Three Male Slaves, One Mistress

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Three Male Slaves, One MistressI had to repost this one. “Lydia, go take the c***dren outside for a while.” I wave my hand dismissively in their direction, “Swimming or something. Just away from here for a while.” Lydia placed her right fist to her left shoulder in a salute and bowed to me. “Of course, my Mistress.” Without another word, she herded Runa and Lucia, my two adopted daughters, out the door. I knew she would be ample protection for them, as I listened to her armor clank, as she walked away with the c***dren.After they have left the house, I walk around to the main dining hall and find one of my male slaves, Falkren, playing the lute and singing a song. I listen for a bit, his melodious voice echoes throughout the hall. When he is done with his song, I applaud, which makes him turn towards me. I walk in his direction, and say in a low voice, as to not be heard by others, “Very good, Falkren. I am of need of your …” I hesitate, trying to think of an appropriate phrase “let’s say… services. There is something I need you to do, for me. Meet me in my bed chamber in a few minutes, while I get the others. I will tell you what I need you to do once I have gathered them there as well.” Falkren does the same formal salute to me, as Lydia had done, and says, “At once Mistress.” He gently places his lute by the fireplace and quickly leaves the room.I practically purr to myself, as I watch his retreating back. ‘Oh, yes,’ I think to myself. ‘This is going to be wonderful.’ I laugh a small evil laugh, as I continue on to the armory.I can hear Eric banging some metal on an anvil before I reach him. He puts the hot metal in water, and is engulfed in a cloud of steam. I watch for a bit, as those big Nordic arms, glistening with sweat, pump the bellows, making the forge fire hotter.It takes a bit before he notices me, with a start. “M.. Miss .. Mistress?” he stutters, as he gets over his surprise. He formally salutes, as he apologizes, “I’m sorry, Mistress! I didn’t know that you were there! Do you… Do you need new armor? A weapon perhaps?” he asks, still flustered at my sudden arrival at his side.I chuckle softly, as I come closer to him. My long nails gently rake over his muscled arm, “Eric, I am in need of your services. Meet me upstairs in my bed chamber. I need only people I can trust.” Eric nodded his head silently, a hard look on his face. “I will be there shortly. There is just one more person I need to get.” He formally saluted me and strode off. I felt a small pang of guilt about the way I was going about this, especially with Eric. He is a good armorer. One of the best. My blades can slice through a bandit’s neck like it was butter. ‘Oh well,’ I think to myself. ‘I will make it up to him shortly. Besides he is a slave and he has to do what I tell him to do anyways. What do I care what he thinks?’ I rub my hands together with glee, as I think what is about to happen. ‘Hehe! I can’t wait!’My anticipation hurries my steps, as I walk as dignified as possible to the stables. No sense giving the other slaves something to gossip about when they should be working. I get into the stables and see Jorah pitching hay into a stall. As one of my darker skinned slaves, he gets lots of attention because darker skinned slaves are so rare. I had to pay extra just to have him. ‘Mmmm… and indeed I shall,’ I think to myself, as I walk up to him. “Jorah!” I almost snap.” He looks up startled. “I need your services.””Yes, ma’am. Where do you need me?” he asks, as he drops the pitch fork.”Not here,” I sneer, looking down my nose at him, reminding him that I am his superior. “Go upstairs to my bed chambers. I shall meet you up there.” He nods to me, formally salutes, then leaves the stables.I laugh again to myself, as I make my way to one of the guest bedrooms, where I have stored some supplies in a trunk. I lock the door behind me, as I quickly start to shed my armor. Each piece falls to the floor with a loud clunk. I reach into the trunk and pull out a bottle of massage oil and rub the jasmine scented stuff all over my body. After my body I glistening with oil, I pull on a sheer almost transparent dress. The golden fabric contrasts well against my tanned skin. I let my long brown hair fall into loose waves across my large full breasts. I finish off the ensemble with a gold anklet and a bulky sapphire necklace. I look in the looking glass and approve of my reflection before I head to the door of the guest room.I quietly poke my head out, to make sure the coast is clear. I watch a female slave’s back, as she walks down the hall. Once she turns the corner, I rapidly lock the door behind me, and pad barefoot down the hallway, bringing the massage oil with me, to my bed chambers. Three anxious male faces greet me, as I quickly enter and triple lock my door. I sigh with relief, as I lock that final deadbolt. I turn around to face the three men I have assembled in my bed chamber. Eric and Falkren are sitting at the table, while Jorah stands holding himself separate from the other two.I hold my head at a regal angle, as I glide to my chair by the window. The men’s gazes silently follow me, as I sit down. I sit down in the chair, enjoying the slight gasp I hear from the men, as they realize just how shear my dress is in direct sunlight. A smug