ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #3


ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #3iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #3 – Trina”I wish that every guy had a crush on me.”Trina Vega woke up with a start. There was a loud bang downstairs, and she threw on an oversized sweater and ran down to see what it was. Tori had just dropped a plate, which shattered on impact with the floor.”You’re such a klutz, Tori.””No, I’m not… it was just an accident, and I tripped over the table leg, and my balance…” she said, letting out a soft sigh. “Never mind, yeah… I’m a klutz. Breakfast is almost ready.””Awesome,” Trina said, heading up the stairs to finish getting ready. “I’m starving.” Trina walked down the stairs and in a whispering voice, but with the volume of a shout, said, “And a little hung over,” adding air quotes throughout.Trina quickly washed up and threw on some clothes and headed down to her s*ster filling two glasses with juice. “So where’s mom and dad?””Mom is out shopping and dad is working a double, so I guess I had to take over the woman of the house duties,” Tori said, looking at her s*ster with a stare that said ‘You should be doing this.'”Don’t get an attitude, Tori. I just got my nails done before that party and I wouldn’t risk hurting them anyway.””Why am I not surprised?” Tori said, rolling her eyes and handing her s*ster a plate of pancakes.”Are these the low fat pancakes?””I don’t know Trina, I just used the mix from the cabinet.” Tori said, getting up to check the box in the trash.”Ughhhhh… you are so useless. If they aren’t I can’t eat them. I can’t have too many carbs in the morning. You should know that. Why are you trying to sabotage me?!” Trina shouted, throwing her plate across the table, the pancakes sliding off and into the floor.”Ummm… yeah, these are the no fat, low carb pancakes, Trina.””Oh,” she said, calming down quickly. “Well, good.” The eldest Vega reached over to her s*ster’s plate and grabbed it, taking it for her own, leaving Tori with the half empty plate with the rest of the stack on the floor. “Thanks Tori.”Tori was about to strangle her s*ster when her cell phone rang. “Hey Andre, what’s up?””Not much… just thinking about getting some lunch over at the taco joint on Laramie.””Blanco Bueno?””Oh my god!” Trina’s shrill voice sounded behind Tori. “I love that place. Tell him I want to come too.””So you’re bringing Trina, I guess?””Yeah… Sorry. Anyway, yeah, I think I could definitely do some lunch… we doing a group thing?””We can… I know Robbie and Nate are coming. I know Jade’s got all the iCarly people at her house so she might not make it, but Beck will prolly be there. No idea on Cat. She hasn’t texted me back.””Groovy… We will meet you guys there in an hour. Assuming I don’t murder my s*ster first.””Yeah… you, uh… do that. Or don’t. Just go with what you feel.”Tori laughed as she said goodbye and hung up the phone, turning back to Trina, still furious at her annoying s*ster with her mouth full of her food.”Hey Trina.””Yuh,” she said, her mouth full.”Yours were the low carb ones, those that were on my plate were the full fat and starch ones.”Trina’s eyes bugged out and she pushed the plate away and ran up the stairs to try and vomit the stuff out of her system. Tori sat down at the table and finished eating her original pancakes in a nice silence before she went to get ready to go out.”These low fat ones aren’t bad at all…”* * *Trina took forever to get ready so Tori and her s*ster were a few minutes late for the lunch date. Tori was pretty casual, but Trina had dressed in this really nice black tube top dress that went just beneath her knees. Cat wasn’t there for some unexplained reason and Jade apparently never answered her phone, so it was just the two Vega s*sters, Robbie, Andre, Beck, and Nate. As the two girls took their seats, the guys seemed to be acting really strangely. Nate pulled out a chair for Trina, but not for Tori, which was the first major clue that something was up. Normally ignored in favor of her s*ster, Trina was now getting everyone’s attention as she regaled everyone about the pancake incident from this morning, inciting laughter at Tori breaking a plate and annoyance at the youngest Vega for giving her the fat pancakes.”I just told you that, Trina. All the pancakes were the same, I was just k*dding.””That was kinda mean, Tori,” Robbie said, coming to his ex-girlfriend’s defence. “You know Trina’s diet means a lot to her.””Umm… sorry.” Tori was really miffed, and leaned against Nate hoping he would come to her defence, but he just pulled away from her.”Anyway…” Trina continued, “I need to look this menu over. Everything is sooo good here.””Well, I think I might get whatever you get then, girl.” Andre said, giving her his best smooth voice.This is like the Twilight Zone, Tori thought. What is going on and why is everyone all over Trina today?The server came by and in Broken English took their order, and Trina quickly excused herself to the restroom once she was free. She didn’t know what was going on with those guys but she certainly didn’t hate it. Trina loved how nice the bathroom in this place was, almost like a hotel bathroom. She touched up her makeup and lips in the tiny bathroom, making she looked even more desirable to them. Before she could leave though, someone began tugging on the door.”Occupied!” she shouted, putting the finishing touches on herself. The pushing continued, until the door’s lock was jimmied enough for the aggressor to get through. “Robbie?””Yeah… listen, I’ve been thinking and I don’t know what it is. As soon as I saw you today, something just clicked, and… well.””Go-“Before she could get the ‘on’ out of her mouth, he had pressed his body against hers, their lips locked in a tight embrace as he pushed them against a wall. Trina was so surprised that she couldn’t even comprehend what had happened for several seconds. Robbie was rarely aggressive, and this was above and beyond what his style was, but she really didn’t hate this at all.Robbie’s hands had on her clothed abdomen, but they were rising quickly, and just before he reached her breasts, his hands shot up to her arms, and his lips disconnected from hers and he dove his mouth, with a little bit of teeth, onto her neck and sucked on her secret spot that always made her weak in the knees. As his fingers rolled over the goose bumps on her arm, he smiled at the effect of his work as his neck attack increased, no doubt leaving hickeys on her neck.His hands swept down her body, with one fondling her breast while the other slipped under her dress, feeling her gushing wetness that he caused. He slid her panties aside and inserted one digit slowly, as she moaned into his hair, gripping his curls tightly. It