First Time I Got Fucked By Another Man – And I Lov


First Time I Got Fucked By Another Man – And I LovI admit that I am an asswhore. An asswhore with very little anal sex experience – so far at least.I fucked one woman in the ass once. She was having her period and fucking her ass was her idea. This babe was a slut – not hot, but not unattractive either. If you like to fuck women you’d all almost definitely fuck her if you ever had the opportunity. Slim, petite, long brown curly hair, nice tits – medium plus a little more and perky, and a pretty nice ass too. She just wasn’t my type and she really never rang my bell. We fucked 3 or 4 times before our thing ended. First time in my office during working hours, a few more fucks in my bed with facials as the grande finale each time (her idea which all the proof you need to know she’s a slut), and the last time was the assfucking I gave her in my bathroom. Fucking her ass felt a little different than regular pussy fucking, tighter at first and with the lube thing replacing pussy love juice. It was a wham bam quickie since I was in a two or three week fucking drought at the time. She told me to cum in her ass and then she licked the rest of my jizz off my dick.I’d much rather fuck a girl in her other hole and use her ass as my play toy before during and after we fuck. One two three fingers, tongue, a finger in her ass when I’m fucking her doggy, that kind of stuff. And I never really hooked up with a woman who was an asswhore and loved getting assfucked enough to tell me and then ask me to do it to her.That’s my one and only time my dick ever fucked someone in the ass. I’d do it again to a hot slut with an even hotter ass but even then I wouldn’t be the one to bring it up. I’d tease her instead with the old finger fingers tongue and lips routine and see if she wants my whole dick in there. Some women do and good for them.I never fucked a guy in the ass and I’m certain I never will either, unless I come across a barely legal (but still legal – always) twinkie boy with a big time thing for daddies like me, with milky white smooth skin on his virtually hair free body, a face that’s girlyish and cuter than the face on most women, a decent sized dick for me to play with as I please, and a big but not too big bubbly bouncy round ass that would make any girl jealous. Yeah I’d fuck a twinkie boy looking like that and I’d fuck him real real good. I’ll never ever fuck a man’s ass if he’s not exactly or close to exactly like that hot hot and dirty twinkie boy. Won’t because I can’t. Zero sexual interest or desire for it no matter how hot he may be.But when it comes to a guy fucking me, well, things are very very different.I love everything about it. But he must have a dick bigger than mine which is 8 inches and big enough that we don’t need to pull out the measuring tape to know if it is or it isn’t. I don’t get totally hot unless the guy about to fuck me is packing at least 9 inches, and what I really want is 10 to 10.5 inches of dick in my ass. It’s my thing – but it’s truly physical for me. A small dick can’t physically let me reach my maximum sexual pleasure, and the bigger the dick fucking me the more pleasure I feel and the more slutty and hot a bottom I will be for the guy who fucks me.I get that not everyone feels the same way as I do about this. Which of course is just fine – we all should do whatever makes us hottest when we fuck. Anal sex is just about the least subtle and least ambiguous thing there is in life. You don’t kind of maybe not sure I like it yeah it’s okay but I’d much rather be fucked in my pussy please, when it comes to getting assfucked. You and I and everyone else either love it or you hate it. It hurts some people, a bad cleaning prep is disgusting and can kill your anal sex desire with one little brown stain on his dick when he takes it out, buca escort and for some people it isn’t painful or disgusting, it’s just not fun or sexually pleasurable.I was a sexually honest horny and dirty young teenage. One finger in my ass when jerking off by age 12. Ten eleven twelve inch cucumber three times as thick as the thickest dick there ever was, fucking me and/or me riding it up and down when jerking off by age 14 and probably before that. Seduced my younger best friend for more than 6 months until he wanted it more than me and he gave me a special 13th birthday present – which was our first ever gay sex and first ever sex with another person – we unwrapped ourselves in the garage and that first time turned into a 6 year teen gay sex affair. My bad luck though since his dick was 3 inches at very most and he tried to fuck me a few times but it was too small. Barely enough dick to get in and only with me on my back with legs in the air. And when it did it was too fucking small for me to even feel!!Our thing ended as soon as we both had girls to fuck regularly. I went totally straight then and stayed straight for the next 25 years until my divorce.Divorce meant sexual freedom and I played both sides. I knew I had some unfinished sexual business – big dick in my ass kind of business.I wasn’t gay and