The Swing Series 2


The Swing Series 2It was getting real close to Christmas and everyone was really getting into the holiday season. The weather that Saturday afternoon was really cold. The temperature had dropped below zero and the winds were pretty brisk.Pat, my wife’s sister, called about 2:00 p.m. and said she had been called into work and that her boyfriend, Joe, and she would not be able to make it over that evening. Pat said she had to work until 9:00 p.m. and she was going to have Joe bring over Sue’s Christmas present. I already knew what Sue was getting, but it was to be a complete surprise to Sue. I was a bit disappointed that Pat wouldn’t be coming over, also. Pat said that if the weather let up, she would try and stop by after work for a little bit. She had promised mea present, also. Pat said that I could have anything I wanted from her-ANYTHING!I was going to pray for a heat wave!Sue was disappointed that Pat couldn’t make it over and was really getting curious about the present I told her Joe would bring. After dinner I suggested that we shower and that Sue put one of her sexy, skimpy outfits on and that we just sit around the fire that night, have some good wine, smoke a couple of joints, spend a relaxing evening alone, and see what happened.Sue was a little apprehensive about getting into her skimps since she knew Joe would be stopping by. I told her he would only be here for a minute or so and that she could just stay by the fire while I met him at the door to get her gift. When I finished my shower, I put on some shorts and built a roaring fire in the fireplace. While Sue showered and changed into something “more comfortable,” I poured some wine, spread out a large soft comforter on the floor by the fire and added a few throw pillows. I was ready for a good time tonight and knew that Sue would enjoy all she was going to experience.Sue entered the room with a glow on her face. She said she had gotten really horny in the shower and had masturbated with the shower massager. She looked like a goddess. She had on a very tiny red silk top with small ties in the front. The ties were loose down to just below her breasts and showed almost all of them except for the nipples, which were hard and poking out through the material. Sue had put on a pair of red crotchless panties and I could see that she had also been busy shaving her pussy in the shower. She got that idea from seeing how much I enjoyed eating her sister’s shaved pussy a couple of months earlier. She had put on a black and red garter belt with black stockings. She knew the effect she was having on me when she saw that the front of my shorts were sticking out from my hard cock. Sue said she felt like a really sexy, slutty whore and was ready for anything I wanted. Sue brought out a large dildo/vibrator from behind her back and asked me if I would like to watch her use it on herself. What was I going to say-“No”? I told her to come over and lie down so I could eat that beautiful, freshly shaved pussy. She sat on the comforter next to me and we sipped our wine and smoked a joint to mellow out a bit. Sue lay back on the comforter and said I should set up the camcorder and maybe we could add some good film to our “private collection.” We had not done any private filming since that time Pat and Joe were over. We both really enjoy watching that now and then, when we are just sitting around alone. Sue was a bit disappointed that Pat and Joe were not coming over that night since she had thought that maybe we could get together again, like the last time. But she thought we could still have a good time with just the two of us. Sue was really getting horny and wanted to masturbate with the vibrator while I filmed. She had never let me watch her before and I was looking forward to it. I set the camera up, focused it on the area where we were lying and started filming. Sue positioned herself with her pussy facing the camera and her legs spread. I crawled between her legs and began licking that bare pussy, my tongue lapping up the juices from her. I sucked on her clit, nibbling on the tip. Sue was really getting into this and began moaning and telling me where to lick and stick my tongue. It didn’t take long for Sue to have her second orgasm of the night. I knew it wouldn’t be her last. I sat back out of the way of the camera and Sue began rubbing the nine-inch dildo over her lips, sucking in the head and swallowing about half of it. The door bell rang and Sue jumped, thinking that she should get covered up to at least say “Hi” to Joe. I told her to stay on the floor and that I would explain to Joe that we were “busy” and just get the present Pat had sent. I left her lying on the floor and went to answer the door, after putting on my housecoat. I opened the