My Younger sister


My Younger sister*****REPOST*****REPOST*****REPOST*****My younger sisterI guess I was born a horny little devil. From an early age all I thought about was sex. Not really all my fault as I have four older brothers. I found where they hid their sex magazines, and I would spend hours looking at each and every picture over and over again. I have two younger sisters but Nora my youngest sister was my favorite person in the world. When I was eleven she would follow me everywhere, even up into the tree fort my older brothers had long a go abandoned. Only one older brother was still living at home but he was a total mamas boy. Nora and I would go up into the fort and pull up the rope ladder. Many times we ended up playing Doctor, where I had to examine Nora all over. We both knew we could not talk about this to anyone. She would grab my cock and play with it a bit but neither one of us knew what to do, same with her I would play with her nipples and then touch her pussy. At this point in time I got the biggest thrill just running my hand up and down her butt. The closest to actual sex was when we would lick each other from head to toe. This went on for quite some time, we had progressed to more sexual satisfaction but I was now f******n and she was ten years old. Nora was becoming very sexy, enough so that a couple of my parents friends like to have her sit on their lap when they visited. She would squirm around and feel their cocks get hard. She would also grab their cocks when no one was watching. I guess that’s why they always gave her money on the sly. Still I was the only one who saw her naked and had a chance to touch her. This went on two, three times a week. She had long since figured out how to make me cum. She freaked then laughed when I started coming, the first few times. One time she was bent over my cock watching it spurt out come when I tried to hold it back, she moved closer and then I spurted one last time right in her mouth. Nora shrieked but said it wasn’t too bad. She then put her mouth back over my cock and started sucking any remaining come out of me. After she finished she wanted to know if she would come like I had. Not knowing, I saidI may have to lick your pussy longer than before so I started licking and kissing her pussy. It took a while before she started squirming around and pushed me away from her pussy, I had gotten wet but she did not squirt like I had. Still we had advanced our sexual play one big giant step.Like my brothers before me I started working with my Dad. He worked at a winery, and after school he would come and pick me up. So my time with Nora started to suffer. One day on the way home from school I passed the house of my parents friend. He had an old (very old) car for sale. I asked how much, he said how much you got. I told him $45.00He said get permission from your dad and you can have it. Not hard to sell my dad on the car, he would not have to pick me up, I could drive to work. So I thought. Well I did buy the car, it ran, mostly. No license to drive, no insurance, no driving.I had started driving the trucks at the vineyard, and got to be pretty good. The boss had me drive a tractor about four miles to another section of g****s and that pretty much changed things as I started driving trucks, tractors and equipment all over. My Dad started letting me use the car once in awhile until I could get my license. Finally I was fifteen and a half, I got my license the next day. My time with my sister Nora had suffered a great deal. I had friends, she had friends. Plus I was going to school and working part time.One Friday night I was supposed to work but my Dad said I had too many hours that week, Man I was gone in a second. I walked over to my friend Dave’s house. They had an in-laws quarters in the back yard. As a reward for good grades he was allowed to stay in the cottage. They had installed an intercom from the side gate to the cottage so we did not bother the rest of the family. I noticed the gate was closed but not latched , so I walked in. As I came up to the bedroom window part of the curtain was parted and I could see about half of the room, there stood Dave in all his glory holding his cock. I could not hear him but he was talking to somebody. Them I saw Larry move up next to Dave and he was naked also. They were looking and talking to someone else. I could not see who it was, so I moved around to the back of the cottage, The window was wide open but the curtain was completely closed . I could hear everything but see nothing. Then I heard Dave say “come on Nora you sucked Larry’s cock, suck mine then we will eat your pussy”. Stunned but turned on I heard Nora say no! eat my pussy then I’ll suck your cock and let you come in my mouth. Larry said me too, I didn’t come. I knew they had started eating her pussy but I was dying because I wanted to see them do it. Leaving never entered my mind and I was not jealous except for wanting to be apart of the fun. I stayed glued to the window hearing every grunt and groan from all three of them. When she finally pushed them away it did not take long for them to come in her mouth, I knew she was sucking all their come in to her mouth. Finished , they offered to walk her home., but she said no it was dusk but not dark yet. I left and went and sat down around the corner, waiting for her to come up. When she saw me, at first she did not want to kiss me, but I kept up until she did. I said “you taste very good tonight“. She looked at me kind of weird so I told her I knew she had been with Dave and Larry and sucked their cocks. She asked if I was mad. I told her only that I was not part of the fun. Nora was on her way to a friends house fethiye