Sam & Cat: #SomethingNew


Sam & Cat: #SomethingNewSam was out on a run for free cheeseburgers from Inside Out, and the k*ds they were going to babysit later on in the day hadn’t arrived yet, so Cat was bouncing on her bed playing with one of her yoyos. She had a red lollipop, to match her hair, in one hand and the green yoyo, to not match the lollipop, in the other. With her hair tied up in two ponytails, one on either side of her head, she could have passed for a twelve year old if it wasn’t for the noticeable lumps on her chest. She swung the yoyo down with a little more f*rce than she had intended and it flew across the room, spinning underneath Sam’s bed in the process. Cat pouted, hopping down from the bed and crossing the room, she knelt down, peering under the bed for the yoyo. She couldn’t see it, so she reached her hand in blindly, and ended up pulling out a rather long box.She peered at it, curious, wondering why Sam would have a beat up cardboard box under her bed and what was her need to keep it in an old box underneath her bed. She set it aside and dove back under the bed for the yoyo, kicking her feet up in the air in a dramatic struggle. In doing so she knocked the lid off the box. So when she re-emerged with the yoyo, the box was on and she could see a long red cylinder with a rounded tip inside. Also in there was a collection of similar object, as well as one with a rounded tip at both ends, which happened to be twice as long as all the others. She had no idea what the red thing was, but it was shiny, so she decided to pick it up, plus it matched her hair almost exactly. She peered at it with wide and excited eyes, flicking the button on the bottom as soon as she discovered it.The cylinder sprang to life, buzzing loudly.”Oh!” Cat exclaimed, sitting down on her own bed in surprise as she held the thing. Then she giggled, holding the object to the tip of her nose. It tickled, and she liked it.She was still sitting there laughing when Sam burst into the room five minutes later and said to her, “Dinner time!”When she saw the other girl her jaw just dropped and she made a choked squealing sound; Cat didn’t know why she was looking at her like that.”What – what – what are you – where did you get that?” Sam sputtered as she saw her box of toys out from underneath izmir escort her bed.Cat shrugged, the object still in her hands. “Under your bed. What is it? And why do you have one with two ends to it?”Sam took a deep breath. “It’s a – a massager…” she tried to explain, still panicking as she walked towards her bed, intended to pick up her box and tidy it away and out of her reach, hoping that next time Cat wouldn’t find her hidden stash of vibrators and dildos. “And the other one is for two people to share. My best friend from Seattle, Carly, gave it to me as a present on my last birthday. We’ve enjoyed it many times together.”Cat was sitting on the edge of her bed with the vibrator in her hands, looking like an innocent little doll, stroking it up and down and liking the feelings. And Sam wasn’t sure how much longer she could handle the sight before her. She knew that an innocent girl like Cat should not be doing that with what she was doing that with, but she couldn’t help to find it adorable.”Oh!” Cat said. “It’s shaped kinda funny,” she frowned as she started to move the vibrator down her arms like she would for a massage.Sam closed her eyes, sucking in a breath through her nose. “Do you… Do you want me to show you how to use it?” she asked, voice cracking, unsure if she should have asked her that question or not.Cat giggled. “Mmhm, I do.” she said, jumping to her feet and walking closer to Sam, holding out the vibrator for her.Sam took the device then nodded towards Cat’s bed. “Lay down,” she instructed.Cat obeyed, flopping down on the bed and looking up at Sam expectantly. Sam knelt on the bed and flipped the vibrator up a setting then slowly dragged it down and Cat’s chest, between her small breasts, and down her stomach to the waistline of her skirt. Cat was unsure to start with, but as soon as it touched her she giggled, twisting her hips slightly and, unintentionally, letting her legs fall open. Seeing this as an open invitation Sam continued moving the vibrator down over the fabric of Cat’s skirt and between her legs.Cat picked her head up suddenly, eyes wide.”Sam! That’s my no-no square!” she exclaimed.Sam froze for a moment. “Do you want me to stop?” she asked, quietly, hoping that she didn’t want her to stop.Cat found herself shaking escort izmir her head adamantly as she looked at the blonde, hoping that she wouldn’t stop even