A hot summer with… 4


A hot summer with… 4I woke up early in the morning in a bit of a haze sensing someone near me and then remembered going to sleep with my cock buried in my mom’s ass and realized it was my mom next to me. I put my arm around her; she immediately took my hand moving it up to her tits and squeezed my hand. I followed her lead and fondled her tits while she wiggled her ass against my crotch. I was still sleepy and dozed back off with I’m sure, a big smile on my face and a somewhat aroused cock. I must have dozed for a couple more hours, for when I woke, my mom was just coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She is so beautiful, I laid there very still watching her. She sat at her dressing table fixing her hair and make-up. She dropped her towel letting it fall onto the bench she was sitting on. She looked at herself in the mirror, first turning to one side and then the other. She stuck out her chest and twisted her body, she then used her hand to lift her tits up a little. My cock was getting hard just watching her. I finally spoke, “Yea mom, your tits are great. Wonderful to look at, exciting to fondle, tantalizing to suck and fantastic to fuck.” She whirled around in my direction looking embarrassed but with a big smile on her face saying, “You think so, hey. Well, I wish mine were at big as my sisters. Which do you like the best?”“Yours mom, I love your tits. I love how your nipples get hard and how they feel in my mouth.” She had by then turned her whole body toward me letting the towel fall to the floor; her legs were slightly spread. From my vantage point I could see some of her pussy. I said, “I also love your pussy, I love to look at it like I’m doing right now, but I need you to spread your legs wider. I like to feel it with my fingers, lick it with my tongue, kiss it with my lips, fuck it with my hard cock and fill it with my cum.”She looked at me with a smirk on her face saying, “You naughty boy, wanting your mom to spread her legs so you can see her private parts.” She then leaned back against her dressing table spreading her legs real wide as she continued, “So you like my pussy, my cunt, my snatch, my love tunnel, my cock chute, my sausage warmer, my fuck hole!”I couldn’t believe how my mom was beginning to talk, using really hot terms so I said, “Mom, I have never heard you talk like this, you are awesome”“Oh honey, you make me so horny, I feel like a real slut at times like this, I hope you really don’t mind if I kind of get slutty.”“It’s alright mom and yes, I love your fuck hole. I love having my finger in your fuck hole, my tongue in your fuck hole, eating your fuck hole and best of all, my cock in your fuck hole.”“Uh, speaking of cocks in fuck holes, I sure liked having your cock in my asshole last night. That was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had. What do you think of that?”“Really, one of your best fucks in your whole life?’“Yes, is was one of my best fucks.”“Great mom, I loved it too.” At this point my cock was standing at attention and I threw the covers off showing my hard cock to my mom. My mom looked over at my stiff member and immediately began to squirm her ass on the bench and said, “How would you like a real close look at both of my fuck holes while I suck on that beautiful cock of yours?”I just nodded yes as she got up and walked over to the bed. Her tits swayed and her cunt twitched as she walked toward me. She at first just stood next to the bed near my head looking down at me. I moved my head to the edge of the bed and puckered up my lips. She leaned forward with her hips allowing me to kiss her pussy. She reached down placing her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face into her snatch holding me there for quite awhile. I stuck my tongue between her pussy lips and played with her clit. She moaned quite a bit and then crawled up on the bed with her face just above my hard dick and her knees straddling my face. As I looked straight up at her snatch that was 8 or 9 inches above my nose I said, “Your pussy and ass are so sexy looking, I just love to look and admire them.”She said, “I like it very much that you like seeing me in the nude and I will bare all for you just about anytime you want me to sweetie. If you want to see me walk around with my tits showing, just say so. And if you want my ass and pussy bare for you to gander at and fondle, just say the word and off comes my skirt or pants. I don’t think I will be wearing panties any more either so you have easy access to my private parts. I like it even better that you like to eat me; that you like to suck the juices from my pussy. I love to be eaten and to have your tongue licking my cunt and ass and to feel your tongue in my pussy and playing with my clit. I really like when you lick my ass. I have never felt so sexually charged in my whole life, you have me completely turned on.” She stopped talking and started sucking on my cock as I pulled her hips down so I could eat her. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and used my tongue to play with her clit. Her pussy tasted so good and was so warm and soft, I could feel her clit harden as I flicked it with my tongue. She moaned and gently ground her pussy onto my face to maximize her pleasures as she sucked on my hard cock. God I love eating her, the feel of having her cunt lips in my mouth is awesome. I continued eating her pussy as I placed my hands on her ass cheeks to fondle them. My jaw was getting a little tired so I pushed her hips up so I could just look and admire her cunt and ass some more. Oh what a site! It’s hard for me to realize that I’m lying here on my back staring up at my mother’s beautiful cunt; seeing it glisten with my salvia and looking so delicious. I looked down between my legs at the action going on with my cock to see her take my entire dick down her throat. Oh man, she was deep throating me, oh what a feeling. I pulled her hips back down so I could continue eating her sweet pussy. As I tongued her cunt and slide my fingers down her crack and played with her asshole, she suddenly began to spasm as she reached a climax. My mouth was being flooded with her sweet sweet cunt juices. I sucked on her pussy as hard as I could to take in every drop I could get and then I licked the entire length of her crack, paying special attention to her asshole. In the mean time I was getting that familiar feeling in my balls as my mom was giving me a great blowjob. She was also fingering my asshole. It felt like she had her entire finger up my ass, wow the sensations I was getting were fantastic. Suddenly I began squirting a load of cum down my mom’s throat and could feel her finger really working my ass. I was having a fantastic climax from all the attention my mom was giving me. She sucked on my cock moaning all the time saying, “More baby, more baby, give me your cum, give your mom all your sweet cum, flood my mouth with your sperm, cum baby cum, I want to taste you, I want to eat you, I want my baby’s cum.” After I gave her all I had she continued sucking my dick wanting more of my juices. We both finally collapsed being exhausted from the intense action. My mom however, continued to lick my dick and still had her finger up my ass as we lay there.After a few minutes of her continued action, I looked down at her saying, “What are you doing mom?”“Oh baby, I just want you so bad, I can’t get enough of you, I love to taste your cum and suck on your big dick. I hope you don’t think too badly of me, but it’s so great to have a wonderful sex partner like you. I just don’t want this to ever end. I love it that you want to fuck me, to have your big cock buried in me, especially that you are willing to fuck me in the ass and how you like eating me. I enjoy this so very much.”“I enjoy this too mom. It is so great to have a sexy mom like you and that you want me to fuck you. And that you are willing to be so sexy, to go around in the nude and let me see and touch your tits and pussy almost whenever I want, it’s just the greatest. I could not ask for a better mom. I love you mom.” She turned around so we were now head to head and gave me a big sexy kiss. Our bodies were pressed against each other, her tits were pressed against my chest and her cunt was rubbing my cock, which was again starting to stand at attention. Our tongues were in each other’s mouth as the tension between was building, she released her mouth saying, “Would you like to slip that cock of yours inside my pussy again for a quickie?”I didn’t say a word but just rolled over on top of her and before I knew it, my cock was deep inside her cunt and I began fucking her. She had spread her legs wide to allow me maximum penetration into her cunt. I wasted no time and gave her another load of what little cum I had, deep inside of her. I continued the pumping action until I felt her climax. I then pulled my cock out of her and slide down her belly. bursa escort I sucked her tits a little as I continued my journey down to her cunt, I wanted to eat her pussy again. I reached my target and took her entire pussy lips into my mouth and sucked her dry of all our juices. She climaxed again as I was eating her. She was screaming, “Oh baby yes, eat your mommy, suck me, oh suck me baby, I love you so much, eat me, oh yes eat me, ohhhhhhhhh yes, yes, ohhhhhhhhhhh baby I love it.” I then moved up her body and with my mouth glistening with her pussy juices, I kissed her. She sucked on my tongue and lips to get every last taste and flavor of cum she could. I then rolled off her feeling very exhausted.I must have dozed off because the next think I was aware of, I was lying there on my mom’s bed alone. I got up and went downstairs to find a note from her saying she had gone to the store and was making some errands. I showered, got dressed and had a bite to eat. I then got a call from a buddy so I went to visit him and some other friends. We got a little ball game going and so I spent the major part of the afternoon with my buddies. Around dinnertime I thought I had best head home to see what was happening. When I pulled into our driveway, there was my aunt’s car. My dick immediately