My first Photo Shoot


My first Photo ShootOne of my first photo shoots took place a couple of years ago, I had always indicated on my profile that I was free t o take pictures for any couple or single lady to use on their profiles. I had a message from Silvia who wanted me to take some pictures for her, and we discussed it over several e-mails. I had told her that there were no strings and that it was purely taking pictures unless of course more was required.We finally settled on a date and I arrived at the allotted time, Silvia lived in a large farmhouse, it had a long drive and a stable block at the side – I parked my car in front of the house, got my gear out of the boot and walked to the front door and knocked.Silvia answered the door, she looked much better than the photos I had seen, quite tall and curvy. She was wearing a business suit that hugged her curves and a blouse with a few buttons undone to show her ample cleavage. We shook hands and she kissed me on the cheek, I could smell her nice perfume and feel the heat of her body as she cam close. ‘I thought we would start in the Lounge – if that’s ok’ She said ‘Fine by me’ I replied and she led me through to a spacious lounge, there were a couple of three seater settees in the centre and a low coffee table. She motioned for me to sit down and then went off to make some coffee.She came back a few munities later with a two cups of strong coffee handed one to me and then sat herself down opposite me on the other settee. We chatted for a while and she told me that her husband had died some 5 years previously and that she hadn’t had a man since, in fact she said that I was the only man she had been alone with in all that time. I told her that she would have no problem finding a man as she was stunning, she blushed. She changed the subject by asking about my wife and family, it seemed she was a little nervous about starting the shoot.‘I can come back another day if you like’ I told her, but she said ‘Why do you say that?’ ‘Well you appear a little nervous.’ I replied. ‘Why don’t you get out your camera and start taking some picture’ she said.So I got out my camera and did just that – took some nice shots of her relaxing on the settee, took my camera over and showed her the results and she seemed to like them. ‘Do you find me attractive?.’ She asked ‘Of course I do’ I quickly replied. With that she stood up kissed me on the cheek again and told me to finish my coffee while she slipped into something more revealing and then she winked and left me alone.While she was gone I looked around the lounge taking a few pics – it was very clean and tidy not much clutter at all, there were a few horse pictures on the wall and a couple of rosettes and a few cups on a dresser, so obviously a horsey type of woman.Sylvia came back in to the room she was wearing a black silk dressing gown open at the front, because she hadn’t bothered to tie the belt. Underneath I could see that she was bare breasted and fethiye escort was wearing one of those lace-up Victorian style corsets attached to which were patterned stockings topped off with high heel black shoes. Her pussy was also bare and freshly shaved. ‘Where do you want me?’ she asked so I told to just sit on the settee again and relax and we would see how it went.The housecoat was covering half of each breast and as she went to remove it she revealed them in all there glory. ‘Wow’ I said smiling ‘Thank you – you are very kind’ she replied. If she had noticed the bulge in my trousers she would have known how much effect she was having on me – later I hoped.We started with a few general poses, I asked her how big her breasts where and she told me 42EE which didn’t surprise me at all as they looked magnificent. She handled one of them and looked at me and asked if I liked them. I moved one hand to my crotch and grabbed my hardening cock and said ‘What do you think?’ she laughed and said I was a naughty boy, and then started to suck on her left nipple. Being the size they were it wasn’t at all difficult for her. I moved in with the camera and took some close ups and she obliged by sucking greedily first on one nipple then the other. I took loads of pictures and after a while we decided to have a break and she got up put on her housecoat and went off to make some more coffee. When she returned I was looking through all of the pictures and she came and sat next to me so I could show her. I could feel the heat from her body as she sat close, she placed a hand on my thigh as se leant to see the pics. ‘So how big is your cock?’ she asked out of the blue ‘I can see you have quite a bulge there – come on tell Sylvia’. ‘Eleven inches by seven’ I casually replied ‘OMG she shrieked I just love big cock.’ ‘Well’ I said ‘If you are good then I will show you later’ – she smiled and said ‘I am always good.’With that she dropped her robe once more and then went over to the other settee and started to pose more provocatively. Kneeling on the settee she opened her legs and started to play with her pussy lips rubbing her clit furiously. I started to take more pictures but was sorely tempted to just go over and fuck her, but no I had told her no strings so it would be up to her to ask.I got up real close behind her taking pictures of her fingers disappearing into her wet cunt, she was moaning and pushing them in harder and harder. Her fingers were soaked and then suddenly she spurted fluid forcing her fingers out of her as she came in torrents. She collapsed on the settee and said ‘God that was horny knowing you were watching me’ ‘More than watching’ I said waving the camera. She laughed and asked to see the pics, so we sat down again and she seemed to like them all.‘Thank you’ she said ‘What for?’ ‘For not jumping on me while I was doing that, its not that I don’t fancy you its that its been such a long time’.