had been months since she had seen any action that wasn’t her own hand or her little pink battery operated friend.Robbie bit her earlobe softly and whispered, “Your scent… It’s like intoxicating.” He pulled his fingering fingers away and licked one of them clean. “Mmmm… you’re even better than I remember.””Robbie… this is… really really nice, but… we need to get back to the others for lunch.””I can’t resist. I’m hungry right now,” he growled, as he dropped to his knees thrusting his head in between her legs.She felt his teeth pull her soaked panties down, letting out short gasps, wondering if this was real. “Robbie… We shouldn’t be- HOLY FUCCKKKK!” she exclaimed as his nimble tongue scored a critical hit on her extremely sensitive clit. Her body was thrust against the wall, as she gripped his head tighter, pushing him as far as she could into her core.Robbie continued eating her out, only pausing momentarily to work her love button with his tongue while two of his fingers thrust inside her.”Robbiiiiieeeee… Ohshitohshitohshit!” she screamed through gritted teeth as her orgasm, which had been building since Robbie first touched her, took hold and her body convulsed. Robbie could feel her delicious pussy tightening like mad around his fingers as she came.Trina was still catching her breath, her eyes just beginning to uncross as she noticed that he was still fully dressed, but that was quickly changing as he unbuckled the front of his pants and dropped them and his boxers, his manhood standing at full attention.Trina took this as the unspoken sign for ‘Suck me,’ but before she could get on her knees, he stopped her and lifted her onto the sink, sliding her abdomen out slightly, and without missing a beat, lined himself up, and thrust his cock inside her completely.The sudden feeling of being filled completely after months of nothing made Trina feel like she would be split in half, but after a few thrusts, she was used to it, and with a few more after that, she could feel herself getting close again. She slid the straps of her dress down her arms enough to drop the dress enough and reveal her supple tits. Robbie had spread her legs wide his arms outstretched, holding her ankles as he pounded her, her head hitting the mirror behind her, but she was too ecstatic to feel any sort of pain. He loved watching her big tits bounce as he thrust into her.He slowed down and began suckling her breasts while he kneaded the other with his hand before switching, thrusting slowly as Trina moans as she grips her own hair tightly. “Baby…” she says, her eyes rolling back. “I can’t take much more… how close are you?””Almost there,” he said quickly, pulling her off the sink counter, spinning her around, and bending her over. “I needed to see if this ass was as perfect as I remember it.” One loud slap later, and her pale ass had a red handprint on it. “Mmm… it is.”Robbie pressed his member against her tight asshole, pushing it in a bit, earning a pained whimper from Trina.”Another time, Robbie… please, just fuck me now… I need you to cum, and I want to swallow every last drop…”Robbie was enamoured enough that he wouldn’t argue as he gripped her hips tightly, his length sheathing inside of her in one swift motion. With his cock inside her, Trina felt complete. Full even, and this was arguably some of the best they had ever had. If not the best.Robbie grabbed her arms and pulled her up by them as if they were reins so that she could see into the mirror. “See me fucking you, Trina?””Uh… uh… Ye… yeah,” she managed to get out.”Take a look in that mirror and just remember who is fucking you.””Ohhh you’re fucking me so good, Robbie.””Who is fucking you?””You are… you OH GODDDDD!””And whose ass,” he said, spanking her hard again, “is this?””That’s yours!” she shouted, her orgasm now taking hold.He could feel her coming, her core becoming a vice for his member. He pistoned harder and faster inside her until he could feel his end coming. He slid out of her and she dropped to her knees, her mouth wide open as she caught her breath.”Robbie,” she said, as he thrust into her mouth. She intended to say more, knowing this dirty talk thing was working well, but he apparently couldn’t wait. And after tasting their sex mixed together, she thoroughly enjoyed it.Trina didn’t have to give his member too much of an oral workout before his seed shot deep into her throat, and she sucked him dry, her tongue dancing at his urethra, trying to taste every last drop of him. Once she knew he was spent, she stood back up and redressed herself, both of them taking deep breaths to recover.Before Trina could even say a word, Robbie had her pressed up against the wall again, kissing her, not even minding the taste of his own cum in her mouth. She finally had to push him away.”Robbie, what the hell is up with you? I mean, I like the passion, but keep it together.””Sorry… I don’t know what came over me.””It’s ok,” she said, reapplying her makeup. “We need to get back out there to the group though. Don’t want to make them think something’s up.””I want them to think it. I want them,” he said, getting right next to her ear, “to know how I fucked you, and made you scream my name.””Well, I don’t mind them knowing we fooled around, but let’s keep the details private, ok?””Fine… I’m going to head out. If I follow you, I’m going to see your ass and I’m going to want to plow you all over again.””Huh… well, we can’t have that,” she said laughing as he walked out. She followed him by a minute and sat down at the table where the food had already been delivered. Tori was staring daggers at her, but the guys all looked at Robbie like they wanted to kick his ass.Lunch went by without much discussion. The guys didn’t want to talk to each other, Trina wouldn’t shut up, and Tori was just incredulous as to why everyone was acting so strangely.Just as they were finishing up their assorted Mexican food, Sikowitz stopped into the restaurant to the surprise of everyone.”Hey, what are you ch*ldren doing here?””Just having some lunch,” Tori said. “What about you?””Oh yes. I heard that this place makes a fantastic coconut colada, and I needed to try it.””Umm…” Beck spoke up. “Isn’t the colada part coconut anyway?””Yes, Mr. Oliver. Yes, it is.””So…” Trina interjected. “You’re getting a coconut flavored coconut drink?””Yes, strange Vega s*ster… Yes, I am.”Everyone shared a weird look and they laughed for a few moments before Andre’s alarm went off. “Sorry guys, but I gotta jet. Almost time for my grandma’s medication. Good to see you Trina… Come on, Robbie.”Robbie pouted a bit, but gave Trina a loving look as the two guys left together.”Tori, I’ve gotta get some more red nail polish. Can we stop by there on the way home?””Trina,” Tori said, exasperated. “That’s on the other side izmir escort of town. We can’t-“”I’ll take you,” Beck chimed in, his usual dour attitude nowhere to be found today. “I gotta run by the store and grab some stuff anyway.””Well, there we go, Tori… Glad someone in our circle of friends likes me…””You’re not even friends with us!” Tori shouted. “We just let you tag along.””Just be nice to yer kin, Tori,” Nate said. “You been whinier than a dog stuck in the screen door today.”Tori fumed as she looked at her boyfriend. “Just take me home,” she said to Nate, before looking at her s*ster. “Try not to screw anyone else on your way home,” she said through gritted teeth, giving Beck a harsh look.The four left pretty quickly, just as Sikowitz got his drink and returned to an empty table.”Strange, strange, ch*ldren…” he said to no one in particular.