A Very Quick Shag with my Father-in Law


A Very Quick Shag with my Father-in LawIt’s 09:30 and it’s Sunday 28th. I slept like a Queen, and lying beside me is my husband, still in the land of nod, and blissfully unaware, of my impulsive sexual libido, just 7 hours ago.My father-in-law, himself a widower for the last ten years, was our guest last night, in fact I can hear him moving around in the kitchen as I lie here, thinking about it.It was a fun night, good food, good drink, good friends, and of course, well let me come to that. Peter, my husbands father, sat close by me last night at the table, and sort of bonded, with his daughter-in-law, why me, you may ask, well, I have always known Peter had a crush on me, since his wife passed away, we were similar women, according to Peter, and it was assumed, that was the reason my husband choose me, ‘He was in love with his mother’, Peter said.I raised my glass and we drank, I was tipsy, and we sat quietly away from the main throng of people, ‘Love’, I asked again, ‘you mean like sexual love’?Peter was studying my face, and I could feel a sexual tension rising between us, despite our near forty years age difference, we were suffering a pregnant pause situation, Peter did not answer my query, but his eyes did drop to my amply expose breasts, which were heaving, I was obviously having an effect being so close to him.I leant into him and placed my hand on his thigh, very close to his crotch, ‘I need a pee, my bladder is bursting, be right back’, I spoke in a staccato like fashion, my hot breath brushing his ear, ‘be right back’, and at that got up and went.I sat down and immediately put my hand between my legs and felt my open cunt. no mistaking my state of mind, as I pushed two fingers inside, and felt my warm wet cunt çankaya escort close around them.A man’s cock is a lot more sensitive then a woman’s fingers, I thought, as I sat there hunched up, and masturbating, I was horny and needed relief, but that was pointless as a queue was building on the other side of the door.’Need a hand in there’, came a sarcastic voice, ‘Coming’, I replied, to which she said, ‘So I hear’.I pulled the door open to be confronted by a butch looking dyke, ‘In your fucking dreams’, I slurred slightly, there was only her, but I smiled inwardly, I love the thought of my cunt being desired for sexual purposes, I made my way back to Peter.’Feeling better’, he asked as I sat down, ‘Not really’, I replied, filling my glass, ‘I was propositioned by a dyke’, and Peters eyes widened, ‘You are a very beautiful and desirable woman Mariel’, his voice was thick, and I put my glass down.’When did you last have a really good fuck Peter’?I felt a rush go through me, ‘Too long to remember’, he replied, ‘you offering’, he laughed nervously? ‘I have that power, don’t I Peter’? His eyes were narrowed as he looked me up and down, my lips felt dry so I lifted my glass to my mouth and emptied it.’Do you have a hard-on Peter’? My cunt throbbed in anticipated expectancy, it was looking for something to squeeze against. I could see him swallow hard, ‘You’re drunk Mariel’, he replied, to which I retorted, ‘and fucking horny, Peter, very horny’.’You really are a strange woman Mariel’, he said quietly, ‘But yes I an hard as a rock, and I want you’, he said in one breath.I looked around the hall where we sat at the back of it, giving us a view point vantage. ‘Take your cock out Peter, I will balgat escort sit on it right here at the table’, it came out more of a command than a suggestion, there was an urgency in my voice.’Peter smiled, ‘It is out Mariel, it has been for ages’, and I looked keenly across the table top, and sure to his word, his cock’s head, poked above the covering napkin, ‘I have been wanking myself since you came back from the toilet’, he said.’I’m not wearing underwear Peter, I’m fucking naked under my dress and my cunt is wet’. My heart was pounding, as I started to get to my feet, ‘push your chair back, I want to sit on it’, and as I shuffled between him and the table, I was hiking my dress up to expose my bare ass.’Easy girl’, I could hear Peter murmur, ‘Bollocks’, I replied, as my bum felt his cock brush against it, and I alighted onto his lap, crushing his cock between my bum cheeks, ‘Feel that Peter’, I gasped, ‘feel your daughter-in-laws bare ass on your cock’, I squirmed as I teased?’You want to penetrate me, don’t you’? I was moving and at the same time cool my own inflamed ardour in fear of being spotted having a public shag with my old father-in-law, whose hands were all over my crotch.’Always suspected you shaved your pussy Mariel, now I know’, he said as his fingers dug deep into my willing cunt, ‘you like a bit of ass fucking girl’, he continued, as his finger teased the crinkled opening?I twisted to face the old man as I sat squarely on his lap at right angles to a table fuck, doggie-style, and put my arm around his neck, ‘You like to put your cock up my arse-hole Peter, all the way up to the hilt’, we were verbally fucking each other, our dirty talk hitting base notes, Peter was stroking elvankent escort my flank and my bum cheek, his cock lay crushed beneath my labia, acting as conduits for my wet secretions flowing freely from my inner cunt, ‘Tell me Peter, tell me now’, my urgency was obvious as I started to slide and coat his shaft with my pussy juices, I was opening wide as his swollen cock head neared my fuck hole, ‘Did my husband fuck your wife when he was a boy’?I turned a little on his lap, feeling his cock part my labia and I wiggled my bum so he sat snugly along my parted lips.I gasped out loudly as his cock-head brushed against my open love hole, and I fell forward onto both my elbows and started to raise my bum from his lap, feeling his cock glide along my labia.I jerked a little, feeling him dig deeper into the warm wet furrow that was my cunt, and held my breath as he closed the small distance to my open cunt, ‘Did he Peter, did he’, and as I opened wide and started to take his cock into me, I rose slightly and set him straight, my ass was powering down, nothing could stop either of us, as inch after inch of Peter’s cock laid claim to my fertile furrows of pleasure, only stopping when the ticklish feeling of Peter’s pubes touched my bum, I was fully penetrated and held in-situ.’Yes Mariel, my daughter-in-law, your husband fucked my wife’, then he started to move, ‘just as I am now going to fuck you.I put my head on my hands with my elbows still on the table top, ‘Yes Daddy, please fuck me’, I murmured quietly, as my ass started to move like a giant fleshy piston, slowly at first, and gaining momentum as the pleasurable waves of fucking took hold, feeding our loins as if fuel, ‘I’m cumming Daddy’, I cried, ‘Me also’, he returned, ‘Put your finger up’, I cried, and my back door opened as his finger and knuckles parted my forbidden delight, ‘Oh Daddy’, I moaned, ‘I love to feel two men take me’, but Peter was way past listening to me, he was shoving more fingers into my ass, I just sat there having my dirty orgasm.

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