Lesley part 32


Lesley part 32″Zante…..what….now? For fuck sake Mary…..I’m working. I can’t just stop, and dissapeare!””Al…I fucking told you weeks ago i was gona book a holiday. That wee slut…..Lesley… has got your fucking brain scrambled….nearly as much as your cock! Get, ya heed oot of ya fat arse and get back into the real world! First ya wanting to move the cunt inta oor hoose….with k**s!..,. Then ya forgetting oor anniversary. Unfuckingbelieveable””Aye Mary…ya right…..I’ll sort it……. Hold on…I’ve a thought. What if I cud get the wee slut tae come with us. Just think….we could fuck the arse of her all week. How’s that sound!……oor own wench! By fuck that sounds like a plan..eh Mary doll?” Mary was tempted. Even though she thought big Al was getting too close to this ‘lesley’, the thought of having her as a sex slave was very arousing. they had done this once before and it had been a great success. “Would she go for it….I doubt it. Shes two fucking boys for fuck sake. She can’t just up sticks and leave them. If she’d do that, she’d expect me to look after them if she moved in with us. No fucking way Al. I’m not a fucking baby sitter…..not while you and her are away getting fucked at the swingers club….NO!” “Aye Mary….sorry darlin….just a thought! I’ll just do her arse in the morning before I leave. That’ll keep her happy””Al….listen to yourself….’keep her happy!’ What the fucks that all about?… Big Al Mcpeevie doesn’t do ‘keeping people happy’….does he? NO….he keeps himself happy!…. Fuck the rest!….. We are ‘different’ ya big lump oh lard! We are the controllers….the ‘doms’ as you call us. We ‘don’t keep people happy’….we make their lives a fucking misery. That’s…..what we do!….comprende….capeesh?” “Aye…aye….ok….point made….I’ll shag her arse, and tell the cunt tae fuck aff….how’s that sound?” “…..More like the man I love. That’s how it sounds. One day, maybe…..one day we’ll maybe double tap the fucker together. For now…maybe it’s time to concentrate ya time more on the other slut…what’s her name…Susan?.. Sandra?” “No…Sylvia….how’s she’s a stuck up cunt, believe me!” “Sylvia….that’s her! Oh aye….that’s the one ya holding some notes over?” “That’s her…but I could return them now, and she’d still want me cock””See….there you go again! Ya going fucking soft!…… The man I know would never even consider that!…. ‘Give them back’…no fucking way. Get a grip, Al. Ya losing it. I’m away oot…. Just you think what I’m saying! Toughen up Al Mcpeevie…..ya going saft. These Geordie slags are making my man into a pussycat. AND I DONT FUCKING LIKE IT!” “Right. Right. Right. I’ll fucking sort it….tomorrow…..I’ll sort both of them. Ok?” “You’d fucking better….and I want ya hame for tea time….we fly at ten tomorrow night!” “Ok…babe…ok.””Right…thank fuck for that. Ok…I’m going oot now. Got a little mmmf planned. A going away present for Mary! Three cocks! mmmmmm. Can’t wait” “Three? By ya a greedy cunt. Haha””By fuck I am that. Al….the juice is running down me leg just thinking of it. Gonna see if I can get two cocks in me pussy at the same time! mmmm””Lucky bastards. Haha…right…I’m away for a pint. Good luck ya cocksucker!” “Aye you to, ya fat ugly cunt!” “Haha”OooooLesley and her dad…Geordie, were sitting in the garden, after dinner, having a glass of wine. It was a lovely summer evening ant the garden was in full bloom. The boys were away with their friends and weren’t due back for ages. “I’m going to have a lie down on the sun bed” Lesley announced. “Ok….I’m fine here”Lesley went to the shed and pulled out a sun lounger, placing it at an angle to get the best advantage from the sun. Geordie watched his ‘daughter’ at work, and wondered how many men were shagging her. He guessed at least two but wasn’t convinced he was right. If she had her mothers sexual needs, it would be at least three or four. Possibly even more. “Oh, that lovely.” She said, stretching out on the bed, closing her eyes and soaking up the still warm sun. “It’s good to be alive…eh dad?” “Er, I, er…yes…it is…” Geordie replied, his eyes gazing at the camels toe, formed in his ‘daughters’ bikini briefs, caused canlı bahis by her stretching. “It a