A CFNM Trip to my Favorite Hot Springs

A CFNM Trip to my Favorite Hot Springs
My latest trip to my favorite hot springs had a different, somewhat less exhibitionistic tone than my last two visits.

Rather than doing my nude adventure weekend at the campground, where I was the only one naked and really pushing the limits a little too far, I drove closer to the springs and hiked in on the road, camping i*****lly right below the springs.

I stayed dressed for the drive this time. That was a good idea, because I ended up having to stop a few times, and getting dressed would have been a drag.

I also stayed dressed for the 1.5 mile hike along the road to the hot springs parking lot. That was probably a good move, because while I only saw one car, it was a pickup truck driven by two camouflage-clad rednecks who were probably out hunting. I don’t know how they would have reacted to a naked hippie hiking along the road. Maybe it would have been good or indifferent, or maybe I would have found myself staring down the barrel of a gun.

After reaching the trail, I picked out a camping spot, stripped, and hiked the short distance to the springs.

The pools were packed, which shouldn’t have surprised me, since it was a Saturday afternoon. Despite the crowd though, out of the dozens of people there, only about half a dozen men were nude, even fewer women were topless or nude.

I bounced back and forth a few times between the hottest pools and one of the cooler ones. I was usually soaking with all men, but sometimes a woman would be in the pool.

After I had been there a bit, the hottest pool opened up, and I was able to soak alone.

A group of two women arrived and undressed to reveal bathing suits. One was very cute and had a nice little body. Almost immediately, a naked hippie dude went right over to her, asked if he could roll a joint next to her, and introduced himself, giving a ridiculous hippie nickname like “Star Dog,” or something.

A short time later, the two women who had just arrived came and joined me in the hottest pool, sitting on the side facing me, with their feet in the water. We chatted briefly, then a third woman came and joined us. She was a beautiful dark-skinned British woman with a perfect body. All three were wearing bathing suits, and all three had a fairly long conversation with me, while I soaked naked just feet away from them.

I got out of the hot pool and walked to my bag to grab a drink of water and to cool off. On the way I passed two couples who had just arrived. The women were both in their mid-40s and were both still clothed. One was very pretty with long greying blonde hair. The other was a sporty looking brunette. As I walked by, they both looked right at me, and the blonde looked at my crotch, then at my face, made eye contact with me, and smiled.

I grabbed a water, then cooled off by standing on the edge of the cliff. After a few minutes, I walked back to the hottest pool, very clumsily climbed between the three clothed women, and sat down in the hot water. The blonde whom I had just walked by moved on to one of the other pools down below, but the brunette stayed by the deck, stripping down to a camisole and panties, then walked up to the pool I was in. She joined the other three women sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water. Under her thin camisole I could see her nicely shaped b-cup tits.

I soaked with the four clothed women, chatting a bit, as long as I could take the heat, then left the hot pool and joined a CFNM couple in the covered pool, which is my favorite.

After a while, the brunette in the camisole came over near the covered pool that I was in to get her stuff off the nearby deck. I saw that she must have got in the pool deeper for a soak, because her camisole was now wet and clung to her perky tits, revealing her hard nipples and perfectly sized areolas. I tried to steal looks in hopes I would see her take her top off, but I was wrapped up talking to the couple in the pool and missed my opportunity. I think it’s funny that altogether I saw probably a dozen pairs of perky young tits, but one pair of middle-aged breasts stay covered, and I desperately want to see them.

I soaked for a few hours in the covered pool with the CFNM couple. He was naked, she was in a bikini for most of the time but took her top off after it got dark. We smoked a bunch of weed together and had a great conversation about how much we loved being naked.

After soaking for about five hours, I hiked nude down to my campsite. I cooked and ate dinner nude, then put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt to sleep, because I’m a big wimp and hate the cold.

I woke up at dawn and started to make coffee. It was chilly still, especially next to the river, so I stayed dressed in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. As my coffee was boiling, I went about my morning business and soon took off my pants. I “Winnie the Pooh’d it” for a bit, wearing just my sweatshirt. It had warmed up more by the time my coffee was about ready, so I stripped the rest of the way down.

I sipped coffee and slowly packed up my campsite naked. I was camped down in a sort of secret campground that’s been closed since the area became day use only. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone, but I heard what sounded like a c***d’s voice fairly close. I looked around but didn’t see anyone.

I continued my drinking and packing routine for about five more minutes until I thought I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and thought I saw someone hide behind a tree. I continued to look in that direction and saw a young woman poke her head out of from behind the tree and look in my direction. We made eye contact, and she went behind the tree again.

I turned around and went back to my thing, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. A few seconds later I heard the voice again, that I had mistakingly thought was a c***d, “Hey, dude. Did we make a wrong turn to the hot springs?”