door and there was Joe. Sue’s “presents” were standing behind him and I let them all in, telling everyone to stay real quiet since I wanted this to be a real surprise for Sue. Joe quietly introduced me to his three brothers-Sue’s present! There was Paul, about 22 and the same size as Joe. Then Sam, about 20 and a bit shorter and thinner than his older brothers. Last, there was Tom. Joe said Tom was 17 and a virgin. All of the brothers were good-looking and obviously worked out to stay in great shape. And it was pretty easy to see that they were brothers. The one difference was the different skin tones-Joe’s brothers were not quite as dark as he was.I showed them into the den so they could get undressed without Sue knowing they were there yet. All but Tom were undressed in no time. All of them knew why they were here and seemed pretty anxious at the prospect of what was to CUM. Tom was a bit nervous, so we all comforted him by telling him just how much he was going to enjoy tonight. Sue called from the living room and I told her I would be there in a minute; I had to freshen our drinks. When the five of us got to the living room door there was Sue, legs spread, with that dildo/vibrator buca escort humming away and stuffed into her pussy. Her eyes were closed, her head was thrown back and strange mewling noises were coming from her. She was really getting into masturbating for the camera, which was still filming. Joe and his brothers stood there in awe, a look of amazement on their faces. Though Joe had told them about Sue, none of them had expected a white beauty like this. Their erections were a sure sign that theyliked what they saw. Tom, the virgin, already had pre-cum coming out of his seven-inch, dark black cock. Hereally looked excited. I was really proud of the effectthat my 38-year-old wife could still have on men. Herbig tits were heaving as she kept jamming that dildoin and out of her pussy. When Sue opened her eyes and saw everyone, she was shocked and embarrassed. Though she wanted to cover herself, there was nothing to cover herself with. I said, “Merry Christmas from Pat.”Sue saw that Joe and the others were as naked as I was and began to be more at ease. When she saw all of those large black cocks pointing at her, she just seemed to instinctively start to move the vibrator in her pussy some more. She saw how Tom’s eyes were glued to her pussy. It was sort of obvious that he had never seen a pussy before, let alone a white woman’s. Sue asked if we were all just going to stand there or join her. She was still obviously embarrassed and trying real hard to not act shy. Her nervousness was quite obvious, though.Joe knelt down and kissed Sue and said Merry Christmas. He placed his hand inside her top and squeezed her right tit, making Sue moan. I told the others to join their brother and enjoy themselves. They didn’t have to be told twice. Paul and Sam sat on Sue’s other side and their hands were all over Sue’s body, touching her silky white skin, admiring how the color of their skin contrasted from Sue’s. Tom knelt between Sue’s legs so he could see up close what Sue was doing with the dildo. Sue reached out with her free hand and took one of Tom’s hands, bringing it to her wet, dripping pussy. She removed the dildo from her pussy and placed Tom’s hand over her hairless mound. Tom didn’t seem to need any further help and began rubbing Sue’s pussy, spreading the lips and fingering her clit, which made her jump with pleasure. He seemed to be having a great time exploring my wife’s gushing pussy, eventually sticking his middle finger into her tight slit, moving it in and out in a fucking motion.Paul bent down and kissed Sue, sticking his tongue deep into her mouth. She sucked his tongue and then stuck her tongue into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer. Sam had removed Sue’s left breast from her top and was sucking on her nipple while Joe did the same to her right breast. Sue was moaning and writhing in pleasure, definitely enjoying herself.If you were wondering what I was doing, I had taken the camera from the tripod and was filming everything I could. Since everyone seemed busy, I thought I could at least direct some of what I was filming and told Tom to lick and suck my wife’s pussy. He laid between Sue’s widespread legs and began planting kisses on her silk-covered thighs, working his way up to her burning box. Sue grabbed Tom’s head and pushed his face into her pussy and said, “Eat me, suck my hot pussy, make me cum and then fuck me with that beautiful black cock!”Tom got so excited that he shot a long stream of cum all over Sue’s right leg. He looked a bit embarrassed by cumming so soon and without even being touched, but Sue reached down and scooped up as much of his cum as she could