Becoming Imogen – Chapter 2


Becoming Imogen – Chapter 2
After Simon had left me on the floor of the storage room I had curled up and cried, burying my face into a bag of lost-and-found sports gear that had been hanging around for years. I felt exposed and humiliated but I wasn’t angry. Why wasn’t I angry? Why didn’t I hate him? I eventually picked myself up, put my shorts and shirt back on and headed to the locker room to get my bag. I had washed my face and changed back into my school uniform ready to go home and did my best to clean myself up. I’d gotten pretty good at covering up my bruises over the last few weeks and I needed all my skills this time. I walked home like any other day and went straight upstairs for a shower.

Water cascade down my body and swirled around the plug hole before disappearing. It was slowly carrying away the smell and taste of Simon but not the memory. Never the memory of today. As I rinsed my body of soap it felt like Simon was all over me, in me, imprinted on me. When I closed my eyes, all I could see was his face as he thrust his cock into my mouth and I stared at him through eyes full of tears. What would happen to me tomorrow? I closed my eyes to rinse my face.

There it was again, Simon’s swollen cock, right in front of my face. My lips parted and my tongue slipped between as I remembered that first taste. I wanted to relive that moment, the feel of him in my hands, the warmth of him in my mouth. I remembered the hair that had curled around the base of his manhood and I reached down to my own belly, my hands drifting down the thin line of delicate hair that ran to my penis. I had measured myself while erect once, 3 inches, it didn’t sound like much. I was already hard. I grasped at myself frantically, looking for some kind of release, just some way to take away the tension. I masturbated for minutes like a wild thing, pulling and tugging on my little man but as hard as I tried, nothing was happening. I thought of all the images of women and girls that had so thrilled me until recently. Every time they faded only to be replaced by Simon’s shaft, thrusting between my lips and above it all, looking down at me, Simon’s smile.

I could almost feel him again, the width of him in my hands, the way he grew. With my left hand I put two fingers to my mouth and ran them over my lips. I reached out with my tongue and licked at them gently. I imagined Simon’s hands in my hair again and I slid the fingers into my mouth. I wanted to be gentle, to enjoy the moment but that’s not what Simon had wanted, I had to do what Simon wanted. I thrust both fingers into and out of my mouth as roughly as I could, as far back as I could. Then three fingers. Then four. I gagged as the fingers touched my throat but I continued to fuck my own mouth. I needed to be better for him, I needed to satisfy him. I stood there in the shower, finger-fucking my mouth and masturbating desperately but I still couldn’t climax. It just wasn’t the same.

The rest of the week at school was like nothing had ever happened. Simon’s friends would bully and beat me whenever they got the chance but Simon kept his distance and refused to even look in my direction. I didn’t know what I had done to upset him, had I disappointed him somehow? I clung onto the hope that the reason Simon’s friends were still hurting me was because Simon was still thinking about me, that he’d asked them to do this. I stopped running from them and started looking forward to their attentions. The school had an old shed near the playing fields where the groundskeeper stored some equipment. It was secluded and quiet and I used to wait there at break times hoping that they would come for me today. Hoping desperately that this time it would be Simon. At home I would replay our encounter in my mind, I searched for objects in the house that I could suck, anything to pretend it was him in me. I got so used to pushing things into the back of my mouth that my gag reflex had even subsided a little. Still he never approached me.

Nick, Ian, Chris and James knew that I was waiting for them and this seemed to give them license to become more sadistic in their attentions. What has started as simple bullying, punches to the arms, legs etc. had slowly progressed into more targeted v******e. It began when Ian had focussed his punches exclusively on my inner thighs. He liked to sit on my chest and attack the same spots, aggravating old bruises. The problem was that every blow was accompanied by visions of Simon in my mind, I would mentally time the imaginary thrusts of his cock with the next blow from my tormentors. Ian was the first to notice the swelling in my trousers.

“Oh my god! Look at her little stiffy! James! Have you seen this?”
James was lounging against the shed waiting for his turn but came over curiously to examine the small bulge that Ian was pointing to. I’d dreaded this moment for days, I closed my eyes as yet another drop of pre-cum seeped into my pants.
“I think she likes it. Are you enjoying this you fucking perv?”
“I… I don’t…” I stammered.
“We can’t have that, can we?”

Without another word, Ian plunged his fist into my groin. I spasmed in pain as he struck me squarely in the balls. It felt like a bottomless pit of agony had opened up in my belly and within seconds my little erection had vanished. Something had changed in that moment. Ian placed his hand onto my trousers and felt the soft, tender flesh beneath. All traces of hardness were gone and he groped at me, feeling for weakness and vulnerability. He closed his fingers around my package, his one hand easily large enough to do the job and squeezed. Hot shafts of pain ran through my groin and up my belly and I cried out in agony. James quickly placed his hand over my mouth to muffle the sound as Ian varied the pressure with different fingers, rolling my tender parts within his fist.
“Do you like this bitch? You don’t seem so happy now?”