smile lights my face and my nipples pebble, canlı bahis as I think about what they are seeing.The men silently wait for me to say something, as I take in the view before me. Eric, with his large blacksmith muscles still gleaming with sweat, and his long blonde hair. Falkren with his dark hair and long tapered fingers. And Jorah. He was a very fine male specimen indeed. I licked my lips, in anticipation, as I let the tense moment draw out.”Falkren,” I say gently, turning slightly to focus my attention to him.”Yes, Mistress?” Falkren replied worriedly.”You have been a slave in my household for what? Three years now?””Four, actually, madam.” Falkren responded cautiously.”That long! My goodness!” I smile at him, before I turn to Eric. “And Eric? Five years is it?”Eric nods his head, as he replies, “Yes, Mistress.””And Jorah.” I turn my radiant smile towards him. “You are new to our little… let’s say family. Yes?”Jorah shuffled nervously from foot to foot and said, “Yes ma’am,” in a low voice.I look away from the intense gazes of the three men to take a sip of iced tea on the table that is by my side. The men gasp again, as I ‘accidentally’ uncross my legs and give them a flash of the forbidden, as I recross them again. “Gentlemen, let me first apologize.”This got the men’s attention more than that brief flash of my womanhood. The Mistress apologize? To slaves? Now this was something unheard of. All three men lean closer, as to not miss a single word.”I apologize for making you rush up here. Acting like this is some big secret emergency.” I chuckle to myself a little. “Silly me. I’m sorry gentlemen. There is no emergency. No problem. No one has to get punished or killed.” The men visibly relax with my words. “I have asked all of you here today, because I feel as though I can trust you three with a … proposal of sorts.” The men’s interest perks up again for two reasons. One, my words, and two, as I was speaking, I had swept my long brown hair back and my pebbled nipples were pushing against the shear fabric of my dress.”If you accept my terms, I will offer you your freedom.” The men were already practically drooling with eagerness to accept, as I continued. “I, of course, would like to continue each of your services for my household, so after you are,” I pause for effect. “Free. Men.” I paused again to let that sink in a little further. “I will have you continue your services in my household for a stipend of one hundred gold coins a month.” I finish smugly.The men looked incredulously at each other. One hundred gold coins a month? What man was going to turn down freedom and a veritable fortune in gold? Falkren stood up and said, “Mistress, I think I speak for all of us, when I ask… What do you want us to do for all of this?” The other men nodded in agreement, as well. “Well…” I take another sip of my iced tea, prolonging the moment again, as I make them wait. “I have chosen the three of you, because the three of you are unattached, very clean, good workers, and, as far as I can tell …” Another sip. Another prolonged moment. “And very male.” I finished with an almost purr in my voice. The men looked incredulously at each other again. “I would like you three to be available any time I wish, together or separately for the next three months….. to fuck me whenever and wherever I feel like.” A huge grin slowly spreads across their faces, as I take another sip of my iced tea. “For the next three months, I want you to fuck me, while maintaining the upmost secrecy. The other slaves cannot know about our agreement.” I glared at them now, using my best ‘Mean Mistress’ look. “If I hear one whisper. One iota. One shred of indecency about my reputation, I will have you killed. Either horribly or in you sleep. I haven’t decided yet.” I glared at each man in turn. “Is that clear?” I asked in my most authoritative tone of voice. All three men nodded in unison, knowing only too well how my threats were not idle ones.”While we are in private, I give you three permission from this point forward to speak freely. While we are in public, I will be treated with the proper respect due to me and my station.”All three men nodded. “Well? Seeing how you are now allowed to speak freely, what do you think of my proposal?” I asked, while regally sipping my iced tea again.Falkren stood up and asked, “So, … that is the only thing we need to do for you? Just bed you when you want us to and we are free men?””Yes,” I reply.”We will be free. Free to do whatever we feel like doing?” Falkren asked.”Leave?” Eric asked hopefully.”Marry?” Jorah questioned.”Buy a house?” Falkren chimed in.”After three months, I will not have a say as to what you do, so that would be up to you wouldn’t it?” I said with a small laugh.The men were all grinning like mad fools at this point. “Also, besides secrecy, I must demand that you not bed anyone else during these three months. I don’t share. Is that understood?” All three men nod in agreement.”What about your husband?” Jorah quietly asks.”What about him? He is a very sweet man, but I make the gold around here, not him. What I do with my slaves is my business and no one else’s. Now, do we have an accord?” I ask hopefully.The three men look at each other and then formally salute me, bowing as one. “Yes, Mistress!” they shout in unison.Very pleased with myself, bahis siteleri I say, “Good. Let’s start now shall we?”I have