I turned to face the women, who were in their early twenties and dressed in typical hiking clothes–spandex pants and light jackets. I stepped out from behind some bushes that were sort of between us and took a few steps toward them, exposing my completely naked body. I explained to them where they made the wrong turn and said this was my “super/secret, not supposed to be down here, campsite.”

The blonde replied that it was “the cool spot” and thanked me for the directions.

I finished packing up and hiked nude up to the springs, wearing only my backpack. I set my gear down and went to the hottest pool to soak. I soaked there for a few minutes with a nude man then walked back down towards the deck and cliff.

From the cliff I could see the two girls who asked for directions soaking in their bikinis in one of the pools below. I was hoping they’d move on to one of the pools up above, and I would have a chance to talk to them more, but it never happened.

I got into the covered pool and soaked alone for a few minutes until a couple got in with me. He was nude and she was topless with very cute smaller tits and beautiful green eyes. I chatted with them for about an hour and a half.

Then I put my backpack on and hiked down to the parking lot nude, picking up trash as I went. Two people thanked me for picking up trash, and I commented that there wasn’t as much on the ground if there had been in the past.

When I got to the parking lot, I took off my backpack and leaned it against the sign at the trailhead. There were two guys and two girls who got out of separate vehicles right as I walked into the lot. I walked by them as I picked up trash, moving through the lot. One of the guys asked me how the soak was, and I gave them a temperature report and told them it was very nice. The girls, both in their 20s, more or less ignored me. An old guy I saw the night before walked by and told me thanks for picking up trash. I continued on until I got to a pickup truck that appeared to have someone sitting in the passenger seat. I was reluctant to pick up garbage right next to the truck because I did not want to seem too in-your-face and pervy. I was careful on the passenger side but then moved around to the driver side and went right up to the door. I was almost startled when I realized there was a young woman sitting in the driver seat looking at me. I paid her no mind and continued picking up garbage as the truck engine started and they backed out of the space.

I looped around the lot, still picking up garbage as I went, and when I was facing back in the direction I came from, I saw that the pickup with the girls in it didn’t leave the lot, but had merely pulled into a different parking spot. I continued working my way back to the front of the lot and walked right past the vehicle again. This time I did not look inside. The man I saw before walked by again, looked at me naked picking up trash, and said “you are the man.” He also commented that he was about to head up to the springs, and I replied that I was done picking up trash. I emptied the bucket I was carrying in the dumpster and walked back to my pack.

I put my backpack on and started for the trail back towards where I was parked, but only made it a few yards when I saw a blanket that had been discarded. I picked up the blanket and headed back towards the dumpster.

The two girls had gotten out of their pickup truck and were walking towards the trailhead when I came out. We looked at each other and I tried to keep to the right so that I wouldn’t walk straight towards them. When we got next to each other, one of the two women asked me which way the waterfalls were. I looked at both of them and they both made eye contact with me and smiled. I told them I thought the waterfall was to the left along the river. I also told them I was hiking back to the right. They thanked me and headed for the sign at the start of the trail.

I hiked past them and up the trail, made my right turn, and then walked along the road naked for over a mile. I got back to my truck without seeing a single car. I put my gear away and drove naked down the road to where I had seen some larger garbage that I could load it into the back of my truck.

I stopped twice, the first time was very quick, just to throw a big piece of plastic in the back of my truck. The second time, I had to tie down the things in the back of my truck, so they wouldn’t blow out when I hit the highway. The road was very narrow, so there I was, stark naked and blocking the road when a woman driving a pickup truck came up the hill towards me. I walked back to my vehicle, started it, and drove forward about 25 feet to where I could pull over and get out of her way. I hopped out while she passed by and finished tying down the trash.

I drove down the road past the springs a few miles to where there is a spot for handicapped people to fish in the lake. I parked and walked out onto the dock. I took a few naked selfies before I heard a car coming. I considered being very obvious to ensure I was seen, but I chickened out a little, because I was so far from the springs, so I sat on a bench that was perpendicular to the road as the car passed.

I got back in my truck and ended up driving another 2 1/2 hours before I got dressed again.

The trip overall wasn’t as exciting as my last two. The highlight was being asked for directions by two different pairs of attractive twenty-something girls. It was especially cool when the first two snuck up to my campsite and were peeping on me. That really tipped the scales towards them being the offenders, instead of me. It also fulfilled my fantasy of being caught naked by attractive women, then engaged in conversation, all while I made zero attempt to cover up. I’m not sure that’s something I could pull off in many other circumstances.

I also think I’m on to something by picking up trash naked, because it not only gives me a perfect excuse to go everywhere, and therefore be seen by everyone, but people are happy that I’m doing a good deed. I end up getting positive reactions, including thank yous, instead of people thinking I’m the pervert that I probably am. I also think it gives me the appearance of having some authority. I’m obviously not a forest ranger, but maybe it makes me seem like a regular or maybe even a caretaker of sorts. I’m not sure, but I think that’s why I was asked for directions the second time.

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