The Breeding of Chris


The Breeding of ChrisI wrote this fantasy for an online friend who gets turned on by big hard cocks and lots of cum. She also had a pregnancy fetish. She is a big girl too, which I love!Let me know how you enjoyed it.Cheers,ColinThe Breeding of ChrisBeing at the prime of your womanhood, we’ve openly talked about yournatural desire and cravings for getting pregnant. The insatiable urgeand need to be inseminated by a big hard cock in your fertile wombgets you instantly swollen and wet. The thought of making this happenfor you makes my cock ache with desire and lust. This is an all ornothing, life changing event, and as such, we agree to make it theultimate erotic, mind-blowing experience as possible.The times we meet are spent playing with each other over many orgasmsas we discuss how to make this a reality. What would make it reallyhot?? I whisper about how hot it would be for you to be bred by a bigblack cock pumping you full of cum. I feel your pussy spasm and juicessurge as I’m fingering you. How hot it would be to be bred by a bigblack cock and give birth to a black baby. Everyone would then knowyou like to fuck big black cocks. You convulse in an orgasm with thethought and my cock explodes soaking your thighs. We are so hot for itnow. The thought of the look on the faces of the doctor and nurses asa black baby emerges. They will know your secret. The look you willget from every black man as you are out in public with a black baby.They will know. And they will know they can have you…. You willforever more be at the mercy of having to fuck big black cocks. We areso hot we are masturbating each other like crazy and can’t stopcumming. How to make this happen? We don’t want to know who the fatheris, so that means one thing- it must be a gang bang breeding session.We both want this so bad, we agree that it must be done in two weekswhen you are at your most fertile time of the month, timed for whenyou ovulate. Now that the decision is made, we agree that there can beno going back. We agree the only way is neither one of us is allowedto cum until the day it happens, making our desire for the event somuch greater than any thoughts of changing our minds. The thought ofthe next time you cum will be with a big black cock breeding you isalmost instantly too much to bear.The next two weeks are excruciating in anticipation. You text methroughout the day about being so wet you have to change your panties.You text me that you can’t help yourself and are masturbating. I textyou back that I can’t stop masturbating either, but don’t cum. Youcan’t. We can’t. We can’t become satiated and back out of the plan. Weget together almost daily. However, instead of meeting me at the door,dressed as usual, you leave it unlocked. I find you in bedmasturbating and your day’s wet panties lying on the floor. I’m sohard my cock is constantly leaking.Since I’m responsible for making the arrangements, I know what iscoming. I need to get you in shape for the event. I generously lubeyour vagina (as if any additional is needed) and begin to work on youwith larger and larger dildos that I have purchased. I keep working tostretch you out, but short of making you cum. You are so swollen andwet that you soak the sheets every such session. Your body heaving andsweating as it struggles to take larger and bolu escort larger objects until wework up to fisting. My cock is angry red, leaking and my balls acheand hurt for release. I’m now in constant pain. A constant reminder ofwhat is to come. The first week gets so bad we can’t keep our handsoff of ourselves. Going into week two, it’s too much to bear so Iimplement the only solution I can think of- I lock you in a chastitybelt and you lock me in a cage. Now we can’t masturbate and riskcumming. We keep each other’s key and are only allowed out of thedevices for your daily workout sessions.The day finally arrives. I help get you ready. You take a hot bath andwe shave you smooth. You have your hair, finger nails and toes done.You look fantastic and smell great. You could be going to five-starsociety event, but we know different. I give you a naked hug and kneeldown to put your panties on. I can see that you are wet inanticipation. Two weeks of a constant wet flow in anticipation. We arevery solemn and haven’t said a word about the event. I quietly kissyour inner thigh and smell your light perfume. The first words aboutit are when I pull your pretty silk panties up and say “in a few hourswe will be back here, and these panties will be soaked and drippingwith cum”. You moan as I feel your knees buckle….We reach the little strip motel on the edge of town. I get a room atthe very end away from any other guests. Inside, I remove all thebedcovers and we both nervously strip, light headed and heartspounding. This is it. You lie down on the bed and I remove yourpanties that have already turned dark with wetness. My cock isthrobbing. I lay down next to you as we hold and comfort each other,gently kissing. It’s the first true sensitive moment between us in allof our encounters. I climb on top of you as our tongues lightlyentwine and slide my hardness inside of you. Without saying a word wegently make love, lost in each other’s companionship. A knock at thedoor pulls us out of our world, back to the reality about to happen.I tell them to wait a minute. I look down at you and marvel at yourbeauty. So beautiful at peace lying on a clean white sheet. Legsspread and a very small wet spot as the only prelude of things tocome. Back to business as I pull out the necessary items. I know whatis about to happen and know this is not going to be the nice sanitizedgang-bang seen in porn videos. In reality, it’s going to be raw andprimitive, more graphic than c***d birth itself. I have earned yourtotal trust and I tell you that you will need this as I securely tieyour hands to the headboard and place a ball gag in your mouth tomuffle your anticipated screams.I open the door and the participants enter. Six huge black men and agirlfriend of yours to assist. Each man is well over six-and-a-halffeet tall, athletic and over 325 lbs. And very good looking, we aremaking a baby after all! They know the drill and all begin to quicklyundress. We both feel very vulnerable, naked and small in comparison.Their cocks are bigger than any you have seen. I did my job well- nomere 10-12 inchers here. They are all that big soft. Your eyes beginto widen in worry as your girlfriend works the first guy hard with herlittle hand and massages his testes with warm oil. You begin to burdur escort giveme panic looks as his cock grows to 14-15 inches in length and as wideas a baseball bat. I go to