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Marilyn sat sipping a very strong “Tom Collins” as she tried to comprehend what seemed to be coming together since Henderson, her deceased husband had predicted.

It was nearly 2 decades since Burton aka “Bird” was born. A decade had passed since the CDC and Surgeon General announced repercussions from required vaccinations had caused a shortage of female births. The general public had noticed, the government had denied it until the ACLU census proved them wrong. Burton’s generation deemed “Generation Z” males outnumbered females 107 to 1. Town Hall’s, Church’s, Government funded Gender Selection Clinic’s had been a norm for years, yet a balance in years, was still unknown. Bottom line, Generation Z lacked “pussy”!
Henderson had told her previous to his death that she would still be relatively young in a time of turmoil and her time would come. Marilyn didn’t understand at the time, but recent event’s were bringing clarity to everything he had spoke.
He had predicted the rise of Transvestites, Cross Dressing, Transsexuals and Metro Sexual life styles because the need to breed was imprinted in males. Burton drilled in her mind that Burton had freedom of choice but he hoped that he would find a female to continue their bloodline. To do whatever she could to point him toward females, but he must steer his self. Marilyn had tried yet she was still concerned as all his close friends were males.

In a conversation with her friend Beverly reality opened her eyes, when she confessed that she was fucking 6 young boys and her own boy Shane! “You’re only 42, 3 years a widow. There isn’t any possible way that you will escape” Beverly spoke. Sip after Sip of her drink, Marilyn thought.

Marilyn was slim with appropriately sized breast, long red hair almost reaching a tight bubble butt, green eyes and a Fire Red, well trimmed cunt bush. She was a living Valkyrie! Her style was always girlie, preferring ankle length, thin, light colors, with Lace, embroidery and patterns. Her look and style turned heads! She was on her third glass when she glanced down and viewed the sunlight penetrating through her dress. For some reason it never had appeared as thin before? It hit her like a ton of bricks that any time Burton’s friends were around, they stopped her to chat and probably looked right through her dresses? She stood, viewed her legs and could plainly see the full shadow of her panties as she giggled. Unknown to her, Burton viewed her also until she sat down. “Hey Mari”, he said coming to her, “you don’t have a hat on, you know you can’t take too much sun”. She slightly slurred “Bird, always taking care of me. Henderson would be so proud of you. Lawd knows what I’ll do without you when the nest is empty”? “Have you got sunscreen on”, he asked and walked away to get some. “Something is bothering her”, he thought knowing she usually doesn’t drink in the day and only 1 at night. He came back gave her a facial massage as he applied the sunscreen, she smiled. Standing behind her, he coated her neck and massaged her shoulders, Marilyn moaned. Looking over her shoulders, down into the V-Neck of her dress, he saw her bra less breast and nipples. Coating her arms, leaning further over her he saw the slight bulge of her stomach covered in panties. When she thought he was done, he sat at her feet, slid her dress back to her knees and coated her lower legs. In a minute, Bird removed her sandals, coated her foot, she said “that feels so good”. He took extra time massaging her feet, relaxing her as she softly moaned. Bird watched her eyes close and saw that her nipples were standing. Massaging her heel, he slightly raised her leg and glimpsed a small V of her panty crotch. He peered deep and saw tendrils of red hair against her white panties. Fingering the lotion between her toe’s, she lurched raising her knees and gaping a full frontal crotch view, before she dropped them. Marilyn laughed, “I’m ticklish”! Brightly red faced, Bird laughed and walked away. In a second, she thought “Damn!…I flashed the Hell out of him” and giggled.

Weeks passed as Mari noticed Burton slowly becoming closer, spending more time at home and having more of his friends coming by. Little by little she accidentally over heard their chatting containing her name. It seemed daily in the news were articles of female m*****ation’s, **** and k**nappings. They had just had supper when a TV news alert reported a missing female, Bird said “that’s it! Mari, you don’t go anywhere with me, it’s not safe”! She rebutted him until he shouted “you don’t understand! My generation doesn’t date!..Date who?….Jesus Mari, it’s all I can do to keep my friends off you”! She played coy answering, “me? A widowed ole mom”? He grasp her shoulders, looked into her eyes “Generation Z….Most are having sex with their moms or sisters if they have them..We just don’t have females”! Mari acted shocked covering her mouth he added “your generation were couples, mine is just horny guys needing to fill a need..YOU don’t move without me, end of discussion”! She hugged him whispering “OK”. She had turned to face him in the hug, her skirt had ridden back far enough to expose her panties. Burton glanced and saw the red shadow of her cunt hair through her thin pink panties. She gaped her thighs wide getting up as she left the room. As she tried to sleep later, her thoughts were of Henderson’s haunting predictions. He had set her up to know that Burton would probably fuck her! She masturbated until her clitoris was tinder! Mari woke the next morning having decided that if anyone had her it would include him. She trimmed, reshaped and tapered her cunt hair to bald half way down her outer labia. Dug up sexy panties she hadn’t worn in years.