escort when she met up with Dave and Larry, then her friends family drove by so Dave asked her to come over to his house. They gave her a beer and started wrestling and tickling her, things went on from there. I was not mad but told her not to make it a habit now that she knew what they wanted.One day I was helping a guy install a new well pump. He said man you got it made. You have a car, you have money because your working all you need now is a girlfriend. I jumped in and told him I have a girlfriend. We just don’t have anyplace we can go to be alone. After working for a bit Jose said, you know my son before he joined the Army used to bring his girlfriend right here. He built this lean to next to the maintenance shed . The yard light is just far enough away and there’s nobody to bother you here. There is almost three hundred acres of g****s here and I live three quarters of a mile down the road. Just remember to use this access road or my wife might see you.That Friday I told Nora all about where we could go. She was ready and willing. When we reached the access road, dropped the chain passed thru and locked it back up. Drove down to the well pump. This was perfect, HOT summer night, we were outside under the stars, I laid out a sleeping bag in the lean to. We both undressed and laid down. We both knew we had plenty of time and were not worried about getting caught. Nora was lying on her back and I was between her legs sucking her nipples and her just emerging breast. She rolled over on top of me started kissing me, very slowly with plenty of tongue. Our hands roaming all over each others bodies. Nora is tiny, four foot eight inches and weighs maybe eighty to eighty five pounds. She has a very nicely rounded ass. Brown hair and brown eyes, very cute. This was to be a very special night, for all that we had done there had been no penetration. Not with my cock any way. We had used a carrot, banana and a hot dog. I had placed my hard on at the opening and rubbed until I came. A few times while doing this she would have a orgasm. Tonight we would not hold back. Laying on top of her, she had my cock in her hand and was rubbing her pussy when I told her to put it in. She laid there with her legs spread open and placed my cock tip and said push it in. Man was it AWESOME. Very tight pussy, she started breathing short hard breathes and pumping her body up to meet my cock penetrating her pussy. I was trying not to come so fast when I felt her pussy get all wet and slippery. I thought at first that I had come, but she was moaning and groaning low and deep. She was having a very nice orgasm. Her eyes were closed and she was starting to sweat she had just a hint of a smile on her face. This was the some of my whole life, it was as I said AWESOME.She was into a low groan when she opened her eyes and saw me looking at her. She had her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. Her pussy was milking my cock and I kept telling her not to or I would come too fast. She just smiled at me and said are you going to run out of come forever. I laughed and said no, so she said go ahead and come in my pussy. I wanted to be cool and calm but all I could say was you are so beautiful and started pumping my cock into her now very wet and slippery pussy. Still it was tight enough for my six inch cock. I must have come a gallon that first time in her pussy. We laid there in the lean to under an oak tree in the middle of a vineyard. Life was beautiful. I asked what if you get pregnant, she had already thought of that. Our sister Jeannie was having problems with her period and cramps and they put her on the pill. She figured our Mom would do the same for her, in the mean time I had to use a rubber.Two months later we were in the lean to it was still daylight, I was teasing Nora with my cock, rubbing it all over her pussy but not putting it in. She finally grabbed my cock and stuck it into her pussy and with my first stroke I jumped up when I felt something cold and wet lick my ass. I was freaked not knowing what happened until I saw Jose’s dog. Nora was laughing pretty hard. Me I was freaked and lost my hard on. Then I remembered that Jose’s dog was trained never to leave the house yard area., unless he called the dog. The dog would not even chase a jack rabbit into the vineyard unless Jose gave him a signal. I figured Jose was somewhere near watching. It was pay back time for letting us have a place to play. I started tickling Nora and she ran out of the lean to. We ran around the well pump and shed, finally I caught her and standing behind her I marched her around. When we got close to the lean too I whispered to her that Jose was watching us. This really got her hot and she grabbed the sleeping bag brought it outside kneeled down and started sucking my cock. I was holding on to her head too keep from falling over when I spotted Jose watching her suck my cock. That was all it took I shot my load into her mouth. She continued to lick and play with my balls. Looking down at her she asked if he was still watching, I told her oh yeah he’s over there. Nora stood up thrust her little titties at Jose and told him she would suck his cock too. It seemed like an eternity but finally he came into the clearing. He just stood there and took her all in with his eyes. Nora who soon would turn twelve had more control than this guy who was near forty years old. Nora knelt down and called him over. As he moved up next to her I started rubbing my cock. His pants fell down to his ankles and Nora grabbed his cock, she kissed it once twice and then sucked just the head into escort fethiye her mouth. Jose came out of his trance and pulled back. He said as he pulled up his pants