Stressful day for her.


Stressful day for her.You have just come home from work. Stressed and aching. You grab the tv remote slump yourself on the sofa and turn on the tv. You being to day dream of a break from work and a spar day. All of a sudden you hear a knock at the door. You manage to drag yourself to the front door. You are greeted by an attractive man you subconsciously look him up and down he interrupts you mid way and say. “Good evening miss I hope I didn’t  disturb you”. You look into his eyes and reply “not at all” with a seductive smile on your face. He hands you a business card and say “I’ve just moved to the local area and I’m promotion my massage business, I have a shop located in the town center” with excitement you ask if he does private home visits. He replies I had thought  about it but I wasn’t sure on what rates to charge do you have any suggestions. You look him up and down again and say “how’s about I judge you on your performance  and we shall discuss a suitable rate”. “Erm.. sure when would you like it booked in for?” You smirk “how’s about right now”. Stunned by your forward approach he says “I was just heading home but sure”. “I specialise in deep tissue massages”. “That’s perfect I like it nice and deep” you say with a wink as şişli escort you lead him upstairs. “How do you want me?”. “Just on the bed is fine”. You strip off and lay down on your stomach. You hear the sound of the oil being squirted into his hand.  His touch is cold at first as he gently places his hands either side of your neck. It sends a shiver of arousing thoughts down your spine and starts to make your pussy warm and slightly moist. He begins to work his way to your shoulders your let out a soft moan of relief as you feel yourself loosening up. “How does that feel?” You respond with a moan and a short of breath “amazing” he starts to work his way to the middle of your back he climbs onto the bed and sets his legs either side of your waist. You get a hot flush of excitement and you feel his hands working there way down your body. He turns himself around a starts a deep rub on your firm ass he squeezes  your cheeks firmly. Your so wet and your heart begins to race as he spreads your legs to do your inner thigh you feel his hand rub softly over your clit you let out a heavy breathed moan and bite your bottom lip. He does it once more and feels your wet pussy drip onto his finger. He begins massaging your clit increasing in şişli escort bayan speed making you moan more and more. He slides one finger your pussy tightens as you feel it slide deep inside he starts moving his hand back and forth then inserts another finger your body is tingling all over every inch of you is filled with pleasure. He climbs off you and say  “would you like me to do your front” you look at him and bite your finger with a seductive look and gaze into his eyes saying “please”. You lay on your back and spread your legs saying “can you start from the bottom and work your way up?” Winking at him. “Certainly” he replies. He starts you massage  your feet rubbing his had up and down your leg. Your reach down between your legs and start rubbing your clit He works his way up to your stomach he kisses is gently working his way down to your pussy. Your feel the warmth of his tongue on your clit your grab his head and close your legs slightly as he brings your to the point of orgasm your moan out loud “yes.. yes!!! Don’t  stop!!” Your look at his wait and rip out his belt and reach into his trousers feeling his hard cock. He take his trousers off and his top you admire his figure bitting you lip as you stare at his mecidiyeköy escort bayan large hard cock. You lean forward and take his cock with one hand and start licking the tip you hear his breathing get deeper you slide his large cock into your mouth you feel it sliding down your throat you pull it out and gasp for air he grabs the back of your head and you start deep throating his cock going dater and faster until you hear him moan load and shoot his load all in your mouth. It take you by surprise but you keep his cock deep in your mouth and let his cum slide down your throat. He pushes you back onto the bed. He spreads your legs and forces his big hard cock deep inside your tight pussy fucking you slow and deep getting faster and faster you start panting hard. Get him to lay down and start riding his cock till you cum all over his cock you collapse onto his chest. He smiles and says “are you done?” You get on all fours and say fuck me he grabs your ass and starts pounding you from behind spanking your ass you start screaming “yes yes that’s it cum for me baby” he pulls out your turn around and grasp his cock sucking till he cum in your mouth. You don’t waste a drop “so when can I book our next session” you wink at him “when ever you like. And what do you think I should charged? ” You look at him “for that performance I would say 250 a sessions” he smile as you hand him the money and walk him to the door. You slowly walk back to the sofa feeling stress free and we’ll satisfied.

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