Ann and Ethan shower sex


Ann and Ethan shower sexthis is the sequel almost or the second part of “how i lost my viginity to my best friend (MUST RE go read that one it will explain some stuff. btw this is a true story”c’mon babe the waters ready” i said to my hot best friend ethan. We had just had sex and we both were still wildly horny. he sauntered over to me and sucked my neck. he looked into my eyes and said, “that was the best sex i probably will ever have. i cant believe i lost my virginity at 13 with my best friend. but im glad i did.” i smiled and backed up and stepped into the shower. the warm water felt amazing on my sore muscles (from the hardcore sex). he stepped in and we both soaked ourselves in the sahabet güvenilirmi soothing water. “mmm, already wet, even better.” ethan laughed. he slowly started to kiss my neck and worked his way up to my lips. we started to french kiss and our tongues battled.he grabbed my ass and i jumped around his waist. he pushed me up against the shower wall. i started to grind around his waist and penis. he replied back by moving his hips too. we moved ensyncly and with passion. “i love you ann.” he whispered. “i love you too ethan.” i replied. slowly i sunk down the the shower floor and spread my legs open. Without warning, ethan immediatley plunged his dick into my tight pussy. sahabet yeni giriş my walls penetrated around his penis and i felt my orgasm about to occur. ” ethan your so fucking good” i screamed. he grinned and pumped me hard and fast. ” i love watching your hot tits bounce when i fuck you” ethan sputtered out. and tilted my head back and moaned louldy. the pain felt SO GOOD. “oh my God im gonna fucking cum” i yelled out. “me too” ethan moaned. i hit my high and his warm fluids spilled into me. he collapsed and licked my pussy insanely good. he put his tongue in my opening back and forth,back and forth. he motor boated it several times. “aaahh! i screamed as i came sahabet giriş in his mouth. “you taste so fucking good” ethan said. he stood up and and immediatley started to suck his penis hard. he held my hair back and pushed my head so fair in it made me deep throat. the biggest load he’s ever spilled came tumbling into my mouth. i swallowed and turned around. “fuck me doggie style.” ethan bent down and slapped my pussy a few times with his dick. “ETHAN! no fooling around. i need you inside of me now!” before i could blink his hands were on my hips and his dick was in my pussy. he pumped and thrusted really fucking hard. his pelvis hit my ass with every second. “ohmygod baby dont fucking stop” i screamed as loud as i could. bam! my fluids poured all out on the floor. ethanslapped my vag and licked his hands. we both collapsed onto the floor exhausted. “ann, can we do this every time were alone?” he said exhaustedly. “gladly,” i said as we started to make out.

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