A Never Ending Night


A Never Ending Nightt was raining that day, and my car had broken down, so I had to walk… I had been dressed up to go out that night, my little black dress, it is see through, so I wear a slip under it, black thong panties, a black shelf bra that pushed my tits up & together rather nicely, and my black fishnet stockings with a garter belt to hold them up. Yeah, I kinda looked like a slut, but I thought I was going out to a club, not walking down the street in the rain. Anyway, on way home, there was a small bar. I decided to duck in there to get out of the rain for a bit, and have a couple of beers.I walked into the bar, and noticed immediately that it was nearly empty. There was an older couple sitting at a table in the corner, there was an old man sitting at the bar, and a couple of guys playing pool. I walked up to the bartender, and got my beer… I took it over to a table near the pool table and sat down. The first beer went down pretty quick, and I went to get another. As I walked over to the bar, I felt a hand brush against my ass… I quickly turned around, and one of the guys that was playing pool looked down at me and said he was sorry, and that it was an accident. I replied, “No problem,” and flashed him a smile. This guy was quite attractive … he was probably about 6′ tall, which is damn tall next to me (I’m only 5’5″), and was pretty muscular … he was wearing a wifebeater (a white ribbed tank top) and black jeans, and he had a shaved head. He smiled back at me, and I continued over to the bar, and got my second beer.When I turned around, I noticed that the guy that had touched my ass was now sitting at my table! Hmm, I thought, this could be interesting. I walked back over to my table, and sat down. He introduced himself, and said his name was Eddie. I introduced myself to him, and I asked him where his friend had gone. He said that his friend Robert had run out to their car to grab his smokes.At this point Eddie looked me up and down, and said, “Damn, you’re soaked!” I told him about the trouble I was having with my car, and that I was on my way home, and had to walk in the rain. At this point, Robert walked up to the table, and threw down his smokes. He looked at Eddie, and said “Fuck man, it fucking pouring out there!” I rolled my eyes at the thought of having to walk in the pouring rain, and finished up my beer. “Would you like another?” Asked Eddie. I said, “Sure.” He got up and walked over to the bar. Robert sat down, and introduced himself, and I told him my name, and before he asked, I explained why I was so wet.Eddie returned with three beers, he set one in front of me, and gave one to Robert, and he took a big drink from the third. I took a drink of mine, and lit up a smoke. The two guys also lit up with me. We sat there and talked for a while, and I have to admit I was being rather flirtatious. I always get flirty when I drink. About half way through my third beer, and my head was feeling heavy. I thought this was kind of odd, as 3 beers usually didn’t fuck me up. I took another drink anyway. I noticed Eddy’s leg kept brushing up against mine, but I didn’t move it, I looked down, and noticed that my dress had slid up on my leg, and the top of my stockings were exposed. Feeling rather bold at the moment, I chose to let it stay like it was.I finished off my beer, and I felt like I had run full speed into a brick wall. I explained to the guys that I usually didn’t get this drunk from a few beers, and they both replied that it was cool. I noticed they gave each other a look and smiled, but I thought nothing of it. I felt like I needed to pee, so I excused myself, grabbed my purse and stood up to go to the restroom. That’s when it really hit me. I quickly sat back down, and Eddie asked me what was wrong. I said, “I’m kinda embarrassed, but I don’t know if I can make it over to the restroom.” He stood up, and grabbed my arm pulling me to my feet. Whoa, I could barely walk to the restroom even with him guiding my way. I went in, and Eddie said he would wait by the door.I stumbled into the restroom, and went pee. It wasn’t easy… For some reason I was really FUCKED UP! I made my way to the door, and pushed it open. Eddie grabbed me, as I think I was about to fall. We made it back to the table, and I sat down roughly. It was getting late, and I thought I should go, but I didn’t think I could walk all the way home in this condition. At that exact moment, Robert said to