African Prince 3


African Prince 3Chapter 3Mikey sat on the couch watching TV. He heard a car doorin the driveway and he looked at the clock. It was10:00pm. His Mom was back already? He got up and walkedto the front door. Just as he was reaching for thehandle to open the door, it turned; the door opened;and his Mom came in. The look on her face was nothappy. She said hi matter-of-factly and walked pastMikey. He wasn’t sure what to think.”What’s the matter Mom? He wasn’t good-looking afterall?” Mikey asked, not sure if joking was the rightthing to do or not.”Oh he was good-looking alright,” she said, obviouslydistraught. “But the man is a fucking pig.”Mikey had never heard her Mom swear like that beforeand he knew something must have went really wrong. “Hehad nothing intelligent to say, and all he did wasstare and my chest and he kept trying to slide his handup my dress, and he was a slobbering fool who chewedwith his mouth open.” She went on hysterically, “And hetook me to the seediest bar I have ever been in, andhe…” She burst into tears and covered her face withher hands.Mikey had never seen his Mom like this and he wasn’timmediate sure what to do. He slowly approached her andtried to speak some comforting words. He put his handon her back. Still balling she wrapped her arms aroundhim and hugged him. And she did not let go.She buried her face in his shoulder and continued toweep hysterically. She was squeezing him so hard Mikeywas finding it hard to breathe. After struggling forenough air to speak, he suggested she sit down on thecouch. She complied, and Mikey sat down next to her.The TV was still on; he grabbed the remote control andflicked it off. Then he looked over into his mother’seyes.”I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find another manlike your father, Mikey.” Tears wear still rolling downher cheeks, but she was struggling to hold them backnow.”I think you’ve just got to give it time, Mom,” Mikeysaid without much confidence. He wasn’t really surewhat to say. He wasn’t used to comforting his mother;Usually it was the other way around.”Oh, why did they have to do it?” She burst out it tofull fledged balling again. “Why did they have to killyour father, Mikey? Why?” Her words turned into sobs,and she grabbed Mikey and hugged him even tighter thanbefore. There was nothing he could say, he knew he justhad to be there for her. He hugged back and whisperedin her ear that it was alright.Eventually her sobs silenced and her tears dried. ButMikey and his Mom still held their hug. Mikey restedhis head upon his mother’s breast, but there were nosexual thoughts now. In fact, there were no thoughts atall. The two of them rested, arms entwined, silentlyenjoying each other’s comfort. After what seemed likehours the embrace ended. Mikey’s Mom’s face was calmand collected once again. Mikey suggested that they popup some pop corn, butter it up good, and watch the latenight movie on cable.”That’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time.” Hervoice was calm again, but softer and more vulnerablesounding than Mikey had heard ever before. Mikeyvolunteered to do the corn popping, and his Mom saidshe would go upstairs to get changed.Although they had a hot air popcorn maker, both of themliked it better the old fashioned way. He poured in theoil, the kernels, cranked up the heat, and startedshaking. As the sound of popping corn started tosubside, Mikey’s Mom came back downstairs. She waswearing a light silky nightgown. Mikey glanced overfrom the bulging popcorn pot and gave his Mom a warmsmile. She had washed up and calmed down, and it wasall but impossible to tell she had been crying tenminutes earlier.”I’m sorry, Mikey. I really overreacted. After all itwas only one date.” She smiled a wide smile and Mikeywas truly happy to see his Mom had cooled down. ” I’msure there’s plenty of good men out there.””That’s the spirit.” Mikey tried to sound encouraging,but his mind was wandering from her words.Mikey could see the outlines of his Mom’s nipplesthrough the nightgown. He watched her moist lips accenther smile as she continued to joke about her date. Whenshe turned around to set up the TV for the movie, hiseyes once again fell to her ass. He watched as hercheeks move up and down, each in turn. He looked at theway her dark skin contrasted with the pale nightgown.He watched her hair glide across the back of