Ann and the Looking Glass

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Ann and the Looking GlassAnn and the looking glass.©Hitchhiker 2002.Ann had found the mirror at the second hand shop. She had moved house, and needed a long mirror to put in her new bedroom.The mirror had been hidden at the back of the second hand store behind three old wardrobes; it was covered in dust and cobwebs. Why she had looked that far back in the store, she couldn’t understand, but there it stood nearly 6 feet tall and 2 feet wide supported in a frame of near black Mahogany. The carving on the frame was almost sensual with long curves and sweeps of the wood; the glass of the mirror was cut in a long oval. But what made it really appear different was that parts of the frame over hung the glass. It was as if the mirror was made out of water, instead of a flat two-dimensional surface. As soon as Ann set eyes on the mirror she knew it was for her, as though it had waited there at the back of the store for her to find. The owner of the store had moaned, at her for choosing the mirror and had shown her several others that were similar, in design and even cheaper. But Ann was adamant and wouldn’t change her mind. So the owner, virtually rearrange his shop to get the mirror out.Once at home, Ann stood in her bedroom and admired her new acquisition, she looked at herself in the mirror it felt as though, she was being watched. The frame and the glass were covered in dust and dirt. In truth the whole thing needed a dam good clean.Ann changed into an old blouse and skirt, and as she’d done so she felt a sense of disappointment, but thought nothing of it, and went to fetch her cleaning box. Returning to her bedroom she put a sheet on the floor and started, by first wiping the frame and support over with a damp cloth. She hadn’t noticed before but the mirror was carved all round, on the back the carving looked like a naked human, (neither male or female), nice structure and a fine tight butt with muscular thighs below, the lower legs were just swirls like roots that swept up and around to the front and sides of the mirror.The dirt came away on her cloth and the wood began to glow. She applied polish and buffed the fine-grained wood. Her excursions made her start to feel warm inside and out. As she leaned against the glass to reach the top of the frame, she thought, she felt what seemed like a hand brush across the nipple of her left breast drawing back in surprise she looked at the mirror and then down at her chest. Two buttons of her blouse had come undone revealing her substantial cleavage.“Oh well!” she thought and went back to her cleaning. This time she purposefully rubbed her tits against the glass, as she liked the sensuous touch of the cool glass through the blouse both nipples, began to harden, the more she rubbed, jiggled and polished. With the frame and support clean and polished. Ann set about cleaning the glass itself, to her surprise the dirt just came away on the cloth, and began to shine clear and bright. As she progressed down the mirror and so bending forward to reveal her cleavage to her reflection in the mirror, she heard a voice say “Now that’s more like it, lets see more”.Ann wasn’t sure if the voice was in her head or had come from the mirror, but the voice said, “Well what are you waiting for woman? Get your clothes off and let’s me have a look at you”.“I beg your pardon?” Ann exclaimed, looking around the room in disbelief “Who are you? Who’s there?” she questioned.“Trust me, I will make you very happy and it wasn’t just chance, that made you look in the back of the store” said the voice.Ann suddenly felt very wicked and though she didn’t know why she decided to obey. It suddenly seemed completely natural to start removing her clothes in front of the mirror. Before she started to strip though, she went and put on a CD of quiet mood music. When the music was playing and she approved of her choice, she returned to stand in front of the mirror. About 7 feet away she slipped her skirt down off her hips and with a little wink at her reflection, she bent foreword to push the skirt lower looking straight into the mirror with a seductive smile.“Oh yes” said the voice again. This time she knew for certain it had come from the mirror.“Oh stop looking worried woman. You are mine and I promise you, you will enjoy me”. Ann felt the voice right through her body; it was warm and gentle and made her feel relaxed and comfortable.“Who are you?” She asked.“I am who ever you imagine.Yet I am what I am and who I am. You are mine and I am yours as long as I am here, In your bedroom, you will want for no other.” Said the mirror in a singsong voice.“ Now pray continue and strip for me.”Ann was to stunned by the reply the mirror had just given her. Yet she felt, a warmth growing in her pussy, she couldn’t stop staring at her reflection in the mirror. As she stood there in her blouse and panties, she felt as though she was looking into another face apart from hers, even though she could see nothing.Swaying with the beat of the music Ann undid the last two buttons of her blouse and let it float from her shoulders to the floor. As the straps of her bra slipped from her shoulders, she turned away from the mirror and looked back over her shoulder in coy seductive way, unfastening the front clasp of bostancı escort her bra and flicking the lacy garment off, toward the bed. With her breasts now bare she held them in her hands and turned back to face the mirror. By now she could feel the moisture between her thighs and she felt so wicked she couldn’t quite believe her own fast growing passion. Staring straight at the mirror, she first dropped her left hand and then her right hand from her large rounded breasts. Holding her arms out she waved them dancing and swaying to the music.