nakedThe last month of my senior year became rather routine. Now, what aminute; that’s not true. How can having frequent sex with your Dad beroutine? How can broadcasting to cyberspace the sexual escapades of twoexhibitionists, Bob and me, be routine? How can the daily suck off of afellow employee be routine? I may have grown up in an unusual householdwith lots of casual nudity, but even I know that what I was doing was notwhat most 18-year-old high school students were up too.Bob and I got together for pig sex and exhibitionism at his house with thecams running full blast. Often, Bob would fuck my hole. He never cameinside me because he was running a business and the paid clientele expectedthe “money shot”. That was frustrating because I wanted his hot man semeninside me. I wanted to feel the pulse of his cock as it shot jizz into mybowels. I could only imagine that frustration porn stars go through havingall that hot sex but never able to feel the cream. Nevertheless, I wastreated to a cream facial, a buttocks oiling or a chest splashing from mystudmuffin, Bob. It was a small price to pay for not getting his semen inmy hole.On the bright side, I learned to love the camera. I learned how to look atBob during the intensity of a good fuck and play to the camera with myfacial expressions. The nice thing was that unlike a lot of bitches instraight porn, I was thoroughly enjoying myself with every orgasm beingreal. Bob knew how to fuck. He was magnificent in bed. He was a caringtop who’s focus was always on how to make the bottom feel good. Eventhough, I never got his cum up my ass on film, I did get to lick hisglorious rod taking the remains of his man juice and my ass juice in mymouth. It was a nice consolation prize plus whenever he shot on my pussy,he would smear his face with the juice then rub the rest on my face.Dad was teaching me about love and sex with some serious lust thrown in forgood measure. This ongoing fetish of fucking me after having sex withanother man being a strong example of the lust part. The sex that I hadwith Dad was pure passion. To that point, he was the love of my life and,if I had anything to say about it, I could have easily become his lifepartner. Ah, the naiveté of youth. Dad knew that there would beothers. He knew I wasn’t mature enough to understand the differencebetween lust and love. He did not want me being in love at 18 and notsowing my oats. He was a smart man.I did fall for both of them. What can I say? I was 18 with emotions thatwere confusing at best. Hell, I had fantasied about be impregnated by Mattso you know my head was a little screwy at that age. I didn’t have anyoneto talk to about these feelings. I could call my brother David. David wasa great guy and I could certainly tell him everything that was going on;but, he was not the empathic kind. He would simply say, “Fuck, where’s theissue? Sounds like everyone is having fun. Don’t sweat it.” The typicalanswer from a sexist, liberal straight college male.In a certain context, my brother was correct. I was having a sexualrelationship with two men, one who is the person I love the most in life,my Dad, and, two, the nicest and sweetest man who loved to have sex and benaked anytime, anywhere. Exactly what is the problem?I resolved it by reminding myself that Dad told me that this was my time.Dad did not want to be my lover. He had made that perfectly clear from thebeginning. I also figured that Bob wasn’t interested in something deepereither. Bob cared for me. I know he enjoyed our sex/exhibition games, butI knew I wasn’t Bob’s “the one”.After processing all this teen mind drama, I determined that the best thingto do was have Dad and Bob meet. I decided that I would invite Bob overfor Saturday afternoon lunch. My work schedule was Saturday night so I hadthe afternoon free. I thought it would be nice for both of them since eachenjoyed being naked and each enjoyed me. I had no expectation of us allhaving sex.Although, really? Looking back at this; come on. Three highly sexual menwho drop trou any chance they get; there is no way we weren’t going tofuck. I innocently thought it would be fun, which it did turn out to be.My lack of anticipation may have allowed the whole event to be so cool andpositive.”Dad, I would like to invite Bob over for lunch on Saturday so the three ofus can hang out.””Oh, yeah.” He said with the slightest smirk. Dad knew right then that wewere all going to fuck.”Yes, Bob is a nice guy. We all share nudity. I think it will be fun.””We share something else in common too, John.” Dad could hardly keep astraight face.”Yeah, I know.” I responded in that `oh Dad’ tone k**s use with theirparents.Dad ignored my tone, as parents always do with k**s saying, “I think itwill be great. We’ll have lunch, sit outside, and catch some rays.Summer’s coming. Daddy’s got to get a tan on his stud muscle body.” Dadjust loved his new body and all the attention he got. I wouldn’t put itpast him that he was using that hunky slab of beef on more than just me.I know one thing. Dad couldn’t completely hide his gusto that Bob wascoming over. He outdid himself in the kitchen Saturday with lunch. He wasthe “Naked Chef” without the Jamie Oliver English accent.I called Bob to ask him over and he said sure. There was definitely a toneof excitement from him as well.Bob arrived about 1 PM. He showed up at the front door in just a pair ofloose shorts, no shirt, no shoes. I am sure he had driven over nakedputting the shorts on to get from the car to the house. I greeted himnaked at the door, hugging and kissing so the neighbors could see,particularly Mr. Taylor. I was getting to be a big show off.Bob took his shorts off before I got the front door closed. `Nice ass, eh,Mr. Taylor?’ I thought.Dad was in the kitchen. I brought Bob to the kitchen for introductions.They played it cool; however, I could see them checking each other out.Both Bob and Dad’s dicks were plump. Mine was hard. I offered Bob an icedtea while we waited for lunch. Bob and I sat at the table while Dadfinished prepping everything. I brought everything to the table and we satdown for gourmet sandwiches, fresh chips and iced tea.Dad and Bob hit it off immediately. Their dicks were the first clue.Subsequent clues were that the conversation never lagged. I think the ageseparation of about ten years was a factor, beyond the point that they werenudists. Bob and Dad’s dicks never fully relaxed the entire day.After lunch, we all went out in the backyard and grabbed some rays. I wasso glad that they enjoyed each other. I felt Dad needed some new friendssince the rest of the family was gone now and maybe he and Bob could be.We were out there for a few hours. We all started to get a little drowsy.Dad suggested that we go up to his room and take a nap. Surprisingly,looking back on it, that is exactly what we did.I woke up to something different though. Dad was sucking on my cock andBob was using his magnificent hands and tongue on my body. They were allfocused on me.”John, you don’t get to do a thing. We are going to work your hot teenbody over.” Dad said.”No reciprocation.” Bob added. “Lie there, take it and enjoy.” Hesmiled.I got into it. I had become a sponge for the vocabulary of older men.”Oh yeah Dad suck my cock. Take it all the way down your daddy throat.Fuck yeah. That is hot Dad. I love that feeling of your hot mouth wrappedaround me dick. Fuck man. Take it all. That’s right Dad. You lovesucking my young cock. The cock you produced from your seed. The cockthat you get to taste. Fuck man. Oh yeah. Take it Daddy. I want you totake my load down your throat. Oh Dad. Oh Daddy yeah. I getting thereman. I am gonna shoot my cream. This cream is for you Dad. Here it comesDaddy. Here comes your son’s juice. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck yeah, fuckyeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!”I shot a huge load down my Dad’s throat. He loved it. He didn’t spill adrop. When I regained consciousness, I moved around and told Dad and Bob Iwanted to watch them jack off. That was cool with them. I went over to achair to sit and watch the show.Bob and Dad started kissing and fondling each other’s nipples. Soon theywere stroking madly. They were too horny for much foreplay. This wasabout getting fast and furious load blasting.”Oh yeah guys. Jack those dicks. Fuckin eh. This is hot. Look at thesetwo studs working on their cocks. Cum on boys. Shoot those loads. Shootthose hot man loads. I wanna see jizz. I wanna see cum spurting. Give mecream guys. Give me man cream.”Bob and Dad shot simultaneously. It was so fucking incredible watching twomen that I cared for jack. They both got into the verbal spewing. Afterthey finished, I jumped back on the bed and rolled around on them pickingup as much cum on my body as possible.I looked over at the clock and realized it was time to go to work. Ijumped in the shower, ran into the kitchen to grab a quick bite. Bob saidthat we would drive me over to the theater. Naturally, when we got intothe car, Bob took his shorts off and drove me there naked. Man, he wasquite the exhibitionist. Dad invited Bob to come back and have dinner,which I thought was a nice gesture.When I got home from the theater that night, Bob’s car was still in thedriveway. I went in quietly walking through the house. The house wassilent. I peeked into Dad’s room and saw Dad and Bob curled up togetherfast asleep. I had a feeling they played again during the evening. Theylooked very peaceful and sweet. I took a shower; sat up and watch a littleTV and then I went to bed in my room. I was perfectly happy to be bymyself with Dad having a new friend.I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny and hard. Thecomments received are greatly appreciated. Please send any comments to:douglas.marx.4@gmail.comI would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.I woke up late Sunday morning. Teenagers like to sleep in unlike grownups.Dad and Bob had breakfast long before I rolled out closer to lunch.I looked out in the backyard. Dad and Bob were sitting in lawn chairschatting away drinking iced tea enjoying each other’s company. When I sawthis I thought, `this is an interesting turn of events.’ I walked into thekitchen and scrounged around for some food. Ended up with some cereal, asI knew lunch wouldn’t be far behind. I poured some iced tea and walked outin the backyard sitting down in another chair.”What’s up guys? I see Bob is still here””Hi John.” Dad said a little sheepishly. “Yeah, we’ve had a great timetogether. Come to find out we have a lot in common.””Besides me?”Bob smiled and replied, “Yes John, besides you.”Dad spoke, “Son, you and I have a very open and honest relationship witheach other so I want to tell you how the rest of our day went yesterday.”Bob came back to the house after he dropped you off at the theater. Hewanted to talk. Like most of us, Bob doesn’t have a lot of friends thatshare our common desire for being naked. Why don’t you talk Bob?””I enjoyed being with the two of you yesterday so much. It was fun to benaked, hang, and even have sex with you guys. I just had to have a littlemore. I hope you don’t mind me being here, John. I don’t want to overstaymy welcome.”I said, “I don’t mind at all. It is nice to have some more noise in thehouse.”Bob continued, “So I just needed to talk. I felt your Dad was a goodperson to do that with.””Yes, he is.” I interjected.”I have friends, but they want to keep their clothes on. They also ratherassume that if we are going to get naked, we are going to have sex. Eventhough that is true most of the time, I do enjoy just hanging naked too.You guys are the first that I have done that with in a long time.”Dad added, “So son, I am sure you figured out that Bob spent the night andthat we had sex again after you left. I know he is your friend. I don’twant to intrude on that.””Dad, you are not intruding. You told me that I was supposed to experimentand let other guys have me, I see no reason why you can’t too, even if itis the same guy. I am actually quite pleased that you found another manwith similar interests. It has been hard for you since Mom left. I’veseen it in your eyes.” I could see that Dad almost welled up. He quicklychanged the subject suggesting it was time for lunch.We went into the house and all three of us participated in getting a lunchtogether to have outdoors. I put a tablecloth over the picnic table. Gotplates, silverware, and refilled the iced tea glasses. We sat down and hada delicious lunch.Dad commended with a big grin, “Bob has told me his side of your anticswith him at the theater. It sounds even more fun from his perspective.”Even the mention of that got me a boner. “Yeah, Dad, he was veryrespectful of me till I had my birthday. We hardly touched each other. Wesure have had fun and particularly since I turned 18.” I knew that theywere getting hard as well.Bob spoke up, “John, I hope you don’t mind that your Dad and I talked aboutthat.””Not in the least. He was aware of it anyway. He has known that I am anexhibitionist long before I even knew it. Remember he watched me grow up.It was very hard for my parents to keep clothes on me.”I remember one time when I was younger we had a gathering here in thebackyard. Some of my friends were around; the same friends that I playedwith in my room. We got to horsing around and they pantsed me. I was onlywearing some shorts anyway, so when I got pantsed, I was naked. I justdecided that I would show them by not being embarrassed about it at all andstay naked. Kinda took the wind out of their sails.”The folks were not pleased because it was the neighbors and friends fromwork. The neighbors all knew that we were liberal in our clothing options;however, it was a little much to witness first hand. Dad took me asidepersuading me to put my pants back on.”I know one thing, Dad. I don’t know if you caught that or not, but I seemto notice Mr.Taylor getting a bit of a tent in his shorts.”Dad responded, “Yeah, I saw it. He excused himself for a few minutes. Hewent to the bathroom and jerked off. I went in later and saw extra Kleenexin the powder room trash can.”Bob interjected, “See guys, there’s a man that probably would like to benaked like us, but can’t.”Dad said, “Or he just likes little boys.”Bob remarked, “Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. That’s not good.”Dad said, “So how about some dessert.” With that, Dad got up from thetable with a raging hard on, walked over to the other side where I wassitting and stuck his Daddy tube steak in my mouth.Bob got up and proceeded to get behind Dad kneeling down spreading his asscheeks and burying his face in Dad butt hole. I could hear both of themmoaning with pleasure. God these guys were amazing. I got down on myknees as well so that there were two men on their knees servicing Dad.After several minutes of this, Dad pushed me down on the ground on my back.Bob stood up stroking his meat to watch what was coming next. Dad grabbedthe butter off the table smearing it into my ass and on his cock. Hewasted no time in putting that hot Dad cock in my hole. He wasn’t gentleabout it and I didn’t care. The minute he plunged it in there, I was inheaven.Bob came around and sat on my face. He said in a real guttural tone,”Spread my ass cheeks boy and eat me.” I had no problem with that.Bob then leaned forward and started kissing Dad passionately. I knew theywere doing that even though I was not able to see because of Bob twobeautiful mounds on my face. The three of us never moved from thisposition. Bob was feverishly jacking his cock off. I could feel his ballsbouncing on my chest. Dad fucked me real hard. Neither was going to lastlong. All I heard was lots of moaning and groaning as they never stoppedkissing the entire time. I licked Bob as I relished Dad fucking the shitout of me.I could