B7 Chapter 3 Summer & Jordan – Discovery


B7 Chapter 3 Summer & Jordan – DiscoveryChapter 3: Summer & Jordan – Discovery Summer strode through the corridors from Dee Dee’s laboratory towards the infirmary. She had her skirt and bikini top on, as was common among the girls on the Island, but she was still getting continual stares from the girls she passed, thanks to her new height of nearly seven feet. No one had raised their voice to Summer, but she knew instinctively that it was better to obey quietly, rather than rock the boat and ask questions. Neither Dee Dee or Tiffany had said as much earlier, but they clearly weren’t happy with having to deal another oversized amazon on the Island, regardless of the fact that Vantha and Rayleena had transformed Summer on their own. Summer was actually glad to leave Dee Dee’s lab. After seeing how Rhiannon had taken down Ebony, or whoever was supposed to be possessing her, as well as hearing Jeanne’s screams from outside, Summer didn’t have the stomach for what she could sense was about to happen. “I may have played a lot of kinky and nasty characters at times, when I posed for the magazines, or acted in videos,” Summer thought, “but I could never really do some of those things in real life. Very soon, the shit is really gonna hit the fan in Dee Dee’s lab, and I don’t want anything to do with it.” Summer soon arrived at the infirmary. At the moment, Jordan was the only occupant of one of the beds. With everything going on, even Tami, the girl who was supposed to be observing things, had left to watch events unfold on one of the monitors somewhere. Summer walked over to Jordan’s bed. Jordan was lying on her back. The sheets were soaked from her sweat, as her body slowly returned to normal, from the ordeal that Rhiannon had put her through. “Hey, Jordan. How’re you feeling? Dee Dee said that I’d find you here.” “Okay I guess. Rhiannon really put me through the wringer a while ago. But I wound up finally being able to get my revenge on Barocca.” Jordan detailed how Rhiannon had ‘gifted’ her for a short time, and then Jordan and her clones had fucked Barocca for all that she was worth. “In the end, I wound up learning a lesson the hard way, too. But it was worth it.” “Wow,” exclaimed Summer. “I didn’t arrive until a little after you and Barocca had that flare-up, but I heard about it from some of the other girls. Anybody that’d stoop that low to be able hurt someone like she did, deserves belugabahis giriş that, in my book.” “Well, we found out later that Barocca had made a clone of herself, and that was who I had it out with,” said Jordan. “But since that happened, she went to the top of the ‘most wanted’ list around here.” Now Jordan sat up in bed, as she talked with Summer. “Is it my imagination, or are you taller than when I saw you the last time?” “Geez, I’m surprised it took you this long to notice,” Summer said with a frustrated sigh. “Earlier tonight, Vantha and Rayleena found me, when they were out looking for another pleasure partner. We had a few hours of sex, and they got carried away, and ‘gifted’ me also.” “Whew. For a minute I thought something was wrong upstairs with me,” said Jordan. “At least you’re returning to normal,” retorted Summer. “As far as I can tell, I’m stuck this way permanently.” “But wait a minute. You said they ‘gifted’ you. Did they give you a cock too?” “Yeah. It’s darn near three feet long. I used it to ream Vantha and Rayleena for all they were worth, before we all ran out of gas.” “Whoa!” exclaimed Jordan. “Almost three feet! That’s nearly as big as Ebony…” “Jordan!” cried Summer. “I’ll admit I liked the idea of getting a cock, and being able to use it with you, and then on Skye, when I go back to the states later on. I mean that’s why I agreed to come here in the first place. But now I’m damn near seven feet tall! The only place that I’m not gonna look like a sideshow freak is at a women’s basketball game or at a wrestling match, and maybe not even there!” “Hey, I’m sorry, Summer,” Jordan tried to console her. “Maybe there’s something that Dee Dee can do for you, once she gets a chance to examine you.” “Gosh, I hope so. I mean, my body is still proportioned the same way, but I don’t want to go through life this big all the time, if I don’t have to.” Summer sat down in a chair next to Jordan. It made a slight creaking sound at having to support her new weight. “Great. Even the chair’s not happy to see me,” she muttered to her-self. Summer buried her face in her hands, Jordan thought that she could hear her begin to sob. Jordan tried hard to think of the right words to say, but couldn’t. Her own situation wasn’t much better off than Summer’s. All of a sudden, Summer’s body appeared to shudder, and then shrink in upon itself. Jordan wasn’t belugabahis güvenilirmi certain if she wasn’t suffering another after effect of her own body returning to normal, or