* * *Trina and Beck rode silently to the store together, but every so often Beck would try and say something and he would stop just before it got out of his mouth. Finally, about two miles from the store, he asked her the question.”So… you and Robbie a thing now?””Umm… I don’t know. I mean, maybe, but we just kinda hung out. I’m still kinda unsure what’s up.””So, that’s a no,” he said cocking a grin.”Maybe… I really don’t know,” Trina could see where this was going and Beck was really hot. Not even the backlash from their last hook-up scared her off from him. “I guess not,” she said smiling back.”That’s… good.” Beck slowed down and pulled into an alley and parked the car behind an old warehouse. “I think we’ll be safe here.””Ummm… Beck, what are you doing?” Trina asked, backing away from him.”What we both have been wanting for a while now.” He stroked the side of her face as he undid his seatbelt and hers. “You do want me, right?””I… I don’t know. I mean, yes, but this is really sudden. And… I mean, we’re in a car.””Oh being in car is no big deal. You have any idea how many times Jade and I were together in this car? That backseat is where your s*ster rode me so hard she spoke Spanish. Do you want to?”Trina looked in the backseat, and she had to admit that it was really alluring. As she looked over to make sure there was room, his hands were already exploring her body. He pulled her dress down and leaned over and sucked softly on her hardening nipples, while his fingers squeezed her free peak between them.”Ooohhh… you are so not fair.” She said, cooing at his touch. Her fingers ran through his perfect dark hair, gripping it as he worshipped her tits with his mouth and fingers. As he worked his magic on her chest, he used his free hand to grab hers and bring it to the front of his pants. Trina immediately got message as she gripped his hardened member through his pants. “Is that for me?” she asked innocently.”I don’t know,” he said, leaning into her seat a bit. “Is this,” he said as his hand dropped between her legs, his digits pressing against her strained and moist underwear as he whispered in her ear, “steaming hot pussy for me?”Trina nearly melted into his arms as he talked to her so sensually. It was one thing for Robbie to do this, but an A list hottie like Beck? How could she say no? She nodded at him affirming that her body was his and he slid into the backseat and removed all his clothes, tossing them in the floorboard. She followed suit, amazed how spacious the backseat of his car was. Beck opened up one of the doors so their legs and extremities would have plenty of room to hang out, but not too much.Once she was nude, he pushed her onto her back and straddled her chest, his engorged cock, which seemed bigger than the last time they were together, just centimetres from her mouth. She knew what he wanted though as she grabbed her breasts and pressed them together making the perfect tight and soft hole for him to fuck.Beck grinded into her chest, tit fucking her as hard and fast as he could. Every so often, she would lick the head or suck on it when he slowed down. Whenever she did this, he rewarded her by rubbing her clit or inserting a finger inside of her. This encouraged her to do it a lot more and before long, he was no longer having sex with her nearly DD cups, but watching her blow him, which was just as nice.He marvelled for a moment. Trina wasn’t unattractive by any means, but she was kind of annoying, which was the reason people didn’t like her. But now, seeing her with a dick in her mouth, he felt like she was now perfect. He leaned over and turned, with his member still in Trina’s mouth, and began licking up her pussy juices. They were so tasty and hot that he lost all control and became like an anim*l, pistoning into her helpless face and eating her out like he’d never imagine. He even used some of her juices to lubricate a finger and shove it into her ass slowly.She released a muffled cry, not of pain but of pleasure as she came with a mighty f*rce from this new intrusion. Without a word, Beck rolled so he was under her and turned to face her. She got the hint and climbed on top of him, impaling herself slowly on his member. As much as she enjoyed how rough Robbie was, she wanted to enjoy this moment, and Beck did almost as good at filling her completely as he was longer but not as girth-y. Beck could not believe how tight she was after she had already been with Robbie a couple hours ago.Trina rode him slowly at first, but then as his hips bucked against her core, she increased her f*rce and pace, bouncing on him. Beck grabbed her breasts to hold them from bouncing in her face. Because of the angle, she had to lean a bit more to avoid hitting her head much on the roof of the car. She leaned forward enough so her tits were just over his mouth. He leaned his head up a bit, taking a nibble at her nipple, until finally he bit her sensitive peaks.The mix of pleasure and pain sent Trina over the edge as she moaned hard, nearly screaming from the intense feeling. She growled down at Beck between moans and thrusts, “So… am I… better… than Tori?”Beck smiled back at her, licking her nipple. “Your tits sure fucking are,” he said, smacking her breast before tasting it again. “I can’t wait to paint them with my cum.”This was all the confirmation that Trina needed as she released her sexual frustrating into an eye opening orgasm, before climbing off of him and sliding to her knees outside the car as he stroked himself a few times before a few thick spurts of his white love covered her breasts and chin. Trina scooped it up into her fingers and licked them clean.”Now can we go shopping?” she asked, putting her clothes on.”I don’t know… Can I fuck you in the bathroom like Robbie did?”Trina laughed, but in her mind, she was starting to feel really uncomfortable that all her male friends were sex starved insane people.