Antonio & Susan Erna – Beginnings


Antonio & Susan Erna – BeginningsSusan Loses Her VirginityMany would call us swingers but we don’t think of ourselves that way. Many would say we have an open relationship but we are quite exclusive in our relationships. Then there are those who would call us superficial and they would be right. We are superficial; we are as superficial as anyone. We have our bodytype preferences, our personality preferences etc. What we are is a couple who has love enough for others and are willing to express it physically. We are Antonio and Susan Erna. This is our story and because it is the story of two individuals who happen to be married we felt it has to be told by each of us as if we were describing a home video. Antonio insists that my life is more interesting than his so he wants me to start.I started learning about sex from the other girls in school. When I was with them we’d look at guys and wonder what it would be like to be had by them. Most of us were twelve years old and developed to the point that we were all wearing bras. I was trying to learn what all I could about sex and I looked forward to the first time I had sex. Then one day I met a handsome man; not a boy but a man. His name was Louie. We met at the movie theater where he worked as an usher. I was with some other girls and a monster movie was showing. We all acted scared to get attention from the boys and I caught his attention. I was in the asile seat and he walked up and whispered,”Come over here”I got up, followed him to the back of the thrater and got next to him. He told me his name and I told him mine. I kept looking at him and he at me. Then he pulled me to him and kissed me. Suddenly I’m scared that people who were also watching the movie would notice us but then his hands began travelling to all parts of my body and I stopped thinking about anything but him. Then his hands touched my breasts under my blouse. He unhooked my bra, unbuttoned my blouse, sucked and nibbled my nipples, and massaged my breasts. He said,”Your boobs are so soft.”Then he started to feel my legs. I liked it. I felt his hands on my thighs, past my panties and touched me there. He inserted his fingers. God did it feel good. He kissed me then said,”I know you never had a boyfriend. Want me to be your first time?”I asked,”How do you know this is my first time?” He tells me,”Your pussy is so tight it feels like your pussy couldn’t fit anything thicker than a finger.”In my naivety I asked,”Does that mean we can’t do it?”He said,”It means it might hurt you a little the first time we do it.”I stupidly asked,”Is it going to hurt you?”He kissed me again and said,”It’s not going to hurt me at all. I want you to kneel between my legs.”He pulled his cock out so I sort of knew what came next. I heard some of the girls at school talk about sucking cock. He grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear and asked if I would go down on him. I had never done that before but other girls at school talked about how they did it so I felt there wasn’t too much to it. The next thing I remember is how hard my heart was beating as I knelt in front of him in the darkness of the theater. I stared at his cock for a few minutes then took it in my hand. His cock felt so big and wide and so alive as my fingers traced it. I tried, but couldn’t wrap my hand all the way around his cock but it felt very warm and firm and thick. I moved closer with my warm, wet and willing mouth. I wrapped my mouth around his cock. This was the first cock ever to enter my virgin body. I started to suck. His cock was like nothing I’d ever tasted. I rolled my tongue over the tip feeling the salty taste of his precum as my head bobbed gently. My tongue swirling around his cock as his hands were massaging the back of my head through my hair. My saliva all over his cock made it glisten in the light from the movie screen. He moaned softly,”Oh Oh Oh Oh. Ooooooh. Oooooooh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhhhh.”Within a few minutes I felt his legs quiver and he erupted into my mouth. Sperm spewed from his penis into my mouth. It tasted salty, felt slimy and was really warm yet somewhat satisfying. The warm taste of salty oatmeal made my lips grab onto his shaft and suck harder. With one big gulp I felt the hot cum flow down my throat into my stomach. It was amazing and by then my virgin pussy was so very wet. He was still hard but at the time I thought that was normal for all guys. He asked me if I would let him fuck me and I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I got myself put back together, went