feel that both of them were getting close. Dad’s dick wasexpanding inside my bowels and Bob’s hole was tightening up. The noiselevel of the moaning was exquisite. Soon it peaked and I felt hot Daddyjizz going into my hole and Bob’s white man cum shooting onto my chest andstomach.When they calmed a bit, Bob got off my face, took his cock and smeared hiscream all over my chest with his dick. Dad didn’t pull out. Instead, likea well-choreographed event, Bob knew exactly what to do next.”Ok, boy, jack your fucking cock. Let’s see that juice. Your Dad and Ineed to see you shoot your hot young load. Fuck you are hot. Look at yourDad still inside you as you jack your cock. Oh, doesn’t that feel good?How many other guys have a hot Daddy who will fuck them and make them feelso special? You are one hot motherfucker. Come on boy. Let’s see. Shootthat fucking load. Give us that cream man. You can do it. Shoot it.Shoot it. Shoot it.”And, with that, I shot buckets onto my belly, chest and face. It was likea slow motion porn flick where it went flying into the air first, landed onmy forehead and cheeks. Oh, man it was hot. I screamed at the top of mylungs with pleasure.When it was over, I opened my eyes to see these two incredible men lookingat me. Dad was still inside me. Bob was stroking his cock and working onhis nipples. They both leaned down and lapped up cum off my entire bodyand face. Then, they leaned in and the three of us kissed. Fuck it wasamazing tasting all that cream on their tongues. Eventually, they bothfell over onto the grass beside me. We laid there for several minutes.We got up finally, picked up the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and then weall took a shower together in Dad’s room. This was followed by awell-deserved nap on Dad’s bed.I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny and hard. Thecomments received are greatly appreciated. Please send any comments to:douglas.marx.4@gmail.comI would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.Bob and Dad hit it off more than I ever anticipated. It was great towitness because I could tell Dad was that happiest I had ever seen him.Bob started spending a lot of time over at the house. His shifts wereweirder than mine running a hotel. Sometimes I would come home from thetheater, and his car would be in the driveway. I knew he was seeing Dad soI didn’t bother them. Bob didn’t come to the theater like clockwork tojack off any more. He was more sporadic; however, his exhibitionist streakneeded a fix, so it never completely went away even with as much time asDad and he spent together.Dad, Bob and I had sex together often, but I knew that there relationshipwas becoming a bond like the one I had beheld at one time between my Momand my Dad. They enjoyed sharing me. I don’t believe there was any desirefor me not to participate. It is just that they were falling in love witheach other.My brother David finished his freshman year in college. Unlike the girls,he wanted to come home for the summer. David wanted the benefit of noexpenses while working all summer for extra money for his sophomoreyear. There was plenty of wild oats for him to pursue back in his hometown.Plus, David had me as a resident mouth if the cunt de jour didn’t put out.Graduation day came. In a certain context, I was not looking forward toit. Mom and Dad were not speaking any more, except in the details of thedivorce. This was hard because I wanted everyone to be happy and together.Alas, it was not to be that way.Looking back on it all, there was a lot more to Mom leaving than met theeye. It is obvious she needed a new start and a new life. Part of thecatalyst for that happening before I finished school and went to collegewas that Dad had moved completely to the gay-side of life.Dad must have been having sex with other men way in advance of thesituation with me and then with Bob. I don’t know when it got started inearnest and I never asked Dad; I didn’t want to know. However, Mom had puttwo-and-two together and come up with gay. Had he had sex with Mr. Taylor?Did he sneak out to the gay bars? Did Dad go to glory holes? Did he havea man on the side? These things I never asked.I also suspect that Mom knew that Dad and I were sleeping together andhaving sex. This clearly did not go over well with her. She didn’t bringthis issue up during the divorce probably because she didn’t want others toknow. She also perhaps thought that if others knew, it would reflect badlyon me. She did care for me; however, I was number four and she had had itby that time.Dad, on the other hand, missed having everyone in the house. He was theone that missed the family being together. The girls never came to visitany more. They had their own lives and I am sure they also suspected whatmight be going on at home between Dad and me.My brother David knew that Dad and I were having sex. He was quite coolabout it. I sometimes think that he wished he could either join or haveDad for himself; kind of a bonding thing more than anything, because hereally did like girls and was quite the stud on campus.The big day came and the seating was awkward. Dad, Bob and my brother sattogether and Mom and her new beau sat on the other side of the audience.They never spoke. It meant that I had to go over to Mom to thank her andthen leave her. Not what I had envisioned for my high school graduation,but it was what it was.After the ceremony was over, the four of us, Bob, Dad, David and I went fora nice dinner. Regardless that it wasn’t what I thought it would be allthose years, it was nice. I was with my family. I was with the familythat wanted to be with me most.Dad, Bob and I had fallen in love with each other. The love I had for bothof them was not the same as the love Dad and Bob had. They were becoming acouple. I was just part of the package. It was all fine by me. I lovedmy Dad more than I loved any other person on earth and I was happy he wasenjoying Bob. They were clearly content with each other.I also loved my brother very much. He was so cool. I think he felt thesame about Dad; he wanted him to be happy.We all went home after dinner, of course, taking off our clothesimmediately at the door. Dad and Bob retired to Dad’s room, which wasquickly becoming their room.My brother and I retired to our room. That night David and I had a longchat about stuff. David wanted to know what all had happened while he wasat school last year. I was very blunt with him about everything.David was hard the whole time I talked about sex with Bob, the theater, sexwith Dad, sex with Matt, sex with Bob and Dad. I finally said to David,”You want me to take care of that?”I leaned over to his bed and put my mouth around his cock. He moaned inecstasy. I worked on it for about five minutes or so and then theunexpected happened. David pulled me up and started to kiss me. This waswild but what the hell.I pulled away for just a second and said, “David, are you sure you want todo this?”He said, “Yes and we’ll talk about it later. Now I want to fuck you.”And, he did.Sex on a twin bed is hard, but we managed. David was incredibly passionatein his kissing. He rolled over on top of me moved his dick with mine. Heput my hands up behind my head while he was kissing me holding me like thiswas a torrid love affair. He moved all the way up and down my body. Henibbled on my nipples, which will always make me crazy. I moaned in a lowvoice. I am sure that Dad and Bob could hear by this time what was goingon.He moved down my stomach started to lick my shaft. He went for my ballsand took both of them in my mouth. Even in my advanced state of arousal, Ithought, “I think he has done this before.” Then he moved back on my shaftwith his tongue and took his mouth over the head of my dick. As sure asany cocksucker I had ever met, he took my dick into his mouth and took asmuch as he could. After relaxing for a minute or two just keeping it inhis mouth, he went for it, taking it all the way down his throat. Fuck me.This was hot. David continued this for a few minutes, much longer than Iwould ever have assumed. Of course, I never assumed or considered that wewould ever have this kind of sex.He kept his mouth on my cock while he reached over for some lube. He thenput some on his fingers and started playing with my hole. I moaned evenmore. There is no way at this point the rest of the house didn’t know whatwas happening in the boys room. Still keeping his mouth on my cock, he putsome lotion on his dick.Finally, he released my cock from his mouth. He got up on his knees,raised my legs, and put the head of his dick to my hole. He lookeddirectly at me and said, “John, I am going to fuck the shit out of you.”Moreover, he did.He plunged his dick into my hole. He was not gentle and I screamed atfirst, which turn into loud moans. I said, “Yeah, David. Fuck me. Takemy hole. Give me that brother dick. Oh baby. I want it so bad. That’sit David. Stick it in me. Make it hurt. Shove that dick all the way man.I want every inch of it. Give it to me. Fuck me man. I want that brothercum. Yeah David. Fuck me. Oh yeah man. Give me that dick. Oh fuck Ihave always loved your cock. I have always wondered what it would be likeup my hole. Now I know and it is hot. You are one hot fucker brother.”While I am going on with my verbal spewing, he pounded me ass. He did notlet up. He just kept bringing his dick out and shoving it back in as deepas it would go. I kept talking very loud with lots of hot encouragement.I looked up at his beautiful, manly chest. His nipples were just stunning.I would suck them all day if I had the chance. His skin was perfect.There was not an ounce of fat on him. His pecs were so masculine with hairacross and a lovely treasure trail to his crotch. Watching his chest heaveup each time he thrust his dick into me was incredible. Now it was histurn to speak.”So here’s some straight man sex for you John. Yeah, you love gettingfucked by me. You’ve wanted my dick all your life. Oh fuck your hole hishot. Damn, I wish I had done this a long time ago. You are one hot fuckeryourself, brother. You are such a pig when it comes to cock, just as I’m apig when it comes to pussy. However, tonight it is about man pussy. It isabout my giving you my dick. You’ve taken my cream down your throat foryears, but never up your ass. Shit I wish I had done this before. You areso tight. This is nothing like fucking a chick. You know how to work thathole. Oh, fuck man. I don’t think I can last much longer. Oh yeah buddy.Oh yeah. Here cums my man cream. Here cums your brother’s load. Oh fuck.Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!”I could feel it going into me. Oh my God. What an experience! I couldfeel six or seven pumps coming from his dick as my hole wrapped itselfaround it. I grabbed my dick and jacked it furiously. It didn’t take morethan a minute. My brother just looked at me with his dick still deepinside as I shot my cream. It hit all the way to my face. When David sawthat he said, “Damn!”David pulled out and collapsed next to me on the tiny twin bed. We wereboth spent. We just laid there looking at the ceiling of our boyhood room.We were both in a dream state. I didn’t know what was going on with David,but I was perfectly happy to be the recipient of whatever it was. I’m notproud.Ten minutes or so went by and David started to talk. “I meant what I saidabout that I had wanted to do that for a long time and that I wish I haddone it sooner. You know I am a pussy hound, John, however, college hasbrought about opportunities that I never thought I would ever pursue. (Iknew he has sucked more than my cock.) I have fucked a few guys now andthen, and I have to say, it is a hell of a lot of fun. There is much lesshassle. I don’t have to buy dinner. Guys just like to fuck and they lovea college jock like me. I seem to be a fantasy or something. Maybe youcan explain that to me more sometime.”I am dating a steady girl. We have a great time, super sex and I enjoyher company. But, I realize I need a little more than just one snatch.”Using that term it was clear to me then, as well as now, that David was notgoing to settle down and raise a family any time soon. He did continue tobe a pussy hound well into his mid-thirties. Even after he did marry, hedid not have k**s. They had a very bohemian relationship similar to myparents. David and I never stopped fucking. We continue to this daywhenever it works for both of us.”So b*o, I love the fact that you are my queer little brother (we werereally about the same size, it is just an expression). We have always beenclose and I always want it to be that way. I don’t want to take sides witheverything going on between Dad and Mom, but I feel comfortable here withyou all. The family dynamic changed. It is just so relaxed here now thatthe girls are gone.”Once again, David is sexist. He never got over that and his wife justdoesn’t pay any attention to that part of him.I kissed him and said that, “as much as I am enjoying this, I have to peeand I do want to sleep in my own bed tonight. These beds are too small.”David was totally on board with that. Romance was not his strong suit.The next morning’s breakfast was accompanied by some smiles from Dad andBob. They never said a word and we did not volunteer. I am sure theywanted details about why that happened, but were considerate enough to knowthat it was between David and me.David did express to Bob how happy he was that he was part of the familyand part of Dad’s life. I thought that was pretty sweet and insightful formy “straight” college jock brother. I smiled all day.I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny, hard and loadshot. Thank you all for writing. The positive response is verymotivating. Please send any comments to: douglas.marx.4@gmail.comI would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.The divorce was final shortly after graduation. Mom was a smart woman.She knew not to convey what was going on in our household. It was none ofher concern anymore. Dad had bought out her half of the house. She leftto start a new life, so had Dad and myself. Mom and I became slightlycloser in later years; however, we were estranged for a long time.David got his summer job and I got someone new to fuck me. Bob and Dadwere getting more serious. I was feeling leery about spending too muchtime in the sack with them. It is interesting when one cock goes awayanother one comes to replace it.I loved the drillings by my brother. We were the same size, but he wasmore masculine, more beefy, more aggressive. He was a true top just likeDad and Bob. Some nights David would come home after fucking some chick,as he put it. He wouldn’t wash his dick off instead requesting my cocksucking and cock washing abilities to take care of his meat. His dick feltodd after being in some cunt. I could taste the difference. It wasn’t myfavorite thing to do; however, David was so fucking butch and studly, Iwasn’t going to say no. Besides, he always produced another load just forme, even after shooting one down “some strange”; as he would put it.Rarely were all four of us home at the same time. Dad worked a regular 9to 5. Bob worked weird hours being a manager of a hotel. I usually workedseven to closing at the theater. David worked strange hours too. Dad andI kept up our promise to have dinner together every night. The othersjoined us when they could.Then, July 4th weekend came around. It was the weirdest thing, but we allhad the time off. I never have quite understood how that occurred.Regardless, it led to one of the most interesting weekends of all of ourlives.Bob and Dad got up early. They always did. David and I slept in untilclose to noon. Well, technically, we were in our bedroom. We didn’treally sleep until noon because David fethiye escort crawled over into my bed for amorning fuck. I positioned myself