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ProfNigma Stories #3 Carousel Nights #2

ProfNigma Stories #3 Carousel Nights #2iCarly/Victorious: Carousel Nights #2″So… where do we go from here Jade?””I thought we already covered that… You know, back at the restaurant. I remember it because you shot me down…hard-core,” Jade set up on the bed and looked down at Freddie.”Yeah… I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what I …


Mary’s Furtive Flatulent Fetish Part 3

Mary’s Furtive Flatulent Fetish Part 3Mary and Angie continued to have weekly farting contests. Their weekly contests and gas inducing foods made them perpetually gassy. It seemed like neither Amy nor Mary could go 20 minutes without letting out some farts. Amy felt very comfortable around Mary, and passed gas freely around the dorm bedroom. …

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