had no gay friends or even casual friends of friends of friends to help me out. So I did it all by myself. Patiently and never compromising my higher by a lot than usual sexual and physical standards. Went to a few bars – not gay bars but places close to home. Smiling, talking, joking, but never a drop of flirting – until a guy I was hot for signaled me or flirted first. Took me a while to get good at it which was about a month and when I got real good at this new game the first guy came my way.Younger, very cute, black dude with brown skin. That’s all I went after since that’s what I really wanted. He was smart and funny and had some big money professional job and you wouldn’t guess he was also gay – bisexual actually – unless you knew him already. Which I didn’t so I didn’t figure it out until he told me, 90 minutes and several drinks into our conversation. I knew I could trust him – within limits, and I also knew he was cool and nice and normal – all that and gay too. So I told him my real story – my known gay desires, my much stronger and intense desires to fuck women, my 25 year hetero only streak that just ended. And he took things from there.He was the one who propositioned me and we both knew he needed to be since I was a total newbie at all this gay pickup stuff.We went to my place and that first time we made out and groped and we both sucked each other’s dick and I gave him my first ever blowjob to completion and my first ever grand finale of taking his load of jizz in my mouth. I told him he was my first and later that night he said I must have been lying. Either that or I’m a natural world class cocksucker – which I am I guess. He didn’t do the same to me but he would have if I didn’t shoot my load right before he did from jerking myself off which I was doing the entire time.We hung out and talked after that including about anal sex. He said he was strictly totally a top so forget about me ever fucking him and I hope you’re okay with that. I said I was – totally – and that I never had anal sex before as top or bottom and then told him about my cucumbers and that I always knew I wanted to try getting fucked by a guy – once – and see what it was like, and I could be 100% sure but I was almost sure that I would like that first time – like it a lot. I’d like it – if – I did it with the right guy and he got that he was fucking a newbie and all the other stuff about mutual attraction and fucking vibes and having a really buca escort bayan big dick and respect etc etc. And then I told him I knew he was that right guy to fuck me on opening night of the I get my ass fucked show. And then I asked him what he thought of that and was he hot to fuck me and will he fuck me tomorrow night hopefully?He smiled and said this: “Dude, I’m so hot to fuck you and having my big ass dick (oh did I mention this dude had a 10 inch fucking huge dick…) be the first ever dick in your ass and fucking you and your virgin ass real good makes me even hotter. We have a date tomorrow and I’ll be the perfect first time top when we fuck.”He left a little later and next evening he was back at my place. I power washed my insides with multiple enemas until the water coming out of me was as clean as the water from my kitchen faucet.I was so excited to see him and he was excited too. I stripped him down and then did the same to myself and then I got on all fours with my ass facing him and up in the air and fingered myself as he watched on the couch. We made out and I sucked his huge black dick for more than 30 minutes. Slow sexy teasing hands on hands off ball licking dirty talking a few breaks to kiss again and one break for a second I finger fuck myself on all fours for my man show. I told him we would stop way before he got his first dick tingling and that he was in control and I belonged to him for the night and I was his slutty cocksucking white pussy boy bitch so he could tell me it was time to start the fucking whenever he wanted. He told me after those 30 minutes of me making love to his 10 inch monster with my mouth and hands and then said I suck dick better than everyone who sucked his before me.Hearing him say this put me into another dimension. I took his hand and literally skipped as I led him to my bedroom. Then I asked him if we could do two things at the very start. First one was for him to lube me up with two fingers with my on all fours. Second one was to start the fucking with me riding his dick reverse cowboy, facing the other way and with him looking at my ass ride that 10 inches of dick up and down, more and more each time, until all 10 inches of dick were inside me. I knew he would say yes which he of course did.I’ll skip over the lubing and me having his dick in my mouth for a few seconds one more time. And I’ll start with me riding his dick. My banana days were the best training for this and even a huge ass dick goes in easy and smooth this way at least it does for me. Each time slow and sexy, taking a little more dick with every up and down round trip dick ride, turning to look and smile at him at the perfect times, a little wiggling of my ass, leaning