early after my daybreak pee in hopesthat I would be the receiver of my brother’s incredible cock. I feintbeing asleep lying on my stomach with the covers pulled off me. How wasanyone going to resist my ass’s invitation? I knew it would just be amatter of time before I would feel the touch of my brother’s knob as itstarted the invasion process.I took my hands spreading my cheeks apart readying for entry. “Mmmmmmmm,oh David, yeah, fuck my hole.” David gently sunk is dick into my cavityuntil his pelvis was resting on my cheeks. He then lowered is manly torsoon to my back. I felt his chest sandwiched onto my shoulder blades. NextI felt his lips onto the back of my neck. He kissed and licked the salt ofmy unshowered collar while I lay there thanking Jesus.”Good morning buddy. You want my load buddy? You want my man cream inyou?””Mmmmmmmmmm, yes David. Fuck me. Give me your brother cream.” I wasn’tawake enough for my typical verbal spewing. The sounds were mostly gruntsand mmmmmmm’s and fuck me’s. This was a morning fast/furious fuck. Noromance. No love. Two brothers getting off to start the day. I shot myload onto the mattress just from the rubbing my dick made by David’sthrusts.When it was over, David pulled out, slapped me on the ass saying, “Thanks,b*o.” He walked out of the bedroom and I heard the water start for ashower. I went into Dad’s bathroom and did the same.”So sleepy heads.” Dad cajoled us when we got to the living room. “Timefor lunch.” He said with a great big smile.Bob, David, Dad and I all sat down for a naked lunch. We attempted to havea casual conversation, but it was obvious there was sexual tension in theair.Bob brought up the topic of seeing the fireworks tonight. “Guys, I got anidea for where and what we can do to see the fireworks display thisevening. You all know Moody Park.”David said with a shit-eating grin, “Yeah, that’s where all the fags go tosuck cock.”I retorted, “How would you know that, David?””Well, I’ve been told.” David responded sheepishly with a little blushing.We all had a big laugh.Bob continued, “Anyway. This is my proposal. There is a spot in the parkwith a clear view of the fireworks. Nobody goes to the park for thefireworks. They all go over to the fairgrounds where they shoot off.” Ibelieve he meant that with the intended pun; however, Bob kept a straightface.”I want us to go there in my car. We all go naked taking no clothes withus whatsoever. I think it would be hot for four naked guys to drive aroundtown.”My cock was hard thinking about it by this point. I bet everyone else’swere too even though I couldn’t see because we were sitting at the table.”We never are all off on the same day so I thought it would be fun to dosome exhibitionism and some risky naked stuff. Anyone game?”I was the first in my class to raise my hand. “Sure, I’m up for it. Itsounds like a lot of fun.”David agreed, “Yeah. What the hell. It will be like being in school withsome of the stuff I did in my freshman year.” Everyone wanted David toexpand on that acknowledgement, but first we needed to hear from Dad.Dad said, “I don’t mean to be a spoiler, but shouldn’t we bring someclothes in the trunk at least?”Bob said, “We can, but what’s the point? If we were to get caught, wewould be caught with nothing on anyway, so why bring clothes?”There was a peculiar logic to Bob’s argument, even though I could think ofa number of reasons to have clothes just in case.Dad relented, “Ok, let’s do it. I’ve been wanting to publicly expose. Whynot go all the way the first time. Now let’s clear the table, clean thekitchen and go outside to catch some rays. We got to have a good tan forthis evening activity.” He said with a chuckle.We all pitched in and just as I suspected, when we stood up all of us werein some form of arousal. Bob went up to Dad, gave his dick a pull andsaid, “Thank you, babe. It’ll be fun.””I suppose.” Dad responded cautiously.We finished the dishes, got some water and went out on the chaise lounges.Bob and Dad already had the towels and lotion out. I noticed there wassome lube on one of the small tables. My suspicions were arising.It didn’t take long before all four of us were asleep in our recliners. Iam the deepest of the sleepers in this house, so I didn’t hear thewhispering and organizing of my pending awakening. Suddenly, I was pulledto the end of the lounge. My legs were raised by Bob and Dad with Davidsmiling between each limb. Dad said, “Bob and I want to witness what youtwo have been up to in your room. We think it is time that we see insteadof just hear.”David’s cock was rock hard. Bob handed David the lube. David placed someon my waiting hole and some on his “straight” cock. I was beginning towonder about how hetero David really was, but this was no time forcontemplation. I was going to get fuck by my stud muffin brother with myDad and his boyfriend watching. How cool is that?David unceremoniously rammed my rosebud with his seven-inch dong. He hadgrabbed my ankles spreading my legs wide. His arms were outstretched,which accentuated the strength of his pectorals. David pounded my willingcunt. I would have loved to have a mirror to see the muscles of his assand thighs move to the rhythm of the violation.Dad was the instigator while stroking his meaty rod, “Yeah David. Come onson. Fuck your brother. Fuck John. I wanna see you work him over. Makehim your bitch David. Dad loves watching his two hot stud offspringbanging. One queer, one straight, both hot. Fuck him. Ride his ass.Make him scream. Work him over David. Fuck yeah. Look at that hot bodyof yours plowing the innards of your little brother. John loves it David.John loves cock. He’s a born bottom whore. Make him whine. Make it hurt.Cream his ass. Milk him. Give him your jizz. Davidn. Spunk his hole.”David spermed me. It was so hot watching the contortions of his muscled,zero-fat body tremble into orgasm. All of us are a noisy group and Davidscreamed with pleasure, as he was unloading into my plunder.Talk about choreography. David pulled out, took my leg from Bob, Bob movedinto position and plowed into my ass with his chub. Bob was a relentlessas David. There was something very special about the four of us beingtogether. Bob had fucked me in front of Dad. Dad had fucked me in frontof Bob. But, with all of us together, the bond was cast.It was David’s turn to spew: “Oh yeah Bob. Fuck my b*o. Fuck him hard.Oh yeah. You hot stud. Work his hole. Make in squeal. John is queer foryou buddy. He loves having you fuck him. Hell, he loves having all of usfuck him. Hell, he loves having anyone fuck him.” We all laughed.”Come on buddy. Shoot in him. Add to the cream buddy. He wants yourcream. Give him man jizz. Feed him. Breed him. Make him your bitch,buddy. He likes being the bitch. Come on buddy. Shoot!”I felt ropes of Bob’s juice going into me adding to the mix. I watch Bob’sbody shake as he blew his load. It was so different from David’s. Davidwas an Adonis. He was the perfect model specimen of man. Bob was themature bear/cub-type, with a little paunch, hairy chest, dark nipples andthe cutest face. He had the kind of body that you wanted to curl up withand never let go.For a brief moment, I thought about how much Bob has meant to me. He wasthe one that brought me into my own. He is the one that showed me how toexpose. He was the first man beyond my Dad that cared for me deeper than abasic friendship. That notion was short lived, as Bob pulled out, takingmy other leg, and Dad immediately replaced Bob’s spot by boring his Daddycock in my willing twat.Dad thrust quickly to the core burying his cock as far as it would go.”Yeah John. Daddy’s gonna fuck you now. You’ve had the rest. Now you getDad. Daddy loves to fuck his queer boy. You love it John. Oh feel thatspent cum lubing my cock. Fuck yeah. Daddy’s little bottom whore.Daddy’s little cunt. Daddy loves to fuck his boy. You are such afantastic fuck buddy. I’m so proud of you. You are such a great man andsuch a great fuck. Oh yeah buddy. Daddy’s gonna cream. Daddy’s gonnashoot his man load. Daddy’s gonna give you his sperm. The sperm that madeyou son. Take it fucker. Take it now.”Dad unloaded the third round of delicious man fluid in my bowels. Watchinghis body ejaculate was different again from the other two. Here is my Dad.Here is a mature, muscle stud. Here is the person that loves me more thananyone in the world. Here is the person that made me.With the continuation of the obviously planned event, Dad pulled out.David and Bob moved me back so my whole body was on the chaise. They allgot down on their knees, leaned over my torso and started kissing eachother. Dad said, “Jack off John. Shoot your load on our faces.”I didn’t need to be told twice. I grabbed my cock jerking it for all it’sworth. I couldn’t see it because what was between my eyes and my cock werethree studs sucking face. It didn’t take me long before I said, “I’m gonnashoot, NOW!” They all turned their faces to make sure my load landed onthem. After my body finished shaking, the three of them came up to me andwe all shared my seed. This is what I meant by there was a bond thathappened that day. We weren’t going to be a foursome, but we demonstratedthat day that we loved each other.We all rolled around on the ground for a little bit holding each other,laughing, and cuddling. Dad finally suggested we all get a shower and takea nap before dinner and the fireworks. Bob and Dad took each other’s handwalking back into the house to their room to clean up.David said, “Let’s go take a shower.”I said, “I’ll wait till you’re done.””No, I mean together. It will be faster and we can catch some zzzeees.”David retorted.I thought this was a little odd, but I never turned down a David idea. Wegot in the shower getting each other fully wet before soaping up. Once wewere soaped, David put his arms around me moving both of us directly underthe spray. He started to kiss me with the passion of a lover.”You’re beautiful babe.” David said. “Thank you so much for being mybrother.”I started to cry holding him tightly. It was all so much to take in.”That’s ok baby. It’s ok. A lot has happened. You deserve a few tears.”Those were my straight brother David’s comforting words. Something washappening to him as well.”Ok, let’s rinse off and get out of here.” David instructed.We dried off and walked out of the bathroom into our room. David enteredfirst, plopping down on his twin bed. “Come over here and lay with mebaby.”Wow. David was never this affectionate. What was going on here? I wasn’tabout to question though looking at my Greek god sibling. I got into hisbed on my side snuggling my nose into his neck. I put my arm around him.We were out in an instant.I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny, hard and loadshot. Thank you all for writing. The positive response is verymotivating. Please send any comments to: douglas.marx.4@gmail.comI would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.I awoke from our nap by my brother David kissing me gently on the lips.”Wake up babe. We got a big night ahead of us.”I kissed him back. His body was warm from being out in the sun thisafternoon. He smelled so fresh from the shower. I took in his manly aromawith the resulting immediate hard on.Why was David being so affectionate? What was this about? Why was hetreating me like his girlfriend? He had never wanted this level ofintimacy with me before. David had been happy fucking me, depositing hisseed into my bowels followed by retreating to our separate twin beds. Nowhe wanted to take a nap with me. Whatever it was, as I said before, I waswilling to do.Our relationship was always about him being in charge. I was the one whosucked him off. I was the one who sucked his friends off. David arrangedthose opportunities. David told me when he wanted my warm mouth around hiscock. I never initiated. David was the one who decided to fuck me on myhigh school graduation night. He said that he wished he had taken my holeyears earlier. Was it something about taking my man-pussy that createdthis new closeness?I had the feeling there was more to this than David was letting on orprobably was ever going to express. I was clear in my role though. Davidwas the top. David was the aggressor. David was the alpha male. I knewthat I was not in love with him in a relationship way, but I certainly wasnot foolish. David was the Greek God, the Adonis of the family. Noself-respecting homosexual was going to turn down his advances.We lay there in each other’s arms for a few minutes kissing. It felt soright and comfortable. He was such a man with a capital M.David pulled his head back to speak to me. “John, would you mind if we gotrid of all this k** stuff in our room.””Sure. Why?” I questioned.”I’m tired of looking at these posters and crap from our past. It’s allk**s’ junk. We are no longer k**s. And, I’m real fucking over these twinbeds. Would you be up for splitting the cost of an inexpensive double bed?If we keep to a double, instead of a queen, we will save a few hundreddollars.”Now, David was doing a super fuck with my head. I responded. “I don’tobject to it, David, but you are leaving in six weeks to go back to school.I’m going to be going to college soon too. Why spend the money on a newbed now?””I know. It seems silly; however, I’m still going to be coming home forsummers to work. I can make a lot more money here living at home where therent and the food are free. You will be doing the same. We might as wellinvest in our future for the next three years.” He paused for a minute. Icould tell he wanted to say more but wasn’t sure he should. He finallyproduced a big smile and continued, “Besides, I’m tired of fucking you on atwin bed. I want more room to maneuver you around.” He said it as a joke,but he was serious. I think that was his primary motivation, but hewouldn’t give that much. I would even be so bold as to say he wanted tosleep with me after we fucked. David was never going to admit to that. Hewas too butch. David did not have an ounce of sissy in him no matter whohe was screwing.Before I commented further, I thought about suggesting we convert thegirls’ room. They weren’t coming back. Then we could have separatebedrooms. David could bring home a chick if he wanted to. Then I realizedthat David was not interested in bringing some chick home. David wasinterested in a steady hole to fuck and I was the hole. I wasn’t about tosuggest that option. If David wanted to sleep with me and fuck me in adouble bed summers and holidays for the next three years, I wasn’t about tosay no. “Ok, David. I am willing to contribute $400 to the project.”David’s eyes lit up. He immediately went into alpha male plan mode.”Here’s my idea, John. Tomorrow we will empty the room out, go get somepaint and shop for a bed. We can paint the room tomorrow so by the timethe bed arrives it’s all done. Is that cool?””Yeah, David. It’s fine with me.”David kissed me quick in an expression of gratitude and slapped me on theass. “Thanks, buddy. It’s time to get up.” With that, David jumped outof bed to go to the bathroom leaving me (the girlfriend) laying theresaying to myself, `what the fuck just happened?’I headed to the kitchen to see how dinner was coming. I was hungry,confused, and out-of-sorts. I wanted to walk in and say to Bob and Dad,`you would not believe what just happened’, but instead I kept my mouthshut. I figured David would bring up the topic at dinner.Dad saw me walking in. My cock was still semi-hard. He gave a big smileas he looked at my meat. He knew David and I had been together in bed.After seeing me arrive, Dad yelled, “David, dinner’s ready!””Ok, Dad. Be right there.”Bob and I brought the food to the table. We all sat down just as Davidappeared.Dad said, “Look’s good everyone. Let’s eat.”Four hungry, naked grown men can eat. You can imagine the food that wentthrough that house. The