Adventures with Theresa


Adventures with Theresabdsm, anal, group, exhibionistI invite you to my house – where I have screwed four rings into a wall. I give you a sheer silk dress, that covers you from your neck to your thighs. You put on the dress, it’s so tight on you so that it accentuates every curve of your body. Your butt especially looks so alluring. I love that butt.I have some hoops, and I attach one to each of your arms and ankles. Then I attach you to the four wall rings. You have very little room for movement.I cover your eyes with a silk scarf. You can’t see anything.Taking a very sharp knife, I cut down the side of the dress, and up the inside of your arms. It falls away, leaving you with nothing on atall. I can see the juices begin to ooze from your pussy. I take a small whip and lightly thrash your breasts until your gorgeous long nipples are pert and erect.I have a paddle, and as your legs are fastened slightly apart, I can give your cunt a good going over until your lips are puffed out.I then unlock you and tell you to get to the floor doggie fashion, on your hands and knees. I continue to use the whip on your arse, until it’s bright red.Then I kneel behind you and you slowly move back until my hard cock is at the entrance to your ass. I rub butter on your rosebud shaped hole, just like in the film Last Tango in Paris. Slowly, slowly I press forward, you press back until I’m all the way in. It’s such a great feeling for both of us as I cum inside you.I kneel in front of you, and after removing the scarf, we’d kiss long and hard. I’d return to being behind you, and slowly insert the longest, thickest dildo I could buy. It fills your pussy to the limit.I fuck you with it until you can’t stop coming – you beg me to stop, you are in ecstasy! Your fingers cannot leave your clit.Still kneeling, I handcuff your hands behind your back – it makes your small breasts so pert, and I put clamps onto your, by now, even longer nipples. Then I suck on them.Then, back in front of you I’d tell you to suck my cock, which is now really engorged again. You look so beautiful, and helpless. You take me in your mouth, and I force myself in as far as I can (I’m not a big man!!). I stop before I come.Later, we get dressed – you in a very short skirt, we go for a walk in the park, and both men and women give you long, lecherous stares. The breeze will lift your skirt every now and then, giving people behind you a glimpse of your arse.When most, but not all people have gone, I lean against a tree. I tell you to unzip my fly – you do this and take my cock in your hand – only 7 or 8 soft strokes, followed by a few really violent and painful yanks, and I come, whispering your name Theresa into your ear. You take some cum in your mouth and give me a long, lingering kiss.A couple are walking by, hand in hand. They are both in their late thirties. AS they get near to the tree that we are still leaning up against, they slow down, stop, and enjoy a long languorous kiss. We are close enough to see their toungues flashing in and out of each others mouths. Her hand has gone to the front of his jeans and is massaging the bulge that is growing there. One of his hands has gone inside the tee shirt she is wearing and as it goes to her breast we can both see a large expanse of her stomach..I look around and the park now seems to be deserted apart from the other couple, who are paying us no attention atall. I turn you round to face the tree and you know what I’m about to do. You move your legs slightly further apart and bend your knees a little. I stand in between your legs, spit on my fingers and rub them up and down the crack of your arse. I turn to look at the other couple. The woman’s shirt has been pulled up over her breasts. There is a tattoo of a bird on her left breast, and the man’s mouth is firmly clamped to the nipple of the other. Her dikmen escort hand has managed to unzip the guy’s jeans and has freed a cock which is size and girth has certainly put me to shame!They continue to excite each other at the same time as watching us.The park is quiet as dusk ascends, there are birds singing, and I gently force my cock once again into your ass. You let out a squeal of delight as I slide in and out, long, strong slow strokes. My hand reaches round you to find your cunt, which is so wet. I take your juices into my mouth. It’s such a sweet taste.For the third time in as many hours I come, panting into your ear. Oh Theresa, there is nothing like pleasing you, as only you like to be pleased!Your fingers reach into your cunt and you turn around and lean back against our trusty tree. You fuck yourself very, very fast. The other couple have stopped, you can see a large stain on the front of the man’s jeans and shirt as obviously he’s come, and great stripes of semen have found their way out of his cock, covering his jeans, his shirt and reaching as far as his cheek and nose.It’s only seconds till you come and your body almost doubles up with pleasure. You emit another squeal of pleasure, this one a little louder than the last. My hand covers yours, which is over your clit, with two or maybe three fingers inside you. You remove your hand and place your fingers inside my mouth. Again, you taste so sweet.The girl of the other couple has gestured to us – Is it OK to come closer? And you smile at them and with a curled finger, ask them to approach.They do, and the girl puts an arm around my shoulder and gives you a long lingering kiss on your mouth.It seems just the right thing to do, so I feel the guys cock, which has started to harden again. Slowly I cup his balls, and stroke from there to the tip. Now that he he is fully erect again, I’m so surprised and not a little jealous of the size of him.For the first time, someone speaks. It’s the other girl.