to get my sweater and told one of my girlfriends I was going out with a boy. When the movie ended he clocked out and we went out to sit in his car.I already knew I wasn’t the first girl he had but it becamd rather obvious the moment I got into the car. He had it parked between two trash dumpsters near the theater and the passenger side was tight against the wall of the building. He has a thick wire screwed into the car above the windows so that he could hang up some black cloth to block the windows. We had total privacy. We started kissing, he caressed my tits, I had that feeling between my legs but now it seemed different and seconds later I felt his hand rubbing my pussy. I just melted. As he rubbed it tingles surged through me, more than I had ever felt masturbating. I was swooning, I felt him pull my panties to the side, I felt his finger slide up my slit, then it was inside me. I had put my own finger in there many times, but this was wonderful. He plunged it in and out, I felt my orgasm building. When it came, my head swirled, I felt dizzy and my pussy gushed. I could feel his finger pushing in deeper and hear it squishing as his finger kept fucking me. I came three times. His front seat was soaked with my juices.He had one of those cars where the passenger seat reclines so I found myself laying back with him lovingly attending to me. We started kissing; he went very slow building my desire. I never would have thought I would be doing this as I pulled my sweater over my head, unbuttoned my blouse and undid my bra. He made love to my tits like nothing I ever dreamed of. He kissed his way to my stomach. His hand went up my leg. In a few minutes my panties were off and he was rubbing me again. He was kissing me and rolled over between my legs. I spread my legs as far apart as they could possibly go. He helped by taking hold of my knees and lifting them up. Almost weeping with pleasure, he moved back and aimed his cock at my hot and moist virgin pussy. He rested his cock against my virgin pussy. The slipperiness allowing him to slide along my pussy slit pushing my pussy lips apart making it feel as if he were inside me because I didn’t know what it felt like to have sex. “Now I’m going to put it inside you and you’ll always remember this!”Then he slowly pressed it into me. It was so warm and hard I really felt the best connection with isveçbahis yeni giriş him but as I expected, there was pain. Taking that cock in my hole made me grimace. I felt for the first time a penis pushed up against my sopping wet hole as his cock entered and it pried me apart. He pushed, it was in me, I opened my legs wider, his cock pushed in more; I felt burning as he took my virginity. I said,”Owwwwwwwww HUUURTSSS!”He softly asked,”Did that hurt?”I said,”Yes a little. It just feels kind of weird.”As it turned out he was inside me but just barely. He then came down on me pushing his hardened penis into me. That hurt a little bit more. I wanted to stop him pushing him away because his cock head just felt too big for my small pussy but as he worked it in deeper, it felt better and I started to push my pussy onto his cock. I winced, “Ahh, it’s going in. Go slowly, it hurts.”He said,”I don’t want to hurt you, but you feel wonderful.” I said,”Hold still a minute, you’re so big inside me. Hold it there, it’s getting better, it doesn’t hurt as much now, that’s it, yes, now it feels good.”He held his cock in me and I could feel it get a little thicker as it pulsed deep in me. After he held his cock in me for about a minute, he slowly worked his cock in me nudging forward every few seconds. The feeling was incredible! I just laid there flat on my back and relished the moment. I moaned out as I looked up at him. He must have seen the expression on my face and he asked,”You ok? Did that hurt? Want me to stop?”I said,”No, keep doing it. I want you to do it to me.”The outer lips of my slit parted and I felt the warm wetness of my tight pussy surround his cockhead. The ridges of the tip of his prick were held in place by the elastic tightness of my pussy opening. Then he fully settled his weight on top of me, his naked body rubbing along the length of my naked body, setting my skin on fire. He put his hands around my slender waist and pulled me to him, his shaft pushing up farther into my tightness; more pain. I then told him,”Oww, stop! That last bit hurt. Just hold it there.”He kissed me as we held still for a while then he said,”I’m inside you as far as I can go. How’s that feel?”He asked. He looked down to see my virgin blood staining the seat, he looked back and for the first time looking