A Night with Daddy


A Night with Daddy
I was little nervous but everything was ready. I had a blunt rolled and an assortment of alcohol ready for Daddy when he arrived, I love to please and everything should be perfect when my man comes to visit. I spent the afternoon pampering myself in preparation as well, every inch of my body smelled like roses, every nook and cranny ready in case a tongue came to visit or hands ventured to explore. I decided to wear something simple but sexy, my sparkly red top and tights to show off my booty, Daddy is pretty casual so no need to overdress …we weren’t going anywhere but the bedroom tonight.

Feeling good about my look, I adjusting the last bit of my makeup and I smiled at myself in the mirror when the doorbell rang. My heart skipped a beat as I skipped to the door but I opened it calmly and greeted Daddy with a smile and shy look downward.

“Hi Baby” he said with his deep, sexy southern voice. He was from North Carolina and even just a few words gets my juices flowing.

“Hello Daddy” I replied, offering a little kiss on his cheek and a hug, feeling his large, strong hands reach around to grip my ass cheeks and pull me close. I love the feeling of those hands all over me, especially on my ass and my heart started to beat a little faster as he pressed me tightly against his warm body. Pulling away and taking his hand I led him over to the drink tray waiting for him.

“What can I get you tonight babe?” I offered, one hand gesturing toward the assortment of drinks waiting and the other handing him his blunt.

“How about some of that Canadian Rye?” he replied. “When in Rome as they say” he followed as he lit up the blunt with a smile and headed towards the couch while I set him up. You could say I was a little submissive, part of my pleasing nature I guess and I poured a few drinks for the both of us.

“I’ll have what you’re having babe” I said with a smile as I handed him his drink. We cheered after clinking our glasses together, looking into each other’s eyes, he took a big haul from the blunt before passing it over and I followed suit, the air filling with the sweet smell of BC weed.

“You look so hot tonight Donna” he said, “why don’t you pose a little for me on the couch, I want to take a few pics of you” as he reached for his cell phone. I obliged not trying to seem too eager …showing off is like foreplay to me! Taking some innocent photos I was getting far too hot and had to make my move. Slipping to my knees I knew exactly what I wanted as I positioned myself between his legs, gently spreading them as I looked up smiling. I slid my hands up his thighs and felt his erection already waiting for me through his jeans ….fuck he has such a nice cock, I could barely wait.

“Mmmmmm, you enjoyed the preview didn’t you Daddy?” I asked but he didn’t need to answer as I unbuckled his belt and helped him out of his pants, his now rock hard manhood resting to one side through his underwear, begging for my attention. Daddy’s black cock is big, just the way I like em, over 8″ by 7″ around, the thicker the better and this Daddy is thicker than most! Though athletic, I am also petite but I like a challenge 😉 I consider a big cock a gift so I took my time teasing him through his underwear before unwrapping the present that was waiting for me. I reached in and pulled out his now throbbing manhood, staring at it for a moment as I held it in my hands. I moved my gaze up to Daddy’s smiling face, looking into his eyes as my tongue started at it, moving from the base to the tip, licking the underside of his head ever so gently before softly kissing the head. Eyes fixed, I opened wide and slowly slid his rod into my mouth, I was now officially in sissy heaven.

“Oh yes baby” he moaned, finally breaking the silence, his hands now behind his head as he relaxed into his throne while I worked my magic. First sucking just past the head, then up and down a little more, repeating until I felt the complete thickness engulf and tickle the back of my throat, my eyes already starting to water. I love nothing more than that feeling of fullness inside me, both holes of course but there is something special about sucking a beautiful big black cock. We both started to get into it and I could feel his hips begin to rock in order to accommodate my deep throat desires. Reaching down, his hands gripped the sides of my head and he started guiding my mouth to the rhythm of a solid ten minute face-fucking.

“Yeah Donna, that’s it, take that big black cock …you love it don’t you?” he asked as he mercilessly drove his meat into my skull.

Looking up at him, “MmmmHmmm” was all I could muster as I shook my head up and down slightly in agreement. I really did love sucking his cock, he could do whatever he wanted with me, I was his Fleshlight, his fuck toy, snow bunny and baby gurl. Tasting a bit of his sweet pre-cum, I came up for air and greedily went to work on his balls, hoping to coax out the massive load that was surely to come.

“Oh yes, you know I love when you work my balls” Daddy exclaimed, petting my head like a good little slut as I licked and lapped up his two beautifully shaved globes. I gently sucked them up into my mouth, one then the other then both, flicking my tongue at the base, catching his sensitive asshole and making him squirm with intense pleasure. The look on his face was priceless, his eyes widened and a smile stretched across his cheeks. It was obvious Daddy cared about his hygiene too and there is nothing better than a shaved, clean man I can go to work on in complete abandon, which is exactly what I was doing.

Standing up to help me face his big dick squarely, I raised up a bit more on my knees but it felt like I was floating on a cloud, my desires pulsing out of my body in waves. By this point we were both moaning loudly, pumping and sucking in perfect synchronicity. I was completely in my element and he knew by the look in my eyes that my hunger had grown to a fevered pitch. My hands firmly gripped the base of his now massive, throbbing black cock and I squeezed slightly while I jerked the few inches that were not getting deep throated. Not just taking all of him in my mouth, my tongue began to do things I wasn’t even aware were physically possible …folding, swishing and flicking like an acrobat while I worked it and he was loving every second.

Pulling out and grabbing the base I could tell my man was close. I stuck out my tongue and he began to jerk and beat it against my outstretched velvet muscle. He didn’t need to say any words, he knows I am a hungry bitch and his grunts told me it was time. Assuming the appropriate sissy position on my knees, my hands were now by my side in complete submission, back arched as though I was also being fucked, I was ready too and wasn’t going to let a single drop of his tasty juices go to waste.

“Cum for me Daddy” I asked politely like a fawn, still managing to crack a slight smile with my tongue wagging out in anticipation. His face took on a more serious tone, like he knew he owned me and I was a slave to his manhood, his body getting more and more rigid as he began to let out these a****listic groans while he beat his member against my face. I was whimpering, I wanted it so badly and at first his pace quickened but then, all of a sudden, he slowed and with a final deep, breathy moan hot cum started to shower me. Daddy’s fat cock resting on my tongue, jets of warm liquid filled my mouth as my eyes rolled back while pleasure took over and we both shook like an earthquake was rocking the apartment. The cum wouldn’t stop and he lifted his pulsing erection to cover my face, knowing I love a good facial as much as a hearty snack. Daddy distributed his load perfectly, my clitty starting to spurt without even touching it and I took his organ back into my mouth so I could suck out the last few precious drops.

“My gawd baby, that was incredible” Daddy said smiling as we collapsed back onto the couch.

You’re such an amazing Daddy” I replied falling into his big strong arms as he gave me a knowing squeeze. “Let’s finish our drinks and that blunt” I suggested, “my ass-pussy is ready for round two whenever you are” I winked. He chuckled evilly and smiled back, squeezing me a little tighter. It only takes him about ten minutes to recuperate and if what just happened was any indication of what was to come …I knew I was in for some major ass destruction.

Stay tuned my lovelies, part two to cum!

Kisses and thanks for reading, Donna 🙂

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