Eddie, “Hey, lets get out of this place, and go pick up some beer … we could head back to my place, and get wasted” Eddie said, “Cool, lets go” Eddie looked at me, and asked if I needed a ride somewhere. I told him that it would be real cool if I could get a ride home. He helped me up, and we walked out of the bar and towards their car, it was raining harder then ever.I slid into the back seat of their car, and they both jumped in the front. Robert was driving, and I heard him tell Eddie that they needed to pick up the beer first before all the liquor stores closed. Robert started the car and pulled out into the street. I was nearly passed out. I was way too fucked up for only having 3 beers. Though my eyes were barely open, I saw that Robert kept looking in his rearview mirror at me, and Eddie kept turning his head to look at me. I put my hands on my legs, and felt that my skirt was hiked up pretty high now, and they could see my stockings and about 4 inches of the straps from my garter belt. I tried to cover up with no avail, and I quietly passed out…When I woke up, the car was parked, and Eddie was pulling me out of the car. I asked where I was, and Robert said, “We’re at my house” I gave Eddie a questioning look, and he said that when they had asked me where I lived, I was passed out, so they figured they would take me with them, and drop me off later. Just then, Eddie picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I think I passed out again, because the next thing I remember was Eddie laying me down on a bed, and telling me that I could sleep there. Through my barely opened eyes, I saw him walk out of the room. Lying there, I could feel that my clothes were damp. I figured that since I had a slip on, I could take off my dress and let it dry … damn was that a struggle, but I managed to take it off, and laid it over the corner of the bed.At that moment, Robert walked in the room. He had a beer in his hand, and asked if I would like one. I told him, that I better not, because I was too fucked up as it was. He sat down beside me on the side of the bed, and I passed out again. When I awoke, Both Eddie and Robert were sitting at the end of the bed watching a porno… I asked if I could have some water because I needed something tuzla escort to drink. Eddie left the room, and walked back in with a glass… I took a BIG drink, and felt a burning in my stomach. It was Vodka!!! I looked at Eddie, and he said, “Come on, water is no fun…” I set the cup down on the table, and struggled to sit up. Eddie asked me if I ever watched porno movies. I told him I did, but not this kind! On the TV, was a girl chained up, bound and gagged, and being whipped by a menacing looking man. Eddie just smiled at me, and told me I should watch, maybe I would like it.Everything was still kind of blurry, but I leaned back against the headboard and watched. The girl was screaming every time the whip touched her… I was getting aroused. I could feel my pussy getting wet. Every couple of minutes both of the guys turned around to look at me, to see my reaction. Robert made a comment that his back was hurting, and then slid up next to me. Eddie, followed, and sat on my other side. I felt the big swig of vodka I had taken. My head was swooning. I leaned my head back on the headboard and closed my eyes. Damn I was fucked up. I think I must have passed out again. When I opened my eyes, I saw on the TV there was a girl tied up … her tits were wrapped in ropes, and her hands were tied above her. There were men taking turns spanking her. I felt myself get wet again. Just then I noticed that Eddy’s hand was on my leg. I just sat there and stared at it for a minute… I felt his warm hand on my leg. It was on my bare thigh, under my garter strap. He moved it slightly up my leg… I jumped. Robert asked me if I liked what I saw. Before I knew what I was saying I uttered, “yes.” He smiled, and put his hand on my other leg, identical to where Eddy’s was … which had now moved up maybe an inch from my pussy. I wondered if they could feel how wet I was. I wanted them to move their hands… I was starting to get worried.Eddie slid his hand up my thigh and tugged at my panties. I told him that I thought he should stop, and maybe they should give me a ride home now… Robert said, no, not yet … he was not okay to drive. Eddie’s hands were still rubbing my pussy through my panties, and I knew he could feel how wet I was. Robert slid his hand under my panties and touched