Another neighbor, Another time

Another neighbor, Another time
Back when I was a much younger lad, living in sunny California, I lived with my mom in an upstairs apartment, built in the back of a duplex. My window overlooked the postage sized back yard of a sweet lady of 21, named Nicky, (I think it was short for Nicole).
One day she asked me if I could take her d****s to the cleaners for her, as she was having to go out of town, and didn’t have time to do it before she left. Apparently, the previous tenant was a smoker and they smelled. I agreed, and took them down from her living room, and her bedroom both of which were on the back of her unit. She was gone for 3 days, and I told her I had forgotten to go to the cleaners to get them, but I had them, I just wanted to see if I could catch her walking around naked.
I saw her getting all dolled up like she had a date, but she dressed in the bathroom, and I didn’t see a damn thing. My mom asked me to go to the store to get dinner, so I had to leave my watching post and go.
When I came home, I saw Nicky coming out of her apartment, looking drop dead gorgeous! I said hi to her, and she said hi back, and just as I was starting a conversation, her phone went off, she excused herself, and started talking, and I could only hear her side of the conversation, BUT, it went like “NO! You can’t be serious!” I couldn’t catch all the conversation, but I got the gist that, her date was telling her that the date was off. She turned and went back to her apartment, and slammed the door so hard that I thought the windows were gonna break. I went upstairs and while my mom was cooking dinner I looked out the window to see Nicky stripping her pantsuit off, and throwing it aside, then she went to her closet, and got out what looked like a skirt and blouse, at first she put the blouse on, looked at the mirror, then took it off, and that’s when she took off her bra, and I saw her wonderful titties for the first time. Then she put the blouse back on and looked at herself in the mirror again, she squeezed her tits, and then pulled her skirt on, and looked left and right into the mirror, then she reached under and stripped her panties off! She checked her make-up, and made her way to the door and before I could get outside, she was in her car and peeling out.
All I could think was, SOMEONE is gonna get laid tonight!
Around 2:30 a.m. I heard a car drive in and then another car drove in and I heard 1, then 2, then 3, then 4 doors slam. I saw the lights in Nicky’s apartment come on, and I saw 4 guys and Nicky standing in her apartment, she was being a gracious hostess, and handing beers to the guys, and then I could hear the music waft up, to where I could hear it. The guys all took turns dancing with Nicky, and all were taking liberties with her body. I was whacking off in my bedroom, wishing I was there too. But I was just watching.
One of the guys that was dancing with her slid her zipper on her skirt down, and before she could even react, she was naked from the waist down, That was the first time I saw her naked pussy, and damn, that thing was hairy! The guys kept dancing and then her blouse disappeared, and Nicky was naked. The guys that were not dancing with her, also stripped, and then they changed places so the last one could strip also. One of the guys led her to the couch opposite the window, and tried to get her to suck his cock, but she kept turning her head away, another of them started to eat her pussy, and he must have been doing something right, for she threw her head back and her mouth opened, and the first guy stuck his cock in her mouth and she sucked him for awhile. The one on the floor said something to one of the guys watching, and he went into the bathroom, and came out with her razor, shave cream, and a towel, the eater then proceeded to shave her pussy bald as a babies ass. Even from my viewing spot about 20 feet away it sure looked good!
After that all 4 of these guys fucked her, some even fucked her twice, each one blowing his load in her pussy, in her mouth or on her tits.
Around 5 a.m. when these guys dressed, and were getting ready to leave, Nicky was passed out, not moving. I had my window open, and I heard these guys talking among themselves, and I heard one of them say, that he left her door unlocked, so he could come back for one more round, after he dropped the others off.
I waited till they had driven off, and I went downstairs to Nicky’s, and I looked at her up close, and personal, all stretched out, leaking cum from her pussy, cum on her tits and face, I got a warm washrag from her bathroom, and cleaned her up washed her face and body, picked her up and carried her to her bed, and as I laid her down, I just couldn’t resist, I took a long slurp of her pussy, and she tasted great! I covered her up, kissed her face, turned off her lights, and left her there. I wanted to fuck her so badly, but I wasn’t sure if those guys were really gonna come back.
As I left her apartment, I made sure I locked her door, and almost as soon as I had gotten back upstairs, I heard a car pull in and then heard cussing, and the car left again.
The next day when I saw Nicky up and about, and I knocked on her door, showed her the d****s, and re-hung them, and she just kept looking at me strangely, I asked if something was wrong, she at first said, “NO, nothing” then after I had the last of the d****s hung, she reached for me, and gave me a tight hug, and said, “THANK YOU” I thought she meant for getting her d****s cleaned, until she said “Thank you, for cleaning me up and putting me to bed” All the color drained from my face, before it got the reddest red it could get. “You were awake?” she told me that she awakened when she felt the warm rag on her tender pussy, and just wanted to see what I would do, and when all I did was take her to her bed, and lay her down, she was impressed. I asked about my licking her pussy she just said giggled and said that was the best part of the night.
We talked more after that, and she told me that her ‘boyfriend’ had broken their date, and she was pissed, that is why she went out with a purpose to get drunk, and laid, the other 3 guys, were some that the first one called, after she had agreed to take him home. She at first said NO, but they all forced their way in with her. She told me that someone shaved her, but she didn’t remember it, and I didn’t want to say I saw that. I just told her I thought it looked good to me, and then it was her turn to get red-faced!
Nicky lived there almost a year after that, and had more than a couple lovers, and she even allowed me to shave her often. Although I was never able to fuck her, I was able to eat her to many fine orgasms.

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