‘I’d sure like to see my man take your girl just like you did – what do you say girl?’ she breathed softly at you.Theresa – you have never been one to refuse such an offer for as long as I’ve known you. Still there are very few words as we move a little further into the area behind the trees. You remove your skirt, and drop to the ground on all fours. The man starts to move away from my hand which it still slowly and gently stroking his cock. I stop him from moving by putting a hand on his shoulder. I kneel before him and pull his jeans to the ground. His girlfriend joins us and kisses his cock, leaving a trail of saliva up and down it’s length. I do the same. The taste of a man’s cock is musky, and smells a little of the load of sperm he ejaculated a few minutes ago.Now he kneels on the ground behind you and I see his long, thick, saliva covered cock heading straight towards your ass. It is one of the most erotic sights I have ever seen. As the tip of his cock touches your rosebud, you relax and lean back into him. He is so much bigger than me and I look at your face as he enters you. It’s a face that betrays pain and pleasure, who is to say apart from you Theresa which feeling is the greater at this moment. He continues to go forward, and you continue to lean back into him. One of your arms leaves the ground to reach behind you and feel his girth and length. As you do so a smile cracks over your face. I can tell that you are enjoying yourself. Your breasts are too much for me to leave alone and I take them in my hands, squeezing the nipples as hard which causes you to wince a little. ‘Come on’ I say,’ it’s not as painful as when you had your nipple clamps on earlier!’ You laugh at that. The girl joins me in front of you, she feels my cock from outside my trousers, and starts to undo my belt and zip. eryaman escort I’m impressed with how well she does this one-handed, as with her other hand she is rubbing your stomach, in slow motion circles making her way south, to you cunt. She looks at you for approval, and your smiling eyes give it.So here we are in a park in the evening. It’s getting dark quite quickly now. Theresa – you are on all fours being serviced by a guy we just met and don’t even know his name yet. His cock is sliding now quite easily in to your anal passage. His girlfriend is at the other side of you, with your enlarged clit between her fingers, while she is masturbating me with her other hand. Me? I’m massaging your breasts in the forceful way that I know you like, squeezing your nipples between my thumb and forefinger.Your face is a pure picture of delight, the same mixture of pain and pleasure, but it looks to me that pleasure is easily winning out at the moment.‘I’m going to come!’ I grunt, to no-one in particular. The girl at my side increases the speed and pressure of her strokes, and points my cock in the direction of her face – and yours, the first spurt comes gushing out as I grasp your breast. It flies in an arc and reaches your cheek, the second is not so strong, but reaches your chin and dribbles downwards. Our friend reached forward and licks the hot thick semen from your face. Then she plants a firm kiss on first your lips then mine.I can sense that the guy behind you is reaching his climax too. He starts to withdraw, but you follow him backwards. There is no way that you will allow him to leave your ass before he has come inside you! He has his arms around your waist now and is fucking you with ever increasing desperate strokes. The look on his face is delicious, and as I turn to look at you, you also have a look of absolute abandon. He starts to grunt, and with a final lunge, he erupts inside your ass. You let out a scream as he withdraws and has one further stab at you. Another stream of his juice spurt inside you, and he leaves you, and lies exhausted on the ground. You, me and the other guy are all completely spent, only the second girl does not seem to have had her share of the action. I look at her kneeling on the ground with her fingers still furiously rubbing at her clit, and I think to myself how lovely she would look, attached to the rings and hoops in my flat. Her eyes covered with a scarf an enormous dildo being shafted into her sweet cunt by me, and her being fucked in her ass by her boyfriend.I sat up, trying to think of some amusing words of introduction, when all I could think of was ‘Hi, I’m Steve, this is Theresa, so who are you’, but before I could form the words, there was a noise to our left, a mans’ voice, probably elderly, saying that he’d