four of us ate more than when it was the six of us(Mom, Dad and the k**s) growing up. Dad ate a lot because of his workouts.Bob enjoyed his food as any bear cub does. David was a high-energy guyburning lots of calories. I prayed that David would know to slow that downas he got older. I wanted that perfect body to last forever. I realizenow that was stupid to think that way. David was too self-absorbed and toovain to let himself go. To this day, he is still a stud.After a few minutes of scarfing, Dad decided to speak. “Guys, I want totalk to you about something.” We were all ears. It sounded a little grim.”I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I wanted to wait until wewere all together at once.””What is it, Dad?” I inquired with a bit of concern.Dad realized that he was taking too grave a tone from my question. “I’msorry. I’m being a Dad – too serious. I’ll lighten up. As you allknow, I bought out Mom’s half of the house in the divorce. Unfortunately,we are still left with a house that looks like it did when the previousfamily lived here.”Ouch. That was nasty. I know deep down, Dad was glad for the divorce. Hewas happy to have Bob as his boyfriend. He loved the full-time nudelifestyle the four of us experienced in this home together. He loved thefreedom of a man-only household without hormonal drama and girly shit.But, he was still bitter. I understood that. I was irritated too. Ittook years for me to forgive Mom. I was never close to my sisters againand they made no effort toward any of us either.Dad continued, “So I want to have an estate sale. I want to get rid ofeverything in the house. Then, I want to repaint inside and out, get newfurniture and a new kitchen. I thought about selling it to start fresh.This house is free and clear. To sell it properly, we would still have torepaint and clean up the years of the previous family (There he goesagain.). Why not keep what we’ve got? Does this sound like a good idea?”David spoke first. “Yeah, Dad. I think it is a great idea. In fact, Johnand I had already decided to do that to our room. We are going to buypaint and a new bed tomorrow.”Bob and Dad were a little stunned not about the paint, about the singularuse of the word bed. David saw their look with a quick retort, “Yeah. I’mtired of fucking John on a twin. We are going to buy a double bed.” Thewhole table laughed, including me, except my face was crimson.That information loosened the tension in Dad’s tone. Then, the nextunexpected thing occurred. Dad got up from the table, walked over to Bob’sseat, got down on one knee, took Bob’s hands in his and said, “Bob, I loveyou. You are the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. Would you be part ofthis fresh start? Would you move in with my sons and me? I know there aredetails to work out, but I want to live with you. I am willing to get anew place if that would make you feel more comfortable. I just want to bewith you. I love you, Bob.”There was not a dry eye in the house including David. It was so loving andromantic. Bob replied, “Yes, I would love to live with you. I have neverbeen so happy in my life with you and your sons. And, I don’t care abouthouses. Material things are of little importance to me. This house isjust as fine as the next. With your plans, it will feel new anyway.” Dadgot up off his knee, lifted Bob to his feet, and they kissed and cried.Eventually, we all sat down again once the tears stopped flowing Bob said,”Do you think my little play idea is appropriate under the circumstances?I mean, you just asked me to live with you and now the four of us are goingto go out on an exhibitionist adventure. Maybe we should do something moreromantic.”Dad would have none of it. “No Bob. I think it is just fine. You metJohn by taking off your clothes in the movie theater and jacking off infront of him. That led to meeting me when John asked you to come over foran afternoon of naked fun. I think it is perfectly appropriate andnatural. Besides, I want the four of us to be together as a family thiswhole weekend. We rarely are all here together.”I understood something about Dad at that moment. Dad had been gay hisentire life. Dad; however, had a larger priority. He wanted a family.That was why he married Mom. He wanted a family more than he wanted a man.When he was young, he probably didn’t think there was any other way ofgetting a family so he married Mom. Now he was able to have a man and afamily. I was so happy for him. I was happy for both of them.There was a lot more details to work out regarding the house and Bob movingin full time, but that was enough for one evening. David and I cleared thetable, put everything in the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen. Boband Dad retreated to the living room for a private chat. David and Ilooked in as we went back to our room to see Bob and Dad sitting on thesofa in each other’s arms, not even talking, just being. It was beautiful.David and I killed an hour in our room before it was time to go see thefireworks. We were hesitant to go back to the living room to get Bob andDad; however, it was time to leave if we were going to go. Back in theliving room, we said in unison, “It’s time to go guys.””Ok.” Dad said. They got up off the sofa. Bob got his keys and we jumpedin his little sedan. Bob had put his car in the garage so that we couldleave naked with no clothes in the car. If it had been in the driveway, wewould have had to brought shorts to exit the front door. It was dusk,about 8:30. Bob drove us to the park. He put the car in a specific spot.He must have done this before. Bob got out of the car and popped thetrunk. The next thing we saw he was setting up four lawn chairs. Heexpected us to get out and sit in the lawn chairs to watch the show.Jesus. What if someone saw us?Bob was right, though, there was nobody in the city park. Everyone was atthe fairgrounds. The fireworks show started and the four of us sat therewatching the display and pumping our dicks. Bob said, “Ok, guys, let’sstroke until we see the finale start. Then, let’s all shoot off together.”That sounded like a great idea.It was nice to be outside. The humid summer air smelled sultry. Itdefinitely brought out the hormones. The trees in the park gave off afreshness that our backyard didn’t have. We had all showered, but the heatof the evening quickly had us men perspiring.The fireworks show was typical. It lasted about fifteen minutes. Theamount of fireworks rapidly increased toward the end indicating the climax.I looked around watching the other three stroke their meat, groan, moan,all of us watching both shows, the fireworks and the four of us. I was thefirst to spurt. David stood over me and shot his load on my belly. Dadwent over, pulled Bob from his seat kissing him passionately as the two ofthem stroked their bones. They simultaneously ejaculated on each other’sthighs. When they were done, David brought me over to them for a group hugmaking sure our cum mixed on each of us.Dad exclaimed, “Well, that was fun.” We all laughed.Bob said, “Let’s get the chairs in the trunk and drive around awhile.” Wegot in the car. Bob picked up his phone and sent a text. In a minute,there was a response. Bob said, “I’m hungry again. Let’s go get somethingto eat.””What?” We all said.Bob laughed. “We’ll go through the drive-thru.” He didn’t expand wantingus to squirm some more.”But, we’re naked!””It’s cool. I confirmed the guy working the window is a friend. He wouldlove to see us.”Bob started the car and off we went. He pulled in the parking lot of alocal burger joint, not a chain and parked. He sent another text toconfirm his friend was in the window. Bob proceeded to the speaker box.We placed our orders. Bob was stroking again by now. He instructed all ofus to do the same.We proceeded forward to the drive-in window. There was a nice early 20sguy. Non-descript. Definitely the burger joint type. He had a big smileon his face as he looked down into the car of four naked men fondling theirpricks.”Here’s your burgers, fries. Here’s a coke, vanilla shake, and two waters.Thanks guys. You made my night.”Bob said, “If there wasn’t a line, I would shoot for you but we jizzed alittle bit ago.””That’s ok, some other time. Thanks Bob for thinking of me.”We pulled away from the window into a parking spot. We were going to eatour burgers in the car, naked, in the well-lit burger joint parking lotthat was very busy because of the after fireworks crowd. Bob was unfazedby the whole thing.Dad said, “I learn more about you every day.”Bob responded, “He’s a guy I met a few years ago in the park. We played.He likes exhibitionism. We haven’t had sex in a while. We used to play oncam at my house. He loves showing off anywhere he can. In fact, you cansee some of his naked pics on tumblr sites. I like to go by and get aburger when he is on duty. He likes it. I shoot for him if there aren’tcars behind me.”Dad said, “Maybe the two of us could play with him sometime. Do you thinkhe would be up for that?”Bob was surprised, but said, “Sure.””Cool. He’s kinda hot in a different sort of way.””He’s got a huge dick. That is his best asset and he loves to have guyswatch him jack it off.””I’m up for that.” I said from the back seat. We all laughed.We finished our meal. Bob collected all the trash. He got out of the carand walked over to the garbage can nearby. He didn’t think anything of thefact that there were other people around.When Bob got back in, David said, “Dude, you are amazing. That tookballs.”Bob said, “Thanks. I like to fuck with people a little. Keeps them ontheir toes. Let’s go drive around and take some pics.” It was gettinglate and the crowds were thinning in town. Bob reached into the glove boxto pull out his little camera. Bob drove over to the front entrance of themall. The mall was closed. He pulled into the parking lot near the signon the main street.”Here’s the deal. Two have to play. One goes and stands by the signpreferably hard. The other has to get out taking the picture.”I jumped at the chance. “I’ll stand by the sign.”David said, “I’ll take the picture.”David and I both got out of the back seat. I ran over to the sign. Mydick was primed again, which Bob wanted. David took the shot and we ranback to the car. We jumped back in breathing heavy. It was a rush.Bob peeled out driving to the big box hardware store where David and I weregoing to buy paint tomorrow. This time he drove right to the front of thestore. “Who’s next?”Dad said, “I’ll go.”I said, “I’ll take the shot.”Dad jumped out of the car and walked up to the front automatic slidingdoors. The place was closed. I got out to take the picture. Then wewalked back to the car instead of running.Bob then drove to the local bank. Our bank. “Next.”David said, “I’ll pose. You take the picture Dad.””Ok.”Dad and David got out of the car. David was boned. He went right to thebig neon sign and started jerking himself. Dad followed taking pictureafter picture. Suddenly, Bob and I both realized that David was gettinginto this so much he was going to sperm. Dad did too. He kept snappingone pic after the next. Finally, the three of us witnessed our Adonisspurt a big load of cream. He held his hand out so that he captured hisbabies. When he was finished, he took the jizz to his mouth and licked itoff his hand. Dad just kept the camera going.David and Dad jumped back in the car. Dad threw the camera at Bob andsaid, “Take pictures. I gotta cum.”Dad grabbed his man meat. He stroked fast beating his Daddy cock rough.He started screaming, “Oh fuck. That was hot. Oh man. Watching you shootthat load David. Watching you eat your boys. God it made me need tospurt. Gotta spurt. Fuck Bob. I love you. I love this. Fuck. Gottaempty my tanks. My fucking balls need release. Fuck man. Fuck. Fuck.Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!”Dad shot all over his belly. Bob continued to take pictures, and thenthrew the camera to me as he went down on Dad’s dick to clean off Dad’scum. He then took his face and rubbed it all over Dad’s hairy belly makingsure the cream covered his whole face. Bob leaned forward and kissed Dad.I captured the unabridged romance on film.Suddenly, Bob came back to reality fast. I saw it in his eyes. He startedthe car and we drove off. We headed home at that point. That was enoughfor one evening.Bob pulled into the garage. We all got out. Said our quick goodnights andwent to our rooms.David said to me when we closed the door. “That was wild.””Yeah. That was something. What an evening. Wasn’t it interesting howBob came to and peeled out of the parking lot? It’s like he hassixth-sense that we had been there long enough.”David responded, “Yeah. I noticed that too. I don’t think I would want todo that without him. Too dangerous. Buddy, you want to sleep with metonight?””Really, don’t you think it will be uncomfortable?””Naw. I’ve slept with plenty of women on my twin bed at school. It willbe fine. Come on. sleep with me.””Ok, but shouldn’t we shower? I stink and we have cum all over us.”David said, “No. I want to feel your sweat. I want to feel your driedcum. I want to wake to the smell of stale sex tomorrow morning.””Jesus David. What’s got into you?” I exclaimed.”Nothing. If I’m going to be with a man, I want to play like men play. Idon’t want to feel like I have to be perfect at every moment. Besides, Ilike how you smell and taste when your body is a little rank.”Wow. David took all of this to yet another level. Man smells? How menplay? He was something else.David got in the twin bed first and I followed. I was tired. I didn’tgive much more thought to the day wrapping myself up in David’s studly armsto sleep naked with my beefcake brother. Nor did I care about the womenand the twin bed reference. David was redefining our relationship tosomething new. As Scarlett O’Hara said, “I can’t think about that rightnow. