Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl Part 4a


Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl Part 4aDaddy’s Little GirlPart 4aHer stitches out, her splint off, her new teeth in, Ash looks as clean, health and wholesome as any s*******n year old high schooler. We are standing in arrivals at the Airport waiting for Brittany. After having not seen each other in two years Ashlynn is bouncing like Tigger on crack, as we wait for Brittany to de-plane. (We Order Ashlynn, New Teeth)As we’d left the Doctor office I think I was more upset than Ash. The test had confirmed that with the damage to her, in all likelihood ash would never have c***dren; I will never be a grandfather. On the drive to the Complex her Dentist operates from, we talked it over. With the choice of life Ashlynn wants, she thinks she should not have k**s any way, maybe she’s right, maybe she is just rationalizing. Anyway to take our minds off of it, as we pulling into the Complex parking lot, I tell Ash I want her to blow the Dentist be for we leave his office. “What! Doctor K___? But, Daddy, I have gone to Doctor K___ forever, what’s he gone think? She asked. “Baby girl, he’ll think, you, are a nasty little slut.” I replied. She smiled.As we walked in, Ash gets some disapproving stares from the women in the waiting room. She gives them a big tooth-less smile. She is dress all in pink and black, a plaid mini-skirt, matching striped knee-high sox’s, she is so small they look more like thigh highs, pink laces in her black Doc’s, her blouse is black with pink piping, and she is wearing a cute little black with pink hearts dog collar, and a pink heart shaped dog tag with the words “Daddy’s little Slut” etched in black.We were meeting with the Dentist in his privet office, this is just a consultation. I think Ash looks relieved, it will be a lot easier to blow Doc. K___, in his privacy office.As he saw us in; I led Ash to the couch, turned one of his desk chairs towards her, and then set down, next to her, on the couch. When the Doc. saw our seating arrangement he sat in the chair right in front of Ash. Ash spread her legs and scooted to the edge of the couch so Doc. K___ could see her mouth, I could see her mini-skirt had slid up so that she was sitting bare assed on the couch.Ashlynn spread her legs a little more as Doc. K___ scooted his chair closer to look in her mouth. He must have been there talking 10 whole minutes before he lowered his hand brushing the inside of her bare thigh, looking down he noticed not only could he see Ashlynn had no panties on, and was shaved, she was also dripping wet.He had been going on about Dental implants, how at her age something permanent. We had been telling him how partial plate might suite her better. Now he just sat there staring, as Ash slid closer spreading her legs wider her wet Vag gaping open. She put one hand on each of his knees; she was flush and her breathing, fast and shallow. I knew this look, Ash was so turned on one touch and she would be cumming.His pants had started to tent; he was stammering about inappropriate behavior. I looked at Ash. She pushed his legs open, slid to her knees, between his legs, deftly opening his fly. Freed, his cock sprang to attention.She opened her mouth and her head drop right down and she chomped shut, proceeding to furiously scull fuck herself, on his cock. Ash had a death grip on the side pockets of the Dentist, she’d know all her life’s, pants. She was going at it so hard; her hair would fly up at the top of each of her strokes. I watched her in amazement. Then I started explaining that for her gaziantep escort bayan to give blow-jobs like this, it only worked, if she had no teeth. Gasping, Doc. K___ had his own death grip on the arms of his chair; from the look on his face I didn’t think he could last much longer, and as if on cue.Ash’s head stopped its furious piston motion as her hands moved to cup his balls and stroking his shaft as he twitch and jerked. When she was sure she had suck him dry, Ash’s head rose from his lap tilted back as she opened her mouth to show her prize, looking at her, Doc. K___ face had a smirked on it, Ashlynn closed her mouth swallowed, then opened it again to show she was a good little slut. Her hands drop from Doc. K___’s crotch to hers, shoving fingers deep inside her own dripping cunt, her other hand attacked her clit. Head down, shoulders pinched, one hand deep inside, the other ferocious rubbed, she hitched forward, two little hic-up like spasms, then in one big gasping howl, Ashlynn threw her head back, followed by little grunts of pleaser as she slowed the pace at which she fucker herself. Finely stopping, she looked up from a sweaty mass of hair, smiled at the Doc and said