7 Days of Secret Relationship


7 Days of Secret RelationshipWow I can’t believe how fast the times goes, and how much I had changed in the last years, from a shy guy without experience to a sissy boy and the slutty Daddy’s girl I am now.and all the adventures and sex I had been going through, and I know there’s a lot more to learn.So wow, the first time I spread my legs to receive that hard awesome Daddy’s cock mmmmmm it felt so wonderful, that round perfect tip thrusting into my tight virgin pussy ohhh goshhhh, it was a great to feel how my boypussy was opening up and swallowing his cock until all his cock was inside me I took a deep breath to relax and accommodate my body; I loved so much when he was sliding his cock in and out damn!!!! is amazing. I liked it so much the first time that I needed to go back for some more and another day for more and more, I’m definitely addicted to that cock, I love the size, I love how it feels, the taste, I’m so in love of that cock and the Man that have it. yes I love you Daddy.I know I had changed because now I’m attracted to any cock, I see a bulge and I want to see how that cock is and hot it feels, I like a lot cocks not just for my pussy for my mouth also and I had been having this fantasy of being double fucked and at the same time sucking a cock, I want to be surrounded by many cocks, I want to end exhausted and tired, sore but satisfied, not bragging about my self but I’m a very hungry slut, I’m always craving for cock.to give you an example of it I just recently had some adventures on my last off day, and here it is what I did.OFF DAY ADVENTURES: Ok, so the day started good, it was around noon and I decided oh well is a good day to have fun!!!First I went to the coffee internet, a place where I can rent a computer it is in Capital City, I heard about it before but it was my first time visiting that one, so that place it is just like a cover they are hiding the real thing there, because at the bottom floor it is a normal place to rent a computer but you ask for a computer on the second floor and you know what is happening there, well not all the guys do what they went for, I believe that here in Guatemala we say that we are outgoing but we don’t show it, it gets a little hard to get to do have sex when guys are too selective on whom to have fun with. so up there at the second floor, all guys just looking and walking around, no one really doing anything and all the place up is cover with black curtains and there were some curtains making the walls of little rooms, so I noticed no one moves to do something so I asked to a guy I saw jerking himself off if he wanted me to suck him and he said: sure, so I did it I sucked his cock for a very good time it was not too big it has a good size and king of curve looking to the bottom, weird but felt good in my mouth he was holding his load for later so I stopped sucking him and sat in front of my computer and then there was another guy in the little rooms so I went in and I pull my cock out and he was touching his cock, so I got close to him and grabbed his cock I felt it hard it was still cover by his jeans, he touched my cock then he pull out his cock and we were both jerking off and there were moments that he slide his hand under my balls to reach my pussy and I did the same, other guys were looking at us, then I put my pants all the way down and we kept touching then he wanted me to turn around and I did and I felt his big cock rubbing against my ass cheeks but we did not have penetration, I was türbanlı batman escort laying my boy on his he was laying his body on a brick wall then he grabbed me and pull me against him, he pinched my nipples and other guys around kept looking at us, so then he turned me around an I was facing him we were jerking off, I was about to cum when I told him that, and he bend over and swallowed my load, that was my first load today, then later all guys there got into more action but I had to go because my time was over and I was wanting more to go to the gay sauna, in other zone of Capital City, mmmmmm Yesss that was my intention at the beginning , so I went to the gay sauna but once in there it happened the same as in the internet place, the guys are there looking for sex and we all know but they are just to difficult involve and start action even though we are free there and place is discreet and safe, I stayed there 4 hours and well it was not easy getting those guys to make me fuck, so I said I’m going to start with anyone and there was a young guy, thin and looking around, actually there were not too many guys, just 4 at the beginning and later like 8 I believe it was the day not too many guys on Thursday afternoon.so I went to the little massaging rooms in the building those actually are more like the rooms with beds, everyone use it for sex, so I was there and that young guy was looking at me and from far I pointed with my finger the little room and he got the message, once we both were there we were touching each other and I asked him what he likes and he said I like to get sucked and fuck so I said let me go and get a condom. So I came back to the massage room and I was ready too enjoy so I took off the (taparabos) the piece of fabric we put on to cover just around the private parts, so then he took off his, and I was grabbing his cock we kissed and while doing that I started to pulling him to the little bed and end laying on my back with him between my legs, and I was wrapping my legs around him, so then after a little time he asked me if I like to suck I said yes, so he came closer to my mouth and I was still laying on my back and he was sticking his cock into my mouth, it was a long thin cock but this one I was able to have it inside my mouth, it chocked me a little so then he turn around and we 69 for a little time also, I rimmed his ass, and after a while he asked me if I wanted to have his cock in me I said yes let’s do it, so still on my back he lift my legs up and slide his cock in me, mmmmm that felt good since I haven’t been fuck in a while, we were close to the edge of the bed after a while I was laying on my side while he was fucking me and I came on my hand when he came also into the condom inside me, that was my second load today. so later I was walking around in the sauna room, and checking the few guys that were there but it was getting difficult to get one to fuck me, I was getting desperate and thinking that I should better go since I had been there for a while and nothing else has happen, but then a guy that I noticed was recently with other guy in the massage rooms, was in the sauna, I followed him in the hallway maze end he knew I was going behind him so when we reach the dead end of the hallway maze he turn around and took of his taparabo off and grabbed me hard and kissed me hard wow I said to myself this guy is on fire so I was also, I felt like he almost swallowed me LOL…. türbanlı batman escort bayan well it was rough with his mouth on me and it was OK, ohhh I thought about you in that moment that day we kissed like that