never seen grown men strip faster. Before you could pick a coin off the floor, I was faced with three naked men, each with a very erect cock. I clapped my hands with glee, as I went to each one and looked them over with a discerning eye.Eric was first. Long blond hair. Strong Nordic Features. Broad muscled shoulders. A thick bulbous cock, pre-cum already seeping out the tip. He shuddered, as I ran a finger up his long shaft with approval.Falkren was next. A bit on the skinny side, but his 7 1/2 inch cock curved and bobbed when I came close to him.I moved on to Jorah. He had been working his cock with his hands and removed them when I got closer. A small gasp escapes me, as I see his magnificent iron spike. About 10 inches long, his cock flared out into a large mushroomed head that was almost twice as wide as the thick stalk. “I knew you were worth what I paid for you.” I said with a soft sigh.I back up and all three men face me, their hands working their hard cocks. With one movement, I unclasp my dress and let it fall to the floor. Their hands speed up into overdrive, as I stand before them with only jewelry on. One of them groans, I am not sure who, as I watch them work their cocks. “One more thing before we start. I like to be bedded a little roughly sometimes. Pull my hair and call me naughty names, too. Ok?” Another groan from one of the men, which I took to be in the affirmative.I sit down at the edge of the bed and spread my legs giving them full view of my glistening pussy. “Falkren?” I ask sweetly. “Yes, ma’am?” Falkren practically groans.”Get on your knees and lick my pussy.” Not having to be told twice, Falkren does as he is told. The other two men groan and furiously work their hard dicks, as they watch Falkren spread my pink folds and start to lap up my sweet honey. “You two.” I say to the other two men, “Come over here so I can suck those giant cocks.”The two men rush over to the bed. I take Eric’s big bulbous cock in my hands, as I take Jorah’s hard rod into my mouth first. My mouth can barely get around the large flared head, as I take him as deep as I can into my mouth. I take my wet mouth off of Jorah’s cock, and lick my tongue up the length of Eric’s thick shaft. “Pull my hair and tell me what a nasty whore I am being.” I say, as I look up at Eric from my position on the bed.Eric obediently pulls my hair, causing me to gasp with pleasure, “You are a filthy little cum slut.”Jorah growled, “Tart,” at me while he tweaked one of my nipples.”Oooh yes! Like that!” I moaned, as I took Jorah’s cock back into my mouth, running my tongue along the long shaft.Between my legs, Falkren inserted a finger into my tight pussy, making me moan around Jorah’s hard member.Eric said disdainfully at me, “What a fucking whore,” as he forcibly pulled my face away from Jorah’s cock and pushed his own hard dick deep into my warm mouth. “Suck this cock until you gag, bitch.” Eric’s rough treatment and tone brought a whole new flood of juices to my excited pussy, which Falkren happily lapped up.Both of Eric’s hands were holding my head, while he started to fuck my face. Jorah is now sucking on both of my giant breasts and Falkren is pumping three fingers hard into my dripping pussy, while he licks and sucks my clit.”Can’t get enough dick, can you? God, what a fucking slut.” Eric sneers at me, while he is humping my face. “You better take every last drop of my cum, you filthy bitch, and fucking love it, cunt.” He holds my head steady, as he cums big gobs of white cum deep into my throat. I moan, as I swallow as much as I can. A lot of it drips out of my mouth, dribbling down my face and chin, as he withdraws his still hard manhood. Jorah doesn’t hesitate to shove in his big black cock into my cum filled mouth. Eric switches places with Falkren, so he could have a turn having his dick sucked. Eric quickly curled and pumped his fingers into me in a way that had me cumming rapidly on his tongue and making me grind my pussy against his face.”Suck that big black cock, you fucking dirty harlot,” Jorah says to me, as he pulls my hair and pushes his hard iron spike deeper into my mouth. Jorah groans and withdraws his cock with a loud wet noise.I take Falkren’s manhood into my mouth, as Jorah cums all over my face and breasts, grunting the whole time. Falkren’s cock isn’t as thick as the other two, so I have no problem taking his manhood in almost all the way to his balls.”Suck my dick, wench,” Falkren moans, as I bob my head up and down on his long curved cock. Falkren cums quickly in my mouth with a loud groan. I swallow almost everything, moaning while Eric makes me cum again. Jorah is back at full mast, so I push him down onto the bed. The other two men jerk their cocks with their hands as they watch me straddle Jorah’s legs. Jorah’s strong hands go to my hips, as I slowly guide his huge dick into my pussy. He moves his hands to my milky white breasts, as I start a slow rhythm up and down his long pole.”Oh God, yes!” I cry out, as Jorah starts to fuck me hard.”You like my big black cock, don’t you, whore? You fucking naughty slut,” Jorah growled at me, as his cock pumped furiously into my wet pussy.”Falkren… Get.. Oooh Yeah…. right there baby! Oh!” güvenilir bahis I can’t help but to interrupt myself with a moan, “Falkren… Get that massage … oil… from… Oh God! Yes! … from over there.” The pause in my words was from