* * *Much to Beck’s chagrin, they didn’t fool around inside the dr*g store, but he sure tried. Trina was getting uncomfortable with the situation and rushed to get this errand over and done with so she could get home and get away from how clingy and aggressive he was being. She felt completely exhausted and after getting a few dirty looks from Tori, all she wanted to do was crawl into bed, and just relax, but at this moment, she needed a shower more than anything.As she let the hot water cascade down her figure, unable to think of much besides the sweat and sex pouring off of her and down the drain. She was extremely sore. Robbie had been way too rough with her, and Beck, while a bit softer, got her into some really odd positions to fit in the car. She wished they had a Jacuzzi that she could use to take care of her sore muscles with some heat. Trina finished her shower and threw a towel on for a moment to dry off, but caught her reflection in the mirror. She let the towel fall to the floor, and admired her body, running her hands over her figure, seeing the assorted marks the two guys had left on her. She felt awkward about the guys but after seeing herself, and she looked good, she wondered if their attraction was natural. Not once did she even consider that her wish had caused this to happen. She quickly dressed and went downstairs to eat.Dinner with her f*mily was pretty boring normally, but something felt really odd about this particular dinner. Her dad was looking at her very intensely. Trina knew it wasn’t the guys’ marks because she covered all of those up. They acted normally, but Mr. Vega kept looking over at Trina, and then looking sick, and then he’d recover and then he’d look at her again. It was almost constant, and Trina was getting increasingly uncomfortable. Finally, the straw broke as Trina turned her head at just the right moment to catch her dad looking at her cleavage. Her stomach turned at the idea of her dad checking her out. She quickly finished dinner and excused herself to her room to sl*ep.She lay in bed, going over the events of the day and searching for some rhyme or reason for why everyone was acting so differently to her. There was a quick knock on the door and Trina sat up as her s*ster ran in and shut the door behind her.”What the hell is going on with you today?” Tori asked angrily whispering so their parents couldn’t hear.”What do you mean?” Trina asked, only half-innocently.”Umm… how about the fact that you screwed Robbie in the bathroom of Taco Bueno? Then you flirted with all the guys at lunch, making them act weird. Oh, and we can’t forget you fucking my ex-boyfriend… again. And then there’s the way you were looking at dad. What the hell is going on?””I honestly don’t know. Guys have just been really nice to me today, and-“”And so you just fool around with them… because they show you a little interest? That’s ok?””No… I mean… I don’t know. It just sorta all happened at once. Robbie was all over me. And then Beck gave me a ride, and it just… wait, how did you know I slept with Beck?””Because you just told me, idiot.”Trina fumed with anger at her s*ster tricking her. “Well, you know what? Beck told me that I was better than you!”The two girls started slap fighting over and over again until their mom called for Tori to come downstairs. The youngest Vega stuck her tongue out at her s*ster, adding both hands to flip her off as she walked out and slammed Trina’s bedroom door.Trina tried to shrug off the encounter but her s*ster’s anger haunted her and she just tossed and turned for the next few hours.* * *She had almost been able to drift off when there was a loud sound outside her window, followed by a very shallow knock. Trina crept slowly toward the window and grabbed a baseball bat from the corner, wondering if it was prowler. She pulled back the blinds to see Andre at her windowsill.”Andre!” she said, opening her window slightly. “What the hell are you doing here?””Sorry… But I couldn’t sl*ep and I was kinda thinkin’ all about you since I saw you lookin’ fine at lunch today. Thought I might come over and see if you wanted to hang.””At 2 o’clock in the morning?!””Yeah… I guess… you feelin’ me?”Trina just stared at Andre for several seconds, trying to ignore his flirty tone. For a moment she considered letting him stay, but her fear that he would act like Beck or Robbie changed her mind.”Sorry Andre, but I’m really tired. Maybe another time. Like during the day. And you could call first.””Sorry… yeah… my b. I’mma go home now,” he said, backing out and looking really hurt at the rebuff. “Sorry again for waking you up. Call me, girl.””Yeah… sure.” Trina said watching him climb out the window and down the side of her house. She sauntered back to her bed, tossing the bat back into the corner, and climbed underneath the covers. She stared up at the ceiling and prayed that sl*ep would finally come for her.* * *Not surprisingly, Tori had zero interest in dealing with her s*ster the next day, and made plans to hang out with Jade and the iCarly people as soon as she got up. Trina just saw her for a moment on Trina’s way to the shower before her s*ster headed out to Jade’s. Part of her wanted to apologize for being bitchy and everything, but if that was Tori’s attitude, then Trina had no interest in talking to her s*ster.Trina scrounged around the kitchen to try and find some food for a late breakfast/early lunch. She wasn’t the best cook in the house and with Tori pissed and gone, her mom gone on some trip, with Gary no doubt, and her dad not getting off until 7 that night, there was no one around to do her cooking for her. She finally settled on cereal; even she couldn’t screw up cereal.She plopped down on the couch and flipped through the TV, searching for something to watch on this boring lonely day. After what felt like an hour, she settled into watching some romantic comedy that wasn’t very good, but it wasn’t bad enough to change the channel. And as soon as that one went off, another followed right behind it. The time flew by so fast, Trina didn’t even realize she’d been laying on the couch for nearly 4 hours.Trina might have stayed there if it wasn’t for the doorbell. She took her time getting to the door, wondering who would be stopping by. A quick look through the peephole told her everything she needed to know, as she let the stout cowboy into her house.”Urn, Nate, as much as I like to see you… and I do, Tori’s not here. But I’m glad you came because I have another audition tape for you to give to your dad.””That’s cool… I think he’s making a sculpture with all of them, so I’m sure he’d be right tickled to have another one to add.””But he’s watching them, right?”Nate paused for a second and looked at her, clearly preparing escort izmir to lie.”Yeeeeaahhh… I’m sure, he is,” he said drawing it out as long as possible. He