Fools Errand

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Fools Errandfantasy era story, if you don’t like this kind of stories.. please do not read futher… Thanks!Part 1.The Matron of House K’lers needed rare and precious herbs for her rituals andPriestess Zara got the assignment to find it. She had to get it done fast, orshe would be punished severely if Matrons ritual was ruined. Zara had to put herown acolytes to seek information about the location of the herb. Luckily heracolytes did find some clues of the location of that rare herb and gave theinformation to their mistress.Priestess Zara had to use every means necessary to provide that herb for herMatron, or it would be her head on the Matron’s spiked wall. Zara was told thata sneaky rat faced trader in the lower town knew where to look for the herb, buthe wouldn’t give any details about the location for free, so Priestess Zara andher two acolytes had to go to lower town to find the information and then findthe herb.The traders little shop was little than better than a dump and it was verydirty. Every building in lower town were just dumps and shelters for vagrantsand lower beings. It was Rare for a priestess of her rank to go into the lowertown but she had two her lovely acolytes with her. The sneaky trader is just ahalf blooded rat faced extortionist who sells items such as potions andinformation for those who can pay his prices. Priestess Zara went straight tobusiness and demanded that he tell her where she could find the herb Arak. Thetrader was submissive at first, but then his attitude changed. He refused totell her what she asked and acolytes became furious when he began bargaining forsexual favours. Zhai and Trel are about to test how sharp their knifes are onthe half blood trader, but priestess stops them before the blades can make ascratch on that deformed body of his.Zara demand the information again, but the trader keeps his head and tells herthat he’ll keep his secrets even if they kill him. The Priestess is furious andtrader forces her into negotiation for the price of the information. At first hedemanded sexual favors from all of them. Both Acolytes and Priestess herself.That demand made Zara feel the need to sever the head from his body, but he wasthe only one who could tell her what she needed to know at this time, before herown head ended up pierced with the Matron’s sharp spikes. Zara started pullingthe “price” down but the trader tried to keep it up as high he could, but afterlong fierce battle of words they ended up agreeing that trader can have his waywith one acolyte and only for one night.The Priestess ordered her acolytes to stand still as the trader started toinspect the assets of these young acolytes. Trel is slightly older than Zhai,but basicly both girls have the same figure. He pulls their robes down so he cansee their perky tits. Both acolytes are sworn to obey their mistress commands toletter and the Priestess is in a hurry. The rat faced trader drools whilewatching the young half dressed acolytes. Both have white hair, reaching totheir shoulders, perky A-cup breasts and both girls have slim figures. Thetrader pulls Zhai’s robes fully down and starts to smack his lips while watchingher nicely trimmed white pubic hair. He makes his decision and chooses Zhai tobe his sex toy for the night. Zhai isn’t happy about that choice, but she mustobey her mistress’ commands so she keeps silent.The ugly trader drags the naked acolyte into his chambers and locks her in therefor a while. After that trader gives an old worn map to the Priestess. It’s madeof skin of some kind and the markings are tattooed onto the map. He shows Thelocation of the place where that herb is to be found growing and that area isfar away from this drow city and that corner of the area isn’t as well inspectednor guarded. They have to use magic to get closer and find the herb before sheis out of time.Trader pushes both females out of his dirty shop and locks the door so he canenjoy his payment in every way he could ever imagine. To get a pure and youngdrow acolyte in bed is a rare thing and for a lower town trader it’s once in alife time situation.Back in Zara’s own chambers, the priestess is in a hurry and she must makearrangements fast as negotiations with that trader had cost her a lot of time.As she prepares portal charms, the acolyte Trel gets few things into herbackpack that they could need in the middle of the great darkness which in thosecaverns might hide Underdarks own creatures.When all arrangements are done and the portal charms are ready, the priestesscasts her spell and moves them both near to the location where the herb shouldbe found. She and her acolyte arrive into darkness of the caverns silently. Thearea is rocky and at times hard to walk on. The map shows that the herb shouldgrow near by, as they starts to climb to the upper level to get better view ofthe area. They manage to get themselves to the ridge and move towards area wherethey saw more caverns. The herb grows in deep caverns where there is moistureand other minerals.The area seemed to be deserted, so priestess and her acolyte moved silentlyforward to get to the caverns. Zara cast her searching charms and it pointed toone cavern. The Herb could grow in there, but that cavern looked so tight thatthey would have to crawl into it if they wanted to find it. At that moment theyheard the roaring of some underdarks creature. It could be far away, but itmight get closer to them if the waited around here. The Acolyte volunteered togo into the tight cavern and get the herb that her mistress needed. Zara noddedand Trel disappears into tight tunnel. She had to crawl deeper and deeper tosearch for the herb, and all the Priestess could do was to wait outside. Thenshe heard another roar. It was closer now and soon there was a couple moreroars. 