The trip

The trip
We’d been working together for almost a year. She was a long haired beauty that came in and took the company by storm. The relationship between us was organic. She was gorgeous and immediately I was smitten by her. She had a smile with bright eyes that could light up the room.

But we didn’t start out craving each other’s bodies.

Working closely together we got to know each other. She was incredible. Smart. Funny. Passionate about all the same things as myself. We grew really close. We were both married, so we never acted on the feelings that grew between us, but they were there. We knew they were. We just lived responsibly.

Until the trip.

We had spent a long day at a work conference. We had a good time as usual, telling jokes and laughing at how stupid everyone else was. We were on our way back. It was well after dark, approaching midnight. She was driving. Both being tired we had been quiet for some time, a stark contrast to our usually rowdy ways.

Without warning she pulled the car off the empty two lane highway and entered a graveyard. “What the fuck,” I inquired, wondering what was up.

She just looked at me with a deviant smile. “Do you trust me?”

“Not at all. You just pulled over in a graveyard at midnight. This is the start of every murder mystery I’ve ever read,” I answered.

“Shut up,” she said with a quick laugh. In a flash she had opened her door and jumped out, jogging away from the car leaving me sitting alone.

“She’s out of her god damn mind,” I thought to myself.

“Come find me,” she called as she disappeared into the night.

I hesitated to exit the car. An impromptu game of hide and seek in a graveyard late at night after a long day was not my idea of fun. But I obviously had no choice. I exited the car. “If something reaches up and grabs you I’m not saving your ass! Im gonna get in this car and drive home and I’ll just tell them where I left you” I warned jokingly. She just laughed.

The moon cast a light down on the graveyard in areas, but the trees around and inside left plenty of shadowy areas for hiding. I set about finding her. I was ready to get to bed, so I was going about it like a hunt, and not a game. Find her and get back on the road. That was my goal.

She kept taunting me with her laughter, or softly calling out to me. For a few minutes this went on and on. I was beginning to get frustrated though I made a point not to show it. Finally I came around a tree and saw her standing in the pale moonlight.

She wasn’t hiding though.

She appeared to be waiting. She was leaning back resting on a headstone, her legs crossed, looking around at the sky and the trees. She didn’t know how close I was. The shadow of the tree was concealing me. I won’t lie, the thought of emerging from the shadows and laying her out with a running tackle crossed my mind. But I decided against. I didn’t think she would appreciate that.

Just before I emerged from the shadow I spoke. “Is this your idea of fun?” I asked as the light fell over me. She wasn’t startled. She just looked at me, seemingly impressed with my ability to sneak up undetected.

“Can we go now?” I asked, feeling like I had won the game.

She just smiled that sweet, sexy smile at me. Slowly she raised her arm and extended her finger. She began to curl it slowly, motioning me to her.

It didn’t take a college degree to assess the situation.

I walked forward slowly. She smirked with a sultriness that was already causing less slack in my jeans. I stopped just short of her. She had her head turned to the side looking at the ground, waiting to see what my next move was.

“What’s the matter,” she said, “don’t you want me?”

No sooner than the final world had left her mouth I scooped her up in my arms, pulling her body against mine. She looked up at me surprised. She didn’t move a muscle. She just waited.

“You know better than that,” I said lowly as she continued to stare.

“Are you sure, because I wasn’t so sure until you-” in a flash I reached up grabbing a handful of hair, pulling her head back exposing her neck which I immediately bit into. She gasped and squirmed, but I don’t want letting her away. A soft moan escaped her lips as I let go and moved my mouth right up to her ear. “You know better than that,” I repeated again, this time in a whisper in her ear. As she wrapped her arms around me I bit softly on her ear. She was holding onto me hard now.

I let her eat go and slowly start kissing my way down the side of her neck back to her throat. My hands held her side, gripping tightly in one spot before moving to another and gripping it. I wanted to feel every inch of her body. Continuing to softly kiss her neck, and drag my tongue across it she began to hold my head. My hands had moved up her chest, and with my right I grabbed her boob and gave it a firm squeeze. She breathed deeply, and leaned her head back. I took advantage and gave her a soft bite. Grabbing the other boob I squeezed them both at the same time. She moaned loudly. I quickly let them go, and drop my hands back down to her waist, running them around the corner of her hips to her ass. I grab both cheeks at once, and surprising to her I pick her up and sit her down on the stone.

Taking a step back we both just stare each other in the moonlight. Thunder softly rumbles overhead. We both stare, not knowing what to say. Both thinking the same things, but trying not to. To break the silence I give in. I step forward again and grab her by the face and kiss her. She doesn’t resist. I kiss her deeply. Our tongues writhing like snakes, months of a deep, intense desire spilling out into the open. My hands go back exploring her body, now grabbing her parted thighs as I stand between them.

