Summer Fun


Summer FunSummer fun is the best way to describe a great three months of sex I have had in some time. We lived in an apartment complex and I started going to the pool when it opened. I noticed that Rob, the maintenance man for the complex was always doing work around the pool when I would go there. To test this I went at different times and sure enough, he would show up. Hubby was working a job at the time where he was working six days a week and starting at 6:00AM and getting off around 11:00PM, so he was not home much. I filled the void by flirting with Rob when I saw him at the pool. Rob was into it and would flirt back. Well over the course a few weeks the flirting got more risky and I was flashing my tits at him and he would pat my butt or rub it as he would walk past me. He started stopping by the apartment after he got off work and sit around and talk with me while we waited for hubby to get home and hang out with him. One day Rob came by at 9:00 in the morning to swap out an air filter, and I was still in my little silky night gown and didn’t bother to put on the robe when I saw who it was through the peep hole. He looked me up and down when he walked in and went about doing his job while I went to sit on the couch. The way I was sitting made my gown which was more of a babydoll style, ride up and showed a lot of thigh and hip. He kept looking karşıyaka escort over at me while he changed the filter as we talked and joked. When he was done he came over sat on the couch next to me and we kept talking and the conversation of course turned toward flirty and he started rubbing my knee. I didn’t feel uneasy about it and let him continue doing it. Naturally as we talked and flirted, his hand moved up my leg to my inner thigh. My response was to let my legs part slightly and allow his finger tips to touch my pussy. He was surprised to find no panties to block his fingers from their goal. I never sleep with underwear at all and just wear a t-shirt or skimpy little gown to bed. He started rubbing his fingers up and down my labia and I spread my legs a little more. He leaned in to kiss me and I just grabbed the back of his head and crushed his mouth to mine. Tongues were darting back and forth between our mouths and it was for lack of a better word, HOT!I think his plan was to take it to the bedroom because he got up and grabbed my hand to help me up off the couch. We made it as far as the hallway and I turned him around, grabbed his crotch and said “Fuck me now!”. He grabbed at the spaghetti strap on my gown and ripped them both off making my gown drop to the floor. As I laid myself down on the floor karşıyaka escort bayan with my legs spread he was taking off his cloths as fast as he could, but seeing me spread open on the floor he left his pants and shoes on and just dropped down on top of me. He kissed and licked my nipples and squeezed my breast as he rubbed his growing cock against my pussy. I felt the head of his cock pushing into me and I didn’t stop him to get a condom because I was so horny! I told him to push it in and fuck me hard! He started pumping my pussy good and hard and I could feel his balls slapping my ass. He then put my legs over his shoulders and pushed forward which was really uncomfortable, but I wanted him to pound me harder and faster and not stop. Between the moaning and grunting that we were doing I knew he was enjoying himself. He started making a scrunched up face and I figured he was about to blow. Not once did I think about telling him to pull out. Instead I pulled his head closer to mine and whispered in his ear, “I want your cum deep in my pussy”. That was the final straw for him! He shot his load inside me and let out a loud groan. He let my legs slip off his shoulders and I used my vagina to milk him dry while tweeking his nipples. I hadn’t cum yet and was wanting to orgasm badly. I held my hands on the back escort karşıyaka of his head and pushed it towards my crotch. He knew what I wanted and started licking and probing my pussy with his tongue. I pinched my nipples and squeezed my breast as he sucked my clit and fingered me to a very hard orgasm. He laid his head on my stomach as I stroked his head and we just relaxed for a bit. His 15 minute filter swap lasted a good 45 minutes. He stood up and pulled up his pants and collected his shirt while I went to the kitchen to get some water. I gave him a long goodbye kiss and he sucked on each nipple before walking to the door and leaving.When hubby got home that night, we laid in bed and I ask him if he was still wanting to do a threesome. He told me he always thought about it and why I was bringing it up now. I told him I was just ready to try it. He ask if I had anybody in mind and I told about Rob always flirting with me at the pool. He told me to ask him if he was game and up for it. The next day at the pool I asked Rob and told him not to mention anything about the day before, just act like it was the first time we had been together. Rob was excited beyond belief about getting to have sex again and that my husband was going to know about it made him more at ease. I told hubby Rob was in and we would shoot to do it the upcoming weekend. The plan was for Rob and his wife to sleep over at our place Friday night and we would do the threesome while his wife was at work all day. Hubby was calling in sick to work Saturday morning and we would be set for the fuckfest as we dubbed it. But that will be the next installment to this story which I will post soon.

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