Vicki-72 yr old hottie


Vicki-72 yr old hottieVicki-72 yr old hottieI had to see my MD for a follow up on some pretty extensive knee surgery one afternoon. As entered the office I noticed that the waiting room was full and at the receptionist’s desk stood a tall, maybe 5’8″ slender woman with long silver hair shoulder length. Her ass was flat but after all, she was on in years, but the rest of her seemed to be well kept. As it was my turn to check in she stood next to me and filled out some paperwork and I got a glimpse of her face. She was beautiful! I could tell she was probably 5 yrs older than me, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. After we checked in we ended up sitting next to each other as the placed was full. She caught my eye and mentioned how busy it was and then introduced herself at Victoria. I could smell her perfume which was light and sexy. She noticed the nasty scar on my leg and said she was in for a follow up on her wrist which she broke in a fall a few months back. We chatted a little about normal things like weather, the area etc. and she was called into the office before me. I thought she was a rarity as most women who live in this retirement area are short, dumpy with big overhanging stomachs and something I would personally not like to lay down with, but would let them suck my cock! After seeing the MD I went to my truck and started it up to leave when there was a knock on the window. It was Victoria! I let the window down and she said she hoped I didn’t think she was being too forward but wanted to know if I would join her for a cup of espresso. I never turn down espresso and certainly not with her. I asked where we could go as it’s not something you can get in a lot of places and she said she lived about a mile from where we were and she just got some fancy espresso machine and it made excellent Cuban coffee and I should follow her. She lived in a ranch style house tastefully decorated and neatly kept. She had upscale furnishings and an 80″ TV hung on a wall in the family room. Truly a woman after my own heart! She said the TV was her husband’s idea and he passed away about 3 yrs. ago. She made the coffee and we sat on the sofa and enjoyed it. She said that her husband had been very ill, finally passed away which she said was a blessing overall as he had suffered and that it wasn’t until about 6 mos. ago she realized that she had to get on with her life and she donated pretty much all of his belongings but kept the ‘damn TV’ in his memory! She excused herself to use the bathroom izmir escort and I looked around her place and noticed photo’s of her and her husband who was quite handsome and she was just gorgeous! I knew when I first saw her she must have been good looking in her youth and I was right. When she returned she was wearing a satin robe and I could see the outline of a lacey bra at her cleavage. She sat down close enough for her thigh to touch mine and she whispered that she hadn’t had any sex other than her toys in over 5 yrs. She said that when I walked in the MD’s office she thought I was quite handsome and something in my eyes told her to make a move. I told her what she saw in my eyes was my checking her out and there was probably some lust involved. She giggled and thanked me as she said she didn’t really feel all that attractive anymore as she was now 72 and that she didn’t want a man older than her nor did she want a baby in his 40’s or so. She said she decided she wanted someone a little younger than she but at least 60 or mid-60’s. I told her I was 65 and she just smiled. As we sipped espresso and chatted, she moved closer and placed her hand on my thigh. Before I knew it, she was rubbing my now semi-hard cock through my shorts as she continued to talk. I said “Victoria, now don’t aggravate your wrist injury doing that!” She then unzipped my shorts and ran her hand under my boxer briefs and stroked my cock that was now fully hard. She proceeded to pull my briefs down exposing my cock and she slid off the sofa to the floor. “Now, don’t call me Victoria, call me Vicki please since I’m about to get up close and personal with you. ” She took hold of my cock at the root and gently started to lick the pre-cum oozing from my hole, moaning as she did it. She then took all of my cock into her mouth, making slurping sounds as she licked and sucked. This was a total turn on for me. She gently cradled my balls and worked her way down to licking them ever so lightly and rubbing them. As my cock grew harder she said, “not yet please as I want to fully experience all of you.” With this she stood up and sexily and slowly undressed removing her robe and showing her lacey sexy bra and matching panties. I noticed that she had a wet spot on her panties and said “I see you’re ready for some playtime” to which she nodded. She removed her bra and while her tits were on the small side, they were full and of course somewhat droopy but she has really pink areolas and I hit the jackpot as they were puffy! escort izmir Her nipples were small but hard little pebbles. She then removed her panties