Bath, Bathroom and Beyond – True Story


Bath, Bathroom and Beyond – True StoryEither you dig my stories or you don’t… whatever. I get off just writing them. Hopefully you enjoy them too.Beth and I had become a regular thing since that fateful night that she dragged me from the pub and fucked me on her mother’s living-room floor (twice). The holidays were over and we were both back at our respective universities. I lived with a couple of other grad students in a roach-infested shit-hole in Little Italy. Beth lived right down town with two others in an all-girls residence reserved for first-years.As if she needed to prove that she belonged in the Fine Arts program at the University of Toronto, one drunken night she convinced her room-mates to help her drag an abandoned bathtub up into her small dorm room. She was so proud. I ignored her attempts at getting attention (and acting crazy), just happy that I was fucking a cute little Halle Berry look-a-like — 90 pounds of teenaged angst. But she still felt the need to show off her new acquisition. Like a c***d, I had to talk to security and have them ring her up to come get me when I visited her. The gate-keeper was nice enough. He would call her up when I arrived, saying, “Beth has a visitor,” his middle eastern accent inflecting ‘vee-sit-door’. This night she came down to get me wearing a bleach blonde wig.It was always a bit awkward trying to make small-talk with Beth’s room-mates. One was very shy and laughed at everything I said. The other was a gothic suicide-girl from hell. The four of us drank every girly-drink they had before Beth’s room-mates volunteered that the night was over and they had to get some sleep. I took that as an invitation to leave, but Beth didn’t. She pulled me into her newly acquired bathtub, now all nicely lined with blankets and pillows. She quietly kissed and fondled me. Somehow, she looked like a stranger with that bleach-blonde wig. I’m pretty sure that’s why I didn’t make a fethiye escort bigger effort to go home.Within a couple of minutes of the lights going off, Beth was pulling both of our pants down. The bathtub may have been fine for her 4’11” frame, but I was completely contorted trying to get things going. We fumbled around and started to make way too much noise. I had my dick halfway into Beth’s wet snatch when finally Beth’s gothic suicide-girl room-mate couldn’t take it anymore.”Beth! I’m trying to sleep! If you want to fuck your boyfriend, go somewhere else!” I could kind of see that coming. It was not a big room and the lights had only been off for a couple of minutes. But I guess it’s just the way Beth rolled. She really didn’t give a shit. I think that her EMO room-mate actually had a crush on her. And Beth just wanted to torture her with the sounds of us fucking.I slowly pulled my dick out of her when Beth’s shy room-mate protested too. I was positive that it was time for me to leave. But Beth was worked up. She was a horny girl and wasn’t going to let the inconvenience of room-mates interrupt her desires. She said, “Fine! Fuck! Whatever!” and pulled me from the bathtub, guiding me through the hallway, into the common bathroom.An innocent looking 18 year old girl was staring into the mirror, wiping away her make-up. Beth just said, “Hey,” to her as she pushed me into one of the cubicles. She sat me down on the toilet and pulled down my pants. The girl stopped looking into the mirror and turned around to look through the still open cubicle door as Beth lowered her mouth onto my cock. The make-up girl stared at me as her face blushed and turned into a disgusted raspberry. She had probably never given head before, let alone seen it. She huffed when she left the bathroom, but Beth just ignored her, licking and sucking my dick with abandon.My cock was covered in Beth’s slobber, standing tall and ready for some escort fethiye fucking. She got up off of her knees, turned her back to me, raised her skirt, pulled her panties to the side and slowly lowered herself on to my cock. I wasn’t more than an inch into her when a Don came storming into the bathroom.”What is going on in here? This is completely unacceptable. Beth, this is not your first, but is definitely your last warning.” Beth dropped down all the way onto my cock, balls deep. Then she said to the Don, “Fuck off! It would do you good to get laid once and a while yourself.” It was a very strange Mexican stand-off. They stared at each other with hate and venom as my dick got comfortable in Beth’s pussy.The Don stormed off out of the bathroom. Beth laughed, knowing that she had won, and ground on my cock. She turned around and kissed me as she went down. “Let’s go somewhere else,” she whispered into my ear, knowing that the Don would be back with security to ruin the moment.We left the bathroom with her yanking my dick, my pants still halfway to my knees. We passed a couple of girls in their nighties. They giggled at the sight of a guy being dragged by the dick through the hallway. Beth made a sharp left and pulled me into the dark laundromat.She collapsed to her knees and bobbed on my cock, leaving more saliva behind with every choke. I stood there with my pants down to my ankles and leaned my head back in ecstasy, enjoying every moment of this fantastic blowjob. Beth finally slowed down and took my cock all the way to the back of her throat, holding it there for what seemed like an eternity, as she stared up into my eyes.She finally pulled back and choked slobber all over the floor. She wiped her face with her sleeve and said, “It’s time you fuck me.” Who was I to disagree. I pulled her from the floor and lifted her up onto the closest washing machine. Beth pulled off her own panties and threw them in the fethiye escort bayan air. I positioned myself between her legs and pushed my cock all the way into her, in one motion. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she groaned. She was so loud that it seemed funny when she said, “Shhhhh, don’t make any noise.” Whatever, she was the one making all the noise.I thrust into her like a rabbit on Easter. The washing machine rumbled around beneath us. I’m sure that the girls living on the floor beneath must have thought that the sky was falling. We were in a state of complete abandon. Nothing was going to interrupt this fuck. We were definitely making a lot of noise. When I started feeling close, I opened my eyes and looked towards the doorway. There were 3 or 4 cute little 18-year-olds staring at us, with girlish grins on their faces. I smirked and drove my cock into Beth even harder, trying to put on a show. They started to giggle and whisper words into each others’ ears. I’m sure that Beth was going to be the talk of her residence by the time I was done with her. My balls tightened up as I rammed my cock into Beth’s tight pussy. But my head was cocked towards the doorway, loving that these cute little virgins were watching me fuck the hell out of Beth. I was actually staring into the eyes of a complete stranger, she looked like she was 15, when I started to unleash my cum into Beth’s pussy. The girls at the door could see that I was cumming, and started to applaud our performance. Just then the Don came crashing through the crowd with a couple of burly security guards. I was startled but continued to finish blasting my cum into Beth. I just kept cumming in her as they approached us.Beth opened her eyes, saw them, and yelled, “Fuck off!” It didn’t work as well as in the bathroom. The security guys separated us and told me to pull up my pants. Beth was led away by the Don, and I was more or less thrown out of the building, being told to never come back, while the onlookers grew in numbers and chatter.After that night we had to fuck at my place, or on the streets, or where-ever. But I was never allowed to go back to Beth’s residence again.

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