A Visit From An Old Boyfriend


A Visit From An Old BoyfriendMy wife has told me many stories over the years, and it makes me hard when she describes sex with her other lovers.Her very first boyfriend had the biggest cock of all of them, and she told me he made her cum multiple times every time they fucked. I’ve often looked at her busted hymen and imagined him taking her cherry with that big cock.One day last summer, she got a message that he was in town, and asked if I minded if he came over for dinner. I didn’t mind, and soon we the three of us were drinking and talking after dinner. My wife wore a summer dress that was mid thigh, and cut to show of her big DDD tits. She had told me he always loved her breasts, so it was no surprise to me that she was showing him what he was missing.Soon, the alcohol got to everyone, and they were flirting pretty hard, telling me stories about their dates…nothing too racy of course, but since she’d told me all the stories before, I knew they were leaving out details….I started nodding off, and soon all three of us were asleep. I was in a chair, my wife on the couch and her ex in a loveseat opposite her. I awoke to see him looking at her, she had one leg off the couch, and her skirt was riding up. I didn’t move, but kept one eye open just a crack. He stood up and stretched, watching to see if I was asleep. He walked over to me and nudged me with his knee, and I didn’t move. I started to make snoring sounds, and he bought my ruse.I knew he was going to try something, and sure enough he walked over to stand beside Becky. He watched me and knelt down beside her. When I didn’t move he slowly reached up and lifted her skirt. She didn’t move either, and I guess he figured the coast was clear.He stood up again, şehitkamil escort and turned on the light by the couch, bathing my sleeping wife in light. He lifted her dress up further, exposing her tiny red panties. Reaching in to his pocket, he got out his iPhone and snapped a couple shots. He turned back to look to me and I kept still. Emboldened, he reached up and slowly unbuttoned her dress, exposing her huge tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her giant tits were just sitting there, nipples hardening in the cool air. My cock was rock hard, ready to burst out of my pants, as I watched this man, a stranger to me, but a former lover of my wife, expose her. He snapped a dozen more pics, then knelt down and started to knead and suck on her tits. My wife is a heavy sleeper, and of course he already knew this. He knew she wouldn’t wake up, and I wondered how many times he’d fondled her asleep when they were going out.My heart was racing, wondering what he was going to do next. He reached down with his right hand and slipped her panties down very slowly. She stirred slightly, and let him slip them off completely. I watched excitedly as he scrunched her panties to his nose, inhaling her aroma. He slipped them into his pocket as a souvenir, and then stood up. I could see the bulge in his pants,and wondered if he really was as big as she had told me.He reached down and lifted her leg up, bent it at the knee and leaned it against the couch back. The leg that was on the ground got pushed further away and her trimmed pussy was now completely exposed, her fat outer labia shaved with just a tiny patch of hair at the top of her slit. He licked his middle finder and slipped it into her crack, rubbing from her ass to her clit. He licked it again, and slipped it knuckle deep into her cunt. I moved my arm slightly to cover my stiff cock, and pressed it against the head of my penis. I was ready to explode watching him finger fuck my sleeping wife.He took some more pictures, this time close ups of her twat, then he spread her pussy lips open and started a video. He took about 30 seconds of a movie of her cunt spread wide open. I couldn’t believe how bold he was being! I was mere feet away and he was having the time of his life with my wife!What happened next almost made me explode. He stood up and walked over to me, nudged me and asked if I was awake. I didn’t move a muscle,and watched as he walked back to the love seat. He sat down and took off all his clothes. His cock was super hard and looked huge from where I was. She hadn’t lied to me, it was a magnificent cock, easily two inches longer than mine, and almost twice as thick. I could see precum glistening on the tip, and I silently begged him to walk back over to her. He did, and stood over her, watching the slow rise and fall of her tits as she slept. He started stoking his monster dick, and I thought he was going to cum all over her massive jugs. He stopped, looked over at me one more time, them knelt down between her legs, lowering her face to her waiting pussy. I could see his head bobbing up and down and the wet sound his mouth made as he munched her box.He stood again, knelt on the couch between her thighs and lowered that massive dick down to her now sopping pussy. I couldn’t stay still any longer, and slipped my hand inside the waistband of my shorts to stroke my own cock. i could’t believe it, I was watching as the man who took my wife’s virginity thirty years ago, was about to fuck her again. He slipped it in and I watched him arch his back as he slid the entire length of his meat inside her. I heard him grunt and she sighed, spreading her legs wider. He put his arms on either side of her, and started pumping, slowly at first, but quickly building speed. I knew he wouldn’t last long; Becky’s tight cunt must have felt wonderful. His breath became ragged and I knew he would cum soon. Suddenly he stiffened, grunted, and blew a huge load of cum deep in her cunt.He waited a few seconds, the slipped out of her, wiping his cock on her dress. He stood and surveyed his handiwork, shot a quick video of his creampie sliding out of her and looked at me and smiled. I “slept” on, and watched as he gathered his stuff, got dressed and left. I heard him get into his car and drive away. I immediately got up and walked over to my sleeping bride, my cock as hard as it has ever been. I looked at his cum dripping out and immediately dropped to my knees and licked her pussy. Their juices were mixed, tangy pussy and the salty taste of his cum.I knelt between her thighs and assumed the position he’d been in moments before. I slipped my penis into her soaking pussy, and could’t believe how loose she was! His giant dick had stretched her wider than I ever had,and now I knew why she always wanted the extended sleeve on her dildo for extra girth. It was her remembering his big dick! I was so excited, I came almost instantly, my cum mixing with his inside my wife’s vagina.I grabbed a towel from the kitchen and cleaned her up as best I could, buttoned her dress back up and covered her with a blanket.When she asked the next morning, I told her I fucked her after he left. She called me a pervert, and said no more about it.I jack off at least once a week imaging it all over again.

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