sauntered over to the nearest chair and tossed his hat on it.”Oh good.” Trina raced upstairs to grab the tape from her bedroom and when she turned around she was face to face with Nate. In her room. Where he could see all her stuff. Trina panicked with embarrassment.”Ummm, so yeah, like I said, Tori’s gone over to Jade’s I guess so… she’s there if you are looking for her,””I know. But I’m looking for something a little different today. Something with a bit more meat, if you catch my drift.””Ummm… Nate, look… you are really fine. Like Tom Hardy looking gorgeous… but… Tori is my s*ster. And you guys are good together. And I reeeeeeally don’t think that us doing what you’re thinking is the way to go.”Trina tried to exit her room but his thick arm blocked her path.”Now don’t be so quick to shoo me away, pretty lady. I’m sure I might be able to convince you.””I don’t actually need any convincing, Nate. I’m good. We are good. Now let me by.”He clearly was annoyed, but he raised his arm and let her pass. “Look, I know you have a really thing for me, and maybe it’s cause of my dad. Or my looks. But I’m just interested in you, and when it comes to that… I will take what I can get.”Trina walked down the stairs as she talked to Nate over her shoulder. “Like I said, you’re with my s*ster. I’ve done this ‘sl*ep with my boyfriend’s guy’ thing before, and it’s not-“Before she could finish, he had pressed her up against the railing at the crook of the stairs with his own body, and running his hands down her arms. Trina was very aroused by this guy, but part of her was a little scared of him. When Robbie and Beck had come onto her, she had the comfort of knowing she was possibly stronger than them and could take them if things got complicated. Nate was different for sure. And the worst part was, deep inside, Trina was getting really turned on by this.”Ooohh… this isn’t right.”Nate’s thick arms had pinned her to the railing and he was right up in her face, his breath feeling very steamy for how cold it was in the house, but it smelled fresh, minty even. He must have prepared for this, she thought. As the stocky aggressor pressed his girlfriend’s s*ster against that hard metal railing, Trina couldn’t help but feel what was driving him to this action. There was a clear protrusion to his tight Wranglers, and she couldn’t help herself as her fingers slid down to feel it for herself.It’s so thick, she thought. I can’t fool around with him… He’ll absolutely destroy me. How the fuck does Tori handle this?”Nate-“Nate wasn’t nearly as concerned with his erection as he was Trina’s vulnerable body. He wanted to take her right here on the stairs, but that wasn’t very gentlemanly. He instead chose to lean in and nibble on her earlobes. His tongue flicked over her lobes every so often as the goose bumps raced down the side of her body. Her body was absolutely screaming for him to take her, but she refused to fully give into him, knowing that this was fifty shades of wrong.”I can’t do this… Not- Ohhhhh… right there.”The mixed signals were wasted on Nate who had drifted to her neck, his strong hands glued to her hips and pulling her in close, her breasts smashed against his chest while he smiled, knowing this was doing what he intended it to. His fingertips dug into her thighs and holding her tight, he lifted her a bit onto the banister as he leaned in, now at eye level with her breasts, and held her there. He gnashed his teeth and pressed his hot mouth to her clothed chest. Even through a good bra and a shirt, she could feel the pressure of his tongue and the wetness of his saliva.”Please… nooooo…. Not here. Please.””So, you do want this?””Fuck, yes… just not here. Upstairs,” she said gasping at the feeling, and still feeling ashamed. She had needs though, and he was the instigator… Tori just doesn’t understand what it’s like to be her, Trina thought, trying to make what she was doing somehow ok.This was all the consent that Nate needed as he wasted no time lifting Trina off the banister and picking her up in his arms and carrying her up to her room like a bride on her honeymoon. He gently set her down on her puffy pink bed, and unbuttoned his ranch shirt and jeans, until he was just in a tank top and his boxers, which were doing nothing to hide how much he was into this.Trina scooted up the bed and slipped her shirt off and wiggled out of her pants before extending her finger towards Nate and motioning him towards her. He easily complied and walked over to the bed, and crawled towards Trina, spreading her legs far enough apart that he could easily situate himself between her legs, leaving kisses on the inside of her thighs. She cooed at his touch and found herself grabbing her own generous chest, pulling one breast out of her bra to stimulate as he progressed.Nate felt along her panties, and grabbing the part covering her molten core in his fist, he tore them off, ripping them apart. Trina liked the underwear, but her shocked feelings disappeared into nothingness when she felt his tongue inserted inside her. His bulky fingers gripped her exposed clit between his thumb and middle finger, rubbing it with the index, as he dove his tongue deeper, exploring her most intimate crevice.Trina’s eyes rolled back to the back of her head, her vision just turning to white from the absolute intensity that he was bringing to her center. She propped herself up a bit to unclasp her bra and quickly slid it off, arching her back as he hit her sweet spot and she had both hands on her breasts, squeezing her hardened nipples between her fingers.”Ohmygawd!” she exclaimed, her body beginning to shake from her powerful orgasm taking hold. Nate felt a rush deep inside her, but did not let up until she had come down from the feeling.”So,” he said, pulling his face from her love cavern to look up at his heavily breathing prey, “I take it you enjoyed yourself.”Trina looked down at him, incredulously annoyed by his smug smile, and grabbed his hair. “I’m not done with you yet.”She pulled him up to eye level next to her, and saw this look in his eyes like something was wrong, but she didn’t want to concern herself with whatever was up as she lifted his shirt and kissed all over his abs and shoulders. She couldn’t help but squeal at the perfection of his toned body as she kissed down his happy trail.”Trina, darlin’… there’s something you gotta know.”Trina looked up at him with her bedroom eyes as she fished his member from his pants. “Yeah, I know I shoulda been doing this a long time ago.”He tried to speak and stop her but when he felt her nimble tongue dance along the head, he could not find the words.”Fuck,” she exclaimed, trying to take him into her mouth, “You’re really big.” Truth be told, a little of that was to build his ego. Robbie always