Back to the Bath House – Part Deux


Back to the Bath House – Part Deux
Marti (now back to being Marty) and I slept until early noon. The day began in his room with a couple rum and cokes and a truly nice 420. We chatted on the pleasures of the afternoon and night before and I told him of my prowling XHamster and getting turned on by pictures of uncircumcised cock. We started rubbing each others cock and suddenly, Marty backed off with an epiphany The hotel was loaded with Europeans. That meant there should be a lot of uncut cock on the hoof. We formulated a plan to begin in the downstairs shower.

In brief, The Island House is a male only resort. Nudity,fucking and sucking was permissible anywhere except beyond a locked door in the lobby. Marty and I hit the group shower downstairs, lathered each other up and in the process I was noticing an ample number of uncut cock in varying degrees of readiness. In moments, some 30ish stud was pressed against Marty and feeling his cock. I made a point of pulling Marty closer to me, simultaneously passing my hand along Marty’s back and feeling his hardening cock. Marty whispered, “you like?” I nodded in the affirmative. He was uncut and allowed me to reach behind Marty and stroke his cock with Marty between us. His lover joined in the play and we began stroking each other in the shower. He and his lover were both Dutch, in their late thirties, muscular and without body hair except on their head. Their English was broken but that mattered not. I was interested in their uncut cocks. It was decided somehow, we would head for Marty’s room where we would get this ball rolling.

Once upstairs, we were all over each other. I managed to get (Eric – I think) sitting on the bed. I knelt before him, got my face between his legs and ticked his swelling balls with my tongue while looking up to see his pink dick head growing beyond the foreskin. Still between his legs, I pulled back his foreskin with my fingers and tongued that beautiful cock head before taking nearly all his cock in my mouth. At the same time, I felt my rectum being gently massaged. I raised my ass in the air and took Eric all the way in to my throat and he groaned loudly. Now, I felt a wet tongue tickling my ass hole. It was Marty’s tongue and I continued taking Eric’s hard cock down my throat, slowly in and out. Marty’s dick head pressed against my sphincter. He spread my cheeks with his hands and slowly pushed his cock inside me, then Eric’s partner was standing at my shoulders with his cock in Marty’s willing mouth. I took Eric’s cock all the way, to the hilt down my throat and held it as I shot my load all over the towel below me. At that same time. Marty began to pound my ass with deep strokes. I felt Eric tense his leg muscles. I raised my head to catch a deep breath and took all his cock in my mouth and down my throat while Marty pounded me hard, her hips slapping my ass loudly. Eric cried out as he released a warm load down my throat. I lifted my head so I took most of Eric’s load in my mouth . He came long and with a monster load, filling my mouth and I felt Marty shoot a hot load inside me, just before Eric’s partner dumped his load in Marty’s mouth.

The four of sort of collapsed in a pile for the next ten or fifteen minutes. Eric and his friend left the room and Marty and I hit the bed for a nap!!!

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