that his wife had never done that to him and he was afraid she would know. He asked if it was ok if he watched us once in a while. Nora smiled and said anytime just don’t let your dog bite my brothers cock off. Jose was startled at that revelation, I just smiled and said wouldn’t you if she was your sister. He smiled said he had to get home.We talked about what had happened, I told her I was hot to watch her get fucked. New school year just turned sixteen. Met a girl second day of school. A few days before Thanksgiving took my girlfriend to the vineyard, played with her tits, she touched my cock thru my pants. Like being ten years old again. Big mistake I told Nora, she knew of other girlfriends I knew of two of her boyfriends. She cried the vineyard is our place. Told her nothing had happened, she did not care this was our place, if I go again I have to take her with us. Well new girlfriend did not last, big group of friends at Red Robin car show. The three of us walked around then went back to the car, we were all in the back seat when Nora leaned over and tongue kissed Cathy. At first she kind of enjoyed it then pushed Nora back and told her to stop. I said, she thinks you are going to take me away from her, she feels I’m her best friend and won’t spend any time with her. Cathy turned towards Nora and was going to hug her when Nora grabbed her by the back of the head and tongue kissed her again. With her left hand she grabbed on to her right breast. This kiss lasted just a tad to long, before Cathy once again pushed her back. I noticed Nora’s hand was still massaging Cathy’s tit. Bad timing as more friends got tired of walking around and came back to the car.Next day we were going to a drive in movie, Cathy called asked if Nora was coming too. I told her she was. Cathy said your sister is as bad as you are, I can fight off one of you but not both. I said I think it’s cool that my sister turns you on. Why not enjoy both of us, she said no I can’t do this and good bye. I guess Nora won, we went to the drive in movie.Nora had started the pill and we were fucking like rabbits any chance we had . I had noticed that Nora was hanging around Dave, Larry and Ken at school. Dave was a good guy but he talked a hole lot more than he should have. I really liked Ken but I knew he was smoking grass and did not like that. Larry was more like me, not a follower but not really a leader, I went my way and tough if they did not like it. That was good because it was Larry that Nora said she wanted to fuck. I really wanted to be the one to tell Larry what Nora and I wanted to do, but Nora said no she wanted to do it.One Saturday morning watching TV at our house Nora said Hey lets go to the vineyard. Larry said what’s the vineyard. I said that’s my sugar shack, when I need a piece of ass I go there. Yeah sure, you should be so lucky. Nora said he doesn’t have to be, he’s got me.We jumped into my car and I’m sure he did not believe either of us. At the vineyard she run into the lean to and I grabbed the sleeping bag from the trunk. The lean to is just that a roof and three sides, no front. As we came around the front , Nora was standing there naked as the day she born. She grabbed the sleeping bag and made a show of laying it out as I was taking of my clothes. Larry just stood there with his mouth wide open. Nora then grabbed him by the belt and unfastened it. Dropping his pants and underwear she knelt down and started sucking his cock. Now naked I got behind Nora and started poking her butt with my cock and massaging her breast. I started licking her ear as just inches away she was sucking my friends cock. Larry has a nice cock, very little hair, and about the same six inches as mine. Looks like we were both given hot dogs for cocks. In just a few minutes Larry came in Nora’s mouth. As she turned to kiss me she was dragging Larry down to the sleeping bag. His cock was still drooling come and had not gone down at all. Nora started sucking the rest of his come then climbed on top of him and stuffed his cock in to her. She started bouncing up and down on his cock and asking him if he liked it. He still had not recovered, all he could do was moan, it turned out that all the sex he had had was with Nora. Two blow jobs and now she was fucking him. He was in love. Every once in awhile she would lean over and kiss me. I stood up and she grabbed my cock and sucked it in her mouth. That was enough for Larry he shot his second load of come in less than a half hour. One load in her mouth one load in her pussy. She rolled over on her back and spread her legs told Larry he had to do better than that to get her off. Larry looked at me, all this time he had not said one word. I told him to scoot up between her legs and rub her pussy with his cock. His cock only got about half hard so I told him to eat her pussy. He just nodded and moved down to eat some pussy. She could only take so much and asked me to finish her off. We had fucked so much by this time that I knew what she really liked. We usually ended up with her legs up over my shoulders so that my cock can get completely into her pussy. She likes it when totally in her I rub my pubes into her clit.It didn’t take long for both of us to come. Nora makes the most beautiful sounds when she’s into a nice long hard orgasm. Her pussy juice, hot, slippery and fragrant wraps it self around my cock its amazing. I rolled off of her and we both looked at Larry. He asked her if he could try again. She said anytime you want as long as fethiye escort bayan you don’t tell anyone. Larry looked at me and I said ”She’s the boss here”. Watching Larry fuck her was amazing, a dream come true. I can’t help myself, I kept talking to both of