liked it when she would say things like that. But while he wasn’t as long as what she’d had in the past, he had an insane girth. “I can barely fit it in my little tiny mouth…”She did however, using some deft teeth work, and managed to build up a comfort level and a rhythm. Within a minute, she was bobbing her head up and down his shaft, gripping the rest with both hands. As she slowly got more down, her hands drifted from his member up to his stomach as she scratched on his abs as she was clearly enjoying herself as much as he was.It took all of Nate’s energy not to cum right in her mouth, but there was something he really needed her to know.”Trina. Stop.”She stopped and looked up at him, annoyed that he would stop her at this point. “What?””It’s nothing against you… you’re a fine piece of woman. But I, uh… I’m not really-“”Spit it out, country boy,” she shouted through gritted teeth, her hand just stroking him to maintain his erection.”I’m- well, that is to say I’ve never, well, I mean, not never never, but I-“”Oh my god,” Trina exclaimed, releasing his member from her grasp, knowing exactly what he was trying to tell her, “You’re a virgin?””Well, I mean, I’ve certainly had my share of lady buffets and I have to admit that yours might be the best one yet, but I haven’t crossed that line quite yet.”Trina was in a quandary. On one hand she knew exactly how he felt. Losing it is a really big deal. But on the other hand, he was incredibly good looking and while it scared her at first, she really wanted to feel him inside her. “Well, thanks for the compliment I guess, but… uh… what do you want to do?””Well, I’ve never wanted a woman half as much as I want you right now, but I don’t know. I love your s*ster, and heck, the last few days, I swear I’ve fell in love with you too. I want to save this for marriage. And I thought your s*ster would be that recipient, but now I’m all shook up.””Whew… that is a bummer.” Trina looked down at him, still standing at attention, and went back to stroking him. She spit on her hand to give it a little lubrication, “I really, really want to fuck you, but I guess if that’s how you feel, we can stop.”She let go of him and began to roll off the bed, but his arm reached and grabbed her. “I didn’t say that. Let’s just not go any further. Is that ok?””I guess,” she said, partially sad and partially a bit relieved. Her sex drive tended to overwhelm her so it was good that he had the fortitude to stop things from crossing a line. But now knowing that no other pussy had ever sheathed that thing made her want it even more.She resumed her position between his legs and propped herself up enough that she could wrap her tits around his member. Slowly, she stroked him up and down and up and down, allowing him to feel her soft body.”Do you like fucking my tits, cowboy?”He groaned in an attempt to say yes.”If you like the outside, just imagine,” she said, slowing down for a moment to lick the head before continuing, “What it would be like to fuck me on the inside.”His large hand drifted down and when her mouth was right over his waiting cock, he pushed it down, and held her there for a few seconds before letting her come up for air. She let out a huge gasp to breathe and pulled her body away a bit so she could just use her mouth to service him.After only a minute of this, she felt his hips bucking as he announced how close he was. Trina backed her mouth up so just the tip was between her lips and stoked the shaft like mad. With a loud gasp, he came like a fire hose, sending shot after shot down her throat and out the sides of her mouth as his seed slipped down her face and down her tits.”Wow…” she said, grabbing a towel to wipe off the excess, “you really were saving up for somebody.””Sorry about that, pretty lady. It’s been a while since I’ve, you know, done that. Or had that done.””No, it’s all good. I, uh, thoroughly enjoyed that… experience. Maybe we could-“”OH, FOR FUCK’S SAKE! REALLY?!”The two turned to the doorframe to see Tori, Jade, Freddie, Sam, and Carly standing there staring at the two of them. Freddie’s eyes became wide at the sight of her body and he licked his lips before Sam and Jade both whacked him in the head.”Oh my god, Tori… it’s not-“”I swear to god, if you say ‘it’s not what it looks like’ I’m going to kill you, and honestly I still might.” Tori stepped through her bedroom door, and shut out her entourage, but they couldn’t help but notice Sam’s eyes were glued to what was between Nate’s legs as the door shut on her face.”Look… Tori… Nate came over to see you, and saw that I, urn… wasn’t feeling well, and-“”And what, you took her temperature with your dick?!”Nate grabbed his clothes slowly, “Tori, baby… we all know that wouldn’t work anyway.”Tori punched him hard right in his face. He didn’t go down, but the girl certainly had some power behind those fists.”Don’t you dare try and be funny and you will never call me ‘baby’ again. Get the fuck out of my house and don’t you dare even talk to me again. You worthless piece of hick shit.””Tori, please- let me explain.””Fine, you have five seconds to explain in a way that makes me completely forgive you.””Well, she and I-“”I wished it!” Trina blurted out, the scary truth becoming real for her just now, cutting him off, hoping it would save him from her s*ster’s wrath.”What?!” the other two said in unison.”The wishing thing we did at the party. I wished that guys would want me. That’s why Robbie and Beck both came after me. Andre came here last night, but I stopped him. And then he came over to see you, and I guess that was it. It happened. Don’t be mad at him… I don’t think he can control it.”The three stood there silently. Neither really wanted to believe that Tori’s dreams of being a star and his dream for Ton’s love were ignored so that Trim could screw a bunch of guys. But the evidence was pretty undeniable.”I’m really sorry… I had a few and I made a selfish wish. I wish that I could take it back… but I don’t know how.”Tori put her hands to her head to think for a minute and then finally responded in a cold emotionless voice. “Nate… I don’t know what to say… I’m gonna need some time to think, and I will talk to you later, but I don’t really see us coming back from this. So, please go.”Nate looked like a sad, lost puppy, but he didn’t argue. He tried to touch her shoulder and kiss her but she shrugged him off and he was out the door.”You are going to call Sikowitz right now and see if there’s a way that your wish can be reversed or whatever. Otherwise, I’m probably going to end up killing izmir escort bayan you. Never do this kind of shit again, Trina.” Her s*ster nodded, and Tori looked around the room, and all she could smell was his aftershave and sex, and the scent made her stomach turn. “I can’t stay here… I’m going back over to Jade’s and I don’t know when I’ll be back.”The youngest Vega turned and walked out the door, facing her friends that were no doubt eavesdropping on all of that. They disappeared from sight, but just as Trina was looking for her phone, she saw Freddie in the doorway. He almost spoke before Jade’s voice called him down. He made a quick ‘call me’ sign before disappearing again.