art model


art modelMy first experience was about a year or two ago with an older man I met through craigslist (safe play of course). I put out an ad with me in panties which I’ve done often but never get the courage to meet anyone. He responded and asked if I would do erotic nude modeling for him to draw me and maybe more if I wanted. I was pretty flattered and decided I’d do it. I went to his studio a few days later. He was probably in his mid 50s, handsome, hair beginning to grey. He asked me to undress and sit down, he sat across from me at an easel and asked if I would masturbate for him. So I began to play with myself as he drew me. After a while of this he finished and showed me his drawings. I was still naked, he was clothed, he asked me if I’d like to wear a girls slip that he has. He left and came back with a white cotton slip with little spaghetti straps. He help me put it on and it made me feel sexy, it wasn’t very kızılay escort long and left the tip of my cock and my ass exposed. He drew me in for an embrace and we kissed. It was the first time I’ve ever kissed a man, he kissed me strongly and slipped his tongue in my mouth. Our bodies pressed together, I could feel him growing hard, my own already was hard, pressed against his jeans and leaking a glimmer of precum. My hand found his bulge as we kissed, I rubbed him through his jeans. At that moment, my mind was filled with nothing but the thought of his cock in my mouth. Our kiss parted, I lowered past his chest and dropped to my knees. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his manhood. I opened a condom and worked it onto his hard on, jacking him for a moment before I parted my lips and for the first time took a man’s cock in my mouth. It felt so good finally doing this thing I’ve mamak escort wanted so long. His hard cock in my mouth, his hands behind my head guiding deeper and deeper until finally his cockhead is stretching the back of my throat open, his balls slapping my chin. This goes on for about 5 minutes until he pulls away though he didn’t cum yet. I slowly stand up, look into his eyes and I ask him if he’ll fuck me. “If you want me to”, he answers and I nod. We walk over and sit on a couch, we began kissing again as I helped him pull of his shirt and pants. He has a bottle of lube and begins to dab it on my ass as we makeout. He’s fingering me now, first just one finger, then he slips in another and begins to stretch open my tight little asshole. It’s sending shivers up my spine, I’m so hard now. Then he stops and guides me to turn around so that I’m on my hands and knees over the end of the yenimahalle escort couch. I could feel him behind me as he presses the head of his cock against my virgin hole. I gasp as he presses forward and opens me up, it goes in and I let out a moan. For a minute or two it’s only the head, he’s going slow, back and forth, a little deeper, a little deeper, more and then it really hurts. He’s in deep now and I’m somewhere between whimpering and moaning. It hurts but it’s beginning to feel a little good and I want it. Now he’s really fucking me and picking up pace, I want it deeper. Suddenly with his hands on my stomach he leans back and pulls me up so that he’s lying on his back and gravity drops me down on to his long hard cock deeper than ever now. I cry out a moan from the pain and try to lift myself a bit but he’s in control now, hands pulling me up and down by the waist, fucking the shit outta me. He reaches around and jerks my hard cock, I’m so hot now and probably lasted barely a minute before I cum all over myself and the couch. It’s not much longer before I could feel him tensing inside me and then I could feel him shooting as he moans and sighs and we gradually come to a stop and I feel good.

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