if Summer’s body was actually changing. But a moment later, Jordan was certain of things. Summer’s head and shoulders were visibly lower in the chair, and it wasn’t because she had stooped or lowered her posture. “Hey Summer!” Jordan called out to her. “You’re getting back to normal. I can see it!” “Very funny, Jordan,” mumbled Summer. “Can’t you see I’ve got enough troubles, with-out you teasing me?” “No, I’m serious. I really think you’ve gotten smaller. Stand up and let me take a look at you.” Summer stood up. Her body seemed to feel somewhat lighter than a few moments ago. “Well, I do feel a little different,” she admitted. “But I can’t tell for certain…” Then Summer noticed her reflection in the mirror, and was able to compare her size to other objects. “Holy cow, I am back to normal! This is more like it!” “How’d you do that, Summer?” “All I was doing was thinking about how badly I wished I was back to my normal height, and thinking about Skye, and other things back home that I missed. I concentrated real hard, and then ‘poof’, I changed.” “You did that in less than a minute. That’s incredible. I wonder if you can become huge again?” “I’m not sure if I want to, Jordan. Suppose I can’t change back again?” “You’ll never know unless you try. Concentrate again, and see what happens.” Summer stood in front of Jordan, and clenched her fists, and knitted her brow in concen-tration, as she tried to will her body to change. In a moment, Summer’s body quickly grew over a foot, bringing her back to almost seven feet in height again. “Well, that part works without any trouble. Now to see if I can change back again.” A moment of concentration, and Summer had resumed her normal height again. Over the next fifteen minutes, Summer found that she could change from one form to another almost at will. “As crazy as this sounds, this gets easier each time I do it. Now all I have to do is think about it, and I can will my body to change. This may not be so bad, now that I’ve got some control over what size I’ll be.” Now she was back at her normal size again. “I’m not a doctor Summer, but it sounds to me that when Vantha and Rayleena gifted you, they pumped you full of so much of their alien belugabahis yeni giriş juices, that it’s had some kind of reaction in your body, and that’s what letting you do this now.” “I guess you’re right. That’s the only thing that I can think of too.” “Hey, you said the Vectran girls gave you a cock, Summer. I want to see it! Let’s see if it changes size along with the rest of you.” “Well, I guess it won’t hurt anything,” Summer admitted. She removed her skirt and bikini bottom before Jordan. “I thought you said they gave you a prick,” said Jordan with a puzzled look on her face. “I don’t see anything down there.” “That’s because I’ve got what they called a ‘Vectran’ prick. Or at least their methods of hiding and displaying it. When I don’t want it, it’s off somewhere else; I don’t know how to explain it any better than that. But when it’s time to play…” Summer closed her eyes and focused her concentration. A moment later, her cock and balls appeared between her legs. “Now I’m ready for anything,” she said with a giggle. “Wow, that’s awesome!” said Jordan. “I think it’s neat that Dee Dee and Tiffany taught us all mind control techniques, so that out pricks aren’t quite so big between our legs most of the time. But you’ve really got it made, being able to go from a totally female form, to your shemale form at will.” “That was the last thing Vantha and Rayleena did, was to teach me a few basic mind control techniques from their race, so I could control myself.” “Well what are you waiting for, Summer?” asked Jordan. “I want to see how big your prick really is when it’s hard. Do it for me, please?” “Okay,” said Summer with a little hesitation. “They’re all so tied up with everything going on in the lab, I don’t know when Dee Dee and the others will get back here anyway.” Summer began stroking her shaft, and fondling her balls. “That’s really gorgeous looking, Summer,” said Jordan as she eyed the incredible piece of meat. “But it’s about the same size as my own cock when it’s hard. I thought you said the Vectran girls gave you a bigger prick?” “They did. I meant it’s almost three feet long, when I’m at my bigger size. Let me change to my other form, I’ll let it get hard, and we’ll both take a look at it.” Summer exerted her concentration, and quickly grew to her new height again. For an instant, her cock remained the same size. Then it seemed to catch up with the rest of her body. Both Summer and Jordan’s eyes gaped in wonder, as her already erect cock grew almost five inches, and swelled in thickness, while still being limp. Summer could barely encircle the shaft with one of her hands. Her nuts were now fat enough that they barely fit in one of her hands.

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