thenightgown grandbetting yeni giriş as she walked. He looked at her lower legs,the nightgown came right to her knees, and he noticedfor the first time how shapely her legs really were. Hewatched the point where the skin met the nightgown.There was something so intriguing he couldn’t tear hiseyes away.”What are you doing?!” He screamed inside. He took hishand and slapped his own face.”What was that?” His Mom call out from the TV room.Without answering he poured the popcorn into a bowl,soaked it in melted butter, and walked into the otherroom. His Mom was taking up the whole couch. She waslaying on her side, her head resting on her forearm.”Where am I supposed to sit?” Mikey asked, feigningplayfulness, but actually quite concerned with thesituation because of these unwanted sexual feelingshe’d been having about his Mom.”Oh, Come on,” she smiled playfully. “You used tocuddle with your old Mom.””How are we going to watch a movie like this?” Mikeyasked, trying to find some excuse to get out of it. Buthe already felt his dick stirring, he would have to laydown soon so she did not notice it.She slid back so that she was still taking up thelength of the couch, but she was pressed up against theback of the couch so there was room to lay in front ofher. She patted the open space invitingly. Mikey felthis dick rising, so he obliged. He laid in front of herwith his back to her. His Mom put her arm over him andthe movie came on.Mikey’s dick immediately became fully erect. He wassimultaneously stimulated, disgusted, and scared ofbeing caught. He was slightly further down the couchthan his Mom and her breasts were pushing against theback of his neck through the thin nightgown. His Momasked him what the movie was about, completely unawareof the havoc she was reeking in her son. Mikey tried tobe cool, but his erection was unbelievably hard. HisMom ran her fingers through his hair and he gasped outloud.”Jeez, mister, you’re tense all of a sudden,” she said.Mikey wasn’t sure what to say, the sensation of hisMom’s fingers going through his hair was almost toomuch to bear. “Do you want to try and pay attention tothe movie, Mom?” Mikey said in an almost annoyed toneof voice. He felt bad but he had to do something. Hewanted to get up, but his erection would be immediatelynoticeable. He was stuck and his dick felt like it wasgoing to burst.”All right, all right, mister serious,” his Mom said asshe blew on the back of his neck.Mikey took a deep breath – this was too much, he wastoo close to her, she was too beautiful – but he triedto disguise it as frustration.Finally they settled into watching the movie. Mikey’serection did not subside, and the feel of his Mom’sbreasts on the back of his neck was unbelievable. Buthe used everything he had to keep himself in check. Buthe had to – this was his Mom!His Mom pulled a blanket over both of them, and thatmade him feel a little better; His bulge was lesslikely to be discovered. After about a half hour ofthis torment, with Mikey trying to keep his mind on themovie, his Mom said she had to run to the bathroom.As she walked away Mikey looked at that perfect assagain, and this time reached into his pants and gavehis dick a few strokes as he was doing it. The sexualdesire was so strong, he couldn’t even feel that guiltthat been tearing him up earlier. He knew he couldn’tget up, his erection was bigger than ever.Before he knew it he was looking as his Mom’s nipplesthrough her nightie as her tits gently bounced as shewalked back to the couch. Not knowing what else to do,Mikey slid back on the couch so that he was the oneagainst the back of the couch. Before he knew it hisMom was laying in front of him, her back to his chest.She snuggled up against him playfully. Innocently. ButMikey did not feel innocent at all. He pulled his hipsback against the back of the couch as hard as he could.His chest was pressed firmly against her back. Her hairwas flowing teasingly right in front of his face. Hecouldn’t help but smell it on every breath, and it wasthe most erotic smell he could imagine.He was physically exerting extreme effort to keep hiserection out range of his Mom’s ass. He was pushing hisass hard against the back of the couch, and the cushionwas pushing back. There was no way he could maintainthis grandbetting giriş for long, not even physically, say nothing of thesexual desires.He put his arm around his Mom. She