A Pet’s Performance, Part II


A Pet’s Performance, Part IIThe Mall…He walks around the little platform. She follows a little ending up turning around in the center. His eyes are on the crowd. Judging the people he sees. Rejecting most. He points.”You three. Come on. How can you not want to? She is just sex. Everything good about it. No complications. Willing. Eager.”He is talking to three college students. One a rather large wide guy. The other two looking fit and healthy. They look at each other. There are some grins and then they come down and around to the platform.”Strip down guys. On the platform. One of you on your back. And one at each end. My little pet in the middle. She has three very sweet little holes. Fill them up for her.” the Master instructs from the other side of the raised surface.She almost leaps off the carpet in joy. Bounding over to the three and grabbing at their clothing as they strip. Hands reach out to fondle her and she loves that too. Just beaming. The young men don’t waste a lot of time. Soon the one is laying down and she is climbing on top of him. He has a good sized cock and she guides it into her and them slams her ass down on him. Groaning and purring.As the second comes up behind her she reaches back to spread her ass for him. “Stick it in hard please. Make kitty squeal like the little bitch she is. He likes that. Me too.” she begs oh so very well. Putting real emotion into it. Real need.Those instructions are followed as he kneels down. His cock is a long thick 7″ but he does not hold back. One moment of positioning and then a hard push. Getting past the outer ring she howls. Holding the sound as long as she can. It turns into a high pitched scream as he rams his hips forward.The third has to catch her face in his hands to get her to notice his throbbing cock. But when she does she opens wide and sticks her tongue out. She looks up at him the poor guy almost cums. The look of need and desire is so strong it just kills him. His cock throbs. She closes her wide beautiful eyes as his hard shaft slides between her lips. Sucking lightly and licking at him with her tongue.They start to move. Slowly and awkwardly at first. But she knows what she is doing and she rides them well. Getting each to move at the right times. Cocks in ass and pussy working opposite each other and her mouth moving naturally.Then she starts to purr. Somehow it is loud. Louder than it could be but everyone can hear it.The first effect is on the cock in her mouth. He takes a sharp breath and starts to piston into her. Rock hard dick going deep. But it also seems to push the guys ravaging tempobet giriş her lower body too. The pick up the pace. Starting to smack into her with loud sounds.Time has a way of slowing in moments like these. They go on for some number of minutes but it seems like a very long time. The guy with his cock in her mouth goes first. Groaning and panting hard as he explodes into hot streams of cum. She tries to pull back as far as she can so as not to lose any. Considering she is getting banged around pretty good she does well. Only a few dribbles escape her greedy little mouth.Just a moment later there is first a groan and then a hard slam from the guy in her ass followed by the same from under her. Cum blasting her into her own hard violent orgasm. She shakes and howls in pleasure. Grinding up and down all on her own. Milking the cocks in her but also just driving herself crazy.”Yeeesssssssssssssssssss.” she moans.They start to slow. She finally just hangs her head down. Hair brushing the chest below her. The three guys move away and she slowly slumps down onto the platform. Silly grin on her face. Movements slow and sensual. Feeling very alive. She shift her legs and arms so she is displayed fully but then closes her eyes.”Had enough my pet.” her Master asks.She speaks without opening her eyes, “Yes master unless some cute girl wants to lick kitty clean.” she says with a wicked little smile.He chuckles. If she is awake enough is really never an option. Looking up again he scans the crowd but this time he is looking for something different. A particular look on a face. He sees flashes of it on some. Even on some of the guys which he just skips by. Then he sees her.Looks about 20 but dressed so prim. Long pleated skirt. White shirt all buttoned up. The look just screams repressed. But on her face. Ah there was hunger. She actually licked her lips just before she notices him look at her. She blushes and looks down. When she looks back his eyes are waiting. He merely raises his eyebrows in the question and her eyes widen.She shakes her head. He looks at her. Looks down again. Slowly she brings her eyes up to look at his before nodding.Down and around the steps and next to the platform rather quickly. She is thin and blonde. Hair all tied up at the top of her head.”So what…. what am I supposed to do?” she asks in a very high pitched girly voice.”My pet is all covered in boy and girl cum. Just lick it all up for me.” the master replies.”Please.” says the pet opening her eyes and looking at the new arrival.The girl starts to pull at her clothes tempobet yeni giriş as she crawls up onto the platform. The pet rotates and spreads her legs wide. A blonde