Gail turns it wide open

Gail turns it wide open
After sixteen years of marriage my daughter in law Gail come to the realization that her love life was extremely vanilla. At thirty three years old she looked at her still sexy body in the mirror and decided that she was going to change her Outlook on life. Standing five foot three and weighing an even hundred pounds she knew she had something to work with. She started getting tattooed ,but she had a game plan. Her ink would be sexy and help drew attention to her body. It worked and soon she was posing for several clothing lines that sell cute sexy outfits.

All the attention helped build her self confidence and soon she did some photo shoots that only advertised her naked body. She never did any tasteless shots, no open vagina stuff. She kept it to full frontal nudity showing only her nipples and completely shaved pubic area.

Posing nude in front of her black photographer never failed to light a fire in her. By the end of the shoot she was actually physically aroused and when she got home she always had sex with her husband. She and husband would tell each other about things they may like to try. His biggest fantasy was to watch Gail with another woman. Gail said she would love to do that and she had already been with two other females before they married. Gail told her husband that she would like to invite another man into their bed and have sex while hubby watched.

Actually pulling the trigger seemed to be a hurdle they couldn’t over come. Gail had offers for sex several times a day from her internet post wearing those tight sexy outfits. Even at her neighborhood gym guys would offer her dinner in hopes of getting a date. Some days while all alone at home Gail would get her favorite dildo out and while reading the comments horny guys had posted about her photographs she would get herself off.

This was only a temporary solution to her desire to have another man make love to her. In fact he didn’t have to make love, she just needed a hard cock to beat her horny pussy for a couple of hours.

On one of her Facebook groups they openly commented about extramarital sex and several married women offered themselves to the guys . Gail couldn’t ever just openly act like a easy woman, her upbringing was to deeply rooted in her brain. So she picked out a guy from the group. His name is Justin and he’s a well built guy. Six foot tall and about two hundred and thirty pounds of bearded man. He got her juices flowing. They private chatted back and forth for several days. He assured her that he would be discreet and never post anything about the two of them. She took a deep breath and texted her address to him.

The following week her husband had to go out of town on his job for four days and Gail knew it was time for her to get herself fucked but good. She sent Justin a PM and waited from his reply. It took less than a minute, his post simply said ” on my way” . She knew there was no turning back now. Her hands and feet began to feel cold as the excitement of her actually having sex was creeping in.

She had touched up her completely shaved pussy the night before but she wanted to be absolutely sure she was totally clean down there. A hand held mirror told her she was as smooth as a baby between her legs. She did her eye makeup a bit heavier than she normally wears it so she not only felt sexy she looked it took.

What to wear she thought. She picked out a long black nylon dress her father in law had bought her, it has a totally see through panel on both front and back. Standing at her floor mirror she saw the black nylon covered her nipples but her naked pussy could easily be seen. She took a deep breath and said out loud, ” that will get his cock hard”.

In a few minutes she heard Justin’s Tahoe coming up her driveway. She opened the front door so the sun would show her body off. As he walked toward her she felt her vagina getting wet. She could actually see the outline of his cock on the left leg of his tight blue jeans. Without speaking a word he kissed her passionately. Then he picked her up in his arms and carried her inside. She guided him to her bedroom where he laid her down. For the next two full hours he violated her body with the thickest cock she had ever seen in real life. By the time he left she was a puddle of lust. She told him the her k**s would be away all weekend and since her husband was out of town she wanted him to stay over night.

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