Jorah slamming his cock into my tight wet pussy hard. My large breasts bounce up and down, as I ride him moaning and squealing with pleasure.Falkren quickly retrieved the massage oil. “Give some to…. Jorah! Oh!” Jorah took some in both of his hands. “Rub it on my breasts.” Jorah did as he was told, until my breasts were gleaming in the waning light. I paused Jorah for a moment and leaned forward against his chest presenting the other two men with a very good view of Jorah’s cock in my pussy, vast gobs of white cum dripping down his long shaft, and my ample ass with it’s tight brown hole. “Falkren, use that massage oil on my asshole. Make sure to lube it up well.” He did as he was told, dumping lots of oil on my ass crack and even pushing a lubed up finger into the tight hole.”Now, slowly insert your big cock into my butt. Use lots of oil at the same time. I have to get used to it.” Falkren lubed up his cock with the massage oil and positioned himself behind me. He rubbed his cock around the tight entrance a bit, then slowly inserted his dick into my back route. I groaned, as the feeling of being double penetrated overwhelmed me, and I came in a glorious orgasm.Falkren seeing that I was cumming, took this opportunity to push in his staff all the way in to the root. After he gets it completely in, he starts up a steady rhythm, pumping his huge dick in and out of my lubed ass, spanking me occasionally, causing me to squeal with pleasure. Jorah can feel his rhythm through the thin wall of my cunt, as he starts up an answering pace in my pussy.Overcome with the sensations of being fucked by two cocks at once, I am surprised, but delighted, when Eric pulls my hair and pushes his hard iron spike into my mouth. “Take this giant cock, you fucking slut. I am going to cum down your throat while you are being fucked like the worthless bitch you are,” Eric sneers at me. I moan around his huge pulsating cock, as he starts to fuck my face.All three men are fucking their hard cocks into every hole that I have. I can feel the sploodge just oozing out of me. The room is filled with the noises of out fucking. The three men groaning… balls slapping the wet surface of my skin… and above it all the muffled keening wail that was coming out of my mouth around Eric’s cock.Falkren removes his dick out of my ass with a slurping pop noise, and Jorah flips me over so I am on my back on the bed. He pounds my wet pussy hard, his 10 inch cock practically nailing me to the bed.Eric lays next to me on his back, with his cock straight up in the air. In one swift movement, the two men pick me up and impale my ass on Eric’s hard pole. I scream, as they start to both fuck me at a furious pace, not even pausing to let me catch my breath. Falkren stands at my head and practically sits on my face. “Use your tongue and lick my ball sacs, fucking bitch. I am going to fuck those huge tits with this giant dick.” He puts his ball sacs and ass right on my face and forces my hands to hold my breasts tightly together, so he can fuck his cock in between them.I do as I am told, happily licking at his two hairy stones. First, taking one in my mouth and laving my tongue around it, pushing it against the wall of my cheek. Then I do the same to the other one.Falkren groans, “Oh Mistress, you naughty whore,” when my mouth licks the skin between his taut sacs and his tight hole. He moans even louder when my tongue pushes into his small tense ring, mimicking what the other two men were doing to my two well used holes.I have lost count how many times I have cum at this point. The men have each cummed several times as well, so I have sticky white ooze coming out of every orifice and dripping down my skin. As if they had discussed it, all of them start to furiously pump their cocks in and out of me. Slamming me at such a rapid harsh pace, that I am hit with orgasm after orgasm, each one building on the last, until I am toppled over by a giant tidal wave of pleasure.All three men withdraw from me, causing huge gobs of cum to seep out of every hole onto the bed. Then, I am roughly pulled to a kneeling position on the bed.All three men start to jerk their cocks, as I sit with my mouth open in anticipation. They all groan and grunt, as their cocks all spurt large strings of hot sticky cum into mouth and all over my face and breasts. I swallow as much as I can, as they rub their cocks all over my wet skin.After the last strand of jizz has been expelled, and the last bit of cum has been swallowed, three pairs of hands gently push me backwards down onto my back. They each take a cloth and softly wipe me down, cleaning off my face, my breasts, even in between my legs and ass cheeks. I sigh contentedly, as they rub me down with the soft cloths.Now finished, one by one, the men lay down in the bed with me. Eric places my head on his naked chest and wraps his protective arms around me. Falkren lays behind me and spoons me from behind. Jorah lays down behind Falkren and settles in position, with one of his dark hands wrapped around one of my breasts.Just before we slipped into a well deserved rest, I softly say, “I cannot wait until tomorrow,” with smug satisfied smile on my face. The men look at each other with mad grins on their faces, before happily settling down with their hands full of their share of my ample curves.

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