lovely night….” Her right leg was lying to one side and the material just covered her lips. He could feel stirrings in his pants. Again! “Not be long now till I’m 50, dad….frightening isn’t it. Where’s all the years gone?””Well….I’m over 70. More scary for me!” “Oh dad, theirs years left in you yet”. “I wish….” Geordie replied…his eyes still on Lesley’s near exposed pussy. He could see her perfectly smooth inner thigh…..and had to adjust his own crotch area. When he looked back, she was asleep. Gently snoring. Exhausted he thought. He pored himself another drink. “Oh Lesley….what are we going to do with you?” He said quietly, out loud to himself. Then chuckled. ‘…..do with you….humph…what about me?” Geordie realised what he was saying, just as he was contemplating getting his cock out and having a wank while looking at his ‘daughters’ near naked pussy. “Maybe I’m as bad” he said a little louder….not realising he was speaking so loud. He noticed her hand was on the inner thigh of her outstretched leg and seemed to be creeping towards her sex lips. He watched…engrossed by the opportunity to see a private peep show. His cock was getting harder. Inch by inch, she teased him, finally getting to her dream induced target. Lesley was with Rob, again…..waiting for him to mount her. She was anally impaled on Mcpeevies cock, and Rob was preparing to insert his cock into her gaping pussy and complete the mmf. ‘Dad’ watched Lesley’s fingers, run up, then down, the material covered lips of Lesley’s moist vaginal opening. He could see the finger stop at the top of her opening, and press hard, onto her sex bud….bringing a substantial groan from his ‘daughters’ mouth. “Ohumph” then continued her ministrations, slipping her fingers under the material and entering her pussy with ease. ‘Squelch’…..Geordie heard, as the near 50 year old continued, inadvertently, to frigg herself in front of him, oblivious to everything except her need for release. Geordie wondered if he himself, masturbated in his sleep, but couldn’t recalling waking up with sticky underpants on. Unlike his ‘daughter’, he thought. He imagined her doing this most nights, in her sleep. Then waking up with damp knickers. He could now smell her. The unmistakable fishy, musky smell of a woman’s aroused sex drifted to his nostrils, and he drank it in. ‘Loverly’ he thought, contemplating getting on his knees for a closer look. He chickened out…opting to stay put, just in case she awoke. He did right. Her orgasm woke her. “Oh…what….” She blurted out, sitting bolt upright, hand over her mouth. “What…where…””It’s ok pet…you just dozed off.” He said reassuringly. She lay back down, knees bent but pussy still exposed. “I’ll just water the pots” he continued, needing to give her some space to readjust herself. “Oh…ok. It’s the sun…and the wine. Heehee”Geordie looked back, and watched her as she adjusted her bikini briefs, but not before she swiped a finger along her sodden pussy, and then lick her love cream of her fingers. He groaned and nearly came in his pants. ‘What a slut he had raised’ passed through his head, as he turned away and filled the watering can…..’what a slut….”Ooooo”Yes….yes….ok, as soon as she comes in”. Dot replaced the phone and went into the staff room looking for Lesley. She was just changing. “Hi Dot. What’s happening?” “What’s happening?…. I’ll tell you what’s happening. Don’t bother putting your uniform on. Just walk along to ya lovers office in ya bra and knickers and save some time. Fat fucks going on holiday…somewhere in Greece, and he wants you in his office for 45 minutes….undisturbed… Then, he wants Sylvia in…for…an hour….a fucking hour. Haha. Lesley..friend….he’s only sparing 45 minutes for you…but 60 for Sylvia. What’s that all about?” “Holiday? Oh….I er…I don’t know…..””Nearly two hours having sex….wow…must be some sort of tantric sex fanatic. Heehee. I’ve never had that….not with one man anyway….had it when I was gangbanged a few times, in my youth. Heehee.””Dot…your as big a cock lover as we are. Don’t preach!” Lesley replied, annoyed. bahis siteleri Annoyed at those 15 minutes alluded to. “I’ll fucking show him”. Knock