breathlessly “can I get fangs”? (Ash Has Gets A Bright Idea)Ash has been watching Jenn’s poke-her party tape over and over. “Honey! We have other Videos of your Mom. If you just want to see her?” I tell Ash, somewhat surprised, Ashlynn has never shown much interest in watch family tapes of her Mom. “Is she getting Banged in them” Ashlynn asked. “No, Baby”, I tell her “that is the only tape of your mom getting banged, sorry”. “Daddy, you still play poker with ‘Your Boys’ right” she asked with a pouty little smile. “Yes babe. But as a habit, we now only play at your ‘Uncle’ Andy’s place. After your Moms death, it just, seemed, easier. Why?” I ask her.Smiling she ask, “Daddy, can I play”.I look at her and ask, “Like your Mom played”.“Yes, please, Daddy” Ash urged.I look at her; there is a flush to her skin, a light sheen of dew like sweat coated her skin, and the musky smell of her arousal in the air. “You Nasty Little Slut. You know, Bob, your God Father plays. Are you willing to fuck your God Father” I asked. Ash looks down and nods her head slightly, the same way she did when she was small and knew she was caught in a lie.Ashlynn then spread her leg to show me how wet she was. Her sweet looking, little cunt, gaped open, wet, her clit just poking out from its hood, her whole vaj looked swollen with excitement. My god she is such, a Slut. I wanted to fuck her right then.Instead, I call and order a pizza. Boy is the delivery guy going to get a treat. It had been over a month, and the Doctors have said Ash is well enough for sex, but, that she should be careful. (Meaning he did not approve of GBs but she was well enough)I tell Ash to use the Panasonic on herself till the pizza boy gets here, but, she is not to cum. “I want you so wet, that it is running down your legs, when he gets here. Do you hear me”? “Yes Sir, Daddy”. She answers breathlessly over the Panasonics hum.We still use the same Pizza-Delivery that’s drivers, fuck Jennifer back in the day. In fact the k**, that showed up at Jenn’s first “poke-her” party, Todd, is now the manager and that gave me another idea… but for now.(As Luck Would Have It) I recognized that, acne covered, greasy haired, little fat, fucker, walking up the drive, Harold.Harold had been Ashlynn’s nemesis. From pre-K till Grade 5, when his family moved away. They must be back. Ashlynn hated him, this should be good.Naked, nipples hard as rocks, her clit poking out of its hood, her vaj gaping its moisture running down the inside of her legs, Ashlynn throws open the front door asking, “You want to fuck”? Then she sees its Harold, and just stands there with her mouth open as her eyes go stone cold.“Ash”? Squeaks out of Harold’s gapping mouth. I don’t think Harold had ever seen a real live naked girl, let alone asked to fuck. Here he stood asked to fuck by a naked girl he had hated as long as he’d known her. So he just stood in the open door mouth hanging open, his dick visibly getting harder.“HAROLD! The pizza is getting cold, GET in this house”. I told him “Harold, are you going to leave Ashlynn standing there dripping or are you going to fuck her like she asked”? He stepped into the house, barely, but, he still just stood there staring at horny little naked Ash.With that look in her eyes, I was not sure what Ash would do, so as I pushed the front door shut, I told her, “Ash you fuck him right here on the floor, I want him drained before he leaves, and you let him see you eat all his cum, even if he fuck you in the ass you still eat it. Harold’s head snaps up looking at me in shock. “You mean this is OK Mr. Xxxx “he asked. Seems he remembered me a well as Ash. “Yes, Harold, you have to fuck Ashlynn”. I tell him.Looking between him and Ash, I ask him “Harold, what would you call a girl that meets the delivery-boy naked at the door asking him to fuck before she even sees who it is”?He looked from me, to Ash, to me, back to Ash, and answered, “I think, I would call her a whore”, he answered defiantly and just as tactfully as ever. “Yes, and you can use this slutty, little whore, anyway you want. She’s clean, no STD’s. I am assuming you are still a virgin” he blushed “As long as you don’t break her or leave scars, you can do anything you want, ever whip her with your belt. I already called Todd (his boss) and let him know you may be late getting back”. I knew, Harold was lost in a world of confusion, Ashlynn, someone he had always despised (for reasons unknown to both Ash and I) was naked, kneeling, waiting for sex, from him, and I her father was standing there insisting that he fuck her, right here, right now, on the floor, in front of the front door, was this a trick.Ash had dropped to her knees, legs spread about 6”. Just as I had told her I wanted her, when she was waiting to service a man, but, I could see she did not want to do this. Ashlynn Hated this boy, he had tormented her for years, from the time she came back to Pre-K after the accident he would tell her it was her fault her Mommy Died, he pulled her hair, throw things at her, and sometimes he would get in trouble hitting her. She came home crying about him until they were put in different classes.