from her leg and sucked it into her mouth, telling Tom how good it tasted.Joe told Sue that Tom was a virgin and Sue’s eyes lit up like stars. She had never had a virgin before and told Tom that she couldn’t wait to show him everything about fucking and sucking and pleasing a woman. Tom, regaining his composure, returned to the task at hand and began running his tongue up and down Sue’s burning hot pussy. Sue gave him some instructions on sucking and nibbling her clit and he dove in like a pro. His cock remained hard as a rock. He seemed proud of that.Joe moved up and stuck his giant 12-inch cock in Sue’s face and she turned to it and, amazingly, sucked in at least four inches. I couldn’t believe that she could even get her mouth around that black monster cock, but there it was-stuck between her lips. She made sloppy, slurping sounds, sucking and milking his huge cock. Sue had one man licking her pussy, was sucking another and had two more cocks, one in each hand, milking them and feeling their size. Paul and Sam were uncircumcised, unlike Joe, Tom, and I. Sue enjoyed pulling their foreskins back and forth, making them moan with pleasure. Sam and Paul’s cocks were about the same size, eight or nine inches and pretty big around (though not like Joe’s). All of their cocks were coal black, and seeing my beautiful white wife sucking and playing with those large black cocks was a real turn on. I began masturbating, knowing that I wouldn’t last too much longer with all of this going on. I moved over by Sue’s head and asked Joe if I could “borrow” her mouth for a couple of minutes. He gladly moved to one side and I stuck my cock all the way into Sue’s mouth, down her throat. She sucked me like a vacuum and I shot what felt like gallons, Sue swallowing all of it without missing a drop. I stood again so I could continue filming and Paul took my place. Sue sucked his cock in with out missing a beat.Sue had always said that she had fantasized many times of getting fucked by a bunch of men, especially while her husband watched. This present was her dream cum true. Sue pulled Paul’s black cock from her mouth and said, “I want to get fucked, I need a hard cock in my tight pussy NOW. Joe, Fuck me with that giant cock of yours, show your brother, Tom, buca escort bayan how to do it.” Everyone shifted, Sue turned over and raised up onto her hands and knees. Joe got on his knees behind her and I watched as my wife reached under herself and grabbed Joe’s cock, placing it at the entrance to her starved pussy. Joe pushed forward and I watched and filmed as his huge black cock entered my wife’s bare white pussy, splitting her open and sinking all the way in. She let out a sound like all of the air had left her body and said, “My God, I am so stuffed with cock, it feels so good! Look at me, John-your wife is being fucked by another man and loving every minute of it! Somebody give me a cock to suck-I need more cock! I want to be filled with cum until its drips out of my pussy! I want to swallow and taste everyone’s cum, FUCK ME…FUCK ME…SCREW ME…MAKE ME CUM!”Since Tom had never had his cock sucked, I told him to feed his big black cock to her and blast a load of cum down her throat. He wasted no time in kneeling before her and stuffing her mouth with his cock. He played with her tits, commenting on how fantastic they felt, how the nipples on her 38Cs were so hard and extended. Sam and Paul were caressing Sue everywhere there was vacant space to fondle. Sue was bucking and ramming herself back onto Joe’s cock, trying to get every inch of his foot-long black cock as deep into her as she could. Joe kept pounding her pussy with his cock. Her pussy was really wet and making slurping sounds as it tried to milk the cum from the cock buried in it. About 10 minutes later Joe started to cum inside my wife’s pussy, I watched as she milked his cock with her pussy until his cum was gushing out from the sides around his cock and running down onto the blanket. Tom blasted his cum deep into Sue’s throat. She swallowed all she could, but still a lot of his scalding white cum dripped from her mouth onto her chin. I couldn’t believe the k** could still have that much cum in him after cumming once already. I watched as my wife licked and sucked Tom’s black cock, making sure she wasn’t going to miss any of his young virgin cum.Joe pulled out, as did Tom, and Sue rolled over onto her back. She pulled her legs up until her knees were beside her head and said she wanted someone, anyone, to climb on and fuck her hard and fast. