How One Experience Can Lead to an Addiction….


How One Experience Can Lead to an Addiction….When I was in college, I couldn’t afford to fly home for the winter break. My friend “Mark” offered to bring me home for the holidays. Mark lived locally and said that his family wouldn’t mind if I spent the holidays with them.I had only met his parents twice and they seemed like a nice enough couple until I spent more time with them. Mark’s mom, “Kate”, is white, blonde, and about 5’7″. Kate is a stay at home mom with an artsy side and she looks amazing. I’m black with a shaved head and expect this family to live Brady bunch style. Mark has two younger siblings (and boy and girl).Mark’s father, Tom, flies for the airlines and is a type A personality on steroids. When I arrive at their home, I quickly learn that Tom rules the family with an iron fist. He barks out orders at Kate and the k**s like the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. Everyone is on pins and needles when he comes in the room.Mark won’t look his own father in the eye and neither does anyone else except me. Tom displays dominance in everything he does and expects immediate obedience without canlı bahis question. So on the first night I am at their home, grandma (Tom’s mom) is coming to make dinner. I am warned by Mark that she is a horrible cook and it is just one of the traditions. The food is horrible and I only eat one serving. Tom insists that I have another serving and I decline. Mark looks at me, but again, I politely decline. Kate bales me out by suggesting we play a game that they usually play around the table. The problem with the game is that I win and Tom ALWAYS wins the game.After that dinner, Kate brushes against me as we pass each other in the house. At first, I don’t think anything of it, but usually women are very good about avoiding touch in those situations.Kate brushed against me three more times that evening…always ass to dick…and I know that she felt how hard I was.We played another board that night and again, I beat Tom…Something that is not supposed to happen. Kate seemed happy, but the k**s all seemed scared about it. Tom was angry and left the room. He had a flight the next morning and went to be bahis siteleri early.I sat and talked with Mark, Kate, and the other k**s until it got late. Kate put the k**s to bed and then she and Mark show me where I’ll sleep in the basement. When Mark leaves, Kate asks me if I want to see some of her artwork. As I pepper Kate with questions about her artwork it dawns on me that none of her work is displayed in the house (except the basement) and I ask her why…She tells me that I know that answer already and changes the subject. Nothing sexual happens, but she keeps touching me and asking me to tell her if I need anything. For the next two nights, she comes downstairs and we talk about her art and a variety of topics. Each of those nights, she comes to the basement after everyone is asleep. Tom is not home because of his flight schedule. On the third night, Kate leaves and then comes back into the basement while I’m sleeping. I thought that I was having a wonderful dream, but I awake to find Kate sucking my dick. She sucks hard and fast like her life depended it…I try and fuck her, but she won’t…She güvenilir bahis just wants to suck my dick…So ok…The next morning Tom returns home in the morning and guess who plants a big kiss on him when he walks through the door. She looks at me like a cheshire cat and then Tom joins the family for breakfast.After that third night, Kate and I fuck like rock stars…We fuck in the garage during the day when Tom takes the k**s for ice cream. Kate sucks my dick in the bathroom…She becomes an expert in finding ways for us to be alone. She licks my asshole for the first time in my life and I don’t ever want to fucking leave.And here is the thing that I notice….she never once kisses me on my lips, but she kisses Tom. This may not be the best story, but it is true. I have never shared it with anyone because I did guilty for accepting my friend’s hospitality and then fucking his mom. Mark is an introvert, by the way, and at some level he may have sensed something. He and I were never close after that holiday visit with his family. His mom and I fucked on and off for almost two years…She was 46 when we started and I was 18…..Since that time, I have been addicted to fucking older women….I have joined romance novel book clubs and non profit groups dominated by women to get my fix…And now you know…

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