my pussy. As his fingers touched me, I felt myself quiver. Robert looked up at Eddie, and said, “This bitch is a fucking slut!” and with that, he ripped down my panties, and the straps from my garter belt snapped up… “Look at that fucking shaved pussy…!” He looked at me, and said, ” You fucking little whore, how dare you fucking tease me all night” Eddies hand was now rubbing my clit, and I was so wet. My nipples were so hard, and very clearly showing through my slip. I was scared though, and I tried to push Eddy’s hand away. At that moment, Robert slapped me straight across the face, and said, “Look you little bitch, you’re going to let us do what the fuck we want.” Eddie’s hand slid back to my pussy, and Robert pulled a knife out of his pocket.Fear swept over my body. “What the fuck are you going to do with that?” I asked Robert. “Whatever the fuck I want!” he yelled. He knelt over me; Eddie slid a finger into my pussy… I let out a moan. Eddie said, “You’re such a fucking whore” I said, “No, please don’t do this … please … just leave me alone…” This time it was Eddie who backhanded me. “Shut the funk up cunt!” Robert pulled my legs and I slid down so I was lying on the bed. My lip was bleeding. Robert sat on my stomach, and used his knife to cut the straps of my slip. I was trying to push him off of me. It was no use. He was too heavy, and I was not strong enough. Robert said to Eddie, ” Get the fucking camera, were gonna tape this slut … we’ll make her famous.” Eddie laughed and walked to the other side of the room. Robert continued cutting my clothes … first my slip, then my bra. He smiled at me. I quietly told him, “please, no…” He said, “What? Are you trying to tell ME what the fuck to do…? You’re the fucking bitch, and you are going to do what I fucking say!” I then heard Eddie attaching their camera to a tripod on the other side of the room. He walked back over to the bed and said, “Okay, lets make this bitch a fucking star.”Robert was now cutting off my panties, which were around my knees, and Eddie had grabbed my wrists with one hand, and was squeezing one of my tits with the other. I was completely naked except for my stockings and garter belt. I looked up at Eddie, and asked, “Why, me?””Cause you want it,” he said. “I felt how fucking wet you were … watching fucking porn with us … you want it … you know you do.” I shook my head no, and he plunged his hand into my pussy… Robert had gotten up and was messing with something under the bed. He set something beside me, and grabbed my throat. He moved close to my face, about an inch away, and looked straight into my eyes. “Tell me how much you want to fuck me.””NO!” I said … his grasp tightened around my throat. “Tell me!” Quietly I whimpered… ” I want you””WHAT?” he said, a bit louder I said, “I want you to fuck me.””That’s right you fucking cunt.” He took my wrists from Eddie, and began to tie them with the rope he had set bedside me. “What are you doing?” I asked. He slapped me again, and at the same time Eddie slid another finger into my pussy. “Did I tell you to speak?” asked Robert. He continued to tie my wrists. When they were tied together, he took the end of the rope and dragged me off the bed. My legs were still weak from the alcohol. Robert wrapped the end of the rope around a bar that ran the length of the room. He pulled the rope tightly, and my arms were now stretched above my head.I turned to look at Eddie, and saw him pick up a large whip from under the bed. “Oh no” I started to beg … “Please no, please … don’t hurt me, I’ll do what you want, I’ll do what you say, just please don’t hurt me.” They didn’t say a word, just let out an evil laugh. The first sting of the whip was the worst. It barely touched my right breast, but I could feel it throughout my entire body. They took turns whipping me, Eddie whipping the front of my body, while Robert whipped my back. It hurt so much. I was helpless. I was screaming, but they didn’t seem to care.Eddie untied the rope from the bar, and my arms fell in front of me… my wrists still tied together he pulled me over to the bed and tied the rope to the headboard I was on my knees, facing the wall, and Robert moved up behind me. I felt his bare hands on my ass. My wetness was apparent. The insides of my thighs were soaked with my juices. He slapped my ass… From the corner of my eye, I could pendik escort see that Robert had undressed, and was now standing beside the bed. His cock was huge, and I could see