clasped his hand inboth of hers, and pulled it to her chest. She held itthere just above her breasts. Mikey could hold out nolonger. He pressed his nose into her hair, and took adeep breath. He relaxed his hips and his erection,bound inside his pants, pressed up against her plumpass. He heard her gasp.Mikey felt terrible, but there was nothing he could do.He tightened his arm around her, in some attempt toshow his sorrow. Every breath he took he breathedthrough her hair. His mortified eyes seeking sheltersaw everything through a mask of her black locks.He felt his Mom’s grasp on his hand tighten and hedidn’t know what it meant. He did not move, he stayedperfectly still, dreadfully awaiting her reaction.It didn’t come.His dick got even harder. Still bound unmercifully inhis pants, he was starting to feel pain.Still his Mom stayed still, held his hand, and his facestayed buried, scared, ashamed, in her waves of blackhair. Still no answer, still nothing, he still did notknow what to think. An airy sea of pain and shame andconfusion consumed him and he seem stranded there forhours.And at last an answer. One way or the other would bebetter than this abyss. He felt the mound of flesh hispenis pushed upon- push back.His Mom pushed her ass backwards, into him. For betteror for worse, it was what he needed. She released hishand, and he couldn’t help but grab her breast. Hishand filled with flesh, and through her nightgown hegently caressed it. He felt her nipple with his thumb,and through the silk ran circles around the littlepeak.His Mom gasped and started breathing heavily.Meanwhile, he pushed back. He began to slowly, gentlydry hump his Mom’s ass. It was fleshy shapely firm andround. He slid his other hand down and grabbed afistful of her ass. As he did his Mom took in a shortgasp.Mikey wasn’t thinking now, it had already begun. Hepushed her hair aside and kissed her on the neck. Heran his tongue across her skin up into her ear. And hewhispered, “I’m taking it out, Mom.”She responded with something between a gasp and a softcry. But determinedly, he moved his hand from her assto the zipper of his pants. His Mom heard the sound ofhis zipper and didn’t know what to think. What was shedoing? But even as the doubts and confusion flashedthrough her mind, her son shuffled his pants andunderwear down to just below his balls.It wasn’t exactly sexual freedom, but it was all hewould need. Mikey kissed his Mom again, stretchingforward to reach the side of her face. While one handcontinued to caress his mother’s breast, the otherreached the hem of her nightgown. The magic point whereher dark flesh intersected the silky off-white materialof her nightie moved up her legs to and past the humpof her ass.Then from behind Mikey slid his hand between hismother’s thighs. She half-heartedly held her legstogether, still trying to stop what was about tohappen, but showing she could not.Mikey’s dick, now quite free, poked against her ass. Hetook his dick in hand and guided it between her thighs.The boy didn’t really know what he was doing, he wasonly acting on instinct now and he slid the top side ofhis dick slid up against his Mom’s panties and felt howwet they were.The tip of Mikey’s stiff little dick poked out betweenhis mom’s legs and her hand reached down to feel it.Her long gentle fingers wrapped around his shaft. Shereached between her own legs and stroked and squeezedher son’s penis for the first time.Mikey began to hump his dick between her thighs as shegently caressed it. The top of his penis was rubbing upagainst her wet and panty clad vagina. The sensationwas exquisite. Mikey paused his humping, and reached into free his mother’s pussy of the thin panty shield.His mother cried out as he reached beneath her pantiesand sunk his fingertip inside. He pulled the panties tothe side and continued humping as before now the topside of his dick sliding across his mothers bare slit.He pulled back and pushed the tip to the entrance ofhis Mom’s pussy. He started to push forward but shegrabbed onto his dick.”No, I know we’ve gone this far, and I know you’ve gotto finish, but we have to talk before you go in honey,”She grandbetting güvenilirmi said between gasps.”Mom, I’ve got to, I can’t stop now. You don’tunderstand.””I do understand honey. I know. I’ll help you finish,you just can’t go in me,” she said as she guided thehead of his stiff little prick away