your side and kiss your forehead andreassure you that you can do this. He gets on the bed and roughlypulls your hips down to meet him, my cue that my time andparticipation is over. He is so huge and dominant, you look so smalland petite by comparison. I have done all I can and retreat to a chairnaked and holding only your panties.He places his huge cock head inside of your pussy lips and slowlypushes in without pause. As he goes in your head slowly arches backand your arms begin to pull on the restraints until you feel his cockmeet the resistance against your cervix causing you to scream in painand pleasure into the ball gag. He then begins to fuck you faster andfaster. All the while you’re your body writhes in protest, resistingthe immense invasion. If not for the ropes, you would instinctivelypush him off. Each thrust your moans get louder and louder, chestheaving and short gasping breaths until you arch up, pulling at therestraints. You scream loudly into the gag as your intense orgasmhits, splitting you up the middle and exiting out your cunt in atremendous spray of cum soaking the bed and your stud. It’s too muchfor him to take as his moans turn into screams as his hard athleticass tightens and he begins pumping an ungodly amount of cum so deepagainst your cervix. Shot after shot, you orgasm again. Each pump ofcum now forces cum out of your completely filled cunt. I am mesmerizedburying my face in your wet panties, hard cock shooting cum in my owninvoluntary orgasm without touching myself. This huge specimen of aman is completely wasted from the orgasm you gave him. He is out ofbreath and weak, barely able to move his big frame off of you. I am soproud of you, my confidant, my sex partner. You are panting and out ofbreath, tears running down your face. Cunt wide open, lying in a wetpool of cum.The second guy is stunned by the scene he has just witnessed, buttakes his place and slides into you making you loudly grunt as hefills you. He fucks away, pulling you open more than you have everbeen before. He is bigger than the last guy and your body continues tostruggle in protest, pulling at the restraints, writhing and twistingin resistance, the pain shooting through you, screaming louder andlouder as the pain builds and peaks into another explosive orgasm. Theorgasm rips deep into your soul and washes out through your cunt asyou again spray everything in sight. He keeps pounding away as youorgasm continues. Your vision begins to fade from the intensity as youfeel like you insides are draining out of you. Your stud tries to holdback his orgasm, his face twisted in agony as well- holding, holding,and finally explodes with such force you feel like you are beingfilled with a fire hose pumping you full of cum. He rolls off of youunable to stand and is helped off by two of the other men.The third man mounts you seconds after and easily slips into you andkeeps fucking you without missing a beat from the other man. Your bodyis finally giving in and voluntarily taking in the massive cocks. Thepain is gone and beginning to be replaced with need. Everything is sowet and bursa escort slick with cum the pleasure begins to mount, the cock so bigand sliding so effortlessly, stroking and massaging your insides. Youbegin to cum again in steady pleasurable waves. You cum several timesas he fucks you. You are now trying to reach down to pull him indeeper. As he begins to cum, you push your hips up to meet him andtake him as deep as you can. He finally pulls out, your pussy is wideopen and filled with cum.At this point everyone is in stunned silence trying to comprehend theintensity of what just took place. The first three men are still weakand trying to recover. The others are now watching in shock. Six hugeblack men usually cocky, arrogant and talking smack, now humbled. Iarranged it. You fucked them. Who is sexually dominant over the other?Nobody is so sure now. Check mate. You and I are awesome together.Your restrains and ball gag are no longer needed and I release you.Your pussy feels empty and you desire the fullness again. Youwillingly reach out and spread your legs for the fourth man. Now youare in charge fucking them, pulling them into you. Milking them oftheir massive loads of cum. Seeing you grabbing their muscular asseswith your small white hands, moaning and telling them “ that’s it, letgo and fill me with your warm cum”. It pulls at my heartstrings, butmakes me so hard to see you receive so much pleasure. To share thismoment with you, you are the most awesome friend in the world. Youfuck the fifth man and sixth man each filling you, breeding you,inseminating you with sperm so deep, with so much force into yourcervix, no swimming required.The last man pulls out and they dress and leave. It’s now only you andI again in the room. I contrast the scene now compared to you lying sobeautifully on the clean white sheets in the beginning. You areexhausted and unable to move. Soaked with sweat, hair wet, legs spreadand limp. Your entire lower body from the waist down is glistening wetfrom cum and sweat. The bed is soaked and looks like someone dumped afive-gallon bucket of cum all over. You face is relaxed and satiated.You look more beautiful to me now than when you began. I can’t helpmyself and move between your legs and kiss my way up your inner thigh,tasting the saltiness of cum. I slide my arms under and through yourlegs and hold your butt which is slick and wet. My body now lyingacross the wet sheets, I gently lick and kiss your pussy as my hardcock slides back and forth on all the slick cum until I orgasm addingmy own cum to the sheets.EpilogueI help you out of the car and need to practically carry you into thehouse like a wounded warrior unable to walk. As I strip you down, yourpanties are soaked and there is a trail of cum leaking down your legs.I cup your pussy with my hand through your panties to hold it in as Ihelp you to the bed and lift your limp legs up. I place a pillow underyou to elevate your hips to hold in all the cum. I remove yourpanties, all wet and warm, smelling of cum and sex. I can’t helpmyself, I pull them to my mouth and bite down on the soggy wetnesstasting your sex. I again go up and lick and gently suck you. Youfinally revive and run your fingers through my hair pulling me up.Though you are sore, you have me enter you and let me gently slide inand out as my reward until I cum adding my own. We drift off to sleep.We stay in bed the entire next day letting all the cum soak in, gentlyfucking every hour or two keeping you warm and wet with cum. Ninemonths later, you are blessed with a beautiful black baby.

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