if she had asked her to. Sam hesitated before continuing, lifting up Cat’s skirt and manoeuvring the vibrator until it was pressing up against her black lacy panties.Cat gasped. “Wow,” she said, eyes wide.Sam sucked in a breath, rubbing the toy over Cat’s clit and then down along her slit, pushing it against the soft folds of her pussy. She so desperately wanted to venture into the womanhood of a virgin, something she hadn’t done in a long while. Cat arched her back up, opening her legs even more, wanting Sam to not stop what she was doing.”Does that feel good” Sam asked.”Mmmm, mmmm,” Cat nodded fervently, biting her lip, unable to find the proper words to describe just how wonderful this new sensation was.Sam turned the vibrator up another setting and pressed it against Cat’s clit through her panties. Cat’s breathing sped up as she canted her hips up, fingers curling into the bed sheets. Her leg muscles tensed as she fought the sensation. Sam rested her free hand on the inside of Cat’s thigh. She wanted to feel the smooth legs of this young woman as she climaxed for the very first time through one of Sam’s special toys.”Don’t fight it, just let it out. What you’re feeling… it will be better if you relax and give in to it. It’ll be fun.”Cat relaxed slightly, hands still gripping the sheets. Sam slid her finger under Cat’s panties, pulling them to the side and pressing the vibrator directly against her clit. Her fingers coming into direct contact with Cat’s wetness for the briefest of moments. Cat cried out, hips bucking uncontrollable.Sam knew exactly what was going on inside of Cat’s body at that moment. “Just let it out,” she repeated to her friend.Cat squeezed her eyes shut, gasping out and moaning loudly as she finally let go, giving in to the sensations and letting pleasure rush through her entire body. Sam held the vibrator in place as Cat rode out her first orgasm. Sam, as she held the vibrator in place, slid her middle finger inside of Cat’s quim, far enough to feel the pulsation of the muscles with the orgasm as it flowed through her but not far enough to break her hymen. There izmir escort bayan would be another time for that. When the red haired girl stopped shaking and fell limp against the bed, Sam pulled the vibrator away, resisting the pressing urge to hold it tightly against her own throbbing clit.She undid her jeans and slipped her fingers into her most private of paths, rubbing herself a few times and relieving the immediate reed, then crawled up the bed to lay next to Cat. Cat herself was staring up at the ceiling with wide glassy eyes, content and happy that she got to experience this with Samantha Puckett.”Was that good?” Sam asked.Cat nodded dazedly.Sam hesitantly reached her hand up to cup Cat’s cheek. The other girl turned her head to face her, eyes still wide and lip tugged between her teeth. Sam felt the need growing again in the pit of her belly. Her underwear was soaked through with desire. She desperately wanted to kiss Cat, but she was scared that this wasn’t what Cat wanted at all. She didn’t want to push this to a place where Cat Valentine didn’t want to go, because she was scared of ruining their friendship.She’d realized it a while ago that she’d started to develop feelings for the other girl, but she’d kept them in check, scared of pushing her new friend away. But now Cat was lying next to her, basking in the afterglow of the orgasm Sam had just given her. If there was any time to make a move, to show her just how she had developed, it was now. Sam took a deep breath then leaned in, pressing her lips against Cat’s.She pulled back quickly, scared that she’d crossed a line.But then something marvellous happened; she felt Cat’s hand threading up through her hair and pulling her back, suddenly they were kissing, tongues swiping lip, teeth scr*ping tongues, hands fumbling to remove clothes. Sam ended up on top of Cat with just her underwear on, while Cat was completely naked beneath her. Sam ground herself against Cat’s leg, desperate to reach her own orgasm. Wanting to let Cat know she could feel the same way as Cat had just been.”You’re so beautiful,” she mumbled, leaning down to kiss Cat’s neck.Cat giggled, looking up at Sam like she was a gift from god. That look was what pushed Sam over the edge. She came hard, bucking against Cat and soaking through her underwear before pulling back, gasping to catch her breath.”Holy crooks,” Cat breathed.Sam fell onto the bed laughing. It should be illeg*l to be as ridiculously adorable as Cat was.That’s it, Sam was in love.

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