* * *”What do you mean there’s no magic… thing… that can reverse it?! There’s gotta be something I can do, Sikowitz.””Well, there is. But I have to ask… do you really not want this wish you made?”Trina paused for a moment and stared at her phone, her mind racing with how he could ask this question. “Of course I want this wish to end!””Then I don’t know what to tell you, Miss Vega. When you truly don’t want to the wish anymore, it falls apart, and things go back to normal. So, either your case is different, which I doubt, or you do still want your wish to be true. Might want to sort that out.”He hung up the phone and Trina sat in her empty house, watching television and praying for an end to this, and wondering why she couldn’t make it all stop.She must have fallen asl*ep because when she looked at the time again it was after 8pm. She rushed to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat, desperately searching for something. She meant to eat something after her shower after everyone left, but it slipped her mind as she was getting in touch with Sikowitz.She made a quick ham sandwich and grabbed a glass of juice before plopping back down on the couch to wallow in her misery. Trina flipped through the channels quickly, trying to find something to boost her spirits, but alas, nothing was on. She was heading up to her room when there was a knock on her back door. The clear glass didn’t hide who had come to see her. Any of them.Robbie, Beck, and Nate stood outside, and they looked like they had had a few drinks. She cautiously opened the door to ask them what they were doing there, and they pushed right in.”What are you three doing here?!” she asked, annoyed.”I…” Nate said, staggering a bit as he walked towards her, “I got dumped today. By my dream woman… so I decided I deserved a beer or two or… six.””I’m sorry about that, but-“”And I and Beck have been talking about yesterday, and we got into an argument over who was better. So we need that settled,” Robbie said.”So you two are so insecure that I need to tell you who was better at sex? That’s seriously what you’re asking?” Trina said, crossing her arms and opening the door for them to leave. “You guys are fucked up… just go away and leave me alone.””See, that’s what I figured you’d say,” Nate said, plopping down on her couch. “But seeing how you kinda caused all this with your wishin’, I figured you owed us.”Trina walked back into her kitchen and sat on a barstool. “I get that I screwed things up for you Nate, but what do you want me to do? And what did I even do to you guys?””I guess nothing too bad, but we’ve been craving you for the last day or so, and the need is getting seriously overwhelming,” Beck said calmly, clearly dr*nk, but surprisingly eloquent.”And I’m sorry… I’m trying to get rid of this wish thing so I can be free. And you guys can go back to normal.”Robbie came up behind her silently, and touched her sides, which made her jump at first but she came down quickly as she spun around to face him.”Seriously, Robbie, stop. I’m really not feeling up for this.”Now that she was turned around, Beck was now behind her, and she suddenly felt trapped between the two. The situation got worse when Nate came up and blocked her from getting away.”Guys… I’m sorry about the feelings but I really just need to sort things out so we can be ok. So, please, go.””Don’t worry guys,” Nate said, piping up, “I know from experience that she doesn’t really want us to go… she just takes some… persuadin’.”The guys chuckled as they circled her closer, each one reaching out to touch her in a different area, Nate felt up her front, his hands cascading over her large breasts, and squeezing them, while Robby gripped her thighs tightly, his hands rubbing over her peach shaped ass, and Beck kissed the side of her neck, sucking over his old hickeys and creating new ones while his hands ran through her hair.Trina was screaming on the inside, not because these guys were all over her, but because she was really scared about what they would do. The worst part, though, was that through all that fear, she really liked this attention, and from the moment they started touching on her, her body was craving the ravaging that they would give her.She still tried to fight back a bit, pushing them off of her, which only pushed them to become more aggressive. They almost seemed to be in a trance over her body. When each one grabbed her shirt and pulled hard from different directions, her blouse buttons exploded all over the living room, and their hands now touched her naked flesh. Her pants went in a very similar fashion, and before she even knew it, she stood in just her bra and panties in the center of three fully dressed guys who were kissing and touching her all over. Those undergarments quickly were tossed away and the guys led her to the table, where she was lifted and laid down. Trina honestly felt like a feast for them, as their hands mauled her exposed tits and the rest of her flesh.Beck slid down to her legs and massaged her legs and feet, kissing them ever so often, his fingertips rising to her inner thighs and dancing along her outer lips. Nate leaned over her face and kissed her passionately, while he stroked her hair and grabbed her hand and placed it on the front of his jeans where his erection was getting larger by the second. She couldn’t see well, but she was able to fiddle with his zipper enough to reach in and free his engorged member from his pants. Robbie stood in the middle of the two guys, his hands massaging her huge breasts as her back arched from the attention. He bit softly on her nipples while his hands drifted down to finger her with Beck.Having two guys using their fingers like pistons inside her, made her absolutely convulse with pleasure and her mouth opened to unleash a moan. However, as soon as her mouth was wide enough she felt something slap the side of her face. She looked to see Nate’s cock hanging there, as if it was beckoning her. Trina slid up the table a bit so her head was hanging off slightly and Nate had easy access to push himself right into her throat.Trina gagged only slightly as his pace increased as he fucked her face like a wild man. Up on top of the table, Beck had removed his pants and boxers and was on top her. He lined himself up and, using her body for balance, pushed himself inside her with one stroke. The