from her entrance,but she continued to stroke him.Mikey was frustrated, but with no other choice hecontinued to fuck her inner thighs and fist. With eachpump his dick slid across his Mom’s clit and her gaspsbecame faster and her cries louder with every stroke.Mikey felt his orgasm swell up inside of him and heknew he was going to blow any second. He pulled hisdick from between his mother’s legs and rolled her onher back. He lifted one leg over her and facing her,straddled her stomach.His Mom didn’t fight him as he took both her hands,encircled his penis with them, and urged her to strokehim over the edge. Her nightgown was still on and hewas regretful he could not see her tits as he was aboutto cum. But there was no time for that now as his stiffthrobbing dick began to spew.Cum slapped across her nightgown. He watched hismother’s eyes as jet after jet shot out of him. Hereyes were fixated upon his penis and the jets of cumthat flew from it.As he came, he watched his mother’s lips. They weremoist and plump and somehow embodied her beauty, herwomanhood; It was something he had seen in her for thefirst time just the day before. He watched her mouth…the subtle movements of her lips as they seemed tomouth inaudible emotions.His first three squirts of cum landed on her nightgown,the fourth upon her neck. The fifth and sixth hit hersquare across the face. He’s always been a prodigiouscummer, but this time he felt like his body wasexploding.He watched his mother run her tongue full circle roundthe outside of her mouth, tasting all the cum she couldget her tongue to reach. With one hand still gentlyholding her son’s penis, she used the other to gentlymassage his cum into her face.Mikey looked deep into his mother’s eyes before leaningforward and letting himself fall atop her. He wrappedhis arms around her and hugged her harder than he everhad before, grateful, loving her. Mikey began to cry.”Honey, there’s something I must do,” she said in avoice as sweet and motherly as ever. “Baby, can youpush over for a second? Because I didn’t let you go inI’ve got to finish up myself.””I can help you out, Mom,” Mikey said making a gesturewith his tongue, tears still running down his cheeks.”Look, we’re going to have to talk. For now, I must dothis myself.”Mikey rolled off his mother to the side. He watched hisMom strip her soaking panties off and spread her kneesapart. She reached down between her legs, and a lightand pure and womanly cry escaped her mouth. Mikey,wedged between his masturbating Mom and the back of thecouch, managed to sit up.He got his first glimpse of his Mom’s pussy. It was asight more majestic than he ever would have imagined.He had seen his share of pornography and he of courseenjoyed it, but they were mostly photos of white women.He had never seen a naked African and certainly not oneas glorious as his Mom. He had never seen any woman asglorious as her.Her pussy lips were even darker then the skin aroundthem, and there was something so provocative about justthat. But as he watched his mother slide across andshallowly delve into her slit he saw her inner lips.The deep pink contrasted so obviously, so beautifully,so moistly – he could only think of fruit.Mikey thought of the black raspberries he picked behindhis house every summer. When you bit down on them theyburst at once, releasing juice somehow both tart andsweet.His Mom’s breath became faster, her cries shorter,higher. His dick began to get hard again; Watching hisown mother bring herself to climax was nothing short ofpainfully erotic. His eyes moved from his Mom’s pussyto her face. Her eyes closed, her head back, her lipsslightly parted allowing her sensual cries to escapeinto the air; She looked so precious.Mikey watched her face as she came. Her eyes closedtighter, wrinkling her face. She inhaled deeply andheld it in. She lifted her head from the arm of thecouch. Her lips sealed. A strained look fell upon herface. A few seconds past. All at once the tensionbroke, her eyes relaxed. Her lips parted once again.She leaned her head back. And as she exhaled at last amoan came out and through the moan a word was sung.”MIKEEEEE!!!”They laid together, mother and son, arms entwined intimelessness. Mikey’s dick of course was hard again,but even so he was content to lay still, his fleshymember pressed up against her skin…

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