Daddy :-)so then he was pulling my body and touching me and damn, there was a lot of passion, then he was grabbing my ass and touching my pussy and fingering it, then he turned me around and quickly slide his cock inside me, it was a regular size dick it made me moan because he was forcing it and once inside he was grabbing my hips and fucking me hard, then his cock was out and he shoved it again, then there were times he stopped to kiss me, I turned my head back so I could reach his mouth and he was saying “que culito mas rico tenes” like what a great pussy you have, mmmm and I told him that I like how his cock feels in me, so then after a while we stopped. Is just that in there is so hot, he needed a break and told me meet me him there in 5 minutes, ok I said, so I went around again through the sauna and the hallway maze when I found him and he touch my arm to let me know to follow him, well in there it all looks foggy so is difficult to really see, then we went back to the dead end of the maze and again was kissing me roughly and put me against the wall and tried to lift me up the problem there is that walls were wet and floor also so it was kind of slippery then again he was behind me and fucked me again all was bareback, he pushed his cock in me and was fucking me hard, then he said I’m close to cum, I told him are you going to cum in me, he said you want to, I said ohhh yesss, so he told me I want you to cum with me, I said ok, so there we were fucking good when we both cum, we end with a great kiss me and we went to the showers, after the shower he walked away but kissed my cheek I really like that when you can be rough but show to be nice you know.ok then it was getting late I was like ok, one more time and I will have to go, but the other guys there seem to be not interested, so there in the sauna when you want to do something you go to the dead end if there is someone is because wants something also and there was a different guy he was about to go when I asked him do you want to do something? and he said what do you do, I said I like to do everything, and he said hmmm and how would you start with me, I said I would start sucking your cock, so I got close and touch it , his cock was kind of hard, so I went to my knees and starting to suck, quickly he got so hard damn!!! it was big really big and thick, he said can you suck it all show me how good you are, so I tried and wow I couldn’t get it all inside my mouth, it was really in the back of my throat I had to stop and breath and then tried again, he was telling me you just have to relax your throat so I kept trying relaxing and breathing and he was holding my head to push hi cock all inside my mouth, after a while of trying yeahh I had it almost all inside but it did hurt a little, then I told him well I need to practice more. He asked and how good are you in the bottom, ohhh there I’m so much better, ohh really he said, let’s see, so I got up and turn around and then he really had no mercy he shoved his thick cock in me, my pussy indeed swallowed all his cock and he was pushing it hard and slamming it and I was moaning and enjoying it then to show him how good I was I moved my ass to fuck myself on his cock and he was türbanlı escort batman whispering into my ear, “sos un tragon” that means that I really like swallowing cock with my pussy, he was pulling it out and then sliding all of it inside me there was a moment that he spanked really hard my ass and I said ohhh yesss!!!!!, and he was like wow you really like it I answer ohhh yes I do like it, so he fucked me hard for a good time mmmm mmmmmm I was enjoying it I was moaning harder my pussy started to feel little sore, that guy bend me over, grabbed my hips and mmmm fucked me and fucked me, but then he stopped and said you know the good things you have to eat it slow, so I’m going to take a little brake, so I went to check the time and I had just a few minutes before needing to leave the place, after a while I came back and same guy was there I told him, so are we ready, he said no let’s wait I said is just that I will have to go soon, he said why, you have a couple? I said yes but he is not here in Guatemala, oh and where he is at, in USA is American, ohhhh so it is a Love in Distance and happy the four I said NO, well I don’t think so, but anyway I have no problem if he has someone there and I’m free also, I see he said. then I told him I have to go because I live little far from here, ohh OK, he said, yeahh but at least you are satisfied, yes I’m but still hungry for more cock, mmmmmm well maybe another day we meet here, sure I said and then I got ready too go, I was going to ask him how to contact him again but he didn’t gave me a chance, ohh well I said I will come back here another day.so that was my day, I hope you like the stories. My Daddy is so great to make me feel satisfied, lately because we had been apart but when we are together OMG!!!! he has that great way to fuck me, to make me have more then one orgasm, I love so much his cock, his strength and the way that he takes me, he posses me, and make me his, I’m so happy feeling owned by him and being use the way I had been used, in his arms I lose control, he has that power on me to make me go wild and slutty and also Daddy makes love to me in the most romantic way, his hands all over my body, his lips kissing mine, his mouth nibbling my nipples and sucking on them, all his body covering mine, I love when I’m underneath his body either if I’m laying on my back with my legs spread and him between my legs and his cock inside me or either when I’m laying on my belly and hi is completely on top of me sliding his cock in and out of me, and what I love the most is when he pulls all the way out his cock and then he slam it all the way in mmmmm mmmmm.I can’t wait to finally go and live with him because I know that I will finally be free to be my true self, I will be able to make many fantasies become real like being double fucked.I know I will like to be the center of attention in a orgy where all guys are top and are waiting their turn to fuck me ohhh that is so hot!!!! I want to serve so many cocks, I love sucking at them, I like a lot to use my tongue and lick all over the head, the shaft, the balls, and if you are up for a rimming I would do it also, I have to practice deep throating but mmmm mmmmm I like it, I want to ride cocks, I want to be full of cum, I need it.OHhhhh goshh when Daddy shoot his cum in my boypussy wow!!!! I like to have it in me, or being cover with his cum, swallow it and taste it yessss!!!!! I miss Daddy so much for now I had been looking for adventures but wait I am not cheating because all the time Daddy knows what I’m doing, not like I have to report myself but just letting you guys know that Daddy is a very open mind guy, so sexual, and with many great hot ideas, so if someday you get to meet him you will see is true. and if we are close and want to meet then let’s do it let’s have fun, now you know how slutty I can be 🙂

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