twitched at the thought of seeing her again. The vision of her big tits was very vivid in my mind.I walked into the house through the kitchen to find no one around. I thought that a bit strange and could not hear any noises. I listened for a few minutes and thought I could hear a faint noise coming from upstairs, so I proceeded up the stairs. Sure enough I could hear sounds coming from my mom’s bedroom. I crept up the stairs and as I approached her bedroom door I definitely heard moans. The door was not closed so I stuck my head in and saw a site to be hold. There on the bed was my mom and my aunt bare ass naked in 69 position eating each other. I stood there in awe, as they were busy licking, sucking and fingering each other’s cunt. My mom was on her back facing me and when she saw me she released my aunt’s cunt and said, “Oh there you are sweetie, we were hoping you would get home soon.”As soon as my aunt heard my mom talking, she removed her face from between my mom’s legs and looked around at me saying, “Hi baby, glad you are home. Want to join us?”I smiled at her saying, “Of course. And just where would you like me to join you at?”My aunt said, “Your mom told me you fucked her in the ass last night. Is that right?”“Yes, I fucked her in the ass. It was wonderful. How would you like it if I fucked your ass?”“Oh sweetie, I’d love it. I really want for you to fuck me in the ass. We both cleaned out our asses in hopes that you would be agreeable to some ass fucking. Your mom has been working my ass over with her finger and so with a little lube on my ass and your dick, I think I’m ready to have up my ass right now.” I did not hesitate getting my clothes off. My aunt continued talking as she looked down toward my mom saying, “Jackie, keeping working my ass, see if you can get at least three fingers in my ass. Oh yea, baby, like that.” I looked at my mom as she was working her fingers into my aunt’s ass. She had two fingers shoved up her asshole. As I watched in almost total disbelief of what I was witnessing, I reached over and handed my mom a tube of Vaseline. She squirted a large portion of the gel on my aunt’s ass and worked it into her asshole. I stood there watching the action while stroking my very hard cock. My mom looked over at me saying, “Get up here Glenn, I think June’s ass is well prepared for a good ass fucking.” I got on the bed behind my aunt. My mom reached over taking hold of my cock and stroked it a few times and then pulled it toward her mouth. She sucked on me for a short time looking up at me and winked. She then took my cock in her hand and moved it against my aunt’s asshole. She guided me as I pushed my cock into against my aunt’s ass. When the head of my dick was just inside her, my aunt screamed to hold. I waited until she said to continue; my mom had scooted down a bit so she could lick my dick, which she was doing. My aunt said to continue and I pushed my dick and without any more resistance my cock slipped all the way inside my aunt’s ass. I then began to fuck her ass while my mom fondled my balls. She had also reached between my legs and was playing with my asshole getting a finger in me. My aunt started to moan saying, “Oh yes, yes this feels so good, I love it baby, fuck your aunt, fuck your aunt’s ass real good, give me all you got, oh my this feels so good, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, don’t stop, don’t stop, just fuck me and fuck me and fuck me and fuck meeeeee.” I was moving my cock in and out of my aunt’s ass in slow deliberate motions as my mom was now not only fingering my ass, she was also sucking on my balls while fingering my aunts pussy. She was really into it. I was so horny, I had to concentrate in not shooting my load too soon. My aunt went back to eating my mother’s cunt. I don’t know who was the hottest. I kept up the steady rhythm but was getting ready to boil over when my cock slipped completely out of my aunt’s ass and when I thrust forward again, my cock slide down her crack and into her pussy. She jumped and removed her mouth from my mom’s pussy saying, “Oh sweetie, that feels good too but stay in my ass, I want your load in my ass. I want to feel you cuming in my ass, OK? I want the sensation and to feel your cum in my ass.”I pumped her pussy a couple times and then when I removed my cock from my aunt’s pussy, my mom took a hold of it. She first pulled my cock toward her face opening her mouth to get a quick taste of her sister’s pussy juices from off my dick. She sucked on me briefly and then pointed my cock at my aunt’s now very open asshole. I slipped back inside my aunt’s ass and continued fucking her. My mom went back to sucking my balls and fingering my asshole as I pounded my aunt’s ass. As the tension began to build in my balls again, my mom sensing I was near a climax really sucked on my balls and pressed her finger deep into my ass. This took me over the edge and I began pumping my aunt’s ass full of my hot cum. Suddenly my mom took a hold of my cock and pulled me out of my aunt’s ass and to my surprise, stuck my cock in her