2-3 creatures were on the move and Zara feared that those b**sts mighthave found their scent. She tried to call Trel, but she didn’t answer her calls.She couldn’t hear anything from that tunnel and she would have to choose whetherto abandon Trel into the tunnel and leave, or get in there too and find thatherb. If she leaves, her task has failed and she could be tortured, her headcut off and hung on Matrons spiked wall. That didn’t sound like a very goodoption for her, so the priestess started to crawl into the tight tunnel. It wasreally tight for Zara as she’s a bit bigger than Trel, but as her acolyte seemedto have disappeared, she had to find that herb herself. The tunnel was reallylong and tight, but Zara managed to get herself through the narrowest places andthen she notices that tunnel was leading into another cavern. There was stilllong way to crawl, but she couldn’t move backwards anymore and tunnels was goingslightly downwards. Bit by bit Zara managed to get closer to that opening to canlı bahis thecavern and when she reached the opening, a big white face with the blackesteyes, bad teeth’s and smelly breath came into sight. Zara didn’t wait to see anymore. She was completely shocked for a moment. That was enough time for thecavern ogre and he acted fast. He took a firm grip of Zara’s arm and pulled herout from the tunnel.The Priestess yelled out from the pain as it felt as if he was ripping her armoff, while pulling her out from that tunnel forcefully. As she slumps down onthe rocky floor she sees Trel also in there. She was tied and gagged. There werefour of those big cavern ogres and they laughed when they got a second drowprisoner. Ogres acted fast, and soon Zara was tied and gagged like Trel. Afterthat both women’s were pulled up and forced to follow them. Zara was unable tocast her spells while her hands were tied and ogres had taken all of theirbelongings when they had tied the women.The Drows were led into a little camp where they saw several more orges and ofcourse the drow females got a lot of attention from them. They were dragged tothe middle of the camp and tied to old stone pillars. Cavern ogres had camped inthe old ruins and the ruthless ogres were usually left alone if someone ever sawtheir camps in there. Even Underdarks b**sts didn’t bothered these ogres asthere was so many of them.Soon an older Ogre came out from the only surviving small house, or more likelya hut. He seemed to be the groups leader. The Priestess tried to speak to theb**sts, and luckily the older Ogre was in a good mood and allowed the priestess’gag to be removed. She quickly said that she wanted to negotiate with him forpassage. The older ogre laughed and asked what she can offer to them for thepassage as they were now their prisoners. Both of them, Acolyte and Priestess,noticed that the herb that they were searching for was growing near of thechiefs hut. Actually it was growing on its walls. The Priestess had to put herbest face on and try to play the bad cards she had been dealt with skill so theymight have a way to get out of there with that cursed herb. Zara said that theyare indeed their prisoners at the moment and they could **** them, but if theycut the ties off, both of them could stay in here willingly and they would showthem pleasures that ogres haven’t even dreamed of.The Chief walked limping towards the priestess and with an ugly smile he toreZara’s robes open. The Priestess’ lovely round shaped b-cup tits were nowshowing and Zara had to play the game with a loosing hand. She looked at thechief seductively and offered her tits to the older orge to touch. White ogrehands were grabbing Zara’s tender breasts and Chief was favouring herproposition. He cut the ties of both females and said that if they kept theirword, they would let them go eventually. Zara didn’t want to let any stinkingogres fuck her, but it was the only way to keep her alive till they could find away to escape with the herb that had given them nothing but troubles.Zara nodded agreement to the Chiefs words and started to remove her robes andher acolyte followed her lead silently. Both women’s stood completely naked inthe middle of 8 ogres and Zara spoke again. She pressed herself against theChief and asked the ogre to grant one wish for this night. They both will havesex with the ogres if they come in one at a time or two ogres maximum at thesame time. They have whole night to have fun so why jump to the end so soon, aswaiting and enjoying it is much, much better. The Chief laughed and noddedbefore he kissed the sexy priestess. Zara tasted the foul taste in her mouthbecause the ogres mouth stank like a rubbish dump. He pushed Zara off his lapand laughed at her. He told Zara that she could show her goodies to the othersas he was interested in her younger companion and pulled Trel onto his lap. Theyounger drow was horrified by this, but she had to obey the Priestess’ commandswhatever she might order her to do. Other ogres dragged Zara in the middle ofthem and Chief pulled Trel inside of his hut.In the hut the Chief almost tore his