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”I never did completely understand how David’s mind worked. He was a greatlesson in acceptance and patience over the years. David’s sensuality wasmotivating. He was an Alpha Male, Adonis, stud muffin who fucked me, caredfor me and allowed me to play and touch his incredible body in any way Iwanted. He made it easy to accept whatever his idiosyncrasies were. Wefell fast asleep.I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Thank you all for writing. The positiveresponse is very motivating. Please send any comments to:douglas.marx.4@gmail.comI would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.David and I wakened early for once. He didn’t fuck me. He didn’t force mymouth onto his hard morning cock. He didn’t spurt a load of hot brothercream into one of my orifices. He wanted to get started with the day. Wehad a lot to accomplish because we only had today to finish the bedroomproject. We scarfed a quick breakfast, jumped in David’s car, and drove tothe big box hardware store where I had taken pictures of Dad bared and hardthe night before.David was in full Alpha male control mode. I didn’t care. I was so happyto be doing this project with him. I loved that my big stud brother wantedto do this, wanted to be with me. He could control me all he wanted to.Someone had to take charge. Yet, even an Alpha male needs help. On theway to the store, he said to me, “Now, John, you are the fag. So you haveto pick out the paint colors, but I want it to be masculine.” He smiledwhen he said it showing that he meant nothing derogatory. He was correct.I had better taste. After all, I am the fag.”Ok David. I’ll pick the colors. You get the rest of the paintingsupplies we need. Cool?””Cool.”We arrived at the store, got a cart and escort fethiye proceeded directly to paint. Davidwent off about his business and in no time was back with everything weneeded. I selected a nice neutral light gray in flat with a two-shotdeeper shade of colorant for the trim and door in semi-gloss. If we weregoing to do this, we were going to do it right.I told David. “We have to take the extra time to put a prime coat onbefore the two layers of paint. The room had been the same for many years.You are going to be shocked at how bad it will look when we take everythingoff the walls and out of the room.”David said, “Ok, if you insist.” I know he was disgusted about this amountof work, but he knew I was correct.”Now let’s get some trash bags and some boxes in case there is something wewant to save.””I don’t want to save anything.” He protested.”Let’s just get them anyway. We can always use them for the estate sale.Ok.” I refuted.”Ok.” I could tell we were going to butt heads a bit today. We were bothwilling to go through that drama though for the results.We checked out. $125.00. That meant our bed was going to have to come inunder $675. It was going to be close, but we would deal with that later.We got home. Dad and Bob were sitting at the table having coffee. “Youwant some help?” Dad asked.David said, “Not yet. Let John and I pack and throw out our stuff. Wecould use help with the painting as it is a lot more complicated than Ithought.””Ok. Let us know.”David and I took the boxes and trash bags out of the car leaving the restfor later. Surprisingly, we both decided there was very little sentimentalvalue in the room so we only used one box. The rest went right to thetrash bags. Posters, old clothes to the thrift store, old toys to Toy forTots, and lots and lots of crap.When it was all out, the room looked terrible. David said, “You were rightbuddy. It needs all the work you said it would.” I smiled. That made myday.David and I picked up the first bed and took it to the basement. We piledthe second one on top. We went to the car to get the paint supplies.Passing through the house David said, “Ok Dad, we need your help now.”I took charge here. I instructed everyone that we were going to prep theroom first; masking tape, drop clothes for the floor, unhinge the door andset it in the hall over a drop cloth. Dad was equally dismayed at how badthe room looked. He openly wondered if the rest of the house was going tobe this bad. I lovingly told him, “Yes, Dad the rest of the house will bethis bad.””Now let’s get the room primed. We start by trimming all the edges. Next,we prime the trim. The ceiling gets primed next followed by the walls.” Iinstructed the team.I was glad we had four people. It was done in no time flat.”Let’s have lunch.” Dad said.We took a much-needed break for lunch. Over lunch, Dad decided to becomeDad. “So guys, how much is your budget?”David said, “$800. We are each putting up $400.””How much did you spend in paint and supplies?”David said cautiously because he knew where this was going, “$125.””$675 is not going to give you two much of a bed.””We know Dad.” I said. “I thought maybe we could get a frame at thethrift store and get a better mattress.”Dad laughed, “Look, even if you paid under $100 for a used frame, $575won’t buy you a mattress of any quality. You would be wasting your money.Would you like some help?””Yes, Dad we could use some help.” We sheepishly said in unison.Dad was not pushy. He said, “I think this is a valiant effort. Why don’twe all go looking for a proper mattress and bed frame together tomorrow?You contribute the balance of your budget and I will pay for the rest.””Ok. Thanks Dad.” I said.”Yeah. Thanks Dad. I can see this was falling apart quickly.” Davidadded.”Let’s finish up the painting, then we’ll clean up and go out to dinner.We all need to get out of this house for a bit.” Dad said.”Great!”We finished the painting, jumped in the shower and looked around for somedecent clothes to put on. We got in Dad’s car and went to eat.Dad took us to a nice place. It was fun for the four of us to be out andabout. Projects like that are stressful and nobody wanted to take onmaking dinner after all that.About halfway through the meal, Bob queried, “So where are you two going tosleep tonight?” There was a shit-eating smile on his face because he knewwe had not gotten that far in our processing.David said, “Uh.””Why don’t you guys sleep at my house tonight? Your Dad and I alreadyfigured we were all going to move into my house temporarily once the estatesale happened and the kitchen was gutted. You can stay there till the bedarrives.” Bob had a grin on his face, which I didn’t understand untilDavid and I got to his house that night.We all went home. David and I grabbed a few essentials from the bathroom.We got in David’s car to drive over to Bob’s and I said, “Let’s take ourclothes off and drive naked.”David exclaimed, “What!””Come on. It will be fun. When I was fucking with Bob before I introducedhim to Dad, he would drive me home naked every time. He would walk out ofhis house with no clothes on, put my bike in the trunk and off we would go.One night, he took me home from the theater and told me we were going toplay “Naked Serious Date”.”What is Naked Serious Date?” David asked.”It is when a couple drives home naked after a date. The man gets out ofthe car, opens the car for the gentleman he is dating (meaning me), and weboth walk hand in hand to the front door naked. We stand on the frontporch with the lights on and kiss as if we had clothes on. Then the manwalks back to his car drives away as the other gentleman waves goodbye fromthe front porch showing full frontal to the whole neighborhood before goinginside. Naked Serious Date.””Wow.” David cried.”Yeah David. The cool thing about that night was after Bob left I stoodand watched Mr. Taylor across the street. He was looking out the windowand obviously jacking his cock. All of a sudden Mr. Taylor stood up andshot a load onto the window of his house. Fucking hot.””Man, Mr. Taylor. I always thought he was a little queer.””David, he is way queer.” I laughed.We took off our clothes and drove over to Bob’s. I assured David that wecould just park in the back of the house in front of his detached garageand enter from the back without having to put on our clothes again. He wasa little skeptical, but that is exactly what we did.When we got inside, I remember why Bob had a smile on his face when heinvited us to stay there, the cameras and the website. Quickly my mindraced as I figured out that David and I could broadcast or at the leastrecord a fuck session.I didn’t want to ask David to have sex with me. I never wanted to initiatewith David. I could initiate with Bob or Dad or some other guy, but withDavid, it always had to be his move. I knew that if I became a pursuer inour relationship, he would weird out. I decided to show him Bob’s computerequipment and see if he got the idea himself.”David, let me show you Bob’s computer set up.” I demurely proclaimed.”Ok, I’ve heard a little about this.””Yeah, it is something. He has cameras set up all over the house. He hasa large subscription base to his website that loves to watch him be naked.He has a special jackoff session once a week for VIP members where Davidcan see the other guys and the other guys can see David. It all ends in acummy mess.””Wow, look at these cameras. They are everywhere.””Here David, let’s go in the guest room. I think we should sleep in hereinstead of in Bob’s room. Look at all this computer equipment, the threemonitors, the large server; Bob must make some bucks from this. I wonderhow his clients are dealing with him dating Dad and being over at our houseall the time.”David responded, “I bet they are a little upset.””Yeah, but I’m sure Bob still makes the scheduled VIP session.” Isupposed.David said, “I’m sure he does. Do you know how to work this stuff John?”He was caressing his growing cock.”Yeah David. I know how to work it.””Turn it on.” David commanded.”Do you want to broadcast, record or both?””Both.”I turned everything on. David’s cock was sticking straight out. I wassitting at the computer desk and David was rubbing his meat against theside of my face. I wanted to take it in my mouth, but I had to wait forthe programs to load and click all the correct settings. As soon as thelast mouse click occurred, I turned and devoured David’s shaft. He tookhold of my ears and forced his beef organ to the back of my throat. Davideased up enough for me to not choke and to breath, and then plow, hedaggered me again.”Suck my fuck pole, John. Take it. Yeah buddy. Make your big brotherfeel good. Yeah, you got the nicest mouth cunt. No girl knows how to suckcock like you buddy. Look up into my eyes buddy. Look at your big studb*o. You love it don’t you fucker? You love sucking my man cock. I turnyou on big time. My queer little brother sucks his big brother’s cock.Fucking hot. Look at how you devour my meat. Shit man. Oh fuck John.You are such a great cocksucker. My queer, fag, cocksucking brother. Noguy is as lucky as me.”David lifted me out of the chair, took me in his big arms and kissed mehard. His tongue plunged into my willing mouth. I could now smell thearoma of David. David had a scent he gave off when he had sex that wasdifferent from any other man I had been with. It is hard to describe but Ican say that the smell turned me on big time. He held me tight as wekissed and I could feel his pectoral muscles smashed against my chest. Ourcocks were sticking straight up rubbing on each other’s and our bellies.David maneuvered me over to the bed laying me down first with him gettingon top of me. I said to myself, `We are having real sex. We are not justfucking.’ We started to have the kind of sex that I had with Bob, withDad, and with Bob and Dad. We rolled all over the bed. We licked andsucked each other. David sucked my cock! David spent a lot of timelapping and imbibing on my man nipples. This action brought me to theedge. David knew how far he could take me without me shooting a load. Hetook me right to the brink before moving away from my nips to reach for thelube.David got up on his haunches with a big smile on his face. “I’m gonna fuckyou hard, John.””Yeah David. Go for it. Take my hole David. It is all for you. Fill mewith you brother cock, David. I want you. I want your meat in me. I wantyour load in me.””That’s right, John. You want your brother’s meat don’t you? Man you areone hot fucking queer bottom. No chick cunt is as tight and has themuscles you do, buddy.”David lifted my legs to bend me in half exposing my man-cunt. Shockinglyhe went face first into my hole. His tongue forced its way into my butt.I took my hands and pulled my ass cheeks farther apart to help David getinside me with his tongue, mouth and saliva. I heard him smelling metaking in the bouquet of my pussy. I couldn’t wait to see the recording ofthis because the angle would be David’s strong arms pushing my legs overme, his face in my ass, and his arse high in the air as he sat on hisflanks on the bed. He went on for a good five minutes getting my openingrelaxed and moist.David lifted his head, moved my legs so they wrapped around his waist andmoved over me to kiss me making sure that we shared the perfumes andnectars of my cunt. Fuck. He had never been this thorough. David was tothis point a slam, bam, thank you ma’am guy. He would force me to suck hiscock or fuck my hole, but after the orgasm was on about his day. Not thatI didn’t know he appreciated my expertise and willingness. He hadn’t beeninclined to participate in the other aspects of sex such as holding,kissing, caressing, foreplay. Now he was spending lots of time making mefeel good as he would some chick. Now he was kissing me. Now his wasprepping my cunny with his tongue. Now he was sucking my nipples. Now hewas sucking my cock.While David was kissing me I felt him start to lube my hole by stickingone, then two, then three fingers inside to prep my butt. He got off thebed standing next to it. He was still rock hard even though he had nottouched his cock for a long time because both of his hands were taking careof me. He appropriated my waist pulling me toward him. He lifted my legsplacing my feet on his pecs. The feeling of the soles of my feet restingon the muscled mounds on his chest sent a shiver down my spine withexcitement. Then he took his fuck tool and jammed it hard into my gut allat once. I screamed. This was contrary to the gentleness of thepreparation, but he was the man and my hole was his.”It’s ok baby. Relax. Big brother is gonna take care of you. Just feelmy cock in there. Relax those ass muscles. Yeah. There you go baby.You’re ready for me now, aren’t you?””Yes David. I’m ready. Fuck me.”And he did.David fucked me hard for at least fifteen minutes. Sometimes he was slow.Sometimes he was fast. Sometimes he was kissing me. Sometimes he was wayback looking down at my late teen body. He brought his dick almostcompletely out of my cunt. I would feel so empty when he did that. Thenhe would plow back into me as I felt his pubs on my ass cheeks. He tookhas hands touching my whole torso moving up on my pecs, playing with mynips, rubbing my arms. David was making love to me.Eventually, it was clear David couldn’t take it any longer. He started torapidly fire his dick into me. He moaned, screamed, cursed… His bodyvibrated. His muscles tightened. In the last few seconds, he wasscreaming `fuck’. I felt his shaft widened stretching my bowels that extraamount and then a blast, his babies were unloading into me. David wasimpregnating my cunt. I watched his powerful body spasm, his head throwingitself back, his biceps bulge as he held my thighs forcing my ass as closeto him as possible. What a fucking hot man stud.David demanded, “Jack yourself off, John while I’m still inside you. Iwant to see you spurt. I want to feel your hole tighten around my man cockwhile I’m still hard.”I was more than happy to obey. I jacked furiously. It didn’t take but aminute. I shot copious loads of jizz all the way to my face. When I wasfinished, David pulled out and body slammed down on top of me mixing my cumonto his torso. He started to kiss me again holding me with his stoutarms. I had died and gone to heaven. What was with him? Who the fuckcares? I’ll take it.David finally got off me to go pee. I lay there as one satisfied cunt.Before he got back, I did jump up for a minute and turned off the recordingpart of the computer. I left the cameras on.When he came back in, he pulled the sheets and blanket up over us, moved meover to my side, and snuggled up in a spoon to go to sleep. I heard hishot breath in my ear and felt it on my neck. Just like a man, he wasasleep in seconds. I wasn’t far behind, but the girl did lay there for afew minutes appreciating what had just happened.If anyone was watching on the website, they had quite a show. I would loveto know the statistics of how many other cocks shot a big creamy loadaround the world during that scene.Morning came fast. “Come on sleepy head. Get up. We got a big dayagain.” David cajoled. “Let’s get a shower and get back over to thehouse. Dad’s gonna help us buy a bed. We need to be on our best behaviorincluding on time.”Fuck. He was right. David and I showered together to be faster; however,it was just a shower, no sex. We had to walk back to the car naked becausewe forgot about bringing our clothes with us. We put the clothes on in thecar and drove back over to our home.Bob and Dad were already having breakfast. “The food is on the stove.Just get it yourself.” Dad said it with a big grin as it was so obvious wehad being fucking around even though we were clean and well-groomed. Onecan always tell, we were still a little spacy and disheveled.We piled on the eggs, bacon, potatoes on a plate and sat down with Bob andDad.Bob smiled and queried, “So… how was your night?”As if, he didn’t know.I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Thank you all for writing. The positiveresponse is very motivating. Please send any comments to:douglas.marx.4@gmail.comI