Her hands have taken off on their own, reaching down to undo my belt. She struggles to get my belt free because I’m pressed so close to her. She persists though, and eventually unfrees my belt. I continue kissing her, the passion and desire overwhelming us both. She’s working on my pants now, as I slide my hands up under her shirt. I slide my hands flat across her bare skin, feeling her for real. He skin is soft. As I reach her bra, I slide my fingers under the wires, lifting the whole thing up, grabbing both of her boobs in my hands. Her nipples are both hard, and she shudders as my hands run over them.

I grab her boobs in my hands, squeezing them while also squeezing her nipples between my fingers. Her back arches, and her hands go limp abandoning their quest to unbutton my jeans. With her head leaned back I lean in deep, biting and sucking on one spot of her neck. As I release her boobs she comes back to life, now with a new intensity. She gets violent with my jeans, nearly ripping them open. With a jolt she gets the button undone and as fast she she can shoves her hand inside to grab my cock. It’s already hard as the rock she’s perched on. She gasps as her hand closes around it. She grabs it firmly, moaning again. She then loosens her grip and begins to stroke it lightly. I again grab her boobs firmly, this time pinching her nipples and giving them a pull. She reacts by clamping down on my cock in her hands as if paralyzed.

I let her nipples go. She gives a soft whimper, missing the attention to them. I start lifting her shirt. She unwillingly pulls her had out of my pants to allow it to come off. I pull it off of her roughy. The moon has disappeared behind the clouds, but a faint strike of lightning in the clouds illuminates her before me. Shirt off, in only her bra, leaned back looking at me. As if thinking the same thing we both go to get rid of the bra at the same time. She unhooks it and let’s it fall to the ground as I kiss her shoulders, slowly making my way down her chest. She holds onto my head and shoulder now as I continue to work my way down. As I reach the top of her left breast I stop kissing. I stick my tongue out and very slowly drag it down her breast. Her breathing is heavy. More thunder overhead joins her moan. I stop just short of reaching her nipple, and drag my tongue around the side, in a move she wasn’t expecting. She moans, slightly disappointed. I gently bite the side of her boob. She’s trying to force her nipple into my mouth now, but I’m in control. I suck hard on her boob, my free hand now squeezing the other. I pull my mouth off of it, turning my head to the side, facing her nipple. I extend my tongue out, and lick up, dragging the side of my tongue across her nipple.

As a rumble of thunder fades the sound in the air is replaced by her exclamation. “Oh my god!” I don’t give her any time to recover as I turn my head straight on to face it, flicking her nipple with my tongue before taking it in my mouth. She leans back with a loud moan as I suck hard on her nipple, flicking it with my tongue in my mouth. I begin pulling it out of my mouth, running my teeth over it lightly, causing her to gasp. The lighting fails the air again as the wind starts to pick up. I turn my attention to her other boob now, using the tip of my tongue to flick it. I run my tongue around the base of her nipple before taking it in my mouth, my hands gripping her sides to keep her right where I want her. I release her sides as I suck on her nipple, moving my hands back up to her boobs. As I pull her nipple out of my mouth I begin squeezing them in my hands. I squeeze them together as tightly as I can, and then I lean in and take both nipples in my mouth at once, nibbling on the both of them at the same time. “Oh fuck” she says, not expecting the move.

After another moment of worshipping both of her perfect boobs at once I let them go. They fall back into place and I step back getting a look at her. Her eyes are closed tight. Her face full of pleasure. She opens her eyes and looks at me with a lust I’ve never seen before. Her eyes fall down to my undone jeans. She doesn’t have to say a word. I know by the look what she’s ordering me to do.

As I drop my own she hops off the stone removing hers. The whole time we both keep our eyes locked. She gently climbs back up on the stone, crossing her legs. Once I’ve removed my own pants and boxers I stand there and look her over in the darkness. The wind blows on my skin, cooling me down, a welcome feeling. I slowly step forward as she finally breaks her gaze, looking down at her own body. As my thighs touch her crossed knees the landscape lights up momentarily with a flash of lightning. It’s as if though the lightning snaps her back into the moment and her eyes once again meet mine.