heard some noises and screams – was everything ok? Before I had a chance to reply, my new male friend called back to him that everything was fine, we’re in the local amateur dramatic society and were rehearsing some lines for our latest production. Sorry to have disturbed you!That brought us back down to earth, and the four of us immediately began to adjust our clothing. I have to say that we all looked a bit of a mess. The other guy still had cum stains on his jeans and up his shirt, and there was a large damp on my trousers and also on my shirt.You Theresa looked like you had been fucked from here to kingdom come, your top was soiled, and your little skirt was cum-stained and muddy.Our new girl friend had escaped relatively lightly, but she too had damp patches, unmistakedly from both me and her boyfriend shooting gouts of sperm up the front of her tee shirt.‘Look’, I said, ‘ I’m Steve, this little girl is Theresa, we’ve had a great time here, but I think it’s time to leave! I have a flat 2 minutes walk from etimesgut escort here, we can have a clean up, get something to drink, introduce ourselves, and take it from there if you like?’Theresa, you of course said that you hoped they would come back and that we could be friends, you just loved the feel of a different cock in your ass, as well as in your cunt. You always were very up front about your desires, it’s one of the reasons I think so very much of you.The girl smiled, and said ‘Wow, that the best sex I’ve ever seen, and I don’t think I got my full quota!’ I’m Roz, and my man here with one of the longest thickest cocks I’ve ever had is Chris. Lets get washed and have a drink at yours!’‘Brilliant!’ gasped both me and Theresa at the same time, and with that we walked off into the night, hand in hand. Chris, Theresa, me and Roz.Not much was said as we left the park to the night, and to the birds, but as we came to the park gate, I stopped, turned to Roz and kissed her full on the lips, sloppy and slobbery, and as I did so I felt from her stomach down to her belly button, which had a stud, into her knickers, down past her carefully coiffured pubic hair, to her cunt, which was almost instantly wet again. I let my middle finger stay gor just a few moments before inserting the finger on either side. She wriggled onto my three digits and I finger fucked her as furiously as I could. I just knew that this woman would like to be fucked more roughly than gently. My arm ached after a minute or two, but I continued in the same vein. All that Roz seemed to be saying was ‘Harder! Faster! Come on, come on… come on!! Suddenly, she tensed, and squeezes her legs together. Her legs almost gave way at this point and I seemed to be holding her up, one arm under her shoulder and the other firmly inside her wet, dripping cunt.‘Ah, Steve’ was all she could manage to huskily breathe, and then after a moment Chris said, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen Roz coming by anybody else’s hand, or anything, other than by me. Isn’t it just one of the best things to watch?’Behind us we could see the outline of what looked liked an elderly gentleman, walking with a small dog on a lead. He was slowly making his way to the park gate, where we were. We walked on a little and sat together on a bench just outside the park. We must have looked very flushed, as the elderly man passed us he gave us a sideways glance and a large wink. The dog was straining at the lead, probably impatient to get home for a doggie treat, but I got the impression that the old guy wanted to take his time. Anyway, a minute or two later, and we alone on the bench in the street. Theresa, you were sitting in between our two new best friends. Even though the street light bathed us in a yellow glow, you put one hand on Chris’s fly which to my surprise started to bulge again. Apart from an enormous cock, he also seemed to have great staying power and a lot of energy! Roz leant over and undid Chris’s fly, released his monster cock and put your hand on it. Together the both of you started to bring him to yet another orgasm, slowly, gently at first, but with increasing v******e and speed. Chris was crying out, trying to stifle moans of pain, but the two of you were having none of it, on you want, till without any further warning, Chris grunted and shot another stream of sperm into the air. The first stream landed on his chis and subsequent arcs again soiled his shirt and his jeans.Theresa, you then leant over to Chris’s cock and gently sucked the last of his sperm from the head as it shrank back into his waist. It was then that I noticed that your other hand had been across Chris’s lap and inside Roz’s knickers. The site of your knuckles moving swiftly in and out was certainly a turn on for me, and when after a few more moments, Roz squeezed her legs together, leant back and gasped, ‘Ooooh, yes yes yes….. yessssssss.Even though my flat was now only a minute away, I wasn’t sure how if we could get there without anyone else coming, but I was sure that this wasn’t the end of the adventure for the day. A shower, a glass of champagne, and we’d be ready for more!

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