A night with Daniel 2


A night with Daniel 2
Daniel had came over and took what he wanted, he kept me up all night and I caught a glimpse of Mr Henry peeking in my window. To make matters worst Daniel had brought with him a bag that contained a female wig and night grown and panties, I had to wear those items while Daniel satisfied his sexual lust.

When we were finish Daniel dressed telling me ‘ …keep that shit on till I’m across the yard. I wanna see you standing in your window just like you are … ‘ A panicky fear gripped me as I looked at the window, I could not see any one but feared that Mister Henry was still there.

It was at that time that I heard my folks alarm clock go off. Daniel stopped and I leaped out of bed pulling off the clothes and struggling to get into my pajamas. Daniel looked at me as I hurriedly whispered ‘ … you can’t go out the window some one will see you. They are gonna be going to work so just wait please just wait … ‘

My Pops called to me thru the door ‘..David are you woke, come out here we need to talk…’ Thinking the worst I looked at Daniel as he slowly stepped into the closet and pulled the door up. Now in my pajamas I opened the door and followed my Pop down the hall way to the kitchen.

My moms had made breakfast and we all sat down together and as we ate my Pops out line my chores for the day and when he had finished my Moms got up kissed me on the forehead anbd went to get dressed for work. My pops already dressed told me ‘…I expect you to finish all your chores today unless it start to rain, then all you can do is the washing. OK …’ I answered quickly ‘…OK Pops..’

My folks left for work as I cleaned up the dishes, there came a flash of lightening and a loud clap of thunder it was then I remembered that I had left Daniel in my room. Thinking that Daniel left the room by the window and it was open I hurried down the hall to my room.

Once there I was shocked to see the window down just as I had left it, looking over at the closet I slowly pulled open the door to see Daniel still standing there looking very mad. I tried to explain but Daniel slapped me across the face saying ‘…you left me standing in here while you ate breakfast, OK, now go fix my breakfast and bring it to me…’

I looked at Daniel fearing the worst as I asked ‘…you gonna eat in here…’ Daniel replied ‘…yeah bitch, I’m gonna have breakfast in bed and then fuck you like the bitch you…’ I went and prepared Daniel’s food and after he had finished he told me to ‘…put the dishes on the floor and get our nasty ass back in bed…’

Daniel climbed on top of me and spread my legs and stuck his monolith size dick back into my very tender bung hole. Grimacing from the pain as my anus opened and swallowed Daniel’s enormously huge dick head and six inches of his ten to twelve inch dick shaft.

Daniel looking down at me said ‘… no one here but you and me so I’m gonna have fun making up for all the nights I had to be careful and not make too much noise…’ I could here the torrential down pour of rain as it fell and came to the conclusion that it was gonna be a very long day for me.

Daniel slammed his dick into me as hard as he could for about ten minutes before he pulled me to the edge of the bed and told me to ‘…kneel on the bed with your ass out…’ Knowing how vicious Daniel could be I tried to brace myself for his onslaught.

Daniel told me ‘…reach back here and take hold of your thighs holding them open for me…’ As I gripped my thighs in my palms, Daniel slid his monstrous dick head into my gap open bung hole. With a wet slurping sound Daniel’s huge dick head entered my flooded rectum, Daniel gripped me about the throat pulling my head up and back as he started to drive his elongated fuck tool deep into my helpless anal canal.

I did not know if Daniel wanted to harm me (it felt as if he was gonna break my back as he choked me). Daniel’s dick and my stretched open bung hole made the most obscene wet slurping sounds I had ever heard, my anal sphincter was some what used to the size of Daniel monstrous dick and gripped the sides of his fuck shaft tightly.

Yet I could feel the liquid as it stream down my thighs from last nights deposit of male seed and my anal juices. Daniel made no excuse that he was not enjoying his self as he verbally abused me as he took me with no trepidation.

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