“Ash! Welcome Harold to our home” I snapped. And then that strange smile from the videos lit up her face, she crawled across the floor to Harold on her hands and knees, leaving a small puddle on the floor where she’d knelt. She opened his pants and took his cock in her mouth. From his sharp intake of air, his shiver and the look on his acne covered, fat face, I’m pretty sure this is the first time someone other than his self has ever touched that little wiener he calls a cock.Ash went at it hungered, one hand wrapped around is hip, hand on his butt, kind of holding him up, the other cupping his balls. He came almost at once, Ash pumping and sucking him dry, after his last spasm, she tilt her head back, mouth open to show him her prize. His eyes got wide as he looked down at Ashlynn’s cum filled open mouth; she closed, swallowed and opened it again, so he could see she’d eaten his cum. Her hand never having stopped stroking his wilting little member, she took it back into her mouth; he was hard again in no time. And then Ash pulled away looking up said, “Thank you for your cum, Harold. Please, will you fuck me now”?For a fat little shit, he sure knew what he wanted Ashlynn to do. He had her turn her back to him, spread herself, legs strait, arm holding her torso up. Then spider crawl back, onto his cock. He just stood leaning against the wall. Ashlynn put one hand on the wall in front of her, to hold herself upright; Harold grabbed Ash by the waist, slamming fully balls deep into her in one hard tug.As he was hammering his little cock to her, he was slowly leaning forward pushing Ash’s into the wall, she arch her back, lowered her head till she rest on the floor, his feet braced against the wall as he fucked her as fast as he could, long stroking her his full 5”. She was so ready that, she came long and hard, almost right away, his little dick, rubbing her swollen clit fiercely, with every little stroke. Just as his pumping was becoming more frantic, he stopped. Pulled free, he started slapping her on the ass, hard. Fore and backhanded; he gave her 10 solid swats. Shouting at her, calling her, Worthless, Whore, Nasty, Slut, Cheap, Useless, Trashy, Piece of Shit, spittle flying from his fat, red face, sprayed across Ashlynn’s back. He then slammed fully into her ass, pumping with ferocity, a vengeance, reaching around grabbing both her breast, he pinch her nipples with a white knuckled death grip. Humping her ass as hard and fast as he could, yanking her by her nipples pulling into her, riding her ass to the floor as they both collapsed, Harold grunted, cumming as deeply in her bowels as his little cock would let him.And then they laid on the floor, Harold panting, Ash rose slowly, untangling herself from Harold’s arms and legs, Looking up she took from me a clear wide mouth juice glass, holding it too herself, she squatted trying to squeezing his cum from her ass, when she did she forced out some of her own juices, she scooped then into the glass, and then a slimy, yellowy brownish tinged slug of cum, oozed forth from her ass, she scooped it in to the glass, smiling at Harold, she held the glass up, as if to say cheerers.Watching him over the glass as she brought it to her lips, she turned it up, tapping the bottom, urging the cum slug into her mouth, she looked at him smiled, open her mouth showing him the tinged cum, turned so I could see it she closed her mouth and drank it down, looking back at him she smiled said “thank you” opened her mouth to show she’d eaten it all.Harold looked like he was going to puke, having watch Ash eat the cum from her own ass.I looked on smiling, as Ash took his limp little dick in her mouth, sucking and licking him clean, and then turning, arching her back, she putting her ass into the air, showing off the reddening hand prints, as she bent down, licked up the little pool of her own juice from the floor. She then opened the front door, pushed Harold out. His wilted little wiener, still poking its tiny head, out of the front of his pants, telling him, “back to work for you now, Harold, thanks for the cum”. Ashlynn stood looking out the door, absently running her hand up the inside of her wet thigh, then licking her fingers clean. She is such a little slut, she was not even aware she was doing it.

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