A knock at the door

A knock at the door
I had a fabulous dream the other night infact, it woke me up because I thought (hoped) the man in the dream really was knocking at the door….

It was one of those cold, autumn nights that we are currently experiencing. I was tucked up at home with the fire on and wrapped up in my electric throw to keep the chill off. Lying on the settee in my undies and watching some rubbish online, with my right hand tucked inside my Yfronts, fiddling with my cock. I wasn’t really horny or anything that’s just how I tend to be when alone at home – there’s always one of my hands on my willy.

It must have been about 8.30pm. The curtains were drawn because it was so dark and nasty outside, when there was a knock at the door. That’s unusual as there is a door buzzer on the ground floor and camera to see if I want to let someone in – must be someone selling something, I decided. But I went to the door anyway. On opening, I found a 60-something year old guy, smartly dressed in black trousers, shirt and tie, soaked to the skin. “Sorry to bother you but…” Turned out he was from the JW’s. Usually I wouldn’t give them the time of day but he was so wet and sad-looking I invited him in to dry off a little before visiting the next flat.

I apologised that I was only in my undies but he said he didn’t mind in the least and am sure I saw him flick the front of his trousers where his cock was lying. Anyway, I took his jacket and hung it near the fire to dry. He took off his shoes which were sodden and I placed them somewhere warm. Sitting next to me, I could see his trousers were soaked too and suggested that he take them off to dry. He argued a little but eventually agreed and I brought him a big towel to wrap around his waist. I made a point of not looking at him undressing but did catch sight of him in the mirror – no undies…. mmmm and a fat little uncut cock…. very nice!

Sitting at my side we got chatting. As he relaxed I noticed that the towel was slipping to one side and that plump little cock was firming up. When he asked if I was married, I put my hand under the towel and said “no, this is what I prefer”. Surprisingly, he was very obliging and removed the towel revealing a firm uncut penis of about 5″ in length with a very long overhanging foreskin all resting on top of a scrotum filled with enormous testicles. I couldn’t wait to get my lips on them all and quickly sank to my knees.

Firstly I licked those huge balls in their wrinkly old sac. They were like two hen’s eggs! Then I licked up and down the shaft of his cock, Oh God it smelt divine and tasted mildly of Imperial Leather soap. I could sense that his foreskin was tight but it was so long there was an awful lot to nibble on and he moaned so softly when my lips encircled the head of his cock. With it not being too big, I was able to take it all into my mouth and he obviously enjoyed it. Cupping his balls with my left hand, I used me right fore finger to gently probe his hole which gave in quite easily and I fingered him whilst sucking and licking his cock.

I like to take my time – as long as possible, even hours – sucking and licking cocks. When I get my reward of a mouthful of hot spunk, I want it to have been worthwhile. I hadn’t been sucking him very long when he starting fucking my mouth and I realised he was going to cum – I later learned it had been many years since anyone had sucked his cock. His balls were now slapping my chin and he was moaning so loud then, all of a sudden, an enormous gush of hot spunk filled my mouth, followed by another and another and a few more drops. My cock was throbbing, it needed a release, so I pushed my undies off and started to wank myself off. He was lying there, his eyes closed and a beautiful smile on his face and I wanted his cock again but it was now tiny and soft and very sexy. As I got close to cumming, I stood up and pushed my cockhead inside his long overhanging foreskin. It was enough to send me to the next level and I shot a big load inside his skin. Not wanting to waste any precious cum, I resumed my kneeling position between his legs and sucked my cum from his cock.

I couldn’t take my mouth off his cock. If it had responded and grown I would have repeated on him – those huge balls looked so full – but eventually he said he had to go and got dressed and ready to leave. It would have been so nice if he called again, but he hasn’t and I sit here waiting for the next pair of cock-filled trousers to knock at my door, needing to find a willing mouth keen to empty balls

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