mouth. She sucked on me like there was no tomorrow. She got the last few squirts of my cum and had me totally down her throat. As my cock slowly went limp, I pulled free of my mom’s mouth and laid back on the edge of the bed. My mom looked up at my aunt’s ass seeing cum oozing from her very open hole. Without hesitation, my mom began to lick her sister’s ass, running her tongue along her crack and then sticking it in her asshole to get all the cum she could. She then placed her lips around my aunt’s ass like she was kissing her and began to suck. She did this a couple times getting even more of my cum from her sister’s ass. In the meantime my aunt was moaning over and over how great it felt while still eating my mom. They continued this for some time, eating and sucking each other. The action was getting me hot and before I knew it, I was hard again. I sat there stroking my hard cock when my aunt removed her face from between my mom’s legs and turned her body around so they were both face to face. They kissed a long sexy kiss, their faces were only inches from me. They ground their pelvises and tits against one another, man was it hot to watch. My mom was the first to open her eyes and looked in my direction. When she saw me stroking my hard cock, she broke off the kiss saying, “Slide over closer honey so we can both share your beautiful cock. I moved closer and they both started kissing and licking my cock. They took turns sticking my cock in their mouth and sucking on me. I was in hog heaven as they had their mouths all over me. When my aunt saw that I may be ready to unload again, she suggested that I fuck my mom so she could both taste my cum and eat her sister’s cunt again. I was not about to argue with that and scrambled around to get in position to fuck my mom. She willing rotated her hips and opened her legs to let me slide my cock into her hot wet and wonderful cunt. As I was slipping my dick inside my mom, she and my aunt continued kissing and fondling each other’s tits, it seemed like my mom hardly noticed that she now had a cock inside her pussy. I joined in on the fondling of their tits and all three of us were kissing at the same time as I fucked my mom with long, hard deep thrusts. She was moaning really loud as I was fucking her. All three of us were tonguing each other and squeezing tits, it was awesome. Suddenly her body stiffened as she reached another climax with me ramming my dick deep inside her. I was not far behind and without changing a beat, began pumping my bursa escort bayan cum into her cunt. As both my mom and I began to relax, my aunt removed her lips from our threesome kiss, slide down and when my semi-hard cock slipped from my mom’s pussy, opened her mouth sucking in my entire cock and then began licking it clean of all the juices. She then turned her head and began to devour my mom’s juiced up cunt. She was sucking and licking my mom’s pussy like it was a Popsicle. When I looked at my aunt, her entire mouth area glistened with both my mom’s and my cum. My mom just laid back and enjoyed saying how much she liked having her cunt eaten and didn’t realize all these years what she had been missing. It wasn’t long before she had yet another climax as my aunt continued eating her pussy and licking her ass. When my mom began to climax, she pushed her sister’s face hard into her snatch while gyrating her hips into my aunt’s face saying, “Oh my god this feels so good, eat me sweetie, suck me dry, suck all of Glenn’s cum out of my pussy, ohhhhhh I love this, just love this.” This scene was extremely arousing but I was totally spent and not able to get any rise in my Levi’s!As we all laid there feeling very good about what had just happened, my aunt said, “I told Harry that I was going to stay the night with you Jackie. Do you think Glenn will be able to walk tomorrow after he fucks the two of us all night long? Well I brought some toys with me just in case Glenn is not up to it.” She got up and left the room. I love to watch her ass wiggle and her big tits sway as she walks. She came back in with a package, set it down and slowly opened it. She smiled as she pulled out a large double dildo saying, “Jackie, here is something we can use together.” She took the dildo out and began to rub it between her legs, she was slowly working one end of it into her cunt. She then let go of it; what a site, there she stood with a double dildo sticking out of her pussy. She had worked three or four inches into her cunt with the remaining 18 or so inches dangling from her snatch. She looked over at my mom saying, “Shall we see how much of this monster we can get in our cunts at the same time? This baby is 24 inches long, think you can get 12 inches of cock in you?”My mom was sitting up wide eyed watching her sister prance around with the monster dildo dangling from her twat. My aunt had turned around with her back and had bent way over. We could see the dildo hanging out of her cunt along with her big tits hanging down between her legs. I was getting another hard on just looking at her in that position. My mom felt as I