would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.Dad, Bob, David and I jumped into the car to go buy a bed. Yes, this timewe wore clothes. Mattress and bed shopping is the worst of all possibleshopping experiences. Over the years, I have never been shopping for thoseitems where I didn’t think I was dealing with the sleaziest people on theplanet; and not sleazy in a good way like me your basic homosexual,multi-partner, gang-banged, cocksucking, cum dump whore/slut.After several stores, the four of us settled on a good quality high-endmattress and a mid-priced bed frame and headboard. We also bought amatching small chest of drawers for our t-shirts, socks and underwear. Thebed delivery would be in a couple of days. I would be the only one home toreceive it since the rest of our group was going back to work tomorrow.I was returning to work tonight. It was strange that I had that time offover July 4th weekend because that is a busy time at the theater. Usually,everyone is on duty over that period. The Universe must have played itshand because of the important things that happened over the weekend.In two days, I had been team fucked by my brother, my father and myfather’s boyfriend. The four of us had jacked off naked in a public parkduring the fireworks display. We had exposed ourselves in a drive-thruburger joint and other public businesses around town. My brother hadjacked, shot a load and ate his cum in front of our bank while our nakedfather took pictures. Our father proposed to his boyfriend that they livetogether. I figured out that our Dad was always gay, but wanted a familymore than a man. My brother suddenly became affectionate toward me insteadof just using me as a cum dump for his huge cock and studly body. Not thatI objected to being a cum dump for him you understand.On top of the ardor my brother was expressing, he wanted to buy a doublebed so that we could sleep together and he could more comfortably fuckme. My brother and I bought the bed with the help of our Dad and whilewaiting for the double bed delivery we had sex at my father’s boyfriend’shome broadcasting the whole act over the World Wide Web.That was a lot. I was glad to be heading back to work because my head wasswimming from all the experiences.Work was uneventful. I walked back to Bob’s house to sleep, as it wassupposed to be a couple of days before the bed would be delivered. I tookmy shirt off. It was a wonderful summer evening and, if I couldn’t becompletely nude in public, I could at least bare my chest. There isnothing like the feel of the warm summer night air against a nude torso.David was already asleep when I got to the house. I quietly tiptoed intothe house dropping my clothes at the door. I went to the bathroom to brushmy teeth and pee.I walked into the guest room and David was slumbering soundly. He had leftthe blanket and sheets at the end of the bed exposing his magnificent, leanmuscle 20-year-old body.The picture of him that night is imbedded in my mind forever. David hasbecome more handsome and more sensuous with age as many men do; however,that moment in time with the softness of the skin of youth, the light chesthair over his large pectoral mounds, the bubble-butt ass, the soft cocklaying to the side with his big balls hanging between his thighs. I willalways appreciate the fact that I got to be a part of that body then andfor years to come.I crawled into bed attempting not to move the mattress too much whilesimultaneously pulling up the sheets and blanket over us. I didn’t snugglenext to him continuing my policy of letting my brother be in control.David rolled over, scooted next to me dr****g his strong arm over my sidepulling my back to his sturdy chest and pushing is cock to my butt. Hekissed me softly on the back of my neck.”Mmmmmm, hey babe. I missed you tonight. I’m glad you’re home. I longedfor your naked body next to mine.” David purred.I just laid there enjoying the moment smelling the clean musk of a man.”Big Dave and the twins would love to get warm. Would you like that babe?Would you like to take care of them?” David’s dick was in full bloom now.I pushed my anus against the underside of his cock. Abso-fucking-lutely Iwanted to take care of them I thought and indicated such by moving mycomely body as close to him as possible.”Oh David. Yeah. Give me your cock.”David rolled over for a second to get the lube off the nightstand. Hedeftly got some lube on his fingers and started moistening my hole. He didthe same to his cock. He gently pushed his muscle into my love canal,which was a sure sign that he was going to fuck me hard and fast. I openedup for him with no strain. He rolled me over onto my stomach with himfollowing attached to my rump. He then took three fingers of the non-lubedhand inserting them into my mouth clasping down on my jaw.David whispered with a hard shove of his meat inside me for emphasis, “Youready fucker.””Yeah man. Fuck me now!” I proclaimed.Bam. David started slamming his meat into me. He held my jaw while takinghis lips and biting on the back and side of my neck. There was going to besome serious evidence tomorrow. I could just hear those cackling girls atwork teasing me about my hickey.Bam. I could hardly breathe. David loved to fuck me in this position. Heenjoys the domination of the simple missionary position with his girls. Wewere certainly in a missionary position except my face was smothered intothe pillow and my cock was squished against the sheets.Bam. We never moved from the starting point. David wanted a load in menow. The feeling of strength this man had to overpower me with hisintoxicating manliness knew no bounds. I could care less about being invarious positions and movements when being topped by my stud brother. Hecould missionary me until I became a servant of the Lord for all I cared.He could breed me daily for the rest of my life and I would feel it was alife well lived.With him, I didn’t care about orgasm. I didn’t care about passion. Ididn’t care about lovemaking. I had that with him, but even if I didn’t,this man had that something rare in men; a sexuality that permeated logicand would melt the strongest.Bam. I felt David’s rocket widen as his boys were preparing to blast off.Bam. David’s lubricious act culminated with the warm feeling of collegejizz inseminating my cunt. His heart was pounding on my back. The bloodwas flowing through his veins at lightning speed. When he regained anamount of composure, he rolled us back over on our sides from which we hadstarted. He let go of my jaw. He continued to affectionately kiss my neckever so slowly as I felt him start to nod off. The last thing he said tome that night was, “Thank you buddy. I love you.”I didn’t say a word. I know he was almost asleep when he said it. I knewI loved him too; however, I was not in love with him. I wanted himwhenever he wanted me so much so that I never cared about my own cock aslong as David got what he wanted. I didn’t even shoot a load that night.My orgasm was having him orgasm.I had a small tear roll down my cheek as I thought about what he said alongwith the joy I was having with him, my Dad and Bob. I was a lucky man.David left his cock in me as we fell asleep.The next morning David was gone before I woke up. He had to work. Icrawled out of bed with my butt hole dripping David’s man fluid down mythighs. I aborted the babies and headed to the kitchen to scrounge upsomething to eat.I was looking in the refrigerator with my ass sticking out when Bob came inthe back door.”Nice ass.” Bob exclaimed.”Hey, Bob. Good morning. What are you doing here?” I said as I turned togreet him. Bob was naked walking in his kitchen door.Bob’s brain works different from others. Here is Bob’s thought patternregarding whether or not to wear clothes.`My car is in the garage here at my boyfriend’s. I’m going over to myhouse. I can get in my car naked because it is in the garage where no onecan see. I can get out of my car naked at my house because it issemi-private and my neighbors are used to seeing me naked even in broaddaylight. Therefore, I don’t need to wear clothes between my boyfriend’shouse and my house as I am not stopping in between.’I said it was a thought pattern. I never said it was logical.”I needed to come home to get some clothes for work.” Bob responded.”I thought you had moved into our house.” I ribbed.”Yeah, yeah. I know. Your Dad and I have fallen fast for each other,haven’t we?” Bob commented with a hint of angst.”Bob, it’s nice. You’re both happy so what’s the problem?” I said.”There’s no problem, John. I am in love with your father. It still takesa little getting used to not playing around as much.” Bob came right up tome during that comment as squeezed my balls and kissed me on the mouth.”Bob, Dad doesn’t want exclusivity. The three of us fuck at least once aweek. David, Dad and you breed me in the backyard on July 4th. Dad’s justcool. No strings.””I know, John. I just want to find a balance. This is all new to me. I’venever been in a relationship.”We sat down to breakfast and changed the subject. There wasn’t much morethat could be said. I could see how this would be a bit of challenge forBob; however, Bob was a good man. He would figure it out.Bob had to find his balance in being with my Dad and playing with other menwith or without my Dad. Dad did not require as much variety, or at leastthat is the impression he gives. My intuition about Dad, though, was hewas more slutty than he was willing to admit. The apple doesn’t fall farfrom the tree. If Dad is the tree with two whore apples, then Dad isprobably a ho too.”John, I have a proposal for you.””What Bob?””I would like for you to come to work for the hotel I manage.””Really, why?””I’ve been thinking about how you could get more money for college and, Ithought, why doesn’t John do what I did to make my way? Become a whore.”He laughed when he said it, but I also know he was serious.Speaking of being a whore. “I don’t know Bob. Isn’t that a littledangerous?” My dick defied my objection as it started to get hard thinkingabout sucking off businessmen in hotel rooms.”Yeah. There is some risk, but I know the ropes and I can teach you. On agood night, you could make a few hundred dollars. How much do you make anight at the theater?””I work about five hours a day. I get $10 per hour because I am closer so$50 minus taxes. About $42 dollars a night.” I cringed at the thought ofwhat I just said.”At the hotel, you would start at $8.50 per hour. You would work aneight-hour shift plus tips with the potential for overtime. The roomservice person keeps his tip money. There is no sharing with the rest ofthe staff. Therefore, you would easily make $100 per shift, even withoutputting out.” Bob explained.”Really?”Bob continued. “Now if you milk the cow of the needy businessman, you’regoing to get at least another $100 in your pocket for little work. Most ofthese guys are so horned they cum in a few minutes with a blow job. Ifthey want to fuck you, you have to charge a lot more. You understand thisis faster for them than getting on rentboy or grindr or men4rentnow.You’re right there. They know what they are going to get. You love tosuck cock and be fucked. You want to go to college with as much money aspossible. It’s a no brainer in my opinion.”I sat there nonplussed. My mind was racing a hundred miles an hour. I sawthe dollar signs. I saw the potential. I even saw that it was a goodstart into the hospitality industry even without my blowjob experience.”Ok Bob. I’m willing to do it. I have one request though.””What John?” Bob queried.”This will mean that I won’t be able to have dinner with Dad most nights.We made a commitment when everyone left the house that the two of us wouldalways have dinner together. Would you promise me that you would havedinner with him every night that you are not working? I don’t want toleave him alone.”I almost wanted to cry. I could see that this was a new transition. I hadto take this job regardless. Dad would understand, but I’m his last. Helost the two girls permanently. I don’t want him to ever feel like he haslost me. I also made a mental note to have a conversation with David aboutDad.Bob smiled knowing how much I loved my Dad and how much I was concernedabout him being lonely, “John, you never have to worry about that. I willalways be home for dinner when I can.”Just then, my phone rang. I looked on the screen and didn’t recognize thenumber.”Hello.””Hey, this is Joe Geovanni. I got a delivery. I got a delivery of somefurniture. I’m parked in your driveway but no one answered the door.””Oh, Joe. We weren’t expecting you today. I can be home in ten minutes.Will that work?””Yeah. Cool. We’ll wait.””Be right there.” I hung up the phone.”Bob the furniture is here.””Jesus, let’s get over there fast.” Bob said. He got up and walked outthe door.”Aren’t you gonna put on some shorts?””If you insist.” He annoyingly responded.We grabbed some shorts but nothing else. We were barefoot and barechested. We raced over to the house. There backed in the driveway was ashorter moving truck with “Joe Geovanni and Son Moving Co.” painted on theside. Joe and, obviously, his son were leaning on the truck talking whenwe pulled up in front of the house.As we walked up to introduce ourselves, I quickly scanned them both out.Joe was about 5’10”, weighed in easily at 260 lbs. of muscle and belly. Hehad classic blue-collar looks. His face was three-day growth unshaven.His biceps, forearms and hands were huge from owning a moving company. Ifigured he was in his mid-forties.His son was a little muscle fireplug about 5’6″ and 200 lbs. of slab meat.He was about 25. He clearly was a gym rat. He had on a tight t-shirt thatstretched over his lats, pec muscles, and biceps. He was perfectlyproportioned with a big upper body and tree trunks for legs. As I gotcloser, I saw that his nipples poked out of the t-shirt almost a ½ inchor more.Dad had on a more conventional buttoned work shirt with “Joe” written onthe front. The son’s t-shirt read “Joey”. I dared not look at Bob becauseI’m sure he was having as much trouble as I was not letting his tongue hangout.”Hi, I’m Joe and this is my son, Joey.” We all shook hands.”Hi, I’m John and this is Bob. Let me get the door unlocked and show youthe room the stuff is going in.” I detected that both Joe and Joey werechecking us out being shirtless and shoeless and probably wondering whatwas going on.We walked to the front door. I opened it and the four of us proceeded tomy room.Joe said, “Ok. Where do you want the bed?”I responded, “Along this wall here.””And the chest?””On this wall, Joe.”Joe directed. “Ok, Joey. Let’s bring it through the front door; lookseasiest that way.” They turned and walked out of the house to their truck.Bob and I looked at each other. Now we could let our jaws drop. “What doyou think, John? Should we make a play? I got a little time before I haveto be at work.” Bob asked.”Well, it might help with your balance issues.” I joked referring to ourearlier conversation about Dad and Bob’s open relationship.Joe and Joey brought the bedframe in first setting it up exactly how Iwanted it. Even before the rest of the furniture was placed, I knew thatthis was going to be a great room for my brother, David, and I to enjoy.Bob and I stood and watched the proceedings. We never left the bedroom.Witnessing their muscles tighten, stretch and lithe bringing in the boxspring and then the mattress were intoxicating. Joe and Joey were sweatingby this time. I could see the wetness fethiye escort bayan start to stain their shirts undertheir arms wondering what it would be like to bury my nose to smell theirstink followed by sticking out my tongue allowing the sweet/salty palate ofman perspiration to permeate my taste buds. This would be on top of theultimate fantasy of nursing Joey’s protruding