that it was fully erect. Eddie slapped my ass again… I screamed, and Robert shoved a ball into my mouth, and strapped it around my head. “Now we won’t have to hear you bitching anymore you fucking slut,” said Robert.Eddie moved off the bed, and started to undress. Robert climbed up behind me and pressed his dick against my pussy. “Now I’m going to give you what your whore ass has been waiting for.” He shoved his cock in me, and started pumping. It felt like he would split me open. My pussy was screaming. With each stroke I felt wetter. He slammed into me relentlessly. I tried to scream, but only let out a muffled squeak. Robert laughed. From behind me, I heard Eddie say, “What about this?” He handed something to Robert, and I felt a slight pressure on my asshole. I struggled to get away. “I’m sure you are used to things being in your ass you whore. Now you’re gonna have this butt plug in you whether you like it or not. Don’t fight me, you will not get away.” And with that he pushed it into my ass. It felt so large. My asshole burned with the pain. I came immediately. The cum ran down my leg. “I knew you would love it, you fucking bitch,” said Robert. He fucked me harder. My pussy and ass were full. I came again. Robert pulled his dick out of me, and I felt his hot cum squirt all over my ass, and run down my thigh.Robert got up and said he was going to the bathroom. I thought I could rest. I thought it might be over. Eddie got on the bed and turned me on my back. ” I want you to sit on that butt plug. I want you to love it,” he said. It felt like it went even further into my ass. He pushed his cock into my pussy. I shook my head no. He slapped my face. “Don’t cry you horny fucking bitch!” He fucked me hard, it seemed like forever. My pussy was hurting from all the abuse. My thighs were red from the slapping of his legs against mine. He pulled out of me, and shot his load in my face. I could feel the come covering my mouth and cheeks. He got up and grabbed a rope. Tied my ankles together, and tied them to the bottom of the bed. Eddie then walked over to his video camera, and popped out the tape. He put it in the VCR in front of me, and hit rewind. While the tape was rewinding he said, “I am going to leave for awhile. When this tape is over, it will automatically rewind and play again.” With that, he pushed play, and walked out of the room.I laid there. My wrists tied above my head to the headboard. My ankles tied to the bottom of the bed, and a butt plug still shoved up my ass. Cum was covering my face, and I was watching a video of my own ****.I must have fallen asleep at sometime, and I awoke to voices coming in the room. It was Robert and Eddie, they were back. They stood there for a moment and stared at me. I was humiliated. I ached from being tied this way all night. They walked over towards me, and asked if I was hungry. I said, “yes.” Eddie said, “If you want some food you have to suck our dicks.” After all this, they wanted me to give them head for food? I reluctantly shook my head yes. Robert started to untie me. My arm and legs were stiff. My mouth and cheeks hurt from the ball gag that had been there all night. After untying me, they both sat on the side of the bed and Robert said, “Get on your knees!” I said, “What about this,” and motioned to the butt plug that was still firmly planted in my ass. “That stays for now,” replied Eddie.I got down on my knees in front of them. Dried cum on my face from the night before. With one cock in each hand, I put Eddy’s dick in my mouth and started sucking. I licked and sucked, and then switched over to Robert. He was rougher, and grabbed the back of my head shoving his cock down my throat. Back and forth I went between the two of them. Sucking their dicks, licking their balls. They came all over my face and tits. Then Robert told me to turn around, and he pulled the butt plug from my ass. OUCH! But after the pain there was relief that my ass was now empty. Eddie set in front of me a sandwich, and told me to eat quickly. I did as he said. While I was eating, they explained to me that my will would no longer be my own. Why? Simply because they said so. If I did not do as they said, whenever they said, or if I tried to resist them, or get away, I would be punished.I finished eating and Eddie told me to get up and follow him. He walked in the bathroom and turned on the shower. “Get in,” he ordered. I pulled off what was left of my stockings and got in the shower. “Clean