“Well, well” said the voice in the mirror “Aren’t we a horny one? They’ve always said I had a magic voice”“Oh you have” said Ann “You are making me feel so horny, I don’t know what’s come over me”.“Well stop talking and get those panties off. I want to see you naked” said the mirror.“Wait and be patient” said Ann firmly.She turned round again and swayed her bottom back and forth at the mirror. Putting her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and wriggled them down her legs she bent forward to touch her toes. Pushing her panties off her feet, and spreading her legs slightly, she looked between them and stared back into the mirror. She saw to her delight that this position pushed out and opened her pussy ever so slightly revealing her inner pinkness. For a moment she glanced foreword and suddenly felt what seemed to be a finger slip into her slit and up to the top of her bottom, right in the crease. This sudden sensation made her stand with a start and turn around and face the mirror. “Heh!” she said, “What’s going on?”“ Turn back around and bend over again, I liked what I saw and you feel so fine,” said the mirror.A little self-consciously Ann complied.“No don’t peek, just feel and enjoy I haven’t done this for so long being stuck in that shop for what seemed like an eternity”As Ann closed her eyes again, she felt a finger slip into her very wet outer lips. She let out a gasp of pleasure as the finger, found the area just around her clit, and gently massaged in slow circular movements, sending small shockwaves of delight through her.“We are a naughty girl,” said the mirror. “All wet and willing, but for now, you will go into the bathroom and take a long shower making sure the room fills with steam. First you must turn me so I can see through the open door and into the bathroom”Ann stood reluctantly and complied with the mirror’s instructions. She still couldn’t get over how easily the mirror manipulated her or to the extent of her arousal. She first turned the mirror and pointed it so she could see into the bathroom.“That’s good,” said the mirror “Now go and shower and don’t forget to shave that beautiful pussy.” Ann did as she was told. She got into the shower as the steam started to become really thick. She couldn’t see anything and just let the hot water run over her naked flesh. She poured shower gel into her hand made lather and started to caress herself all over. She concentrated on her breasts, kneading the large globes and making them slick with suds as the hot water ran down her back. She could feel that she was being watched and put on a show. Lathering her ample form, her hands crept slowly down her body until her fingers found her slit and started to rub at her clit. A hand gently took hold of her wandering fingers and pulled her hand away from her sex.The voice said whispering into her ear “There will be time enough for that, later” Ann turned her head with a start. Although she could see nothing or no one she knew there was a presence, next to her in the shower.“Oh sorry” she said pleadingly “I couldn’t help it I feel so randy, I just need to touch myself. Please let me bring myself off, just once, please” she begged.”NO” said the voice firmly “You will wait…. Trust me, it will be worth it”“Have you a name?” asked Ann “I can’t call you the mirror”“Well, you may call me what ever you want,” said the voice.“In that case you are Adam,” She said with a tone of finality.“Mmmm? Yes, I like that, a good strong name is Adam. Adam it is.Now you must do as I told you and shave that pussy smooth or I can do it for you. But you must keep your eye’s shut for you cannot look on me yet”“I’ll try, but I don’t know if I can keep my eyes shut that long,” said Ann.“In that case, so as not to spoil things. I must ask you to put on this blind fold,” said Adam. From behind her and quite out of her vision a blindfold was slipped over her head to cover her eyes.“Where did you get that from?” Exclaimed Ann.“It was in your bedside cabinet and I took the liberty of removing it for you”“How did you know it was there?” Ann asked questioningly.“I know all you know, as you leave thoughts around you all the time, and since this house had been empty for so long and you have only been here for few days your thoughts are fresh and uncluttered” Adam explained. “ Now to the job in hand. I think if I help you sit on the side of the bath, with one leg in and one leg out, I will be able to get at the job in question.”Ann felt soft gentle hands guide her to sit astride the edge of the bath. She then heard the snip, snip of scissors and felt Adam’s fingers take hold of a tuft of pubic hair and snip it off with the scissors. This was repeated fatih escort until all her mound was only covered in short stubble.