head dips down and takes her first long lick right across the cum covered slit. There are more licks as she pulls off first her own top and then her skirt.In black bra and panties she gets to work on the girl before her. Licking first one thigh and then the other. Not random licks but a nice pattern. Not missing an inch. When she gets to the crotch she licks slower. The combined cum of the guys and the pet a white sheen in places. It takes a while to deal properly with the pussy though. All the folds have to be licked. Hard to know what is really clean. She giggles from between the trim legs.When she is finally done the blonde looks up. Her eyes intense and hungry looking.She moves up the other girl’s body and starts to lick her cheeks and neck. Not much cum up there but she does not want to miss any. She has always done her work well. When she gets to the lips there is a deep kiss.Sitting back a little she asks, “Was that alright? Did I do it well?”The pet reaches down to slide her hand inside the girl’s panties. Stroking the wet pussy she finds.”So well I am going to reward you. Cum for me. I can feel you want to already.” the pet says.The blonde takes a sharp breath as her ass starts to move all on it’s own. She is hot and feels ready to explode and the fingers are pushing her hard. There is another hard kiss. Both taste of cum.Fingers move fast. Humping panty covered butt driving against them. She cannot believe how hot she is. How intense this feels. When she cums it feels like it starts at her toes and rips her spine out with the convulsions.She screams and gushes all over the hand pressing into her. The pet pulls her hand out and starts to lick it.”My name…. my name is Anna. thank… thank you.”She gets kissed soundly.”You were very good thank you. If you want to see me again give your number to him and ask permission. He owns me mind, body, and soul but he likes me with girls.” she whispers.Anna nods and moves away. Getting dressed she pulls a piece of paper out of her purse and writes on it. With a smile and getting a wink from the girl on the platform she walks over to him.”Sir I would like to… see her again. With your permission.” she asks holding out the paper.”I think we can do that. What do you have to do for the rest of today?” he asks on a whim.”Nothing. I live alone and don’t have to be anywhere until tomorrow morning.””Would you like to come home with tempobet güvenilirmi us?””Yes…. Yes I would.”He smiles.Pitching his voice a little louder he says, “Get dressed my pet. It is time to go home.”He sends the two of them to the car. Waiting until they are outside of the building before raising his hand. Again there is a pulse of energy that goes through the crowd. Everyone goes back to what they were doing. None will think this was real. Most will just forget and those who do not will remember it as a crazy, dirty dream. The spell on Anna was intact and would be tricky. He was enough of a devil to wonder how it would go.Walking out he gets into the car to find the two of them wrapped up in each other in the back seat.”Clothes stay on until we get home. Anna I need to talk to you so try and pay attention.””Yes. I’m listening.” Anna replies pulling the pet’s hand off her right breast.”Yes sir. He likes that.” the pet says.”Yes sir. I am listening.” Anna repeats.”Anna you are under a spell. What it did was make what happened today seem normal to you. When I take it off you are going to either forget what happened or possibly be very angry about it. The spell made you forget certain attitudes or beliefs.” he says in a very conversational voice.Anna looks confused. The pet nods a few times in agreement though.When Anna speaks it comes out in a passionate burst…. “I do remember that my whole life I have been afraid to be sexual at all. I just thought something finally snapped inside of me today. I don’t believe in magic. I am a good Christian girl. But… Well yeah now that you point it out I cannot believe what I did today.””First pussy you have ever licked baby? You are a natural.” grins the pet.Anna blushes but also runs her hand over the other girls body.”So. If I leave you as you are then we can have an interesting night. If I take the spell away you are probably going to want to leave. And maybe call the police which I cannot allow. So we have a small problem.” the Master explains.”No. We don’t. Leave me as I am. My whole life was planned out for me and I did it. My parents are very religious so much so it touches every single aspect of life. I live alone. Never had a boyfriend. Afraid even to touch myself most of the time and feeling guilty when I did. Let me have tonight.” she explains with more than a little passion.”You can… you can take pictures of me with her. I will give you my parent’s address. If I know you have them I will never do anything. It would kill them. Please sir. Let me have this night with you and with her.” Anna pleads now. Gripping the other girl hard.He considers. She is an interesting girl. Consequences though. Hmmm…..”Very well. I hope when you can make the choice freely you do not hate us.” he finally says.There is a pair of girly yipps from the back seat.The night has just begun.

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