I Never Watch

I Never Watch
Wife is so incredibly sexy you might think she was from another planet. Petite, flat tummy-she works out, huge 32DD natural tits -large nipples. The type of woman that Doctors try to marry. She hosts great dinner parties. I got her on the rebound via FB and our long ago, college dating.
Her only addiction- daily gym workouts and long cycle rides with a team of men. Her simply amazingly toned, petite body, long brunette hair, and large breasts along with the most charming personality you have ever met, makes her one freaky, hot chick. Cute too. Very cute.
It occurred to me that by sharing her and letting her have some of the sexual romp vibe that I have enjoyed as a sexual perv would not only turn her -already sexual desires to the volcano level, but is some strange karmic way-she will always feel that I am the absolute special one. And I am.

We had a long distance relationship for several years before I finally moved to her and moved in. She’s the faithful type. Guys have tracked her down her whole life, and besides her ‘ex’ (the doctor) she has only had a small number of boyfriends. Bad boys that couldn’t hold on to her and ended up either dead or really messed up. See-that’s what happens when you try to mess with the innocent ones. I choose to….enhance the innocent ones…and in true fact, no one is truly innocent -or guilty of anything. So rather than smother her, like the other dudes-I let the butterfly take a careful spin. Or two.

When I was 4,000 miles away-I encouraged her (very slowly) to go to her FIRST Gang Bang. 5 very select guys who were in all of her 3 orifices and each -came 4 times in 45 minutes. They I’m sure thought she was from another planet. It was like she put them into a zombie trance and they seeded her as she gave them a total GFE (Girlfriend Experience). I would say their intent afterwards was to steal her away. One guy made the mistake of calling me “Spousal Unit” in an email. No repeats, guys- so sorry.

Then I talked her into visiting a popular swing club not too far from her beautiful mansion. This took time. I never forced her. She had these dark sexual thoughts in her mind -but it was me that gave her logistics, intel and direction. Oh, she loved that! And yes, I had boatloads of experience in my own Southern California life-to back it up. So dressed and looking like Jenner Love Hewitt with her petite, smoking body and natural 32DD tits (and sorry Jennifer-more firm body) she drove up to the Swing Club about an hour away. I saw pictures of her on my iPad of how hot -she looked that night. A dream fuck, no other description. The girl you always wanted to have as your own property. Now here is where it gets heavy. She meets a couple on the dance floor. Remember this is her very first time at a Swing Club. They have a few drinks and the mood is merry and sexy. She likes the husband –and his wife is abit on the domineering side. Somewhere it became apparent that this guy had a huge, magnificent cock. I wasn’t there-so I can’t tell you exactly. The guy’s wife-insists she have a 2nd drink, then go downstairs to the sex rooms, or however they were called-basically orgy rooms.

Only one problem. The wife just d**gged her drink. Spiked. Roofie? Something-that’s for damn sure. She goes down the stairs into the small room along a hallway of other rooms. She feels hands undressing her. Going into a dreamland or semi-sleep. Then she is more or less like putty. She recalls only certain events, as told to me later. The guy’s cock was HUGE. 10.8-11.5 inches. Like a baseball bat-and he worked her up like a pro-and when he entered her-she immediately had an orgasm. The wife played with her and although my girl is not even bi-curious -there was girl to girl stuff going on, real heavy like. All the time in a semi-conscious state. Then other men started to fuck her. Her memory is washed away. She recalled ‘snakes’ around her. They were in fact, erect penises-we figured out later. Then there was the DP. (She had never done anal). But she woke up orgasming from the d**g effect as the baseball cock was fucking her in the ass, and other cock up into her pussy. At 4am- she finally revived herself and drove home-barely keeping on the road. Full of cum and faded memory.

What are you going to do? Cry foul? Was it necessary? No. But there are some people out there you really have to watch out for-and since she was petite -I think the d**g had an enormous wallop. She told me all this on the phone, and she had to admit that she really enjoyed it-but would have liked to had the memory of what happened.

The above incidents are background material, if you are still with me.
So a handful of incredible experiences that I encouraged, she fulfilled alone and told me later. And she was extremely positive and sex-charged in thinking of these events. Now that I have moved in with her-there remains new adventures to explore. And in a karmic way-I figure if I let the world have a piece of her, and she has a piece of the world-then I end up with the prize. The other dudes before me-were so incredibly selfish and controlling -albiet trying to smother their trophy wife or G/F in the end, the Universe pulled the obsession away from them. That happens, perhaps you can relate. So as the title of this factual story goes – “I Never Watch” this is my feeling from years of a liberal sexual lifestyle.

I want her to be ravished. She is really a good person. Queen for a Day. Lots of attention. She is a good girl, helps the medical field in the most healing way-which I can’t disclose right now. But do I want to watch, like all these cuckold Internet porno’s we see? Hell, no. I don’t want those images burnt into my memory! I would rather hear about them after, and play them in the ‘theater of my mind’. And let’s get it straight. It is for her, not me. That is what I see on all these ‘wife swap, cuckold’ amateur porn video uploaded homemade style- by dudes. The husband is giving direction like a used car salesman trying to pitch his own agenda-even telling her how hot- she is feeling. How would he know? In the videos, the wife is usually just going along with it, to please her husband-mindful that is she does anyting wrong-he might freak, or get upset or worse yet, not love her anymore. And let’s face it, we can get alot more wild, when we are in our private world without supervision, critiques or judgement. That is the way we are wired. And the “fresh meat” can have full reign without any restrictions or oversight-relying on the a****l lust and chemistry between them. And the wife, can be a total slut if she so choses to be.

In fact, I will go so far to say-that if I selfishly see any of the body/soul entanglement- I would shut my eyes and move away-fast. Probably I would lurk in another room, reading my Kindle, -perhaps keeping a watch on the clock. Later she would come out, glowing completely ravished and literally on top of the world, gushing to tell me-every detail, sweaty and cum-filled. I wouldn’t have images like a camera in my mind/spirit as IF I would have been in the room with the dude-having a ‘split roast” type threesome? Hey, I am not judging others -each to his own.
Hope you enjoyed my straight talk. There is much more I could say and tell, but that will be for another time.
I will quote the line from THE BEATLES in the last part of the album of their very last album – “Abbey Road” :
‘And in the end, the love you take
Is equal to the love you make.’

And as Beatle Paul told comedian Chris Farley on a SNL skit-
“You get back what you give out.” True.

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