did as she said, “Oh you look so hot! If I had a cock I’d fuck your ass right now.”My aunt immediately straightened up, pulled the dildo out of her cunt and went over to the package she had brought in. She remained with her back to us and was putting something on around her waist. She turned her head toward us saying, “Well sweetie, I’ve got something to help us out.” She turned quickly wearing a strap-on saying, “Jackie baby, here is a nice cock you can use to fuck me. Now what do you think of my toys?”My mom was sitting with her legs spread rubbing her pussy saying, “Oh fantastic June, absolutely fantastic. But lets get a bite to eat first and then get down to some serious toying around.” We all agreed, it had been some time since any of us had eaten any real food. My mom and aunt headed down stairs both totally nude arm in arm to prepare some food and I went to my room to clean up a bit. I know this was going to be a night to remember.——————————————————————————————-When I finished taking a shower, I stretched out on my bed to get a little rest. I laid there thinking about how lucky I was to have such a sexy mom that loved to fuck plus having an aunt with such big tits that also liked to fuck. Just thinking about them gave me another hard on. As I laid there stroking my hard cock, I tried to listen to what was going on downstairs in the kitchen. All I could here were faint voices of their chatter. As I laid there going over in my mind the events of the last few hours, remembering how my mom looked lying on her bed with her legs spread freely giving me access to her private parts and wanting me to fuck her pussy and ass. And then remembering how good she tasted after she had a major orgasm, how her pussy got all juiced up. As I continued lying there engrossed in my thoughts while stroking my hard dick, I suddenly realized it was awfully quiet. I listened and could not hear any sounds coming from downstairs. I got up to investigate, hoping that they for some reason had gone out. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I still could not hear anything, so I peeked into the living room and den to see them to be empty. I then walked through the dining room and into the kitchen to find my mom and aunt in a very intense embrace. They were both still completely nude with my aunt pressing my mom against the cupboards, her hips were pressed tightly against my mom’s hips while she had her legs slightly bowed allowing their pussies to be in intimate contact. They were kissing with their mouths wide open; it looked as though they were trying to literally eat each other up. Their tongues were in and out of each other’s mouths while alternately sucking the other’s lips into their mouth. My aunt had her arms around my mom’s back pressing her tits into my mom’s tits while my mom had her hands on my aunt’s ass pulling her sister’s crotch into hers. It was an awesome sight. They were moaning and groaning while wiggling there hips and tits into each other in constant motion like they were trying to get into each other’s skin. A I stood there watching my sexy mom and aunt go at it, my cock must have grown another inch, it was an absolutely unbelievable sight. I did not want to do anything to stop their action so I just remained quietly in the corner slowly stroking my hard dick. After about 10 minutes of intense passion between my mom and aunt, my aunt began to kiss her way down my mom’s front. She nibbled on my mom’s neck then worked her way down to her tits. She first licked all around her left tit then her right tit. My mom had her eyes shut and was now pulling her sister’s body into her crotch with her legs slightly spread to get maximum contact on her pussy. My aunt went from licking my mom’s tits to sucking on her tits. I could hear the sucking noises as she tried getting as much of her sister’s tit in her mouth as she could. Finally my aunt moved her mouth over one of my mom’s nipples and really started working it over using her lips and tongue. She moved from one nipple to the other while also using both her hands to squeeze my mom’s tits so that they stood out as much as possible. I never knew nipples could get so erect and long, they looked amazing. My mom’s tits are great and the way my aunt was sucking and fondling them, they even looked more magnificent. My cock was as hard as I’ve ever remember it being, it was absolutely rigid.My aunt continued her gradually descent and began to kiss her way down my mom’s tummy. When my aunt got down near my mom’s pussy, she lifted one of her legs resting it on the counter giving my aunt easy and open access to her hot and wet pussy. I could see my aunt plant a big kiss on my mom’s cunt and then she opened her mouth real wide and sucked my mom’s cunt lips into her mouth. My mom let out a loud moan as my aunt ate away at her cunt. I could not stand it anymore and so moved over next to my mom leaning my head down to take in one of her tits. As soon as my mouth touched her tit, she gasped and opened her eyes saying, “Oh sweetie, that feels so good. I was wondering when you would come