yourself,” he said. He sat down on the toilet and watched.It felt good to wash myself and be clean… When I moved my hand down to wash my pussy, Eddie told me to finger myself. I sat down in the shower, and started masturbating. I quickly came, the water on my body felt so good. When I was clean, he told me to get out of the shower, and he handed me a towel. I dried myself, and asked him, “Can I have some clothes?” He laughed. “You don’t deserve any clothes you fucking slut!” He grabbed the towel from me, and told me to go lay on the bed. I laid there, and waited.Robert walked over to the bed and laid next to me. He was naked. He told me to get up on top of him, and ride his dick. I just laid there. My pussy already hurt so much!!! He grabbed my hair, and slapped my ass. “Get on my dick now,” he said. I got up on top of him, and slid his dick in my pussy. “Now ride,” he said. I slowly started riding his dick… he grabbed my dick and moved me faster. I kept up this pace, and he grabbed my tits, and squeezed. Eddie walked into the room, and got on the bed. He moved up behind me and pressed his dick to my still sore asshole. I stopped fucking Robert and said, “Wait, stop… please… no” He slapped my ass and pulled a pair of clamps from a drawer beside the bed. “When will you learn,” he said and attached the clamps to my nipples. I screamed. The pain was like a burning. Robert told me to keep fucking him, and I did. Then, Eddie pushed his cock into my ass. It hurt, and I moaned. I couldn’t stop moaning. My body shuddered as the slammed their cocks in and out of my pussy and ass. Eddie kept spanking me, and Roberts’s hands were firmly squeezing my burning tits.Two dicks… tearing me apart. It seemed like forever that they fucked me that way… When Eddie was about to cum, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and told me to swallow his cum… I opened my mouth to say no, he pushed his dick in and came. I swallowed his warm cum. Robert did the same. Pulled his cock out of my pussy and made me swallow his load. I slumped over, kartal escort defiled. I wondered what more they could do to me… I wondered when would it end.They both stood over me and laughed… “Look at this fucking slut… all abused… you got what you wanted, are you satisfied now, or do you want more?” I did not reply. I wondered what time it was. I wondered how long I had been there. They pulled me up on the bed and tied me to the bar that stretched across the room once more. I started to beg, “Please don’t hurt me anymore, I will do whatever you say. Just don’t hit me any more, please! PLEASE!” They both laughed. “Beg all you want bitch, it turns me on, said Eddie. I struggled to see if my hands could slip free from the ropes… They both just looked at me and smiled.They started tying ropes around my body… my arms holding them together, my breasts were bound together tightly, making them seem larger than life… they tied my ankles apart attached to 2 small posts sticking out from the floor (I had not noticed these before) Robert pulled out a big blue vibrating dildo and approached me… “We have to take off for awhile, this will keep you company.” With that he shoved the dildo into my pussy. Eddie then came up behind me and pushed the butt plug into my ass once again. They tied ropes around my pussy securing the toys in place… then Robert refastened the clamps to my nipples. I was writhing in pleasure and pain. The vibrations from the dildo in my pussy made me cum instantly. As they were walking out of the room, Eddie said, “We may have a friend with us when we come back, so be sure you look your best!” And they laughed as they walked out of the room.They left me there…spread eagle, bound, clamps on my nipples, the vibrator buzzing in my pussy, and that damn butt plug… it seemed like HOURS…. I came numerable times… I lost count after 6… My head was spinning… My body was numb. My thighs were coated with my own cum.I heard a noise coming from the other room. Eddie slammed the door open and shouted, “Honey, were home! How was your day? Did you do anything interesting?” He laughed. “We have a surprise for you,” he said. “Something a little slut like you will probably enjoy.” He walked over to the door of the room and yelled down the hallway, “Do you want me to leave this bitch tied up, or what? What about the dildo & butt plug?” I heard a strange voice answer back, “Leave her tied up, but take those toys out.” This voice was odd, and I thought it