Burton’s night had been as restless. “well, she knows, he thought..now, how do I get in her panties”? He had jerked his cum out 3 times through the night and even taken time to measure his cock. He had 11 inches in length and measured 3 inches wide on his 2 inch’s long tip with Golf ball sized nuts, hung low in a long sack. His cock naturally curved upward from years of hand jerking and it usually took at least 2 good orgasm’s before it begin to sag. He also thought of the “man to man” talks he shared with his dad. He realized that he had been given the OK to fuck Mari.

After breakfast, Mari had him set up her cutting table and bring out her sewing machine. He asked why, she told him it was time to update her clothing and her seamstress skills were cheaper than buying new. He watched as she measured and asked him about color combinations. He played right into her hands when she asked what length should her hem be? He suggested a very short length, she grinned “too short!…But I have so many I’ll cut a few for house wear only and even some for night gowns!…Burton, that’s a good idea, thanks”! Several minutes she stood cutting, matching and pinning until she unpacked her machine. She placed her foot control on the floor, pulled a straight backed chair at the table and sat down. In a minute, she slid her foot to the side searching for the control and found her dress length hindering it’s reach. Burton was seated on the couch away from the table with a perfect view under it, “I’ll move it” he spoke. She lifted, pulled her dress higher on her thighs replying “I got it, thanks”! Her sewing machine hummed as her foot patted the control. In minutes her constant wiggling and movement had made her dress creep back to her crotch! She knew when he laid his head back slouched in his seat, he could see directly between her thighs! Mari had put on black, open lace panties which clearly showed her Fire Bush. She glanced to see him trying to slyly hide the erection in his pants. With the first dress completed, she stood holding it before herself asking his opinion? He snickered, “put it on, I can’t tell much that way”? She laughed, left and returned modeling it, it was well above her knees, yet decent for daily wear. He complimented her then added “too long for bed wear”. She grinned, raised the hem saying “I think around here to sleep in”? It barely covered her ass cheeks, he said “should be comfortable”. Lowering it to mid thigh she asked “house robe”? He grinned “I can live with that”. Sitting again in her new dress, she flashed her panties another 3 hours modifying clothing. Little did her know that most of her house robes were deliberately longer in front than the rear. Her modified daily dresses had side, rear or front slits.

Days later, Wesley and Chuck came by. Mari brought out refreshments in a “new” dress, bent showing the fabric snug on her ass.The “whale tail” imprint of her panties cut deeply into her flesh, showing through the fabric. Inside the house she heard then chatting, “I’d be fucking that! She has to be better than my mom! She’s got 5 of us boys banging the heel out of her and she had us!…She is tight, she only had you”! Mari’s cunt dripped! “You need to make a move on her soon because Jimmy Mack has her in his sights!…I’ll guarantee he’s at my house or Chuck’s right now”! Mari felt her cunt spasm as an orgasm tore through her! “Yeah, he’s got his mom about ready to pop! She’s due any day now”. Mari sank to a squat as held on to a chair, letting her cunt weep to the floor. She stood looking down to the clear oily spots on the floor.

The evening set and Mari showered and changed into a new house robe. It was sky blue, spaghetti strapped with white lace trim on a deep V neck, 4 inch wide open lace down each side to the hem. Very short in the front and cheek length in the rear. Each step she made flashed bare cheeks with a thong band hidden between them. She had chosen a sheer, flesh tone Thong which hid nothing. She may as well had left them off completely! Burton laid on an opposite couch as she sat sipping a mixed drink. They chatted and laughed as she continuously got up refilling her glass and gaping cunt views his way. He was bare chested in loose nylon shorts, she had watched his cock thickening as she drank. After filling her glass, she returned to notice he had placed a small pillow in his lap. Mari finished her drink and flopped in the opposite direction on her side. They chatted as he viewed past her knees, into her face. She rolled slightly with one knee forward getting more comfortable she said “was my dress today alright? I wasn’t too sure, just not use to regular length”? Burton rolled on his side looking at all the bare flesh of leg and ass replying “Perfectly normal although I’d have to grab Chuck! I thought he might bite you”! She laughed, rolling back for a minute lifting her knee and exposing her full crotch before she rolled back answering “my god! They can’t be that desperate”! He joined her laughing saying “they consider you a virgin! One k** and lack of use”! She screamed, rolled flat on her back again, knee’s raised as she laughed I was married 22 years and I knew a few boys before your dad!…Virgin, my ass”! An unexpected loud clap pf thunder shook the house! Mari sprang up flashing her body up to her breast as she leaped in front of Burton! He saw her full thong as the TV alerted an approaching storm. She shouted “You’re fucking late” and laughed hysterically! In another minute, the power failed plunging them into total darkness!