“Now to reveal your true self,” said Adam.Ann heard his hands rubbing together making a hot thick lather that was applied gently onto her mound and down between her spread thighs. Much to her disappointment the hands didn’t touch her burning flesh. Until she felt his spread fingers pull the skin of her vulva tight before he started to shave her with the razor. Using long confident strokes Adam removed the stubble covering Ann’s mound. He rinsed and re-applied foam until every fold and crevice was smooth and free of hair. When he had finished to his satisfaction,Adam said “Now you may remove the blind fold and wash yourself clean.”All the time, whilst he had been shaving her, the water had been running, keeping the bathroom full of steam. Ann removed the blindfold and blinked in the light but was still unable to see her phantom lover.“I’m here don’t you worry” said Adam.“When can I see you?” pleaded Ann.“All in good time” said Adam.Adam put his arms around Ann’s waist and Ann felt what she had wanted to feel all along. A hard male member pushing into the crease of her bottom, he pulled himself closer and hugged her back, whilst gentle grinding his hips into her bottom.“Oooh yes, yes you are real. This isn’t a dream,” said Ann. As she pushed herself back into Adam’s groin. Ann relished the wonderful feeling of maleness pressing onto her flesh. Shuddering with anticipation she started to turn in Adam’s arms. But he held her tight and stopped her with a reassuring kiss to the right side of her neck and then whispered very softly. “No just a little while longer and then I’ll be fully formed, be patience. I’ll tell you when.”The water was still running hot and Adam’s hand explored Ann’s body, cupping and kneading her breasts and rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. As her nipples became hard he squeezed them just a little harder, bringing a gasp of gentle pain to Ann’s lips, but sending a shudder of ecstasy right through her body and down into her pussy. Ann was leaning back into these wonderful strong arms encircling her body. She hadn’t ever felt so cared for or protected in her life. Suddenly Adam bought her out of her revere saying, “You are still alive and will be for many years to come, first you have to get out of this shower and dry yourself. I will be in the bedroom waiting for you.”As Adam finished his sentence, Ann felt his body leave hers. He just seamed to melt away. Then from the bedroom she heard him say.“I haven’t gone far don’t fret, my new lover. Dry yourself and come and stand in front of me. I want to see you admire yourself.”Ann turned off the shower and as soon as she did the steam cleared. It didn’t even leave condensation on the tiles.Once dry she walked into her bedroom and stood in front of the mirror and admired herself. Her body although not slim was firm, firmer than she remembered. But her skin glowed white as alabaster her nipples were dark and erect. As her eye’s looked down to her pussy she was amazed at the beauty she saw and felt. Her mind was reeling with conflicting thoughts of why she now felt so confident with herself and if what she had experienced was a dream or real.Ann just couldn’t believe how she felt standing in front of the mirror admiring her completely naked body. Something she had never done before. Her hands stroked her body sending sensations of warmth and passion right to the tips of her toes. “See?” said the mirror “You are so beautiful and have never been honest with yourself and recognised the fact”. As the last words came to her, Ann saw the surface of the mirror begin to ripple. The ripples became slow billowing globes that started to coeless into the form of a man. What she saw though didn’t take on colour, but remained transparent like an ice sculpture. She could still see her now distorted refection in the mirror. But the very male form in front her of sent shivers down her spine as it looked deep into her soul and very being.“Is that you Adam?” she said still doubting her eyes.“Yes, and although I will become more pleasing to the eye this is as solid as I get for now. You won’t be disappointed”Adam’s transparent form moved toward Ann and took her in his arms, his mouth met hers and they kissed long and deeply. Ann could feel the warmth or his body against her and his tongue exploring her mouth. She closed her eyes and let her hands stroke and caress Adam’s back and bottom. Pressed hard against her belly she could feel his hard hot cock. It felt so soft and hard that she wanted it, now with out delay.Ann dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the glands.