own loin cloth away and showed his big ogrestaff to the slim bodied drow. He just ordered the girl to suck his cock and sheshould do it well, if she wanted to get out of here. Zara was also pushed ontoher knees and she had to suck cock after cock and try to please every male therewith her mouth and hands. The ogres smelled like they had bathed in shit, butZara had to keep her word and wait for the right moment to escape from there.she was in tight spot as every ogre male was going crazy over her sexy hot nakedbody and she had to stay a step away from them all the time.In the hut Trel did her best and used her mouth and hands to please the chief.With tender voice she asked him to lay down on a pelt of some kind that coveredthe floor. He smiled and did what she asked and Trel worked for a long time withChiefs hard cock as he groaned from the pleasure as the young drow really didher best. After a while she moved on the top and trembling from the fear sheallowed ogres big hard cock to find her pussy. Trel gasped for air as that cockfinally entered into her and it stretched her to her limits and maybe pastthose. She trembled strongly while she tried to get his cock deeper into her andmaking sure that he would surely enjoy all she was doing. Trel’s tits were a bitsmaller than Zara’s, but they were perkier and firmer. The older ogre watched asthe young drow slut was taking his cock deeper and deeper with every up-downmovement and it seemed to please him a lot. His big cock made Trel herself feelhot as it rubbed her tender inner parts with such force that she started to pantheavily and felt like her own body was betraying her. She was about to have anorgasm. Her biggest orgasm ever. Young Trel rode on that ogre cock and shemoaned like a slut as his cock made it’s way deeper and deeper into that slimbody. The Acolyte wasn’t worried about her mistress at all at that point andeverything she was thinking of, was just her own pleasure and how good that cockfelt deep inside her stretched pussy.The chief groaned in a deep male voice as he felt how that young sluts slim bodywas so tight, but still she wanted more of his hard member and drow slut moanedloudly as her orgasm exploded insides her like a fire. Trel’s body trembled withsuch force that she seemed to be possessed as the young drow screamed withpleasure. The chief turned her under him and started to fuck his young fuck toywith strong thrusts and she was crying out loud for more. Her legs were up highand ogres long cock slid deeper than ever into her. It was driving her crazy andshe begged him to fuck her pussy harder. The Acolyte had forgotten everythingthat was going on outside bahis siteleri of that hut because her world was just that awesome asthe orge’s large cock penetrated her fully. That huge member stretched Trel’spussy to its limits and every fierce thrust that Chief made, made her toscream in Ecstasy and had her panting heavily. The young acolyte had given upfully to the ogre and she just wanted to be fucked more by that male. He wasn’tready to shot his cum into her just yet, and he pulled himself out from thatpanting young slut, turned her onto her hands and knees in front of him andslammed his huge member again into her, but hard. Trel moaned loudly like a sexmaniac as she pushed her hips against his hips as much she could. He was usingher roughly and she seemed to enjoy being fucked roughly. The ogre panted andgroaned heavily as he rammed his cock deep into the drow sluts tight cunt andshe was like a succubus in heat. Her young body trembled strongly from theorgasms what his cock gave her and her voice was full of absolute heat. Thechief couldn’t hold on much longer and he shot his hot seed load deep into herwomb as he roared with his deep male voice as he was pumping his foul seed intothat drow slut.Trel felt as Chief unloading his seed into her womb and she felt that warm flowinside her, as ogres load was huge as it began to flow past his cock onto theground. She panted heavily, but she turned around and started to suck his cockagain, just to keep it hard for a second round. The older male was pleased ashis sex toy was more than eager to please him again and young acolyte sucked hiscock like a maniac. It was enough and ogre was soon ready to battle. Trel wasblinded from the heat and she offered her body to that ugly b**st for using. Hedidn’t wait for long and soon she was again getting his cock deep into her wellfucked pussy.Outside Zara had been playing with fire and had kept herself a step above thoseogres and she got them to cum on her hands or mouth. The Ogres were now moreeasily handled as they had cum at least once and priestess had more space formoving. She had to take two ogres at the same time and she would work fast, sothe others wouldn’t get any ideas and start fighting between themselves or startjust r****g her brains out roughly. Those big ogres would tear her to pieceseasily, but she must be clever and make them cum fast. Zara could use her hands,mouth, tits, pussy and her ass to please these slow witted ogres. First twomales took her in the middle of them and forced the priestess to her hands andknees between of them. The other made her suck his cock and another behind herwas about to penetrate the drow with his hard cock. As his cocks big knob waspressing against her pussy and seeking entrance to her own temple of pleasures,Zara was worried about the whole thing as this was her first time in thissituation. She