She faked a tremble sinking her back firmly against him. Burton spooned her as she snuggled in his arm saying “times like these..What will I do when you’re gone?..Alone…Just me”? She felt bare flesh, warm and stiffening lay against her rear thigh. Another rumble started and she jumped again, lifting her thigh a few inches. His cock tip slid in the gap inches below her gusset. “I’m here now and not going anywhere without you”, he whispered as his cock hardened curving up toward her covered cunt hole. He could feel the heat radiate through the fabric as they lay quietly. In another minute, his cock touched her panties and continued growing until it pressed them into her cunt seam. She remained quiet as his plum tipped glans stretched into her as far as the material allowed. She soaked his tip in warm, wet cunt oil.

“Bird, you’ve grown…I feel you….Just don’t move…Your friends have needs…You have needs..I’m a little slow but I understand… Don’t thrust into me….That’s a bigger step than you may want to take” Mari whispered. Thunder roared constantly rolling as she pressed back into him sinking more of his cock inside her, stretching her panties down from her waist. “Don’t thrust Bird”, she grunted “I’m fertile, unprotected..You could accidentally give me a baby!….I’ll relieve you other ways even though I’d love to have your baby”. She felt his hot breaths rapidly increasing on her neck she whispered “Yes, I’d take your baby, raise it with the same love I’ve given you..Have it knowing your genes pass on” Burton’s cock quivered, she said “Now you know…You decide..You make the choice whether or not to breed me, to make me happy… I do want it”. Her hand came down snatching her pantie aside growling “Choose”!

Burton shoved into her slowly as she whined, moaned and cried “yessssss”! Slowly he withdrew then thrust back into her hissing loudly! “Thrust Bird! Ride it!…Ride it as hard as you want!…Blast it into me!…Coat me, spray me..Give me your baby” Mari cried! Burton slammed into her, stroking deep, pounding and grunting loudly! Mari screamed loudly as he felt her cunt chewing his cock shaft! “I’m open Bird…Fill me!…Pump it into me”, she wailed! Burton’s body jerked as if struck my lightening!. His thick, hot, fertile cum jetted into her thumping her womb! “Mari…Mari”, he shouted! She whispered, “keep it in me’ as he groaned and spurted “Just lay and spray me..You can do it again and again until you have none left”. It seemed her came pumping loads into her over 5 minutes before he rested. “Thank you Bird, Thank you so much!…I want this baby..I need this baby….. I love you”.

They had laid 20 minutes then the lights flicked on. He leaned his face over her shoulder asking “are you alright”? She grinned “never better”! Easing herself forward she pulled off his cock rolled on her back dragging him over her giggling as she spread her thighs again. His cock sank into her scum filled slot as she raised her legs over his shoulders saying “fuck me”! He stroked into her replying “such language”? Circling her hips and rutting upward she answered “you’re as grown as you’ll ever be! ..Making babies..We talk as adults”. Burton fucked her a full 30 minutes, grunting as she moaned, giggled and laughed! His cum flew into her again in rope like thick slugs, she said “Mmmmmm that has to be fertile! It weighs heavy inside me”! Spent out and worn out, she let him rest an hour.

He raised above her “you know, I’ve never seen your”, she cut him off saying “cunt”! He eased back looking down, she said “it’s messy”! He viewed her red bush matted in white drying cum. He splayed open outer labia with protruding glaring red inner labia and her widely gaped cunt hole! She grinned, “I know my cunt hole is open, you’re large”! He grinned as his face started dropping toward her, she caught his face saying “No!…Not this time!…I want to keep all your cum this time! I’m due in 3 days, I need it all”! They were sitting, Burton said “you know all my friends will still be after you”? She giggled, “I’ll take every cock YOU allow but I’ll only take your babies”. Burton snickered “babies”? She blushed “if YOU keep me pregnant, 2 more if you want, then I’ll tie my tubes”.

Marilyn segments will follow….

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