Pulled Over on Christmas Eve!


Pulled Over on Christmas Eve!I had to go out on Christmas Eve 2012 to get something that a friend needed, a pair of nylons. Everything in this Podunk shanty town was closed except the convenience stores, (and the fucking bars of course…) and they wanted way too much $$ and not one of them had silky sheer. I did get pulled over by a hot young stud cop with a cock bulging halfway down his left leg as I watched him walk toward my car. He was courteous and professional, and asked me for the required documentation, that I already had prepared to hand to him. I asked him why he had pulled me over and he said there was an APB out about an alleged DUI on the loose driving a car that had to be fucking EXACTLY LIKE MINE!!! The officer advised me that it was a routine stop, and that I had done nothing wrong, and he told me in his sexy voice to “hang tight buddy, you don’t seem to me like the person we are after, but I am required to call this in. I appreciate your cooperation, and I apologize for the inconvenience.”Then as he walked back to his car with my documentation, he walked with his left leg further out than normal, and I saw him reach down and rub on and adjust his huge dick! As soon as he got back in his patrol car, he was nice enough to shut off the floodlight and other flashing lights that are standard on a police car. He left his emergency blinkers on and a few running lights on along the side of his car. There was no one around for at least a mile, and not another car in sight. I could hear sirens going off in the distance. I kept watching the officer in my rear view mirror, and I could swear that he was jacking on his fethiye escort cock one time I looked; because his head was leaned back, his mouth open and his lips were moving like he was talking; and his upper body was moving up and down slowly and deliberately. I had no idea what was going to happen….Then after about 10 minutes passed, I watched him get out of his car, and as he did he turned his back toward me and I watched him put his cock back into his pants and pull up the zipper. As he walked slowly toward my car I could see that his cock was considerably more swollen and bulging inside of his pants. When he approached my window he stood there and spread his legs apart wider than a cop normally would, and he had a shit eating grin on his face too. He handed me my documentation and told me to please step out of my car. He said his CO had told him to do a routine sobriety check on me. Of course I passed with flying colors, and then that hot fuck told me that he was grateful for my cooperation and courtesy that I had shown him. And of course my own cock was rock hard during the sobriety test and that fucker was looking at it every time I looked at him. Before he told me I could get back in my car, he told me again that he was sorry for the inconvenience, and then he proceeded to tell me that he was “getting ready to get off.” And I responded by asking, “with all due respect sir, are you ready to get off of your shift tonight, or are you going to get off in your pants.” His response was, “I thought you had balls buddy, and my answer is the second thing you mentioned. And I noticed that you look like you are about ready escort fethiye to get off too, if you will excuse my brashness in saying so, please don’t report me sir.” I took a step toward him and I asked him if he wanted to take a walk to a group of trees that was just off of the road nearby. He said, “you read my mind, buddy, let’s go, I have to call in as off duty then shut down and lock my patrol car; and you should lock your car too, don’t forget to grab your keys.” So we secured our vehicles and began to walk toward the trees. He left his weapons belt in his patrol car. As we were walking toward the trees, he said he needed to jack off before he could go home because his wife was home and they had a houseful of company for XMas, so he would have no privacy at home to jack off. I told him I understood and that I would not mention his come-on to me to anyone. Then he flashed me a huge sexy smile and grabbed his cock and said “thank God… I hate jacking off alone, it seems like such a waste. I agreed as we reached the trees. Then he said we should be safe here and you know you are safe with me. Then we hid in the dark under the trees and he moved in real close to me, rubbing his left leg on my right leg. He told me that I looked pretty hot in my new jeans and I told him that he looked a hell of a lot hotter in his uniform! Then we undid our pants and pulled out our cocks and started to jack off. I did not even ask him if he wanted a blow job, I did not have to, his eyes and body language were begging for one! So as I got down on my knees he just said oh fuck yea buddy, yea buddy suck my rock hard fuck muscle man. fethiye escort bayan Go for it, I know you want it, and he was right, of course. So I went down on him and he started groaning and thrusting his huge dick into my very skilled mouth. He said he was really close to cumming, and he asked me if we could make it last at least few minutes. I told him I could make it last as long as he wanted. Then I cupped his bulging balls in my hand and went down on him again and he almost started to cum right away so I backed off and said relax stud…. just relax a little and let me suck you deep and slow. And I told him that when he was ready to cum that I wanted to drink it, and he said fuck yea and asked me if I would shoot my load on his boots. I said yes sir, stud man! l was able to keep him from shooting his load for about 15 minutes and then his nuts just tensed up, and he said I’m gonna fucking cum buddy! And he shot one of the hottest thickest, strongly spurting loads of cum I have ever sucked from a cock, and if course I honored my promise to him and blew my wad all over his black police boots!As we recovered from our very intense orgasms, he lifted me up and to my surprise he put his hand behind my head and gave me a deep intense tongue kiss down my throat. Then he shocked the hell out of me by asking me if I wouldn’t mind meeting with him on a regular basis in a hotel room that he would pay for and he’d buy me dinner and breakfast. I said fuck yea stud and I handed him my card and he said, no buddy I know your number, and I know where you live. So you take my card, because I know you want it. Just don’t call me, I WILL call YOU! And I’m not gonna’ flake on you either. I said to myself Merry Christmas Lester!!!! I think there’s going to more to this soon, so check back for the up cumming additions to this story.[Composed by Serviceformen 12/24/2012]

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