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, asking Paul if he would like to fuck her wet, tight pussy with his big black cock. Paul climbed on and again I watched as my now uninhibited and slutty-and always wonderful — wife took another man’s cock and pushed it into her used pussy. Paul slammed into her with one stroke, burying himself to the balls. He began pumping into her, telling her how great it felt fucking his first white woman. He told her how tight she was, saying that he was going to cum in a couple of seconds at this rate. Sue humped back faster, wanting him to fill her with his cum. About two minutes later he blasted his cum into my wife. He got off and Sam climbed on immediately and slammed his cock into her in one stroke. Sue never even broke stride. She just kept fucking back and yelling about how great it was being fucked by five men at once. She said she wished Pat could be here to experience this, also. Sam lasted about ten minutes on his first time fucking my wife. When he pulled out, Sue said she wanted more: “Tom, get over here and stick that big dick of yours right in here. Mix your cum with your brother’s cum-fill me up! I want to feel your virgin cock in my pussy!”I couldn’t believe it but Tom still had a raging hard-on. He got in place, Sue grabbed his cock and lined it up and he pushed into her. We all stood back to watch Tom get his first piece of ass. He really looked like he was enjoying fucking my wife. She was giving him everything she had, squeezing those strong cunt muscles I knew so well around his virgin black cock. She bucked up into him every time he slammed down into her. He fucked my wife like a rabbit. His ass went up and down in a blur, his cock being milked by her vise-like pussy muscles. Tom lasted more than thirty minutes. When he came he slammed deep into my wife’s pussy and held himself still while she milked the cum from him. He let out a howl and she screamed, starting her own climax, mixing her cum with his inside her pussy.I was hard again and wanted to fuck Sue, I wanted to know what it felt like to fuck her after she had just had four other men fill her with their cum. Sue turned over onto her knees, bending forward and shoving her ass back at my hard cock. I slipped right in, watching as the other men’s cum kept sliding out of her pussy. Her pussywas so hot! It was sloppy with all of the hot cum inher, but believe it or not, it was still tight after being fucked by all of these men. After I came and added my load to the rest, we decided to take a break and Sue went into the other room to clean up a bit. While Sue was gone the guys and I talked about how good of a fuck Sue was and how she was such a fox. The guys were really enjoying themselves and so was I!Tom asked Joe if they were going to stay long enough so that he could get to fuck Sue again, of course if that was OK with me. Joe and I assured him that we all would get ALL we wanted before the night was over. I told Tom that Sue does not easily tire. Tom asked Joe if he could fuck Pat some time also, if she would let him. Joe told him that Pat had been wanting to try his brothers out since she had first met them. Joe said all of this was her idea and that she really hated missing tonight. He said Pat was as horny as, if not hornier than, Sue and liked nothing better than to be fucked by two men at once and really wanted to “do” three or more at once. Joe told Tom how Pat had told him that he wanted to teach Tom how to fuck a girl in the ass and Tom got really excited, his cock stirring yet again! Tom didn’t think a woman escort buca would like having a big cock crammed into her ass; Joe assured him that a lot of women liked it, but not all could take a cock up the ass. Joe told him about going slow and letting the woman push herself onto your cock until you were in and she was comfortable with having a cock shoved deep into her ass. Tom said he was looking forward to his first ass-fuck and that he hoped that he got to fuck Pat soon, he said that her tiny size really turned him on. Joe said not to let her size fool him-she could take a cock like any other woman he knew, although he hadn’t been able to fuck her in the ass yet since he was TOO big for most women’s asses.Sue returned with a lit joint in her hand and passed it to Joe. We all smoked it and got really high. Someone started laughing about something and the next thing we knew we were all rolling around like mad men laughing like crazy.When I looked up, Pat was standing in the doorway looking at all of us like we were crazy. Pat asked how Sue was enjoying her “present” and Sue turned and when she saw Pat got up and went over and kissed her hard on the mouth, thanking her for the greatest experience of her life to date. Sue told Pat to get “comfortable” and in seconds Pat was naked and looking over the “merchandise” wondering where to start.Joe’s brother’s were glad to see Pat and their hard cocks waved at her in unison when we all stood up. Pat and Sue went from cock to