down and join us. Oh honey, yes, yes, suck on my nipples. Your warm mouth feels so good on my skin, don’t stop baby, lick and suck your mommy’s tits.” She then placed her hand on the top of my head and pushed my face tight into her tit. I opened my mouth and sucked as much of my mom’s tit into my mouth as I could. I used my tongue to play with her nipple and as I did, I could feel her nipple become even more erect and so I flicked it back and forth with my tongue. Oh how I love to play with my mom’s tits. In the meantime my aunt had reached over and was stroking my cock while she continued eating my mom’s cunt. We three continued this for some time, my mom holding my head against her tits as I sucked and licked her mounds. My aunt eating her pussy while she stroked my hard cock, every once in awhile she would remove her mouth from my mom’s cunt and lick the pre-cum from my dick and then slide her mouth down the full length of my dick a few times. She then would return to eating my mom’s now well juiced up cunt. My aunt had also taken her other hand and was using her thumb to play escort bursa with my mom’s crack. She rubbed her crack a few times and then when her thumb passed over her asshole, my aunt gentle pushed her thumb into the tight little opening. My mom let out a loud sigh as my aunt worked her thumb all the way in. My mom said, “Oh June that feels so good, I never knew how great it was to have both holes played with, I love what you are doing to me. And Glenn, I love how you suck and play with my tits and nipples. You guys have me so hot, I need to be fucked really bad, I mean really bad.” My aunt removed her mouth from my mom’s cunt and tugged on my cock. I looked down to see that she was pulling my cock toward my mom’s pussy. I repositioned myself as my aunt moved away giving me free access to my mom’s cunt. I thrust my hips forward and with the guidance from my aunt, I slipped my cock inside my mom without any difficulty what so ever. I immediately raised me head to look my mom straight in the eye as I sank my cock deep inside her sweet feeling fuck hole. She stared back at me never taking her eyes off mine as she wiggled her hips as felt my cock slip inside her. When I reached what felt like the bottom of her cunt, she gave me a big smile, sighed and grabbed my head giving me a really hot kiss, just like she and June had been doing earlier. We locked lips as I ground my hips into hers, I could not believe the feeling of her wet and juicy pussy around my cock. It felt better than what I remember from last night. We stood there passionately kissing and grinding our pelvises together for some time. Suddenly my mom broke our kiss and turned her head. My aunt had returned wearing her newly purchased strap-on, a big dong dangling from her snatch. My aunt said, “Well sweetie, you are going to get your wish, Glenn and I are going to fuck you like never before. Glenn why don’t you bring your mom into the den so we can get real comfortable for some hot fucking.” My mom looked back at me as I was rocking my cock in and out of her cunt. She smiled saying, “I’m ready! Are you?”“I’m always ready to fuck you mom. I love having my cock buried inside you, feeling the warm insides of your pussy. What is best mom, is that you want me to fuck you, that’s the best.” She gave me a big kiss and I plunged my cock into her as deep as I could and ground my hips into hers.“Oh sweetie, I like that, I like how big you are and how great it feels to have your cock inside me. I love the way you fuck me. I hope you never want to stop fucking your mom. Now lets go into the den and see what June has in mind.” I disengaged my hard cock from my mom’s wet cunt and help my mom get her leg down from the counter. She was a little stiff from being in that position for such a long time. We walked into the den with my mom holding of my dick. She used the palm of her hand to wipe the juices from my dick. She then licked her hand saying, “Oh how sweet you are baby, I love the taste of your fuck juices.” My aunt was sitting on a pillow on the floor with her strap-on sticking straight up. She said to my mom, “Come over her hun and straddle my lap and lets see how much of this you can take in that hot fuck hole of yours.” My mom did not hesitate and walked over to where my aunt was sitting and straddled her. My aunt held up the strap-on dildo pointing it straight at the opening of my mom’s cunt. My mom said, “That looks awfully big, do you think I can really get that rubber cock in my pussy without it hurting me.” My aunt responded, “Yes baby, you will have no problem getting this in you and you will love having this shoved deep in your pussy while Glenn fucks your ass.”My mom’s retort was, “Uhhhh, that sounds exciting, I did not realize I be fucked in both holes at the same time. I have never down that before.”My aunt said, “OK, lets get started honey, just lower yourself down on this rubber cock and let’s get you really fucked.” I watched as my mom squatted lowering her hips until she had the tip of the dildo pressed against the opening of her cunt. My aunt