sounded like a woman. All I knew, was at least I was getting a little relief. Eddie pulled the toys out of me, and I felt so weak… standing there completely naked wrists above my head, legs spread and tied apart. Eddie went and sat on the bed. Robert came in, and took a seat on the bed also. They just sat there, staring at me. I thought this was odd. But then I remembered the other voice.I looked over towards the door, and standing there was indeed a woman. She was wearing black latex pants, a corset, and huge boots with spiky heels. I noticed that the latex seemed so shiny. Robert pulled out a tape and slipped it into the camera that was still mounted on the tripod, and then retook his seat. The woman walked over to me, and looked me up and down. She walked around to the back of me, and gave my ass a light pat. The woman looked over at the guys and said, “I see you have been having some fun with this whore.” They laughed and smiled.”I have been brought here to train you,” the woman said to me. “When I ask you to speak, you call me mistress. Do you understand?” She looked into my eyes. I said, “Yes.” She slapped my face. “Yes what?” she screamed. “Yes, mistress I responded.” She smiled and said, “good slave.” She continued, “Now, we are going to go over some rules… do you understand?””Yes mistress””Good! You learn quickly! Okay… first, do not speak unless you are spoken to. If you do, you will be punished. Next, if you resist, you will be punished. If you try to get away, or escape, you will be punished. When you are told to do something, if you do not do it quickly enough, you will be punished. Do you understand all these rules?””Yes Mistress,” I replied.”Please tell me when this will all end?” I pleaded. The woman looked at me calmly and said, “Now we will begin your punishment.””But, what….? Why…?” I screamed. “Shut your fucking mouth slave,” she yelled. She walked across the room and looked into a bag. From her bag she pulled out handcuffs, and walked back over towards me. She stood in front of me, and slid off her latex pants. Underneath she was wearing nothing. She reached up and untied my wrists from the bar… she freed my wrists from the ropes. My arms burned from them being tied above my head all day. She slapped the handcuffs on my wrists, and they were now bound behind my back… she untied my feet and told me to get on my knees. I quickly did what she said, hoping that she would be nice to me.”Pleasure me,” she said. I looked up at her and she slapped me. “Lick my fucking pussy NOW bitch!” I slid my tongue up along her clit and started lapping at her juices. I slid my tongue in to her pussy, and she grabbed my head and pressed my face into her pussy. My face was soaked with her juices. I licked and sucked at her pussy. When she came she wiped her pussy all over my face and told me to clean it… I obediently followed her command.I was wet from licking her pussy, my nipples were hard too, and everybody could see that. She pulled me up off my knees and through me face down over the side of a table that was in the corner of the room.”Stay there, Don’t move,” she barked. She walked over to her bag and this time pulled out a huge strap on. This had to be the biggest fake dick I’ve ever seen. She walked back over to me, and told me to spread my legs farther apart… She grabbed my hips, and shoved that huge fake dick completely into my pussy. “Oops,” she said, “Wrong hole!” She pulled it out of my pussy and slammed it into my asshole. I screamed loud, she laughed.”Beg me to fuck your ass whore,” she said.So I did. “Please fuck me Mistress, fuck my ass hard, make me hurt, rip it open! Please fuck me hard, please!” She was slamming that dick in my ass so hard I thought it was going to come out my throat. I was screaming, I couldn’t stand the pain, and my pussy was sopping wet. My ass was red from her slapping. They guys were grinning wide from there positions on the bed. She through me down on the bed, and said to Robert and Eddie, “I think my job here is done. This little slut should not be a problem anymore.” She removed her handcuffs, grabbed her bag, and walked out he door.Eddie and Robert looked at me and smiled. They both had raging hard cocks. Eddie said to me, “If you’re not a good little slave we will have to call her back.” With that I passed out from exhaustion… Wondering when my captors would free me. Wondering if my new Master would ever let me go

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