them. Wish I had milked his cock as he was coming.New year new adventures. Larry and I both fucked Nora as much as possible. Nora and Larry got caught fucking at his house. Parents were gone for the weekend, his much older sister and husband came over to check on him. sister was upset but not that bad. brother in law was a lay minister, he went ballistic. Called parents, k**s grounded, could not see each other during summer vacation. If he only knew what was going on with us. Nora made out, she could go out if she was with me to keep an eye on her. Larry was grounded for life. Moved back into main house.We knew that Jose was watching us sometimes and that was ok. We talked about it quite a bit. I even talked to Jose a couple of times about fucking my own sister. Nora enjoys talking while fucking and so do I, there is no limit to what we say to each other. Jose came over to the vineyard I was working at and asked when we would come over to the vineyard again. I told him my brother was in the Army and my parents and one sister were going to my oldest brother’s house out in the valley about two hundred and fifty miles away for four days, Friday thru Monday night. Nora and I would have the house to our selves. I could see he was disappointed, asked what was up. He said his wife was going to Arizona to see their daughter for a week. I knew what he wanted, so I told him that Friday night around seven pm we would be there. That night I told Nora about Jose and she was all for it. To date we had fucked at least a hundred times, sucked and played with each other for years. She had only fucked two cocks and sucked tree cocks. She wanted a mans cock, and said she wanted to finish what he would not let her do before. Friday, parents left at six am. They called and confirmed they had arrived, told them we were going to a movie.The chain was down when we arrived at the access road then saw Jose waving us down the road, he locked it back up and met us at the lean to. With the sleeping bag laid out Nora called Jose over and told him to undress her. Hands trembling, he fumbled with her blouse buttons until he finally took it off. She was not wearing a bra and that surprised him, hands trembling and not being able to take his eyes off her breast he tried to push her jeans down her legs. Nora un did his belt, grabbed his pants and underwear pulled them down. He pulled off his tee shirt and then stepped out of his pants and shoes. Standing over my twelve years old sister he grabbed his cock and placed right in front of her face, Nora did not hesitate, she started sucking for all she was worth. This was her first man size cock as it was eight to nine inches long and fairly thick. His cock was much to big to stuff down her throat so she concentrated on sucking just the head of his cock. Jose was holding Nora’s head in both his hands trying to get as much of his cock into her mouth without choking her. She choked a few times as he got carried away. I told him to be nice, she was there for him to enjoy but not to hurt her at all. She finally had him sit down where she could more easily control him. He said he had never eaten his wife’s pussy so Nora scooted around and let him feast on her pussy. In the mean time I had stripped down and was slowly masturbating my cock and watching Jose have fun with my sister. I could see her cheeks draw in as she bobbed up and down on his cock. He started groaning and grunting quite loudly and then started squirting his come into her mouth. She could not swallow all the come that was squirting from his cock but she was holding on and licking as fast as she could. When he started shooting come in her mouth she started her own orgasm and he got a nice mouthful of her come. As they rested he kept saying how wonderful it was to have his cock sucked and to in turn lick her pussy. Jose asked if I was going to fuck her also, I told him it was for him to enjoy right now as I could have her anytime. After resting for awhile Nora rolled over and tried to climbed up on Jose. She was very wet but still it hurt her when she tried to sit on his cock. She moved over on top of me and said don’t hold back, come fast because I want his cock in me. Well I was already horny as hell and no it did not take long to come in her pussy. As soon as her pussy milked my cock of all it’s come she moved back over to Jose and this time she took his whole cock right up to the hilt. Jose was in seventh heaven and only took about ten minutes to come for the second time. We all rested while Nora was holding both our cocks. As we started getting hard again she asked what he wanted, mouth or pussy. He said can I have some of both. She started by sucking his cock, and she really gets into it so it didn’t take long to awaken that big cock. Finally he rolled her over on her back and took his time stuffing his cock into her pussy. He took his time and plowed away into her pussy. She had and I counted at least three small orgasms and two major orgasms before he came in her one more time. Jose was hugging and kissing Nora and still shaking so bad. He kept thanking her for the best day of his life. He jumped up and hugged me also. Thanking the both of us. Nora told him to just let Louie know when you want to do it again. Here we are both naked and he is hugging me and thanking us for allowing him to fuck Nora. He said he would never do it again but just had to try it once.End of summer Nora’s thirteen and I’m s*******n. I had made up my mind to join the army when I turned s*******n. Coming up fast, big changes, not the same when home on leave. That’s ok I still love my sister.On to new adventures. Viet Nam here I come

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