I slowly and gently push her legs apart. She doesn’t resist. Slowly I step forward, standing over her. She looks up at me innocently. I lean down once again, kissing her deeply. Madly. I press my rock hard cock against her legs, letting her know I’m there. I can feel the heat of her body radiating into mine. Light, warm raindrops fall occasionally on my shoulders. She pushes her lower half to the edge of the stone, leaning back with her top half, welcoming me. I take one final step forward. She’s biting her lower lip, as I run my hand down her chest. As my hand ventures below her waist her body lurches, she breathes in through clinched teeth, and I smile, loving the seeing her caught in my whelm like she is. I slowly brush my hand against her clit, barely touching it. Just enough to drive her wild, but not actually please her. She exhales, her head back, eyes still closed. Thunder rumbles a little louder overhead now. Even by barely brushing her pussy I can feel how wet it is.

She’s ready.

But I’m in control.

I pull my hand away guide it to my cock. I use it to control my tool as I lean in deep against her now. I lay my cock down on her pubic bone, just above her pussy. I lean in, pulling her to me and kiss her again, grinding my dick into her. Her pussy against my balls in hot and wet. She tries to push forward to get some stimulation from it, but she can’t. She pulls back and moans. “Please” she whispers. “I want you. I need you. Inside of me.” I am living off of her want now. It fuels me. I need her to need me. Inching back I let my cock slide off of her pelvis. It slides down over here clit, down the front of her pussy, aided by how wet and ready she is. She shudders and moans, throwing her head back.

I give a low growl. “Mmm. Baby you have no fucking idea how hot you look right now,” I say to her in a low calculated voice. She doesn’t respond, but instead grabs my hips with her hands and tries to pull me in. “Ohhh, where’s your patience?” I ask.

“Please. I need it,” she begs.

Once again I grab my cock. The raindrops continue to sprinkle lightly. I run the head of my cock all the way from the bottom of her pussy all the way to the top. She moans and tries again to push it in. Not yet. Once I get to her clit I rub my cock over it a few times. She lets out a loud moan, finally getting a taste of pleasure. I apply a little more pressure and increase the speed. She arches, and begins moaning rhythmically. Before she cums I stop. She lets out a frustrated sigh and opens her eyes to stare at me. I stare back, giving her a wolffish grin. “How bad do you want it?” I ask.

“I want it fucking bad,’ she answers looking up at me. Lighting flashes. I see her before me. Helplessly waiting. There’s no disappointment, just desire. Mad desire.

“How bad?” I ask, egging her on.

“I want you to fuck me. Right now. Hard. And fast. I want you to take your cock and-” I cut her off mid-sentence by thrusting my cock deep into her pussy. She lets out a guttural moan and her entire body jolts as it takes my cock in. I push it all the way in until our hips have collided. Then I push it in even farther. She’s grasping my hips, her nails digging in. She lets out another loud moan, drowning out the thunder overhead. I pull my cock almost all the way out and thrust back in again. Her pussy is so wet. So tight. Even better than I’d imagined. She wraps her legs around me drawing me in.

“Oh fuck… that feels so good,” she says panting. I pull back again, and this time thrust a little harder. A little faster. She moans as my hips collide with hers. I thrust again. And again. And again. Picking up the speed a little more each time, a little harder each time. “Oh yes, fuck me,” she says exasperated. I grab her hips for control, and start pumping away, fucking her the way I always imagined.

“Oh baby that pussy is incredible. Fuck,” I say as I keep pounding away at it. “You are so fucking sexy, and I’ve waited so fucking long to fuck you, and now I’m gonna make the most of it” I exclaim as I shift my thrusts into slow, hard, deep ones. She leans forward wrapping her arms around my shoulders, holding on tight so I don’t fuck her right off of the stone onto the ground. With each thrust she lets out a muffled “yes”, digging her nails in even more, holding on even tighter. Our bodies are mashed together, her moans becoming more shallow all the time. Her breathing is loud and labored. A few more moments of labored thrusting she lets out with a loud moan, and her body shudders with a powerful orgasm. As I keep pounding throughout her body eventually softens up. She loosens her grip on me, and moans with pleasure in my ear.

“Cum for me baby. Cum for me,” she whispers in my ear. I don’t have to be told twice. I pull out my cock and shoot a massive load of cum all over her chest and abdomen. She leans back and moans, proud of the load she’s just emptied from my balls. Playfully she takes her finger and wipes some up, tasting it. “Oh you taste good,” she says, grabbing some more. I put my still hard cock back in her pussy and push it all the way in, enjoying her just for a moment longer.

The sky lights up with visible bolts of lightning now, the thunder now sounding more ominous. She sighs, laying both hands on my chest. “We should probably get going,” she says.

Still fully inside her I pull out, and thrust back in again, washing her face in pleasure.

“Did I say I was done?” I ask. She looks at me wide eyed, give a little smile, and the lighting overhead lights both of our bodies up one more time….

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