“A neighbor friend”[ENG]


“A neighbor friend”[ENG]This work is protected by law under the Law on Copyright. protection of copyright is protected by law.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPLBelow, you can read the story “A neighbor friend”, have a good reading and please leave a comment after reading.A neighbor friendA few weeks ago a friend went for a few days outside the city. He asked me from rock to time zajrzaldo his apartment and see if everything is ok. I owe him a favor, and to have some free time, so I accepted without a problem. Mischka friend was in a block on 4tym floor. As I lived very close, I could look into it every day. Probably you wondering why. Now the friend was on his compiling a pretty good collection of porn. I admit that excited me watching porn in someone else’s apartment, not to mention scutching. So I went to this apartment for 4 days and have not had any undesirable adventures. On the fourth day I noticed that the bathroom appeared on the ceiling of a small wet spot. I was worried because I probably was a leak from a neighbor on the floor above. After a telephone consultation with the owner of the apartment, I went upstairs neighbors in order to draw attention. Unfortunately, no one I did not open. The next day the stain was much greater, so we had to react seriously. Again, I went upstairs and tried dodzownic the door. Drzwonie once, d ** g, three times. No one opens. I was determined, especially knowing that nochach often heard from the flat loud music playing. I called again. Finally, someone opened it. The door opened slightly and some guy stuck his head out and asked what was going on. I told him that something he needs to leak, because in a flat mate is wet stain, drill bit known origin. The guy had denied saying that with him everything is ok. I was not going to give up and persistently striven to the fact that there is another option-source of the leak is with him. The guy apparently afraid that with his guilt, could lead to flooding of someone else’s apartment. He decided to let me in, I myself saw what and how. He opened the door and then realized that staged his head. Well, he was wearing only panties. But his body … the real representative misiek. Belly like a barrel and content of briefs anything myself. It was evident that it is ashamed. şişli escort I went in and took me to the bathroom. Everything was well enclosed, this could not see anything. The leak had to be under the casing pipes. I showed him where in roughly the spot appeared. It was a Sunday, so he said he would call a plumber the next morning and guarantees that this will take. I had no choice but to believe him that he would take care of. The guy clearly was nervous. I was about to leave, when as an apology for the problem offered me a cup of coffee. I think to myself: well, bothered, so although the coffee I should be. He immediately apologized for their attire, arguing that slept off nite at work. I gave him know that there is no problem and sat down on the couch. The man went into the kitchen. He returned a few minutes later carrying a cup of coffee and cookies. Giving a cup of coffee introduced himself to me. His name was Greg. He was still wearing only panties. Apparently, in the company of another man he did not feel so uncomfortable in such attire. During the conversation, I learned that he lived here alone and works as a watchman. We talked so little about various trivialities. Sometimes I glanced at his attractive body, which probably did not escape his attention. I noticed that he got an erection. He did not try to hide it. He had to see that I pointed this out. It was terribly hot. He suggested browarka. I did not refuse. There’s nothing like a cold beer. Being slightly podchmielonym, I immediately gained confidence. It was so hot that I started to sweat. In fact already I wanted to go down, but embarrassing end beer. I could not stand and had to download T-shirt.-Uff. Terribly hot today. she said taking off his shirt. -No Little przygrzalo. Feel free to. One more beer?I had to wash, but the prospect of another browarka stopped me.-If Cold, with great gusto. -odpowiedzialem.Greg jumped into the kitchen and brought browarki well chilled. That I needed. We talked about anything yet so for another half hour. I found out that Greg is 40ce and there is no wife, no c***dren. Alcohol at once more hit our heads. I noticed that the situation looks at least strange, but not reacted. From time to time still I peeked at the bulge in your pants mecidiyeköy escort Grzeska. To my surprise, not sloped. I thought so for przyrodzeniu my host, until in the end I stood. Greg must have noticed. In the end I was wearing only shorts, where my tent was quite visible. Shortly after the stock went another beer. I told myself that this was the last one. Giving it to me, Colin zapronowal going to the balcony. He had issued a small couch, so it was a perfect place to relax. I did not refuse. So we sat on the balcony of slowly Sipping beer. Light breeze perfectly invigorated and provide any cooling. Greg sat next to me and looked straight ahead, so he could discreetly as not to look at his stomach and the small size tent. I admit that I was terribly excited. Again I stood. Greg must have noticed. He has moved his hand slowly toward me and put it on my thigh. I looked at him, but he still looked at my shorts. I liked this. I admit that I was hoping for it from the outset. He moved his hand to my stomach, then stroked him and slowly slid his hand into my boxers. He does not hurry up, which further enhanced the my excitement. In the end, he reached for my penis. It was unbelieveable feeling. He grabbed my stick and began to gently move it. I gained courage and he reached into his pants. His penis was huge. After a moment, Greg pulled my stick on top. He came up and started to pull off my shorts and boxers. I helped him slip off them completely. Then he leaned forward and took my penis in the mouth. She was doing with him the true wonders. I was already close to reaching, so I told him to stop. He listened to me. He sat on the couch helped me to download panties. I took again his penis in your hand and slowly began to beat him. One hand hammered him ad ** nd stroked his belly. After a while I started to suck his nipples still doing him good with one hand. After a while I got up and went back to him. He grabbed me around the waist and sat on his thighs. He stroked my penis the groove. Then he leaned over me so as to obtain access to my hole, then turned on her his dick. My hole was not stretched, so I felt a slight pain, khyed him started to push against your hardware. He moistened it with saliva and pressed harder. My sphincter esenyurt escort put at once less resistance. In the end, he plunged into the head and after a while the whole penis. His dick whole in me, it was great. He grabbed my hands swollen cock and began slowly trzebac me when I move the hips stimulate his cock in me. It was awesome. I started jumping up and down on it slowly. His penis was hard to the fullest. After a few minutes I got up and leaned against the railing. Now he approached me and came at me with full force. Impose our own rhythm. I moved slowly at first. Then suddenly he accelerated. He was beginning. Then he accelerated even more and fucked me like a man possessed. Finally he came and fired at me huge load of cum. Until she moaned with delight. He came out with me and then we switched places. Now he leaned back and puffed out his big ass. I squatted down and even started to beat him. After a few minutes he came again. Then I sat down to his hole. Nawilzylem her saliva and He pushed his penis. He entered with great resistance. Greg groaned with pain, but at the same time he told me to get stuck harder. I walked him around the dick and started to move like a whore. His hole was incredibly tight. I also felt his penis, and rub his prostate. His stick again stood at attention. I speeded up and soon after got orgasm. I lowered into his ass. I left him completely satisfied. But Greg did not have enough. He brought and spread out a blanket. He lay on mime, and I crouched over his penis. He pointed my asshole and stuffed into his cock. I had the impression that there is even greater than before. I leaned over and I advanced to the front and to the rear of stimulating cock Grzeska. He then played mine. When my back was ready for action, he ordered me to get up. He pulled his feet to his head, and I crouched in front of him and went to him. Then he puts his legs on my shoulders, and I had free access to its hole. Do not hurry up about it, I advanced slowly. Sometimes bending down on your dick pressed up deep. That must have hurt, but also mega excited. I had before me Grzeska penis, so by the way I played it. In the end, I came again and lowered inside. I left the Grzeska and lay down on his big belly. Polezelismy there for a moment, then got up and drank after another browarku. We did not talk about what happened. I gave Grzesiek your number and said goodbye. I went back to the apartment buddy and thinking about what happened upstairs.I could not wait to next time.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPL

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