me in the eye he kissed me as a woman. I giggled,”You’re so big you’re filling me up from my insides. Do you like doing this to me?””Hell yes, it feels so tight and warm. You have a perfect pussy, and we fit so well but do you like it?”I answered saying,”Yes, I like it. It hurt but I’m OK now.”I was OK. At first his penis fully inside me felt uncomfortably stretching but in no time it felt wonderfully full. The burning stretching feeling as the thickness of his shaft opened my virgin hole was now replaces by a feeling I will crave for the rest of my life. I spread my long slender legs open and wrapped them around his hips. Little by little I could feel the walls of my cunt slide along the sides of his hard, throbbing cock as his twenty two year old prick slowly and with short strokes began to gyrate in and out of this horny little twelve year old girl’s sweet fuck hole. He asked,”Do you really like this or should I stop?”I said,”No, don’t stop. I like it.”He took it slowly but before long he started to thrust into me. Soon it felt good and feeling him fucking into me was something I will never forget. He pressed his penis in and out of me as he was kissing and touching me and I loved it; absolutely LOVED it! I had become a woman and I was fucking. I didn’t know what I was doing but it felt wonderful and I told him. I let off a piercing scream as I came. Then I moaned,”Oooo, it’s feeling good, keep doing it like that.”He put his hands around behind me and stroked the smooth, round contours of my little ass and thighs with his finger tips. I sighed softly,”It feels so good, doing this. I didn’t know anything could feel this good.”He said,”It gets better.”We changed positions so that he was on his back. He said,”Sit up a little and use your knees to move yourself up and down on my cock.”I did as he asked and he said,”Mmmm, that’s right, just go slow at first. Yeah, that’s good…now, we’re fucking.”Feeling encouraged I sat up a little and put my hands on his chest as I began to raise and lower my ass making his cock slid in and out of my tight wetness; just a little at first, but quickly more and more as the wonderful feeling of first time sex flooded over me.”Oh, God, this feels good. It’s so good. I like it. I like is so much. Am I doing it right?”I moaned as I slowly slid up and down on him. He held onto my slim hips as I moved and said,”Oh yeah honey, just like that.”My tender little body would shudder with each deep penetration as the sexual sensation of fucking began to grow between my legs. I looked between us. My little nipples were hard and erect as they stood out straight from my small, forming breast mounds and he put his hands up on them and let the rough palms rub across the sensitive little pink buds as my body moved up and down. I squealed,”God, I love to fuck! It feels so good, so fucking good!”I felt so wickedly powerful as my tiny voice was emphasizing the sex words. The pungent odor of sex and my young, sweaty body moving again and again onto him mixed together to create a scent of sexual arousal, a scent I would never forget.Then I heard him groan. It took me a moment to realize it but I knew what it meant. I was nervous about what I felt knowing I may be getting myself pregnant. What I felt was Louie shooting hot streams of semen into me, filling me. I started moving as fast as I could up and down while he was shooting his cum in me. His hips were bucking up against my tender loins as he shot deep inside me. He held me tight to him and we stayed like that for a couple of minutes, almost paralyzed from the intensity of our orgasms. Our loins were still making the hot connection and any movement we made was sending another spasm through our bodies. I still felt the elastic grip of my cunt lips squeezing the base and holding it in me and I wanted to keep it there.He was admiring my body, which was now his to have. He asked,”What if you get pregnant?” I said,”I don’t think I will.”Then he asked,Are you going to let me keep doing this to you?”I gleefully said,”Yes, Oh yes!”Holding me tight against him, he thrust deeply over and over, his cock making itself at home within the wet warm walls of my virginal hole. I had another orgasm, my whole body arching and shuddering with each thrust, my moans becoming so loud that he had to kiss me deeply to stop me from screaming with pleasure. He was fucking me in a frenzy of passion, his cock squeezing in and out of me at an ever-increasing rate as, his hands and mouth all over my neck lips and breasts. Our bodies plunging, isveçbahis giriş hips rolling and thrusting as we clung to each other, his cock grinding