encouraged her saying, “Just take it easy, squat down a little more so we can get a couple inches in you.” My mom lowered herself a little more and I could see a few inches of the dildo slip inside her pussy. I could see her pussy lips hug the rubber dick as she took more of it inside her. My aunt cautioned her to go slowly and move up and down until she got as much in her as she could. I walked over to help steady my mom as she began to ride the rubber cock. I took advantage and stood behind my mom reaching around to hold her by her tits. She was really liking the action and was getting more and more of the strap-on inside her. Finally she got weak kneed as she had an unexpected orgasm. Her pussy was flooded with her own juices and she was able to get the entire dildo in her as she kind of collapsed on top of my aunt.My aunt pulled my mom on top of her and gave her a big kiss. She then said to me, “OK Glenn, get down behind your mom and give her ass a good fucking. Here is some lubricant, oil up her sweet ass and fuck her deep, I want her to remember her first double fuck” I took the lubricant and first oiled up my hard dick. Then I lubed up a couple fingers and began finger fucking my mom’s ass, getting her well oiled. I worked both fingers as deep inside her ass as I could. I followed using three fingers to open up her ass a little more. I then squatted down placing my cock at the entrance of her anus, I pressed forward slowly inching my cock into her tight asshole. Her butt hole gradually opened up as I continued to press my cock into her asshole. Once I got the head of my dick inside my mom’s ass, I slid all of it into her in one long insertion. She let out a very loud moan saying, “Ohhhhh fuck me baby, yes fuck me, oh fuck my ass, oh fuck my ass. I love this, absolutely love this, Oh having both holes filled is the best, this is how I want to be fucked from now on. Oh yes, ram your cock deep in my ass sweetie. And June fill my pussy with that rubber cock, give me every inch of it. Oh this is just too good, I love it, I love it, I just love it.” I had never seen my mom so delighted about anything. I did what she wanted and started to pump her ass as hard as I could. In the meantime my aunt was trying to work the strap-on deeper into her pussy. We both kept up the action for what seemed like a long time until I could not take it any longer and with a loud grunt, began pumping my mom’s ass full of hot seamen. My mom was having an orgasm at the same time, she was like in a trance as she herself was cuming while I filled her ass with my cum. We both were sweaty as I continued fucking her ass and she continued working the rubber cock in her twat. June was also getting worked up as she kept pushing the strap-on into my mom’s cunt. The three of us were like a mass of sweaty bodies wiggling and grunting and fondling each other as we manifested out sexual desires. I finally pulled loose from my mother’s ass and sat down on the edge of the bed next to my mother and aunt who were still engaged in their sexual act. My mom was working her hips up and down as she fucked the strap-on. She looked over at me saying, “god I love getting fucked, I love having my pussy full of cock even if it’s a rubber cock.” She continued sliding her pussy up and down while she kissed her sister and fondled her tits. I could tell that she was working on another orgasm, and sure enough, within minutes she suddenly stopped the thrusting of her hips, and was just pressing down with her hips trying to get every inch of the rubber cock inside her. I could see her buns clinching as she was having another orgasm. At the same time it looked like she was trying to suck her sister’s lips right off hr face. My watching their action never let me relax, my dick stood at attention while she and my aunt remained in their hot embrace. My mom finally released her sisters lips and rolled off her, disengaging her pussy from the shiny cum coated rubber cock. My aunt looked over at me and seeing my hard-on and said, “Sweetie, would you take this strap-on off me and sink that beautiful cock of yours into my pussy and give me a good fuck. I need an orgasm real bad.” I did not hesitate one second, I had the strap-on off her in a flash, gave her cunt a big kiss, crawled up her body and sank my hard cock right straight into her cunt and began fucking her. We were both in a very hot passionate mood as we sucked each other’s face while we fucked hard and deep. I brought her to a climax almost immediately and it was not long before I unloaded my cum into her wet twat. It was an awesome fuck and when we finished I collapsed on top of her. I looked over at my mom, she was sitting in a chair with her legs spread wide and the strap-on in her hand. She was sucking and licking it and from time to time she would insert the rubber cock inside her cunt, work it around and then suck and lick it some more. Wow my aunt and mom are so hot, its hard to believe my luck in having these women in my life. I know there is a lot more to cum!!!

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