‘No worries, If you escort fethiye want me just ask, otherwise I will strictly be just a photographer’. ‘Thanks’ she said ‘I’m getting to like you more by the minute’ I smiled and I asked her if there were any more pictures she would like.She said that there was another scene she would like to have pictures of but wasn’t sure if she was ready. ‘Ready for what’ I asked ‘Ready to share my sordid secrets’ she replied. I told her I had another couple of hours to kill if she wanted any more pics and she said ‘Well would you mind taking some of me in the stables, I think it looks so horny being naked in places other than the bedroom’. ‘Sure no problem’ and she grabbed my hand and led me out to the stables.There were three stalls two with horses in one was a stallion called Prince and the other a mare called Winnie. Prince looked excited to see her, she had slipped on a robe but underneath still had on the same outfit. She stroked Prince’s head and he nuzzled in to her she said that he was her big boy and gave her such pleasure.I told her I used to ride horses, and she smiled and asked if I would take some pictures of her with Prince, ‘of course’ I said raising my camera. She posed seductively with her stud then she removed her robe again to expose those fantastic breasts. I took a load of pictures of her stroking Princes head, his huge tongue came out and licked his mistress’s face then he mved lower and started to lick her left breast. I could see the nipple was swollen and hard and he seemed to love teasing it. ‘There’s a good boy’ she cooed grabbing her b**st and offering it to him to lick hard.The scene looked so horny her head was thrown back and both breasts were now covered with Prince’s saliva – and both nipples were hard as rock. I took a load of pictures and my cock was so hard I thought it would burst out of my trousers. ‘I bet you think I am so awe full’ she said ‘Not in the least’ I replied ‘nothing would shock me’ ‘Really’ she replied and threw her head back once more to let her stud feast on her breasts once more.I took a break from taking pictures and watched feeling hornier by the minute, I scanned the scene and it was then that I noticed how excited Prince had become, between his back legs hang down the biggest cock I had ever seen – it must have been 2 feet long and very thick, and pre-cum was oozing continually from the tip making a puddle on the stable floor.I then noticed a padded ledge behind Sylvia it was a little higher than a barstool height but not too high that she couldn’t easily jump up onto it. She moved her hands behind her to feel the edge of the ledge then lifted herself up on to it. She made herself comfortable with her legs dangling over the edge and her legs opened exposing her wet pussy to Prince. He at once moved forward slightly and started to lick at her cunt lips. She went crazy stroking his head willing him to lick her harder. I just stood fethiye escort bayan in amazement enjoying the spectacle. Prince’s enormous cock was now rock hard and waving menacingly. Prince was doing an amazing job on her and I could see his tongue was now pushing inside her greedily. She in turn was moaning and squeezing her huge tits pinching the nipples from time to time. Eventually she erupted in a huge orgasm and her cum spurted out of her and was all lapped up by Prince. She jumped down from her seat and stroked Prince’s head and whispered into his ear, she seemed oblivious to me being there at all so I just continued to take pictures. Then she moved down his flank stroking him saying soothing words, then she got down on her knees and got closer to his huge member reaching out to touch him. Prince stirred a little but she told him to stay still and he seemed to calm. Sylvia reached out and grabbed his enormous cock and started to stroke it lovingly she got closer and started to use two hands lovingly caressing him. She rubbed the head over her huge hardened nipples leaving his pre-cum smothering them. She started to kiss the large head while still rubbing the shaft and then started to suck on the end, she was gagging trying to fit it into her mouth but she managed an inch or two. So there she was wanking this gigantic cock off into her mouth with me all the while taking pictures. Then suddenly she moved back still wanking him but aiming the head at her breasts just in time to receive the first jet of cum. It covered her tits and just seemed to keep coming like a hose. She directed it over her tits and belly and even her open pussy lips were soaked. She stood up alongside Prince cum dripping everywhere and patted him affectionately, turned to me and said ‘I think a shower is called for’ and promptly headed for the house.I followed her over and all the way to her bedroom where she took off all of her things and headed for her shower, well I thought ok and I followed taking pictures of her showering off. When she had finished and dried herself we went out and sat on the bed and she asked to see the pictures.‘I hope you weren’t too shocked’ she said ‘not t all’ I replied ‘do you relieve Prince like that every time?’ ‘Oh yes – every time, it’s the least I can do getting him stirred up like that.’ ‘And what about me’ I asked ‘I got stirred up too you know’ ‘Yes I can see – would you like the same treatment?’. I said nothing in reply just simply stood up before her and unzipped my trousers hauling out my hard cock for her. She shrugged off her bathrobe and sat naked in front of me taking me gently in one hand stroking me making me harder still. She seemed impressed with my size and easily fitted me into her warm mouth. Using the same technique she wanked me into her mouth sucking me greedily at the same time.I wanted to push her back and ram my cock deep into her wet cunt but I stood by my promise. She expertly bought me off and I came in torrents which she swallowed down licking me clean. And that was that – I dressed left her with the memory card off the camera and bade her farewell, she said she would be in touch, and I am waiting expectantly…

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