cock, inspecting them with their hands and then with their mouths. Pat knelt before Tom and asked, “Tom would you like me to suck your big black cock? Would you like to see your cock sliding into my white mouth and then squirt your cum down my throat, or would you like to put this in my pussy and fuck me until you cum inside me? You can fuck my ass, too, if you would like, I am sure that I could take thisup my tight ass and I’m sure you would LOVE that.” Tom’s cock answered by jumping in Pat’s hand. Sue told Pat that they should first put on a show for the guys to get them all really going good. Pat had no objections to that and laid back on the comforter spreading her legs for Sue.Sue squatted over Pat’s face and lowered her pussy to Pat’s mouth, who immediately began licking her cunt. Sue lowered her face to Pat’s cunt and stuck her tongue in her pussy as deep as she could get it. Since only Joe and I had seen two women together before we sort of sat back and watched Joe’s brothers watch the girls kissing, licking and sucking each other’s pussies. They were mesmerized and obviously turned on by it, as each of them was stroking his cock as if no one else was there. Both women came at the same time. Pat was really vocal as my wife sucked her sister to a climax. Sue rolled over and the guys were all over both of them. I climbed onto Pat and slammed my cock into her pussy in one stroke, taking her breath away with the ferocity of my thrusting. Pat took Tom’s cock in her mouth and I got a very close up view of his black cock sliding in and out of her mouth. It was such a turn on that I blasted my cum into my wife’s sister. I really enjoyed fucking Pat. She was so small it really was like fucking the girls back in high school years before. I sucked on her little right tit, taking the whole breast in my mouth. The nipple was rock hard and stuck out like Sue’s do when she is excited. Pat came with me. She seemed to be able to cum at will. It didn’t take much to get her off and she definitely couldn’t get enough of cumming. I got up and I watched my wife on her knees, fucking back into Sam, while Joe and Paul knelt in front of her while she alternated sucking one cock with the other. She was in heaven. I got the camera going again!Pat asked Tom to fuck her in the ass and had him lie on his back. Pat went into the bathroom and brought back a tube of KY Jelly and greased up her ass and Tom’s cock. Pat then squatted over his cock and very slowly lowered herself onto his long, stiff, black cock. I watched as it disappeared into her tiny ass. At first, from the look on her face, it didn’t look like she was going to be able to take it all. She stopped when she was about halfway down on his cock and let herself adjust to his size. After a minute or so Pat began to slide her ass farther onto Tom’s cock until she was totally stuffed with every inch. She sat still for a while to adjust again and then began fucking up and down on him. Tom was playing with her tiny tits, squeezing her nipples really hard and causing her to moan in ecstasy. I stepped in front of Pat and offered her my now-hard cock to suck on. She SWALLOWED me in one swoop! What a close-up I was getting of my cock in my sister-in-law’s mouth!! This film would be priceless.We all came about the same time. I saw Sam fill my wife’s pussy with his cum while Joe and Paul sprayed their cum all over her face. I watched my wife trying to catch as much of their cum as she could into her mouth. The rest she kept wiping up with her fingers and sucking her fingers dry. Tom shot his load deep into Pat’s bowels, Pat following close behind with her orgasm. I don’t know where it came from, but I shot another full load down Pat’s throat. She didn’t miss a drop. Pat asked Sue how she liked not only getting her dream gangbang, but also having her first cherry, i.e., Tom. Pat commented on how at least she got his cherry as far as ass-fucking. With that the girls again sucked each other’s pussies, eating all of the cum that who knows who shot in them. We were all losing count of how many times we were fucked and sucked that night. My wife and sister-in-law did themselves proud that night. The guys had to leave around midnight. Sue told Pat that she should stay the night since the weather was getting bad again. Joe said that they should get going because Sam and Paul had to work in the morning. Pat decided to stay, to my delight! I guess this was MY present!After the guys left, Sue, Pat and I retired to the bedroom. The girls got into bed on either side of me, we cuddled for a while and then all fell asleep, totally exhausted. In the morning I was awakened to Sue swallowing my cock and Pat licking my balls. Here we go again… YEEEEEEHAAAAAA!!!!

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