped peck on my lips i let out a slight moan she seemed to hear it but played it off beautifully So I told her that I fantasized about having an older woman make me lose my virginity while she would smoke a long cigarette
and before I could continue she stopped me and it dawned upon her that she recalled my stare many times in the past and asked me if I ever fantasized about her, i was very nervous to let that out of my closet I told her it would be bad that i did because she was my aunt my moms sister. she said not to worry what will be said and anything in that context is strictly between two people, so i hesitantly opened up and then leaned over and asked if i would like to share a cigarette with her so she lit one exhaled a large bloom of smoke to the celing handed me her long winston then gave me the most sensual kiss i had up to that point in my life, I asked her if she would allow me to french kiss her and she sure did, She asked me If i had ever had a Bj Before of course i didnt so she went to put some lipstick on and just out of the blue I asked her if she would smoke a cigarette while doing so in which she replied she was planning on doing so and she lit her long winston unzipped my shorts gently pulled down my shorts and my 16 year old cock sprung to life with precum oozing from the head she said it looks like you are more than ready for Aunties mouth and then she licked from side to side and then took all of me in her hungry mouth and less than a min later my knees were shaking and i told her i was going to cum she got more agressive after hearing that and then i dropped my first load by getting sucked off.I told her I was sorry i came so fast but she assured me it was ok and that i would be ready for more within five min. It was actually 90 seconds, More on that on my next story, I will say that we remained secret fuck buddies for 9 years and we role played ever sexual role our hormones could ever desire

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