inside me. A thick creamy white foam around the mouth of my cunt coated his cock each time he withdrew. He smiled down at me as he rocketed himself into me, it seemed the faster he went the more the excitement within me grew. As my breaths became shorter I felt my insides ripple, the channel of my cunt tightening around the thick hard shaft within it, I cried out,”Oooo! It’s so good!”He replied with an erotic groan. I was cumming again and he was too! Our faces both twisting with passion as his hips collided violently with mine, blowing a hot load of sperm deep inside my quivering, contracting hole. Warm, sticky wetness seeped out of my slit and onto his carseat. I giggled, then let out a long sigh saying,”God, I’ve never felt anything so good in my life! Can we do it some more?”He said,”I’m afraid that most guys can only do it two or three times before they have to rest. Fucking you made me cum harder than I’ve cum in a long time. You’ve got a great pussy, and I want to fuck you again and again, but not todayGently, slowly, he pulled his manly penis out from the clinging grip of my sweet little pussy and releasing a small flood of white cream down the already soaked crack of my ass. He got a towel and helped me clean my slender, pale body off then I cleaned his softened cock. We both got dressed and I went home feeling wonderful.I fell for him bad and I was naturally the one going to him for sex since he couldn’t very well be coming to me. We found a way to fuck at every opportunity for about seven weeks. Then I found out he got one of my classmates pregnant when he was still fucking me. This hurt me bad and I asked him why he did it. He said he got tired of only fucking me. I asked him if he liked her better. He actually told me I was the best but then said he found yet another girl to fuck. It turned out that he was having sex with a lot of girls and the more I pressed for a romantic relationship the more he started avoiding me. It got to where he wouldn’t see me anymore. I’m lucky I didn’t get pregnant from all the sperm Louie put in me but I did find out he got into a lot of trouble because he got caught having sex with a nine year old girl. As a result of dating Louie, I became an expert at fucking in a car and feel it is an experience I should describe in detail. The way I lost my virginity is very romantic and lends itself to hugging, caressing, deep kissing and longing gazes and he gets the benefit of my titties in his face. I control the action as I ride his cock. Sometimes when he’s on top of me with the passenger seat reclined as far as possible and with his feet on floorboards, between my spread legs we fuck lovingly for hours. I may have my feet on the floorboards, or raise my knees and rest my feet on the dash but we’ll fuck like we were in a bed. Louie fucked me in the back seat more than anything. He usually lies across the back seat and I kneel straddling him. I always have to remember to lean forward to avoid bumping my head on the roof as I ride his cock. Sometimes I let him worry about hitting his head when I lay across the back seat with him on top between my legs. I bring my knees up toward my chest. He kneels between my legs and pulls my pelvis up toward his. This way I can plant my feet on the interior of the car and use my legs to pump my pelvis. I will sometimes hook my legs over his shoulders. This position allows for really deep penetration.Antonio Loses His Virginity I have seen my parents have sex many times but I had never seen my mother have sex with anyone else except my father until the day I wached my uncle fuck my mother. It started one day when I was quietly walking through the yard and came upon my father with my aunt. This was a scene I saw before because my father was a real ladie’s man who could never risist an available pussy. I watched my aunt reach for my father’s cock and the shaft glided into her fingers. My dad stood still. His eyes closed. Her hand must have felt good. She pulled her black blouse up over her tits and laid back. She said,”Come on, baby.”My dad moved in closer and held his cock with his hand. He lined up the head with her pink opening. He touched it to her pussy, and she moaned. Her eyes were on his, and her mouth hung open. He began to rub her wet pussy with his knob. He pushed forward with his hips. The head of his cock split her pussy lips. my aunt flinched and groaned. Her knees tightened around his waist. She moaned,“Oh God. I forgot how big you are,”He worked the head of his cock back and forth in her pussy. He leaned over her, grabbed her boobs with both hands, and pushed forward with his hips again. A few inches of his cock sunk into her pussy. She groaned, and her back arched up. He leaned into her again, holding onto her breasts. His cock pushed into her warm, wet slit. My aunt squealed,“Oh fuck!”My aunt then groaned into his ear. Her legs wrapped around him and her heels dug into his back while she put her arms around his neck and kissed him. He started slowly, moving his ass up and down. He stood upright. Only half of his long, thick cock was inside her. She had her legs around his waist, and he was holding her hips. He started pumping a little faster and a little harder. He pressed his cock deeper. It didn’t take long to sink the whole thing inside her.