Weekend Sex with Seth


Weekend Sex with SethI was so happy when Seth called me and told me his divorce was final. He told me that it’s been official for a month, but he needed time to just soak in that he is free to do what ever he wants and when he wants. His ex wife was a stickler on his comings and goings. Seth could be an underwear model, or a spokesman for a trash company and have every lady falling at his feet. I’m just lucky, that I work at the golf course that he plays at.I was at work, doing a short shift: 4 hours to be exact. Seth came up to the counter and asked if I was doing anything when I got off. I shook my head no, then that’s when he asked me to have dinner with him. I smiled and said yes. He gave me directions to his place and about what time to come over. I told him I would bring the wine. Seth said bye to his pals and left to go home. He told his friends he needed to clean the place up, before I got there. I heard him say that and giggled. When I got off work, I rushed over to the bar, asked Suzanne for a couple bottles of white wine. She asked what the occasion was. I told her what was up, she smiled and gave me a hug, then she shoved something in my jeans pocket. I trotted off to my car and went home. When I took my jeans off to shower, I reached in the pocket and found 2 condoms. I laughed and put them in my purse. I don’t think I really need these, because we didn’t use them the first time we had sex, but it’s always good to be safe.I washed my hair, shaved everything and lathered up with my favorite bath gel. When I got out, I towel dried my hair and slathered the same flavor of lotion all over my body. I love this smell and I know that Seth liked it, from the first time we met. When he kissed me, he told me I was yummy smelling. I got dressed, put a little makeup on, grabbed my travel toothbrush and deodorant. You never know, I may not make it home tonight. I grabbed my cute little bikini, I doubt if I really need it, but there again, You never know.Once I got to the condo, Seth had the screen door open and told me to come on in. I walked in to a house filled with an aroma of garlic chicken and asparagus. I told him it smells awesome and can’t wait to eat. When I walked around the counter to put the wine in the fridge, I saw Seth had on just an apron. I raised my eyebrows, smiled and told him I could see that he was happy to see me. Seth said that he had just stroked on out, because he couldn’t wait any longer and he wants to be able to last longer than the last time we had sex.I helped set the table as Seth brought the food to the table. We already drank most of the first bottle of wine and finished fethiye escort with dinner. We cleaned up the kitchen, when Seth cornered me on the counter and began to kiss me, working his hands all over my body. First my chest, then down to my ass. We were petting and getting all hot and bothered that my clothes were off and Seth had me on the counter with my legs spread and he was eating my pussy. I grabbed his hair and pulled him in closer. I moaned and told him his tongue was great and that I was ready to cum. He licked and sucked my nub til my cum was oozing from me. Seth licked me clean, then lifted me and carried me to the living room.Once he set me on the back of the couch, I pulled him closer and took his manhood into my mouth. I first just barely licked his head, making him squirm, then took his member deep into my throat. It didn’t take long before his precum was oozing out. Seth moaned and told me he wants to be inside of me. He pulled from me and spread my legs to slide inside my wet again pussy. He slid in with ease as he made me moan. My insides gripped him tightly, as we rocked together.Seth pulled my legs up high, putting them on his shoulders for a deeper experience. I played with my tits, pulling and tugging making them red as he pumped himself harder inside of me. I came hard, when Seth began to pull all the way out, then back in slowly. A few more times, then I’m cumming again. I asked him to give me his dick to suck. I lifted up, squatted over him and sucked my cum from him. He was enjoying the sucking so much, that he shot wads of his cum into my mouth. I continued sucking, til Seth pulled me off.I laughed as he pulled me towards his lips. I asked if he wanted some of his cum. The answer was no, but he wants to kiss me anyways. I straddled his stomach area and we kissed passionately. We laid on the couch together until Seth said that we should go enjoy the night life from his balcony. He grabbed the wine and our glasses and led me to the balcony. He had a table and chairs on one side and a hot tub big enough for 6 on the other side. I put my hand in to feel the water, it was warm to the touch. Seth looked over to his neighbors porch and no one was there. He smiled and said that we have all the privacy in the night air.The lights below were twinkling, the night birds and a****ls were making there nightly noises. I turned to Seth and told him I was having a great time. He pulled me closer and kissed me. I could feel my nipples growing hard and the moisture of sex growing in my insides. I set my glass down and held on to Seth’s manhood as he was growing in my hand. Seth kissed me escort fethiye working his way down again to have some more of me. I sat up on the ledge of the tub as