knock. “Enter””Al…morning” Lesley greeted him as she breezed in to his office, spying a case standing in the corner. “Going somewhere?” “Yes….I’m going somewhere. In your fucking knickers. Get on this desk and get ya legs up…I’m gonna plough ya to fucking death. Dya here….cunt….do as ya told. On the desk NOW.”Lesley was taken aback. She hannent expected this. She was going to demand why she wasn’t worth as much time as Sylvia, and didn’t expect him to be back to how he was when he’d first blackmailed into sex. She noticed the gleam and determination in his eyes, and was worried. “What’s wrong Al. Have I done something.?” She said, as she let her uniform slide to the floor leaving her naked in front of him. “What’s wrong is that your talking to much and I’m not fucking your slut arse….that’s what’s wrong. I’ve been to soft with you Geordie cunts. Believe me…that’s going to change. No more Mr fucking Nice Guy…..Big Al is back!…. So beware…..””Oh…I see” Lesley said, as she climbed onto the desk and raised her legs, holding them behind her knees…..watching Mcpeevies eyes, burning into her sex. “That’s fucking better. I can see your ready….” He spat, sinking a finger into her lubed arse hole. “Your a fucking slut Lesley….I’ve a good mind not to fuck you at all. I think you just fucking use me for sex….typical woman! Find a big cock, then ignores the owner. Bitch!” He venomously cursed at her, dropping his trousers and producing his huge erection. “Oh, Al. I don’t understand. I’m …er….confused. I’m sorry…sorry if I’ve upset you….I’m…oh..I don’t know what to say..””Shut the fuck up!” He said as he rammed his dry cock into her oiled up arse hole. She squealed in pain, for a second, then groaned contentedly. “See….see…that’s what I’m on aboot….ya just want me fucking one of your whore holes” he growled as he battered her rear hole and slapped her tits and jammed a thumb into her mouth…making her gag. “Ya just a worthless scrubber….just like Mary said……”Between the pleasure, pain, and mental torture, Lesley figured out what this was all about. Mary! She had to take the initiative. “Come on…Al….that’s it…your the fucking best….the fucking best…Al….come on….give it to me….I’m yours….I’m fucking worthless…I’m yours to use….use me….I’m yours….come on….Al. Uh..uh…oh…yes….fill my arse… Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. “Mcpeevie was running with sweat as he used her like a boxer uses a punch bag. His cock pistoned her well stretched anus as he relentlessly continued to fuck and pleasure her. Right then he didn’t know what he felt. “Here it comes, Lesley……here it comes.” He shouted, not believing that he’d allowed himself to show such poor control. 10 minutes…..that was, by his standards….disgraceful. He pulled out of her arsehole and pulled her down, trying his best to gain control and humiliate her, forcing his cock into her throat. “Glugurrgghhaarrhh” came from an emptying Lesley’s throat as his cock emerged from her spunk filled mouth. Swallowing, she looked up at her lover and smiled. “Al…I can’t live without you” and reached up and give him a huge hug and a tongue/sperm tingling kiss. “What the fuck have you done to me woman……I treat you like shit and…..you fucking love it!” “Heehee….work it out…big boy. It’s easy”…..she said, not knowing if she was telling the truth or not. “Mary said i was going saft….I think she’s fucking right!” “Nothing soft about you lover…” She replied as she dropped to her knees and took his softening cock into her mouth again. “If you’d like me to continue, maybe you’d like to cancel your appointment with Sylvia. You’ve no need for her!” and continued her ‘work’. “Yes…Dot? Good…yes. I won’t be needing Sylvia….yes…that’s right. In fact…Im now on holiday. No more calls. Sylvia’s in charge, for a week. Ok?” “Well done, lover….” she said, pleased, then took his now fully erect cock, right into her throat and pulled him deeper by forcing her face into him…making her eyes bulge, and water. “Oh…fuck….” ‘Men…..easy’ güvenilir bahis thought a fully in control Lesley….’easy….’OooohDriving back from the central station, where she’d just dropped off, a fully sated Mcpeevie, Lesley let out