an eroitc pantyhose encounter


an eroitc pantyhose encountermy fantasies of a fetish encounter with my long time online pantyhose pal were finally realized this past friday as he finally decided it was his time to explore the alternate world of cross dressing – an exciting evening of erotica that we both enjoyed and will not soon forget – so this goes out to cyndyhe was to meet me at my apartment around four pm – i really wasn’t sure whether he would show up but as one with hope i made my preparations to be ready just in case – leaving work early , i commenced to feminize myself – i love wearing nail polish so i stripped naked and did my finger nails – looking back , i guess i should have done my toes – after the polish dried , i shaved and showered and put on some eye shadow – then i slipped into my sheer suntan pantyhose with white body briefer to give myself a sexy shape – i then put on my shorts with a tee shirt as i would have to answer the door as guy my excitement was heightened as right on cue , the door buzzed letting me know my special company had indeed arrived – taking a deep breathe , i went down to greet him and much to my surprise there was a good looking guy at my door – secretly, i felt that this was going to be a most enjoyable couple of hours – we exchanged pleasantries and i invited him up – it was not lost on him that i was already wearing pantyhose as he lightly touched my nylon leg giving me goose bumpsonce upstairs, canlı bahis we cracked open a couple of beers and settled in with some chat to better aquaint ourselves – i could tell he was nervous but excited at the same time – it was a new experience for him and we both wanted to be comfortable with each other so i showed my apartment and my musket collection which he seemed to enjoy – even suggesting that as guys we could meet at range – but what he really wanted was to see my collection of womans clothing which he was somewhat familar with from all my flickr postings – he expressed his admiration at all my sexy dresses and told me to get dressed he didn’t have to ask twice as i jump at the opportunity to share my cross dressing with others – i put on sexy print along with a blonde wig – for shoes, i had a dynamite pair of nude pumps with 5 inch heels – applying some red lipstick, i rejoined him in living room where he had made himself comfortable – i think he was stunned at my transformation as he told me how hot i looked – this really made me feel sexy as i posed for him revealing lots of nylon leg and sitting across from him , i let his eyes wander lustfully – i loved it , knowing how attracted he was to me especially when he pulled out his camera and started to take cheese cake pics – being such a pantyhose whore this furthered my excitement but what really surprised me was when he asked to try somethinghow could bahis siteleri a gurl say no? was really hoping for him to join me in womanly attire so i let him dress in my bedroom – and he doid not disapoint as he picked out red dress and with his black heels , he or should i say she , looked fantastic – i had to have him try on a wig to really complete the effect – he was turning me on as i fondled his feminine form before we seated oursleves for mor chat and there we were, to sexy cds sitting across from each other , admiring the women that we had become i was feeling a little impeded in my briefer so i got up for a quick change – slipping on leopard print dress with just bra and pantyhose underneath with a different blonde wig – i was getting so wet and was really feeling slutty – she loved my new look as i strutted in my black pumps – some more pictures were in order as i flashed my cheeky pantyhose ass his way – letting him massage my cheeks , i fondled his – pressing together only magnified our lust – it was a sweet embrace of lady boyssitting him done so he could caress my pantyhose legs , his dress hiked up revealing his crotchless hose and the beginnings of lovely looking boner -licking my lips, i tenatively asked her if i could have a taste – mmmm – i really wanted to kiss and lick his maleness – he must have really enjoyed being dressed as he surprised me again agreeing to let me give him head – in güvenilir bahis fact, he broke out his camera again and got some great pics of me with his cock in my mouth – i loved it – his cock tasted so good and i loved sucking his man flesh which was so thick and virile – i so wanted to suck the spunk out of his big balls – his dick slapping my face only spurred my wantonness i was in heaven but our time was running short, so i changed into a short striped tank dress that i remembered he liked – i also broke out out some crotchless pantyhose so we could have a little sword play – cock on cock we went as we played with ourselves together – she was really enjoying the moment as she expressed the desire to cum – so as i straddled her nylon legs , we both started jerking off – such a wonderful experience , sharing our fantasy of cd play – and his moment was cumming as he asked me to put my mouth on his engorged cock head – yes cum in my mouth – and yes he did – lovely lovely sperm feeling warm in my eager gullet – kissing and licking and not spilling a drop , i cleaned him up except for the lipstick i left on his stiff shaftsuch a wonderful experience for both of us as he cleaned up to go , he remarked at the ease with which he was able to open up to his first cross dressed experience with another man in drag – and how he hoped our friendship would grow for my acts of forbidden taboo – so we look forward to next pantyhose play date where we may get more adventuresome – it truly was an evening to remember and even though i didn’t climax with him , i masturbated furiously after he left and sprayed myself with sissy sperm

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