man tits in my mouth. Myfantasy would be to sit on his lap naked like a little boy feeling his hardcock under my ass. I would engorge on his mammary until I shot a loadcream on his belly and mine.Finally, father and son wheeled the chest of drawers in on a dolly placingit in the exact spot I asked them. I was so enamored with the father/sontag team that I could hardly appreciate the achievement that David and Ihad accomplished with the room remodel.Bob was the bold one. I witnessed his aggressiveness in finding out theirstory. I knew that I needed to take notes if I was going to learn theropes at my new job of being a room service maître d’ for food, cock,ass and tongue. “Joe, I must ask you. What is you guys’ story?”Joe responded with a smile, “I wanted to ask you the same thing.”Bob was blunt. “John here is my boyfriend’s son. This is their house.John shares this room with his straight brother, David, who wanted a doublebed so he could fuck John easier than with the twin beds here before.John’s Dad just invited me to move into the house with him, John and David.You go.”Joe was a little dumbfounded at Bob’s forthright honesty, but went rightback at him. “Joey is my son. We are both gay and we are in arelationship together. Joey’s mom left when he was young because I wasgay. I raised Joey. About five years ago, we had sex for the first time.We had been best buds and finally decided to take the relationship to thenext level. We own this business together, we live together and we fucktogether. Any questions?”Bob replied, “Yeah, you got time to fuck now?”Joe answered by approaching Bob putting one of his big paws behind Bob’shead pulling Bob’s lips to his. As Joe starts to insert his tongue inBob’s mouth, he unbuttoned Bob’s shorts with the other hand allowing themto fall to the floor releasing Bob’s rigid cock already producing lots ofprecum.Joey comes to me, doing the exact same thing. It is about to get realheavy in this room fast, but I break the action for just one second while Ihave half a clear head. “Guys, we have to move to Bob and Dad’s room. Iwant to christen my new bed with my brother.”I put a hand to Joey’s butt leading him down the hall to the master suite.When we got in the bedroom, Joey grabbed me pushing me down on the bed. Hetook my head forcing my mouth onto his clothed nipples. “I saw youdrooling over my nips fucker. Suck `em.” I did.”Oh yeah buddy. Suck my man breasts. Nurse on them. Make that t-shirtnice and wet with your slobbering juices. I want to show off your salivastains around my nipples the rest of the workday. You’re a fucking titwhore, aren’t you buddy? You want a man’s tits. You want to satisfy areal man; a beefy dude. I bet your straight brother is a big stud. He’sjust like me. You worship him, don’t you fucker? I bet you will doanything for him, won’t you fucker?”Jesus, am I that transparent? I had to begin to admit that I was gettingmore turned on by guys that were bigger than me. David was my body size,but he had easy twenty more pounds of muscle than I did. Bob was a littleshorter than I with a naturally thick body. Dad’s body was bigger thanBob, David or me. Dad was a mid-forties, lean, trim, hairy muscle daddy.Phil had been bigger than I partly because I wasn’t fully grown when Istarted playing with him. Then there’s big Matt. I saw a trend.Joey wasn’t as tall but man he was built like a brick shithouse. I toreinto those nips as if the world was ending. I worked on releasing hissperm gun for the confines of his blue jeans. Once his pants were aroundhis ankles, I lifted the bottom of his t-shirt sending it over his headrevealing a completely shaven bodybuilder chest and a rock hard six-pack.I pushed him back for just a second to take it all in.”Yeah, yeah. I’m fucking hot. I know it. You know it. You can worshipme another day. We got another job we got to get to, get down on my cockand started sucking boy. I want to release a load.” Joey demanded.I fell to my knees, opened my gobbler and swallowed his baby maker to thepubs. At the same time, I forced his cock into me by placing my hands onhis hard gluts moving them back and forth between his massive thighs andhis baseball catcher’s ass. This guy had done a ton of squats in the gym,but I had done a ton of squatting in front of man meat. I vacuumed hisprotrusion knowing that there was one thing on this colossal fucker’s mind– shoot babies into willing face cunt.Joey didn’t last long. I’m sure he wanted to take more time but he wastrying to be the responsible son and not make them late for their nextdrop. He pushed me off his cock commanding, “Stick out your tongue fucker.I’m gonna cream your face. I wanna see my jizz painting. I wanna… oh,oh, oh, oh, oh… fffffffuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”Joey’s body vibrated and trembled. I watched his pectoral muscle tighten.As he came, he started beating his chest with his other fist, both sidesand right on his hardened, distended nips. He was obviously into his nipsand probably tit torture. I would be more than willing to suck and bite isareolas as much as he wanted. His cum coated my face. I wish we had beenat Bob’s so that I could have recorded the ropes of hot man juice flyingthrough the air and landing on my piggy bottom mug. Once the last remnantsdribbled down onto the carpet, he grabbed my head and forced his stillrigid pillar back into my mouth for cleanup.Meanwhile, next to Joey and I, Bob’s legs were high in the air as Joepounded his hole. Joe had lowered his pants and unbuttoned his shirt, buthe was not naked like Bob. It was hot to see this brawny male brutesemi-clothed, his nipples and stomach protruding out from the opening ofhis work shirt against the nude and vulnerable Bob. Clearly, Joe was notnearly as concerned about on-time performance to the next job.Bob was a whore in heaven. “Yeah fuck me. Make me your bitch Joe. Youfucking hot man stud. Plow my ass. Oh fuck man. You are one big stud.Give me that cock. Split me open fucker. I want that cock. Give me thatman cock, fucker. Yeah Joe. I can feel your hard muscle stretching myhole, making me your cunt. Breed me, asshole. Breed me. Give your mancream. Make me your queer bitch.”Bob was such a slut. Obviously, he was getting his balance back.”Take my pussy. You’re the man Joe. You’re the stud. Fuck me. Cream inme. Paint my innards. I wanna walk bowlegged all day. Queer me buddy.Queer my hole. Oh fuck Joe. Give it to me now. Release those babies fromyour sweaty balls. Take them on their swimming lesson. I don’t know howmuch more I can take. God I need your cream so bad. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.Oh fuck.”Bob couldn’t take it another second. He shot a huge load all over hislittle hairy belly. Bob was telling the truth. He couldn’t take itanother second because he was always so good at self-control. He knew thata good bottom always cums second. This left him post-orgasmic and stillgetting man fucked by the moving company daddy. But not for long becausewith Bob’s orgasm came that luscious tightening of his anal muscles, whichin turn forced Joe’s huge cock to explode into the bowels of Bob’s gut.Joe’s body shuddered as his spasm launched one rope after another.I was still on my knees holding onto Joey’s tree trunk legs watching hismagnificent stud dad breed my friend. My dick spurted onto the carpet.These three almost simultaneous climaxes left all of us weak. Joeycontinued to play with his tits. Joe collapsed onto Bob his tongue divingstraight into Bob’s mouth in a fit of appreciation and afterglow passion.Joey brought everyone back to reality, “Dad, we got to go.”Joe responded, “Oh, fuck. Yeah. I guess.” He pulled out of Bob’s holeleaving a vacancy at the hotelier’s inn.Bob said, “Fuck. I gotta go too. Thanks guys. John, get their number.We gotta do this again.” Bob kissed me on the lips and within seconds, Iheard his car start and peel out down the street.Joe and Joey weren’t as rushed but they left shortly after thank yous,phone number confirmations and promises. Joe did not wipe off Bob’s cumfrom his belly or Bob’s ass juice off his cock. He pulled up his pants.He was like me wanting to feel the sex all day.That left me alone in the house. I hadn’t been alone in the house in awhile. I took a shower first. Then, I put the new sheets in the washer toget them soft before making the bed. I stared at our new bedroom. It wasbeautiful. I could not wait for David to get home this afternoon for us tobreak in our nest.I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Thank you all for writing. The positiveresponse is very motivating. Please send any comments to:douglas.marx.4@gmail.comI would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.I texted David after I regained some composure from the morning furnitureand cum delivery of Joe Geovanni and Son Moving Company. I told him thebed had arrived. He sent a text back expressing surprise saying that hewould be home at 3:00 and be ready.About 2:15, I laid down to take a nap. Between David bitch fucking me lastnight and Joey cock whipping me this morning, I needed some rest. I knewDavid would be home soon and I wanted to be at the top of my game.”Hey baby, I’m home.” David whispered as he leaned over the bed lightlykissing me awake. “You look beautiful there in our new bedroom.””Oh. Hi David.” I moved tentatively regaining consciousness. I proppedmyself up on my elbows. “Isn’t it lovely?” I was referencing the bedroomset, but I was also referring to my naked stud brother standing next to thebed with dirty hands and face from laboring outside all day in the soil.His meat was sticking straight out. I could smell the hard day’s work ofperspiration from two feet away.I wondered if he was going to take me now or wait until he showered. Myidea was that he should shower and we could have a magnificent afternoon oflovemaking on our brand new bed and sheets. I could be such a foolishromantic girl sometimes.”Get on my cock, bitch. I want you to smell a real man.” I scrambled tomy knees by the bed. Obviously, romance was not on this afternoon’s Davidagenda and the David agenda was the one that counted.”That’s it baby. Don’t you like that? Smell all that dirt. You love thearoma of a dude after he worked hard all day. Look at that cock of yours.That tells the whole story. Hard as a rock. You want me. You want mydominance. You want to make love to my monster, don’t you fucker? Lick myballs. Taste that sweat and grime. Oh baby. You’re good. No other womanI know can take care of me like you do.”David was roughly grabbing my hair and head with his grubby hands. I couldfeel the muck transferring onto my body. I would be filthy in many waysbefore this was over. This was the second time today I had been bluecollared by a young stud. I had to admit it was super hot. The whiff ofhis body turned me into a pig a****l. I wanted David to use me, fuck me,make me his bitch. He was the man.”That’s right baby. Get your man’s plow good and moist. You know whereit’s going. It’s going in your cunt. Your man’s cock needs to blast oneout inside you. You’re my little cum dump. You’re my little whore. Fuck,you are so hot man. You are the best pig in the world.”David took my mouth from his tool moving my head under his balls. “Lick myballs, boy. Make my babies know you want them bad. Show them some love.They need to know that you want them. They’ll give you more if they knowyou want them inside you. You want more of my cream? You want more of mybabies? Yeah, fucker. I know you do. You live for your big b*o’s jizz.You have your whole life. Think of the amount of man cum you haveswallowed in this room in your short eighteen-year-old life. You were bornfor cum, buddy. You were born to take care of big b*o’s cum. I love youbaby. I love you so much.”There he goes again, but I wasn’t paying any attention. He was right. Iwanted what was inside those hairy low hangers.Suddenly, David pushed me away from his sack taking a belly flop onto ournew bed. He spread his legs wide and commanded. “Get your tongue in theirfucker. Eat out my hole.”This was new. He hadn’t asked me do to that before. I had no objection.It was another way to relish his daylong manliness. Oh God, it was fuckingamazing. I dove into his ass spreading his bubble cheeks so that I couldget my tongue in there as far as possible. The smell was intoxicating. Itwas one entire summer day of hard labor stink. I was working my tongue,but I was also attempting to have as much of the scent transferred to myface. That way when I was flipped over and fucked, I could still smell histaint and ass crack deep into my nostrils. I had never been to this regionof my brother’s anatomy. Feeling the tightness of those amazing gluts onmy face was a new phenomenal sensation. I pigged so intensely that Ithought I would cum without touching my cock.David sensed that I could juice from this single act of anolinguist, so heturned over in mid-rim. My tongue felt like its dinner was taken awaybefore it was full.”Come on baby. It’s time to sit on your brother’s cock. Come right uphere and spread your cheeks wide. That’s it baby. I’m gonna lie here andyou are gonna bounce up and down on my fuck pole. Oh yeah baby. Thatfeels so good. Let me get some lube up there buddy. Get you nice andgreased for easy entry. Oh yeah, look how effortlessly my cock isdisappearing deep into your cunt. You love to open up for me, don’t youb*o? Feel good baby? Feel that hard meat? You’re almost there buddy.Your ass cheeks are almost to my pubs. Oh yeah. There you are, buddy.It’s all the way in. Now isn’t that nice? Don’t you love having mysausage up there? Yeah, I know you do. Look at your face. You’re gonebuddy. You’re in another dimension. Your eyes are glazed over. Yourmouth is wide open just like your pussy. Lean down here buddy and giveyour ole’ b*o a big kiss. That’s it buddy. Give me some tongue. Oh yeah.I can taste my ass juices on your tongue. Fuck man. That’s hot. Now situp straight baby. Let me see those pretty titties bounce up and down whileyou hump me. You like your titties played with, don’t you fucker? Yeah,feel my rough, dirty, filthy hands working your titties. Come on buddy.Keep bouncing on your brother’s cock. That’s it. Don’t stop now fucker.Yeah, nothing like a man mauling his girl’s titties and fucking her cunt toget him off. Bounce fucker. Bounce. Up and down. There you go buddy.Look at that face. You’re gone buddy. You’re on another fucking planet.Oh yeah man. You’re gonna make your old b*o cum in you. You want my cumfucker? You want my seed? Yeah, I know you do. You live for my fuckingseed. That’s it baby. Work those ass muscles. Tighten up around my shaftfucker. Give my boys a reason to blast. Yeah fucker. Make me shootfucker. Make my boys go. You made love to them earlier. They know youlove them. They know you want them in you. They’re ready to be insideyou. They want to be inside you fucker. Yeah baby. Yeah John. They’recoming baby. They’re almost ready fucker. Come on fucker bounce. Workthat ass. Make them know you want it. That’s it. They know now. Theyknow you want them. Here they cum fucker. Here cum my boys. Oh Yeah. Ohfuck. Oh fuck. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.Uuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!”David’s boys did what they were told to do. They shot right up in my lovechannel. I know it sounds crazy but I felt them impregnate me. Oh myfucking God. That was the hottest pig sex of my life. My nipples wereraw. There was sweat pouring down my forehead and my body. I didn’t thinkI could take it another minute but David wanted more.”Yeah baby. Now grab your cock and shoot your babies on me. I wanna seethem cum out of your piss hole. I’m gonna play with your nipples some morewhile you pound away. Come on fucker. Let me see it. Let me see that b*ocock of yours shoot. I want that cream on my six-pack to drink. Give itto me fucker. Give it to me now. Yeah. That’s it fucker. Oh yeah.That’s beautiful. Look at that cream. Look at my little baby brother’sman juice shooting out of its shaft. Fucking hot man. Fucking damn hot.”I shot my load right onto his furry, taut abs. Before I had even finishedmy orgasm, David scoped up my cream with his dirty hand and licked hisfingers. He took more of my jizz with his now wet hand smearing the reston my face. When I looked in the mirror later, I had a dried muddy creamfacial. David may not be queer, but he was sure queer for me. Wow. Fuck.Jesus Christ.I could not sit up another second. All energy drained from my body. Ifell forward onto his chest nuzzling my face to his neck. He took hisbrawny arms around me and pulled me tight. His dick plopped out of my assgiving me needed relief and emptiness at the same time.”Come up here baby. Give your brother a big kiss. That’s it. Show me howmuch you love me. Show me how much you appreciate me. There you go boy.I love you, John.”We kissed for several minutes exchanging my jizz back and forth with ourtongue. Finally, I let go of his lips. We laid there for several minutesin each other’s arms. What an experience! We broke in that bed good. Ilooked over at the time. It was 4 PM. I couldn’t believe it but I wasgoing to have to end this. I had to get dinner on the table for Dad, getthe sheets in the wash for sleeping tonight, and we both needed a showerbefore Dad arrived.”Come on David. We have to get ready for Dad. I want to show off this newbedroom to him and not in the way it looks at the moment.””Ok baby. I’ll get up. You get in the shower. I’ll take the sheets downand get them in the laundry. You start dinner while I shower so we areready for a nice meal. You’re right. Dad deserves to see this all niceand pretty since he helped us so much with it.”Dad got home around 5:30. I was making dinner for us. He yelled that hewas home going directly to his bedroom to take off his clothes.This is a reminder that the four of us never wear clothes in the house.All of us drop trou as fast as we can upon coming home. Even if I fail tomention it, you can rest assured that every event that takes place in ourhome, unless noted otherwise, David, Dad, Bob and I are butt naked. Nudityis the default setting. We all know it takes effort to change the defaultsetting, which we don’t like to do; put on clothes.I had shut our bedroom door because I wanted to show Dad the beautiful newbedroom for David and me.”Hey buddy, why is your bedroom door shut? You never shut the door.” Dadsaid as he came into the kitchen giving me a light kiss on the cheek andstroking my shoulder.”Dad, the guys came today with the bed. I wanted to show it to you insteadof you looking in by yourself.””Really? That was fast. Let’s go see it. David, you want to go see it?”Dad asked.David was sitting in the living room watching some television. “Naw, Dad.Let John show you. It will be nice for you to see it with just him.”Dad and I walked to my bedroom. I opened the door. I was so happy andproud with the way the room turned out and how the furniture looked.”Wow. It looks fantastic, John.” Dad complimented.”Isn’t it wonderful, Dad? Thank you.” I moved toward him giving him a bighug. I nuzzled my face into his hairy chest and held him tight. I couldfeel his bare cock on my lower abdomen. I started to cry.”Hey, buddy. What’s up? Why you crying?””I’m just happy Dad. I want to thank you so much for helping out with thecost of all this. It would never have turned out this nice without you.””You’re welcome.” Dad replied.”Dad, this was David’s idea. It wasn’t mine. You know we have alwaysgotten along, but this project took our relationship to a dimension I don’tquite comprehend.” Dad and I had sat on the edge of the bed by this point.He put his big arm around me cupping my body under his armpit and bicep.”What do you mean?” Dad asked.”Dad, David has been incredibly affectionate toward me. When we have sex,it is as if he is making love to me. It’s the kind of sex you and I hadwhen you made love to me the night of my eighteenth birthday. I’mwondering just how straight David is and what this is all about.”Dad held me for a few minutes before responding. He needed to think aboutthis one. “John, I think that David is straight. I think he willeventually settle down with a woman. In the meantime, he has found in yousomething more than just dipping his cock in the next cunt. It could behe’s practicing affection. He is very butch. It takes a lot for him toexpress emotion. He didn’t even want to come with us to see the newbedroom set. Maybe he needs this. Is there a problem?””No, Dad. There is no problem other than I love him, but I am not in lovewith him. I will always be at his beckoned call sexually and otherwise,but I don’t want a relationship with him like you and Bob have.””Don’t worry, son. I don’t think there is that possibility. I don’talways fathom David’s thinking and I never have. I let go of attempting tofigure him out and his motives a long time ago. I just accept what he ispresenting at the time. It changes. He has been that way all his life.Have fun with it. He’s a hot stud. A lot of brothers would give anythingto have the type of friendship and fuck buddy status you two have.”Dad continued to hold me tight. The warmth of his naked body next to minemade everything all right with the world. Dad said that he was never ableto comprehend how David thought either. This information gave me greatrelief because I thought I was the only one that didn’t understand David.Dad patted me on the thigh and said, “We got to eat dinner if you are goingto get to work on time and me to the gym.””Ok.”We headed back to the kitchen to take the food to the table. As we satdown, I wondered if I should bring up the other events of the day or not.Should I talk about Bob’s job offer? Should I talk about Bob being fuckedby the daddy mover and me sucking off his son? I decided that I would talkabout the job offer. I thought it was Bob’s responsibility to talk aboutour moving experience this morning.”Dad, Bob offered me a job today at the hotel.” David’s ears perked up buthe kept on eating.”Ok.” He said hesitantly.”Yeah. He wants me to start in room service.””Room service or ROOM SERVICE?” He joked with caution.I laughed. Dad was familiar with how Bob made extra money to put himthrough college. He worked in room service for a major hotel with lots ofbusinessmen as guests. He got many extra tips by delivering food first,mouth, cock, and ass second. There was a lot of money in the second partof the provisioning. “Both Dad. He wants me to make more money. He wantsme to have more money to go to school.””I know. His motives are very pure and only in your interests. I’m notsure how comfortable I am with my son becoming a prostitute.”David interrupted, “A prostitute? Bob wants my brother to be aprostitute!” He was a little defensive in a `don’t fuck with my brothermode.’I responded, “David, Bob worked in room service at a major hotel makingmoney to go to college. He discovered that he could make extra money onthe side by sucking off single businessman who stayed at the hotel. Itdidn’t start out that way, but as a gay man one as a sixth-sense aboutguys. We know the ones that can be had. Bob perfected it to an art form.By the time he went to college, he had enough money to pay for the wholething as his parents could not afford him an education.””Wow. That never occurred to me. John, you can see why both Dad and Iwould be a little concerned.””Yeah. I understand. I’m not sure either; however, I am already a cockslut. It seems like the next logical step.” I had a big smile when I saidthat and we all had a hearty, if slightly uncomfortable laugh.I continued. “Dad, regardless of whether or not I become a cock whore, itis a good opportunity. I can make more money. I’m guaranteed more hoursthan I have been at the theater. Also, there is advancement possible inthe hotel business. Working for our little movie house, I’m as advanced asI am ever going to be unless I bought the place.”Dad understood. “I get that. You are also eighteen, so I can express myopinion, but you have to make the final decision. I still want you to goto school though. I fear that you will get so involved in the hotelbusiness you will forget to pursue a degree.””Dad, I promise to get a degree. I’ve been thinking about that too. Wouldyou mind if I went to the community college here in town for my first twoyears? It would be less money. I can live at home, which is free. I canalso continue working my new job steadily.” My underlying motivationbesides all the logic of the monetary argument was that I didn’t want toleave Dad without a family, even with Bob moving in.Dad’s response was surprising. “I’m not sure. I think it would be goodfor you to go away to school. You would have more opportunities toexperience life and to date a man.”I realized that I had overplayed my hand for the moment. We were at animpasse so I decided to retreat from that part of the discussion. “Well, Iwant to go ahead and get the job at the hotel. We can look at the restlater. I haven’t applied for fall semester anyway because I am taking myold friend Phil’s advice and going to school with more money. I stillthink his example is a smart one.”Dad said, “I can agree with that. Phil was an intelligent young man.””Yeah, and he was hot too. I loved sucking his dick and jacking off withhim.” That joke broke the tension. I was surprised by David’s reactionmore than Dad’s. I could tell by David expression that he was not thathappy about the idea of his little brother becoming a male prostitute. Iwas sure we were going to have a private discussion about that although Iknew he would not be able to persuade me.Dad joked, “I will say one thing. If you do become a room service man inthe broadest sense of the term, you will be enthusiastic about it.””It’s true, Dad. I love cock.”We realized that if we went any further with this tête-à-tête, Dadand David would be plowing my ass on the kitchen floor. There was a sexualtension in the air and the hard cocks hidden under the dining room table.I would have been happy to do that except I had to get to work.”Dad, we got to get going.” Changing the mood in the room.”Yeah, I know. I’m going to get my gym clothes on. You get your uniformon. David, clean the kitchen. When I get home, I want to fix somethingfor Bob.””Ok.” David agreed.We hurried to get ready. I got to work only a few minutes before my shiftat 7 PM. Dad kissed me goodbye on the lips in full view of the entrance tothe theater before I got out of the car. Off he went to work out andmaintain that hunky daddy physique.Work was uneventful. The counter girls made their comments about my hickeyon the back of my neck.”You looked like you had a good time last night, John.” The one obnoxiousgirl said.”I did.” I wouldn’t give any more. It was obvious from the placement ofthe hickey toward the back of my neck that I got it while being fucked facedown. She knew it and once again was either jealous or wanted details.I’m sure her little pussy was dripping from thinking about it. I hope shehad underwear on because I sure wouldn’t want the health inspectors todetermine there was pussy juice on the floor. I know, it’s gross, but Ijust couldn’t help myself. I had to write that.The night was uneventful again. I thought about the fact that I would beleaving the theater soon for new employment. It made me a little sad. Ihad some great times here. Most of my sexual experiences came to fruitionbecause I worked here. I got in touch with my exhibitionist and bottomproclivities. It was a great time.I was concentrating so much on work and new work that I completely forgotuntil I started walking home that this was the first night for David and Ito sleep in our new bed. I wondered if he was up for round two. I hopednot. I wanted to sleep and I suspect he did too. However, my policymaintains. David is always the aggressor. If I get home and he wants tosleep, then that is what we are doing. I know in my heart of hearts that Iam a bottom through and through. With anyone else, I can be an aggressivebottom and initiate a scene. Not with David. With David, I am my mostpassive. I want him be in control of me. I don’t know whether that’sbecause he is straight or an Alpha male or just because he is a fuckingstud God. To this day, David is always the originator of our sexualadventures and I never have and never will say no.The house was dark when I got home except for the porch light and the foyerlight. I took my clothes off on the porch before entering the house. Itgave me that little bit of needed exhibitionism. I wasn’t getting as muchof that now that Bob and Dad were together.Now, wait a minute. That’s not true. David fucked me on an Internetbroadcast just two nights ago. Three nights ago, we were driving aroundtown naked, taking pictures and jacking off in the park. Even the sex thismorning with the movers was an exhibitionist seen as Bob and I were nakedwhile Joe and Joey never completely took their clothes off. I take thatback. I’m just a whore.I folded my clothes and left them by the front door in the foyer. It’seasier to put that stuff away in the morning. I went to the bathroom topee and brush my teeth. I looked in to see Dad and Bob spooned together inbed. They are so sweet.I stealthy moved into our bedroom. There was David fast asleep with thesheet and blanket up over him. I thought for a moment, `well, maybe we aregoing to just sleep tonight.’ I lifted the bedding, crawling onto my sideof the new bed. It felt so nice being in a real bed with David. Themattress was much more comfortable than those old twin beds. I thought fora moment that I was just going to fall asleep, but then I felt a slightmovement and a hand down at the entrance to my depository.”Oh buddy. There’s my hot cunt. It feels like it’s wanting something.What do you think it wants, buddy?” David whispered so gently.”Your cock, David. My cunt wants your cock.” I murmured.”That’s right buddy. My baby brother’s fuck hole wants a man’s hard rod tofill it.” David fucked me exactly the way he had done the night before atBob’s house. He reached over for the lube to moisten my cunt with multiplefingers before oiling his rod. My big stud brother plowed his cock hardinto my ass pushing me onto my stomach. He didn’t take long to deposit hiswarm sperm into my willing hole. After his orgasmn, he rolled me backlaying on our sides in the lovers’ spoon position leaving his meat in mybowels. I had to laugh. Maybe I was going to turn into a saint based onDavid’s repeated missionary romps of my twat. Regardless of sainthood, Iknew that I had found God.Right before he drifted off David said to me, “John, I love you. Would younot make a decision about the job until we can talk some more?””Ok.”David was out like a light. The next thing I heard was his soft breathingon the back of my neck indicating he was asleep. I wondered what he wasobjecting to, but I was willing to listen.———————————–I hope you enjoyed this chapter.Thank you all for writing. The positive response is very motivating.If there is anything in particular that you would like to see John, David,Bob and Dad get into, let me know. Please send any comments to:douglas.marx.4@gmail.com———————————–Please check out my other Nifty.org stories:Special Product Designhttp://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/authoritarian/special-product-designNaked Whorehttp://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/authoritarian/naked-whorePut Out to Pasturehttp://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/authoritarian/put-out-to-pastureThe Trunkhttp://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/authoritarian/the-trunk

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