“Oh God, yes. Give it to me harder,”She said in a low, breathless voice. She was panting and moaning, and squealed every time his cock hit bottom. He bent his head down and gnawed on her nipples. She moaned as his cock pushed into her and opened her legs wider to give him the opportunity to push in as deep as possible. She moaned,”Don’t cum inside me, not today anyway. I’ll get pregnant.””Having you inside me again is like a dream, and I can’t believe this is actually happening, but I’m your brother’s wife! I want you so bad, I just can’t help myself but maybe you better pull out.””Do You really want me to stop?”My aunt didn’t answer immediately, so he pulled out slowly, grabbed her shoulders for leverage, and pushed his hips back into her. She gasped loudly as his dick buried itself deep inside her. His lips met her ear, “Do you want me to pull out?” He continued his slow, deep thrusting.”Yes, I think you better.”She whimpered softly.Smiling, my father pulled his cock out of my aunt and with one hand placed the head of his cock against the folds of her swollen cunt. Then he started rubbing it up and down her slit. The effect on her was devastating. She was looking down between her legs at what my father was doing and was rapidly getting frustrated.”Please don’t tease me like this!You want me pregnant, don’t you? You want to see me wear short, sexy maternity dresses without underwear. You’ll want isveçbahis güvenilirmi to feel the baby kick when you fuck me and feed from my breasts. God dam you! Put it back in!”She beggedMy father said,”I though you were afraid of getting pregnant. I’m going to stop now.”My aunt whimpered,”No. Put it in me. Don’t pull out now. Not now, please!”She begged. My father continued fucking my auntand she desperately began to buck back and forth. My father grunted,”Tell me you want my baby”My aunt didn’t say anything. My father’s penis was steadily driving in and out of my aunt. He said,”I can feel your pussy is squeezing me. Your body wants my cum. Admit it. You want my cum. You want my baby. Admit it.”My aunt squealed,”YES! Oh yes! Do it baby! Fuck me and cum inside me! Cum inside your brother’s wife!”I could see the look of surprise on her face when she realised she was being filled with my father’s cum. When they were finished my father slowly pulled out. She stood frozen until a big glob of cum dripped from her pussy onto the floor with a splat.There was also a glob on the end of his cock that my aunt collected with her finger and put in her mouth. I quietly went back to the house wondering where my mother and uncle were. Then I heard their voices in my parent’s bedroom. I decided to peek. My mom walked into my view. She was dressed only in her thin nightie. I could see her underwear underneath the sheer material. Then my uncle walked into view naked. His cock was already hard and he came over to hug my mother.Slowly, he removed the nightie from my mom’s shoulders and it dropped to the floor revealing her in a matching set of pink bra and brief panties. They starting kissing and both lay down on the bed. My uncle caressed my mom’s tiny tits through her bra and unclipped it, throwing it on the floor. He then started licking her nipples. My mom’s nipples were a very dark brown and her areola looked beautiful; even to me.This was the first time I had a full look at my mother’s body and I was very aroused. I knew I would always favor women who looked like my mother or my aunt. After a while of caressing and licking mom’s breasts, My uncle’s hand proceeded down to her cunt. He started caressing her cunt through her panties. My mother put her hand on my uncle’s hand to stop him caressing before lifting up her ass and slipping off her panties herself. She rolled them down her legs and threw them on the floor before spreading open her legs. I had an awesome view of my mom’s cunt spread apart. Mom had a very hairy bush; it spread out in a triangle all the way from