exposing perfectly cropped and trimmed bush. Her hair had strands of grey in it but overall was red. I thought I died and went to heaven -puffy nipples and a red pussy! “OK sir, it’s time for you to get naked.” I pulled my shorts and briefs off and my shirt. “Oh. I love a man’s hairy chest! I don’t understand why these young men shave themselves clean when most women want to fell a manly man.” She ran her fingers through my chest hair and then slowly dropped down to my cock. I stopped her and said “It’s now time to pleasure you.” I sat her on the sofa and gently spread her legs exposing her beautiful pussy. Her scent was intoxicating and she was dripping pussy juice like a faucet. I started to lick her inner upper thighs as she moaned with pleasure and gently flicked her swollen pussy lips, teasing her clit with a flick of my tongue. She moaned and said “Lick me, suck my clit!” I dove in at this point taking her clit between my lips and gently nibbled on it causing her to moan louder. I reached up and squeezed her nipples causing her to push her pussy further into my face. I came up for air and zeroed in on her nipples sucking them and pulling on them with my lips and teeth. It wasn’t long before she said “finish what you started”, so I went back to her cunt and dove in on a mission to give her an orgasm that any toy could not match. It didn’t take long as she moaned louder, her pussy juice was soaking my face and running down my chin and she started to clam down on my tongue that was a deep as it could go into her. She moaned more and louder and said “don’t stop” as she bucked her hips into my face and quivered three or four time until she let out a muffled scream and said “I’m cumming”. She bucked once more and let loose a stream pussy juice and squirted like a fire hose all over my face and chest. I licked what I could and savored every bit of it. After she relaxed she apologized for not warning me that she was a squirter and that it didn’t happen every time but it had been a while that she had a good squirt. I told her it was quite all right and that while it surprised me, I enjoyed all of it. She then started to lick her pussy juice off my chest, stomach and groin area and took my now rock hard pre-cum spewing cock into her mouth, again making slurping sounds as she suck, licked and nibbled . Running her tongue up and down my shaft izmir escort bayan and slowly licking the last inch of it was about all i could take and I could feel my balls tighten and I knew I was ready to explode. She took me full into her mouth triggering my orgasm and I told her I was ready to cum but she just continued to suck more until I spewed a tremendous load of cum deep into her mouth. She took every last drop of cum and sucked every last bit of it and raised her head and licked her lips and smiled. She said that since I drank all of her, she only thought she should drink all of me, even though she said she would have swallowed all I could give her anyway. We laid on the floor spent and cuddled. She began to play with my cock as I played and sucked on her tits. It wasn’t too long before I got hard again and she started to suck me. I stopped her and pulled her up onto me cowgirl position and she gently sat down on my cock. I could feel her vagina walls clamping down on my cock and knew it wasn’t going to take much to get her off again. I reached up and squeezed those beautiful puffies as she started to ride me easily at first and then picked up the pace bouncing hard on me and she then let out a loud moan as her pussy grabbed my cock and she closed her eyes and came. I turned her over on her back and spread her legs and slid my cock into her dripping pussy. She moved to meet me and I started to thrust myself deep into her. “Harder, harder, faster, faster, fuck me, fuck me hard”, she demanded. She again came and squirted and I couldn’t hold back any longer and let go another hard stream of cum deep inside of her. As my cock started to soften it slipped out of her. She said that my cumming inside of her is what she really wanted and it felt good to have a man’s hot semen deep inside her. We laid there a little while and she said that she felt really good in that she could still attract a man and said that when she saw me she knew she had to have me. She said her following me to the parking lot was totally out of character for her but she mustered up enough courage to approach me. I told her I was really glad she did as I noticed her at the counter when I walked in and thought that she had a nice body. It was time for me to go as it was getting late and while I can still perform pretty well, getting hard and cumming three times in a row really pushes it. I know if I had stayed the night we would have fucked at least twice more.As I was leaving, Vicki asked when my next MD appointment was. I told her in a month and she said, “no, you’re wrong, it’s next week, same place but earlier in the day.” I told her I would call her and set it up and she said the espresso machine was always on. To be continued….

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