force pushed her further into Nate’s cock as she screamed at the intrusion, and her eyes bulged, but she worked it out so she wasn’t being choked. Her muffled noises sent nice vibrations through Nate’s member, which he was enjoying until Robbie pushed him out of the way.Robbie’s cock took Nate’s place, as the thin nerd pinched her nipples tightly as he fucked her face as hard as he could, reaching her tonsils, trying to desperately to get off. This continued for another couple moments until Nate, now fully nude, pulled Beck off of her and then picked her up and carried her to the couch.He took a seat and pulled her into his lap to face him, his member sliding along her sensitive and swollen pussy. The massive piece toying with her entrance made shivers go through Trina’s body.”Uhnnn… Nate… what are you doing? You’re a v-“Trina was immediately silenced as he lifted her slightly and impaled her slowly on his rod. Her eyes rolled back in her mind and she saw white as she lowered herself slowly.”Jeez-us… whew,” he said, getting used to being inside a woman. “The woman I planned to marry dumped me today, so I figured ‘what am I waiting for?’ and then these guys talked about how good you were over drinks.”Trina bit her lip as she bounced on his pole, her breasts flapping in his face. He licked and suckled on her perfect globes as she rode him, gripping her own hair tightly. Behind the couch, Robbie and Beck approached, completely nude now, and offered their meat to her. She swapped back and forth between the cocks, sucking, licking, stroking, and giving every attention to their poles as she impaled herself faster and harder on Nate’s.As she began gyrating, she could feel herself reach her edge, and with a loud groan, muffled by Beck’s rod in her throat, she came with a burst, and Nate kept going, knowing he was reaching his edge soon as well.Trina recognized this and climbed off of him, allowing him to get up and cool down, and pulled Beck and Robbie over to her, and Robbie went to whisper something in her ear. When she leaned in, he pushed her down so she was bent over. Beck climbed on the couch, sliding underneath her and pulling her down, sheathing himself inside her.Just as Trina had gotten used to having another dick inside her, she felt Robbie pushing her down a bit and pushing his lubed up condom covered cock to her back door. He toyed with her asshole for several moments as Trina slowly prepared herself for the double penetration. Finally, gripping her hips as tight as he could, he shoved his length into her ass, which was the tightest thing he had ever felt in his life. If it wasn’t for her massive saliva to lube him up, there’s no chance he would have been able to even get the head in.”Holy Shitfuckl” Trina shouted. “You’re tearing me aaapart…”It took a few moments but Beck and Robbie built up a rhythm, neither one even considering that their nethers were touching each other’s. As Trina pushed back on Robbie’s cock, Beck was sliding out, and then vice versa. The seesaw feeling was amazing and Trina could not believe how good all of this felt now. Trina could not imagine anything more intense than this.She was proven wrong as Nate stepped back up, leaning on the edge of the couch, pushing his cock into Trina’s open mouth, she gasped slightly at having yet another hole filled, but it turned into a pleasured humming as the three guys ravaged her body in every way imaginable. This could have gone on for even longer for Trina, but Beck announced that he was close, and he quickly pulled out of her, to her chagrin.She motioned for Nate to step aside so Beck could present his juice covered member for her to do some final service. Nate took the hint and quickly took Beck’s place, and wasted no time thrusting upwards in to her core, causing her to scream into Beck’s cock, sending him over the edge, firing shot after shot down her throat as she tried to swallow it all.Now spent, Beck collapsed on a nearby chair and watched the show. Robbie slowly slid out of her for a moment, while Nate pulled her close to him, pistoning inside her so fast that her eyes crossed. He lifted her up, still inside her and held her by her legs as she clung onto his neck for support as he fucked her harder and faster, loving the way her tits bounced. Robbie came up behind her and before she even realized she was being double stuffed again, this time with Robbie without a condom. As Nate would lift and drop her, both flesh rods impaled her at once and screamed.Once the guys were in a rhythm, they did not stop, going nonstop inside Trina until she was sure she would lose consciousness. Finally, Robbie announced how close he was and, holding her in place so he could go as hard and fast as he could, felt a strong release and fired deep inside her bowels. Trina bit her lip as she felt his seed moving inside her back door. With only Nate left, she focused entirely on him until he could no longer hold her and he let her down and bent her over and fucked her doggy style for a couple minutes before he started to feel close.Trina was happy that this was finally over as she was exhausted and sore, but god did this feel fucking amazing, she thought. Nate slowed down a bit, grabbing her tits tightly and increased his pace, and Trina looked over and saw Beck moving to the couch in front of her, his cock already hard again.He was less than gentle as he pushed his cock down her throat, gripping her hair and pulling her head towards him as Nate would push in. The f*rce of getting fucked from both ends shook Trina and she screamed in another orgasm.She was able to pull off of Beck’s rod for only a moment to say, “Guys… I, uh, fuck that’s good Nate… I can’t take any more.””But Trina,” Robbie said, now cleaned off, stroking himself back to life, “we probably should have told you. We all took a couple Viagra a piece that I stole from my parents… so we’re good for hours. When we heard about the wish thing, we knew the only way to make it stop was to make you not want it anymore. So we are going to fuck you over and over until either the pills wear off or you don’t want this.”The horror of the situation dawned on her too late to respond as Beck went back to fucking her mouth, while her pussy was being fucked raw by what felt like a tree. Nate groaned loudly as he fired his seed deep inside Trina’s womb, and climbed off her.She wanted to yell at him. To scream at him for doing something like that, but she felt herself getting weaker by the moment, and as Robbie was lining himself up with her pussy, she felt that she was losing consciousness. Just as the thin nerd thrust inside her, and before everything faded to nothing but black, she had one final thought: This isn’t what I wanted.

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