below her belly button to the crack between her ass.My uncle placed his cock at the entrance of mom’s cunt and slowly pushed it in. His cock slipped into her cunt effortlessly. She must have been very wet. My mother spoke like I never heard her speak before,”Your so fucking hard, your dick is so big and feels so good in my tight, pussy. I want you to fuck me so hard, and go as deep as your dick can. Oh that feels so good!”It was clear that my uncle and mother also did not use any contraceptives or condoms. My uncle started stroking in and out of mom’s cunt and I could see his cock was glistening whenever it came out. My uncle plunged in and out of mom’s pussy panting hard the whole time. Mom moaned in time to his thrustings. It was the first time I had seen my stern and strict mother in such throes of enjoyment. After about 20 minutes of kissing, caressing and fucking, my uncle gave a loud sigh and thrust hard into mom’s cunt. From the shaking and short thrusts, I could tell that he was ejaculating into my mother’s pussy. Mom also gave a long moan and hugged my uncle hard, pressing his cock harder against her pussy. I watched as my uncle lay cuddled up with mom for a while. Presently, they got up and mom helped to wipe my uncle’s cock with tissue before he got dressed and she went to bed. My uncle said,”My brother dosen’t know how good he has it. I can’t wait to come fuck you again.”My mother teasingly asked,”Will you feel that way when I’m nine months and huge?”My uncle said,”I will if you let me.”Nine months later both my mother and my aunt fell pregnant. My mother had me and seven others and my aunt has nine c***dren but to this day I don’t know who is a sibling and who is a cousin.One day I overheard my mother talking to one of her friends. Her friend said it`s been 3 years since her husband had fucked her and she was tired of masturbation. She said she wished a man would just fuck her then they laughed. I later walked into the room as the woman was complaining to my mother that her feet ached so I offered to give her a foot massage. My mother told her that I was very good at it so she stretched out on the sofa, with me sitting on the very end and her feet resting on my groin. My mother said she had to get dinner started and left us. I gripped her left foot and began massaging it. It was my first attempt ever, and from the soft moans, I knew that she was enjoying herself. After about 10 minutes, she suddenly pulled her foot free of me and said I should stop, especially since her feet probably smelled a bit funky. I told her not to worry as I began to move my fingers up her leg.She let out a loud moan as if she might have experienced an orgasm. She said, “Oh God, I’m getting wet!” and said I should leave. I told her that I was more than willing to help her. She switched positions on the sofa, so instead of being stretched out, she was now in a sitting position, with her butt on the edge of the cushion. I moved to where she was sitting and had her legs rest over my shoulders. She whispered,”Oh God, fuck me!”She waited and watched me take down my jeans and showed her the dick she was going to get. She said,”You’re big for your age!”I took my cock in one hand and made circles in around her pussy the way I had seen my father do it and when I did that she began moaning. I teased her pussy for a minute or so then rammed my dick into her pussy and she moaned out real good and her ass quivered. I held her by the hips as she held her legs up and spread. It was a savage fuck, as I was so excited as this wasn’t some girl that I knew, but this was actually a woman, and I wanted to demonstrate to her that I could do a good job. She didn’t really care. She spent the next 20 minutes moaning and gasping in between curses of how great it felt. I was ramming into her as fast as I could and she was letting out these soft groans as I fucked her without mercy. Soon I felt a huge surge of HOT CUM SHOOT INTO HER. She was almost breahtless as I was finishing draining my balls in her pussy. I came to a stop and then pulled out as she dropped her legs. I stood there and looked at her cum filled pussy and my cum flowing out of her. She smiled at me as she fixed herself and I felt great. She kissed me then got up to join my mother.My mother later asked if I would be willing to give her friend a dailey massage and I told her I would. My mother’s friend wanted to see me all the time. We had a great time for months, but she eventually got pregnant. Even then I was doing her while she was 8 months! Man was growing up a great experience.

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