a massive sigh. She was mentally, and physically, exhausted. She had had a two hour sex marathon with her boss, and was suffering. She really needed to be standing up, as her bum, along with the rest of her, was tender. Also, getting naked would be a bonus, as, all of her clothes, it seemed were rubbing so many abused bits on her, only the freedom from them would bring relief. Her phone rang. Rob. “Fancy calling in, on your way home?” “God, no,,sorry Rob. Much as I’d love to, I’m exhausted. He’s been at me all morning and I’m sore. Really sore.””Lucky you….ok. See you.” And rang off. Lesley was shocked. Know, ‘how are you?’ kiss my arse, or fuck all! Is that all I am….just a place to dump your filth! She thought. She was miffed…..and, rightly, annoyed….”well you can all fuck right off!” She shouted to an empty car. “All of you!”….and instead of going back to work, she headed for home. A bath would sort her out….she hoped. OooooGeordie had just dropped the grandk**s at the sports centre, and was on his way home, when his phone rang. He pulled over to take the call, and saw it was Lesley calling. “Hello pet…something wrong?” “No dad…nothing wrong” she lied….”just got an early finish and was just gonna take the boys off your hands early..if you want”. “Oh ok…pick them up at the sports centre in 90 minutes….I’ll go for a pint. Is that ok?” Not what she’d wanted, really, but couldn’t say so, replied…”yes I’ll do that….ok, dad thank you. Speak later…bye bye.”Lesley was hoping he’d just drop them off, without her having to get dressed after getting out of the bath where she’d rang him from. She realised immediately how selfish that was and chastised herself for it. He was the only man in her life that didn’t want a piece of her, and she was tired of it. Mind….not tired of it, enough, to notice that she was getting in need of a bikini wax, and soon. She felt the stubble and remembered her date on Friday. Two days away. She reached for the razor……OooooErnie Hedley was disappointed when Sylvia brought him his afternoon tea. “Where’s Lesley?” He asked, abruptly. “….thought she was on tea duty””She phoned in sick…..had to go home””What dya mean….’phoned in’…she was hear this morning!” “Ah, she took the boss to the train station. He’s away on holiday…for a week. She said she felt sickly. Went home…..””Fucking love sick…..or sick that she’ll get no cock for a week, more like””I don’t know….she’s gone anway……you’ve got me” “I, I’ve got you…..wouldn’t I fucking love too….mmmmm””Behave!””I, that’s you fucked as well….or not, if you get my drift…heehee, still….you’ll get cock anywhere, you will! Pair of tits like that and an arse as good as yours and you’ll do ok for cock up ya….””Do you have to be so crude?” “Fuck off…ya love it!…..all you sluts love it….only thing changes is that you get older. Take Lesley’s mother….she’ll be in her 70’s now, but I’ll bet she still has some fucker doing her. It’s in ya genes….and doesn’t go away. Men are different. We get to an age and even pills won’t get our cocks hard….you were just lucky with me that time….. Women just have to open there legs, maybe whack a bit of grease up, and….bingo!” He giggled uncontrollably. “You haven’t got a clue…..why do I bother….why do any of us bother!…. Your a horrible old man and….UNLOVED!””Oh fucking charming…..you cunt! I’m loved…don’t worry about that.””By who? Ernie, I’ll not mince my words here as I’ll just deny it….your the most repulsive old bastard I’ve ever met, and the quicker your in the mortuary the fucking better. You’ve nobody who cares about you, and when your gone no one will grieve. Your unloved, just as I said. You’ve nobody who will cry at your funeral….NO-ONE” she emphasised. “Oh yes I have!” Replied a seething Ernie. “Who?” Laughed Sylvia. “Lesley!” “Lesley?….. She fucking hates you more than I do. Why would she cry?” “BECAUSE SHES MY FUCKING DAUGHTER!” He shouted at her. “….wwwhat…… daughter?….oh….my…..God.” She stuttered, with total shock on her face. “Yes….cunt….she’s my fucking daughter…..look what I’ve sired…..a fucking nymphomaniac…..just like her fucking mother…..”

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