prayed to her gods to aid her and to give her strenght to endureit all, as those ogres had big cocks and those would easily make severe injuriesto her. she gasped for air as the first cock sought a way into her pussy and shetried to forget the pain, that his big hard cock made her feel as it stretchedher to her limits as had happened with Trel in the hut. The ogres grunted asthey enjoyed that hot and so sexy drow being their slut.Zara had to control her movements and her body perfectly, so she would get malesto cum sooner than later. Priestess knew some tricks to make those males feelreally intense pleasure by stimulating different areas of their bodies and shehad to use those tricks as much she could to keep herself in relatively goodshape. Zara sucked and licked the ogres cock while another one was enjoying hertight pussy. Priestess was panting already and she had to admit that those hardmembers gave a lot of pleasure to her too. She might not like the idea to havingsex with stinking, dirty and ugly ogres, but those huge cocks had her pantingmore heavily bit by bit and orgasms started hitting hard on her strong body.She managed to get the males to cum soon. One shot his load deep into thepriestess’ waiting womb and another one made her swallow his load. After that asecond crew wanted their share from her and Zara didn’t have a lot of time torest. She was now pulled up from the ground and two ogres kept her up in the airas two males forced their cocks into her pussy and ass. The Drow screamed fromthe pain but also the pleasure she was feeling as it felt so awesome to have twohard cocks inside her holes at the same time. The males were demanding kissesfrom her and Zara was literally shared between those two ogres. They reallyenjoyed the drow sluts tight holes and Zara tried to get them to cum as soon asthey could. She worked really hard to please them and her plan had sounded a bitweak in the first place, but it was even worse than she had realised. Her ownbody wanted more of those hard cocks and she begged more ogres to fuck herharder. The ogres came in her sooner than she would wanted, but others werethere pulling them off when those two had unloaded their seeds into her.The next pair turned her on her back on the big flagstone and her head wastilted down from the edge of the the”table”. Zara’s legs were pulled open, butat that point she didn’t resist at all and another ogre cock slid into hertender cunt. Another ogre put his hard cock on Zara’s lips and she licked thatknob like it could be something really sweet. She moaned, groaned and pantedheavily. She even begged those males to fuck her again and again.At that point when Zara was used on the table, The chief dumped Trel into thehands of the others. He had had enough sex and younger drow seemed to be alittle bit dazed. She was sweaty and her young body glimmered really nicely bythat campfire. Of course other ogres gladly took her and she was placed next toher mistress, so both drow sluts were roughly fucked side by side. Zara and Trelscreamed loudly from the pleasure and ogres grunted heavily while pumping theirhot seed into those well used and stretched holes.It took hours until all the ogres were fucked out and just dropped off to sleep.Both females lay there on the ground, oozing ogre cum from their mouth, pussyand ass. Zara was first to wake up and she had to work really hard just to getup. Trel lay there in the cum pool and barely breathed after all that abuse.Zara moved slowly and silently towards the Chief’s hut and collected as muchherb as she could into little jar. After that she went back to waking up Trel.She was really tired, but young acolyte pulled herself up and obeyed thecommands of the Priestess.Zara was tired, her body ached everywhere and her inner thighs felt so slimy.All that cum that those slow witted ogres had pumped into her, was now seepingout of her. She found her bracelets güvenilir bahis and with those she could cast her portalcharm. She cast her spell and moved both of them back to their Chambers in thedrow city.She didn’t have much time left and she had to clean herself fast, get a cleanrobe to cover her abused and bruised body and deliver those herbs to The Matron.Zara was just in time, but as she was placing the herb pouch on the Matronssilver tray, she was told that the Matron didn’t need those herbs now. TheMatron of the House had decided to do another ritual instead. So all the work ofZara and her acolytes was for nothing.Part 2 – Zhai and The TraderWhen The other drows had gone on their way, The trader returned to Zhai andpulled her from the cell where he had tossed her to wait till the others hadleft. He proceeded to take his dirty robes off and told Zhai that her duty nowwas to please him or she would dishonour her Mistress. Before Zhai could sayanything on the subject, the trader ordered her to remove her clothes and dancefor him so he could look at her slim and beautiful body.Zhai wasn’t at all keen to serve this dirty and smelly rat faced trader who satdown on his bed and started stroking his cock. The Acolyte started to dancebecause he was right in what he said. She had to please him as her Mistress hadcommanded her to do. As she started to dance for him, the trader was enthralledby what he saw in front of him. The young petite drow female, almost fully nakednow was removing her thigh high grey stockings from her legs very slowly.He was really thrilled and pleased to see how she