forward and grabbing the wooden frame at the foot of my bed and me moaning from the intense pleasure this gave me. And when his dick was all the way in I froze for a while and let those 10 inches of big beautiful dick belonging to this hot and really nice guy who was just as hot for me as I was for him, and let that dick open me up with my whole body in a state of complete relaxation. For about 2 minutes or so. And then I turned to him and said this: “I’m ready now. Ready for you to take control and fuck me the way you want. Just remember to pull out in time to take off the condom because I want you to shoot your jizz all over my face this time. Another first for me by the way….And I got up and off him and his huge fucking dick and let him move me to wherever he chose to. Which was on my hands and knees so he could fuck me doggy style next. I like doggy and what I really like about it is feeling his hands grab my hips and ass and also fucking that dick right back his way with my ass pushing back and forth and both of us fucking each escort buca other in the same one rhythm. And what I like even more is getting my ass slapped and my hair pulled by the man fucking me from behind. Always light and playful and never even close to causing pain. And also hearing him call me a slut and a faggot and a pussy and a big black dick loving cocksucking white sissy – and telling him I’m all that and more when he says he wants to heart me say it too.My hands off my own dick the whole time so far since I know the slightest contact will make it explode which I want later and not before that. I wait until he gets me on my back and spreads my legs wide and upwards and we’re fucking face to face and then I let my hands do their thing on my own dick. Objective is for me to come when he does or as close as I can right after he does. This first time I did okay on that – I came a minute or so after he gave me my first ever facial which is not bad for a first timer. I love getting fucked face to face maybe most of all because of the eye contact and being able to caress his body and face and also being able to kiss while we fuck. We did all the above and I also sucked his dick for a while when he took it out of me and ripped off the condom and basically face fucked me but not at all roughly or violently. Then he put his dick back inside me and three minutes later I felt his whole body tense up and heard him say I’m close I’m close and we got his dick out and the condom off quickly so I could do the final lap with my mouth and hands and when I tasted his precum I took his dick out of my mouth and pointed it right at my nose and a few inches away from it and I stroked his dick harder and faster and looked up at him with a dirty sexy smile for a few seconds and then he came and I felt his load of jizz hit my face all over – nose mouth lips cheek chin, and none in either eye thanks to my sharpshooter’s aiming skills and I heard him groan and sigh and squeak and say some non words I didn’t get and when the jizz shooting was done he took his dick back with one hand to bitch slap my face as his jizz dripped down, and he made me beg him to put his dick back in my mouth so I could lick it clean. I begged like he told me to and his dick was in my mouth once again and I licked off all the jizz that was still on it as it slowly got softer and smaller, which, by the way, is a sexually thrilling and also interesting feeling for the guy with that dick in his mouth – me in this instance. And unlike anything else I’ve ever felt before.I also came in the midst of all this as well and I licked a finger or two worth of my own load as well.He made me stay where I was after I finished my dick licking duties, and to look up at him and let the jizz still on my face drip downwards, and looking up at him and seeing him look down at me and my jizz dripping face was the most sexually demeaning and slutty act I ever did and could ever do, but at the same time I also felt so slutty and whorish which was extremely sexually thrilling. Both at once. WOW.We were both rock hard and ready for more fun about 90 minutes later and I told him he could fuck me again if he wanted to, but he said no, this was your first ever so relax and enjoy being an asswhore bottom boy. I’m gonna blow you now and that’s it for tonite. He was sleeping over at my place that night which was one more first time I spent an entire night with a naked man I just had sex with earlier that evening. And it meant more sex tomorrow and there was a lot more sex the next day. He fucked me twice and he blew me once after dinner right before he went home and right after I finished blowing him first. Did the 69 with me on the bottom and DOUBLE WOW I’ll tell you all about that some other time.I was lucky. Fucked by a guy for the first time and it was as fun and as hot as it could possibly be.Too bad our thing only lasted three weeks – and three weekends of hot hot sex together. A long story I will keep to myself.Hope all you readers enjoyed this. Fuck real good and fuck real often and have fun!!!

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