he fingered and sucked my pussy til I came and came again.Once he was done licking me, he wanted us to relax in the tub. I swung around as Seth helped me to a seat. We sat across from each other, so we could touch each other with our toes. The teasing he did to me. He slid his big toe in my pussy and rubbed up and down. I was enjoying this, as I held his foot there and forced myself to ride his foot. I worked my way up his leg to straddle him. I held his dick and slid myself down onto him. We both smiled and moaned together. Seth lifted my tit to his mouth and sucked it hard. Nibbling and sucking them made me cum again. I pumped his dick as He held onto my ass.Seth had me turn around with my back to him. I fucked him backwards as I begged for him to finger fuck my ass. His thumb went in, it hurt a bit, but he was sliding it in and out to fill me with another finger. His first two fingers fucked and stretched my ass. I stood up, bent over the side to let Seth in. He spit on his hand, then my ass. His tip of his head was teasing my opening with tiny thrusts, I begged for him to give me more. Seth leaned over me, kissed me and lead his dick in my tiny opening. Working his way in slowly not to hurt me. I swear his dick was thicker than I had remembered from the course.Seth made love to my ass with slow thrusts until we both came from excitement. When we had finished and Seth had pulled out, the neighbor’s college aged boys began to clap and whistle at us. I blushed and bowed. Seth couldn’t believe I did that, but I told him they got a hell of a show. Seth pulled me back into the water, poured another glass of wine and held me close to him. We sat there until we finished that bottle of wine. The air had got cooler, when we went inside the house. Seth lead me to his bedroom, he said I could stay the night if I’d like. I turned the bed spread down and crawled under the sheets. Seth came in right after he turned off the lights and locked the doors. As he walked back in the room, his manhood was standing straight out and was ready for more of me. With a smile on my face, he crawled on the bed, knelt next to me and I began to suck his dick some more. I love sucking his 8 inch long, 2 1/2 inch thickness. he keeps himself shaved smooth, just like I do. With him being shaved, it makes him look so much longer. I sucked him, as he fingered my wetness. I held his hand tightly against me.I pulled from him, told him to lay down for me to get in the 69 position. fethiye escort bayan We sucked each other for a while, til Seth rolled me over to slide deep inside me. We made love most of the night into the early morning. When we woke up, the sun was just coming up. Seth grabbed me and walked me to the patio again. We watched the sunrise snuggled next to each other in a reclined chair. We kissed more, then we went back into his bed. We made love, then back to sleep. When I woke up a bit later, Seth was between my legs licking my pussy. I moaned adn asked if he wasn’t sore from all the sex we had last night. he said no and that he could keep up like a college k**.I told Seth that I have to go to work in a few hours. Seth grabbed his phone, called the club and spoke to Greg the club’s main manager. He told him that I was with him and that I won’t be in for the next couple of days. I looked confused, but was happy that we could lay in bed all day and do nothing. I asked him what Greg had to say about that, he said that Greg understood and would see you on Tuesday. Seth rolled over on top of me and kissed me again. He pushed my hair from my face and told me, that he wants me to be with him on a full time basis. I was shocked, and asked if he meant for me to be his bed partner on a full time basis? Seth said no, that he loves to be around me, he says that we will have tons of fun together.I kissed him, rubbing my hands over his back and reaching for his ass cheeks. He pressed his body harder on mine, running his hands dwon my sides, to lift my ass up to get my legs up around his neck again. His manhood slid into my swollen pussy, in and out he filled me with his thickness. The faster he moved, the more I came. This last time of cumming, Seth lifted me for him to lick my cum from me. He fingered me and licked me to another orgasm. I came a bunch again. I put my hand down for my own tasting. I sucked my fingers, smiled and told him to let me suck him to his orgasm. Seth got up to sit in his big arm chair. I got a pillow and knelt in front of him. I kissed and licked my way to his shaft.Sucking him and stroking him made him moan with delight. I sucked his balls, pulling each one in individually to pay special attention to each, then lifting his sack to lick down below. I then worked my tongue to his head again and swirled my tongue around his rim. He grabbed my head and pushed me down on his dick to suck him. Seth fucked my mouth as he came with hard shots of cum shooting in the back of my throat. I made sure to suck every drop from him. When I looked up to him, Seth looked whipped, but he was beyond satisfied. I lifted to kiss him again.We made love to each other the rest of the time we were together. We cooked in the buff, laid around watching movies on the couch and relaxed in the tub together. We did this for the rest of the weekend.

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