“Come. Stand up and we will go and lay on the bed” Said Adam; and he bent forward putting his hands under her arm pits and lifted her body, guiding her to the bed. He laid her down right in the middle of the mattress. Turning so that his cock met her lips and her pussy met his mouth. They began to pleasure each other. Ann was distracted by the attentions that Adam’s mouth and tongue were giving her and stopped licking and sucking on his cock. But instead she concentrated bağcılar escort on enjoying the waves of pleasure that were spreading from her pussy through out her entire body. Her nipples had become so hard they almost hurt.But Adam wasn’t finished in giving her pleasure he pushed two fingers into her pussy and began to thrust them in and out. Fucking her with his hand. Then with the other hand he inserted one then two fingers into her tight little arse hole. Ann was being hand fucked in both holes with a very expert mouth and tongue working on her clit. Body trembling waves of lust roared through out her very being. But she didn’t want to come to quick. So she forced herself to sucking and licking the hot hard velvety cock in front of her face. Her attentions bought moans of pleasure from Adam, which in turn vibrated through her. The more she pleasured him the more he moaned into her pussy giving her even more electric sensations of pleasure. This was a self-rewarding giving and receiving. Ann couldn’t stop herself from moaning and in her gentle kitten like voice. She omitted small mewing, giggling sounds. Which told Adam that she was very near her climax. He kept the intensity of movement up with his fingers in her wet pussy and arse.Ann was in ecstasy and try as she might she couldn’t hold back any longer. The muscles of her anus began to spasm and pulse around the invading fingers. Which sent electric shocks to her pussy. The muscles of her tummy tightened as her orgasm shot through her, making her nipples tingle and her skin flush.As the orgasm subsided, Adam slowly removed his slick fingers from her spent body. Ann had kept his hard cock in her mouth, as she now gently licked the pre-cum from the tip. Adam lifted himself and knelt in front of her face and looked down on her naked white body, flushed red, with pleasure.Ann had kept her eyes tightly closed all the time, as the transparent body of Adam had been a little unnerving.“Open them sweetness,” said Adam. She did and her delight,His body had now become flesh. His smiling faced looked down on her, making her feel warm and cared for. A sensation she hadn’t felt in a while.“Now would you like to have me in your body?” asked Adam.“Oh very much so.” Said Ann.Adam moved himself between her open thighs, lifting her legs to allow better access. He knelt in front of her pussy; taking hold of his hard cock he rubbed it up and down her slit. Leaning forward slightly he slid back and forth across her clit. He did this for several minutes staring and smiling at her lying submissive before him.Then with out looking, he pulled back placed his thumb on the top of his penis and pushed down toward her entrance. As it slipped pasted her outer folds he pushed forward and was into the hilt. Looking at her lovingly he said, “OK?”Ann responded by pushing her hips up to meet him. With long careful strokes Adam began to screw her in earnest, taking time to feel her around his hardness until the tip of his penis made contact with the opening to her cervix, making them completely coupled. Feeling the head of his cock so deep within her made her cum again and allowed Adam to stretch out and cover her body and fuck her hard and fast. Ann moaned and moved under him as though they had been lovers for years. He pulled himself up onto his arms so that his length rubbed at her clit as well as the inside of her pussy.Ann thrust her hips forward harder and harder to meet his pounding body as he slammed into her willing flesh. Her orgasm exploded again, harder than before, and not wanting to miss this delightful sight Adam stopped pounding into her and let himself, feel her pussy pulsing around his embedded cock.Keeping himself within her Adam lifted himself to kneel between Ann’s splayed legs once again. He pulled back and withdrew from her pussy, pushing his cock down toward her tight hole. Putting the tip of his cock on her tight little rose bud he pushed gently forward and felt the tip start to penetrate. As the head of his cock stayed where it was, Adam took hold of Ann’s hips and pulled her up toward him. He then pushed into her virgin butt little by little allowing her body to get used to this new invasion. After about five minutes of pushing in a little, waiting and then pushing a little more he was finally all the way in Ann’s arse.Ann couldn’t believe how tight it felt and how full she felt with a cock in her arse. Her hand found her clit and began to rub it hard. She could feel a burning deep in her body like never before.Adam started to thrust and as before he had pulled himself forward to lie on her body and grind his cock deep into her arse. Ann came bucking and writhing under his thrusting body. But this time Adam wasn’t going to stop and he kept thrusting into her. Until the pressure in his balls could be held back no longer and he shot his seed deep into her body. Which bought Ann to another small orgasm.He lay on top of her, supporting his weight on his arms and kissing and nibbling on her shoulder. They stayed like that for a while until Adam’s softening cock started to slip from Ann’s body. He rolled off her and pulled her into his arms and they laid together and fell asleep.When Ann awoke she didn’t know how long she’d been asleep for, but she felt so relaxed and cosy she didn’t care.She looked up and saw the bedroom door open to reveal her magic lover. As he walked in smiling, carrying a tray with breakfast on it.“”Wait until I tell Bev.””” Thought Ann, as she took a steaming cup of fresh filter coffee from Adam…To be continued..

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