danced for him, and she did itso well. His cock had gotten really hard fast, and rat faced trader wanted tomove forward with her. He licked his dirty lips and told his sex slave to makehim cum with her lovely mouth. Zhai smiled a little bit for him, while hopingthat it would please him and trader would be easy on her. The naked drow acolytedid what he told her to do, going on her knees in front of the vile smellingtrader. He smelled like vomit and sweat and she thought that he must not havewashed in months, but she had to keep her mind on the job and forget the rest.She was hoping that he would be easily made to cum and he would lose interest inher. She had noticed that trader was well hung and she wasn’t sure how she couldtake this hard cock inside her. Still, her own interests were growing and as shewas stroking his big cock, she felt how her body was aroused by it. Zhai lickedhis hard cock slowly and took it into her mouth. The trader groaned as shesucked him for she really did it well as her mouth felt so hot and moist aroundhis meaty prick. Her slim hands stroked the base of his cock as she really knewhow to please a man. She tried to do her job as slow as she could, so he wouldenjoy it more and delay cumming till later on but the trader wanted to cum inher mouth and to watch as the young sexy naked drow female used her mouth andhands to make him cum. This made him shoot streams of his seed into her mouth.Zhai had a mouthful of disgusting, foul tasting and slimy seed in her mouth andtrader ordered her to swallow it. She obeyed quietly, but noticed that traderstill stayed hard.She was already panting slightly and the acolytes own body wanted to have hishard member deep inside her. She couldn’t deny it any longer and she obeyedwillingly when the trader told to get up onto his lap. The young drow almostjumped onto his lap as she let his hard cock find it’s way into her wet andwaiting pussy. Zhai moaned as she felt how his hard member slid into her andstretched her pussy. He groaned as he enjoyed feeling her tightness around hiscock. Her body trembled gently as she allowed his cock to slide deeper anddeeper into her waiting pussy. The hands of the trader were all over her bodyand she enjoyed the feeling.The Acolyte felt how his hard member was deep in her body and how it made herbody tremble from the heat. She panted more strongly now while riding on thetraders cock and she wanted to have it into her faster and harder. He allowedher to do what she wanted and lay down, while Zhai rode on his cock at a fiercepace. She moaned and groaned, as her body trembled from the pleasures of theorgasms that he was giving her. The inner parts of her body vibrated stronglyand it made him pant heavily also. Zhai’s young body was glistening with her ownsweat and she rode faster on the traders lap. Her perky tits moved along withher fast paced rhythm. He groaned loudly and felt how this girl’s hot body felttighter and tighter when she had those strong vibrations as she gave way to herorgasms squeezing on his cock.He was sure that it had been a good deal for him to give up the map and havethis acolyte for his use for the whole night. This Drow female seemed to be realsex maniac, but he didn’t mind that at all, in fact it was something he had notexpected and was overjoyed by the fact. He enjoyed it immensely and shecertainly kept her part of the deal. Still he wanted more and he told her to getup and to go on her hands and knees on the bed. She obeyed willingly and tookthe position in front of him. Zhai offered her body willingly to be fucked bythe trader and her body was in need of the pleasure that his long hard cock gaveto her.She didn’t need to wait for long as he wanted to use her young strong body nowthat he had a chance to do it. He just rammed his long hard cock into her wetpussy and she cried out loud as trader was really rough on her this time. Herbody trembled from the pleasure as the loudly groaning trader rammed his hardmember harder than ever into her. Zhai cried out loudly as every thrust feltlike a huge spear that was trying to penetrate her whole body. He kept her inplace with a firm grip of her hips and kept fucking her with fast and fiercethrusts. The young drow acolyte moaned loudly and cried out loudly from thepleasure she was receiving as her perky firm tits swung along with the fastpaced rhythm. The traders hands kept her in that position and Zhai let him useher tight cunt as he wanted. She wanted him to fuck her, use her and even toshoot his seeds into her.He used her body for a long time and before he finally unloaded his hot seedinto Zhai’s waiting womb, she had had several more orgasms ,and when he unloadedhis hot foul seed into her, she got another long and lasting strong orgasm fromthat dirty feeling she had enjoyed so much. She had given into her feelings andshe had to purify herself completely later on, but not yet. The trader had cumin her, but he wasn’t finished with her yet as he jumped up from the bed. Hetold Zhai, that he would continue later on after he had taken some herbs toregain the hardness of his manhood. The trader promised that his cock would beeven harder after he had used the herbs, so she should be ready for him when hereturns, and then he went into his shop. Zhai was left to lay on the bed andwait for him to return. Her night had just begun and the trader was going totake full payment from her..

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