Gasps of agony and humiliation burst from my lips, only to be supressed by James’ palm over my mouth but Ian was relentless. He eased the pressure only to reapply it, delighting in the way my body jerked and my muted cries rang out. He had total control over my senses and he knew it.
“That’s enough for now.”

It was Simon. I don’t know how long he had been there but perhaps he was always watching? Ian released the pressure on my groin and took his weight of my chest. I immediately curled over onto my side, my hands clutching my throbbing, agonised balls. From my prone position I looked up to see Simon and Ian shaking hands.
“She’s all yours”. Ian laughed and strode off with James across the playing fields.
I can’t describe the joy at seeing Simon, he had come for me, he had rescued me from Ian’s attentions. I was so grateful that I smiled through the agony and pain. Simon never said a word to me. He walked to the shed and leaned back against it. He undid his belt, button and zip and lowered his trousers and boxers exposing his member to me once again. From my prone position on the ground I knew instinctively what he wanted and I was determined not to let him down again.

“I’m gay and I love to suck cock” I whispered.
I was only a couple of meters away from him but in my weakened state the distance seemed much further. I inched myself over the hard ground towards his feet, still clutching at my testicles.
“I’m a sissy bitch who loves to suck cock”
I half-crawled to him and shuffled onto my knees, my eyes focussed on the prize which hung tantalizingly within reach of my eager mouth.
“I’m your little girly fuck-toy”

Simon hadn’t moved or said a word. He stared into the distance impassively as I made my way to worship him. I had dreamed about this so many times, I desperately wanted to please him, to earn his love. I wanted to show him how much I had practiced, how much I had improved. I looked up at Simon adoringly with my tear-stained face and clasped my hands behind my back. I opened my mouth greedily and plunged my lips over his dangling phallus. I sucked enthusiastically on his shaft, my tongue curling around the bulbous head and tasting again the sweet flavour of his meat. I moaned in satisfaction as I felt him twitch and grow, responding to my attentions.

I lifted myself higher on my knees as he stiffened and rose proudly. I lifted my eyes to look at Simon, to gaze into him and see his pleasure but he wasn’t looking at me, he was staring into the distance, his gaze fixed on some random object. Please look at me! Please! I needed to do more for him. My gaze was fixed on Simon’s face as I thrust my head forward and down, spearing his cock into my throat. Despite all my training and efforts I still coughed and spluttered but I didn’t give up, I persevered and thrust myself repeatedly onto his weapon. I fixed my eyes on him in desperation as I choked myself on his huge cock but still nothing.

I pulled my mouth away from his cock for a second.
“I’m gay and I love to suck cock!” I pleaded.
I plunged my mouth over him again, sucking furiously. Nothing
“Fuck my mouth! Please fuck me! I’m a filthy little slut!” I cried, never once taking my eyes off his face.

His stiff cock glistened in front of me, wet with my saliva and taunting me with my inability to satisfy him. I took my hands from behind my back, grabbed his hips and took him into my mouth once more, pulling myself onto him and forcing him deeper and deeper into my gullet. I cried with frustration as I debased myself for nothing. All my dreams, all my practice was for nothing. I was worthless, useless. I fell back away from him, sobbing and desperate.

Like lightning his open palm caught me across the cheek and I collapsed backwards onto the floor. Simon sprang forward and landed on my chest, pinning me to the ground. He struck me again and again, his face twisted in rage.
“You don’t stop until I say you stop! Stupid bitches can’t get anything right!”
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I cried.
“Shut the fuck up!” he yelled and he gripped his cock in his right hand, leant forward and thrust it into my mouth again. His left hand grabbed my hair and held me still and he stroked at his thick shaft and plunged it again and again between my lips.

“Keep your fucking eyes open” he grunted. I felt his hips thrusting on my chest and as he pulled out of my mouth, his cock erupted in hot, white streams of cum onto my face. Again and again he spurted onto my tongue, my teeth, my cheeks, nose, eyes and hair. I instinctively blinked as the cum hit my eye but I struggled to open it again and keep myself focussed on Simon’s face. After 6 or 7 gushes his orgasm was over and he let his cock dangle between my lips. Simon stretched his arms above his head and arched his back, his softening penis gliding gently in and out of my mouth as his cum ran off my face in rivers.

“You see what you made me do?” he said. He smiled down at me.
“I don’t want to hurt you but you make me so angry because you’re such a useless, stupid cunt aren’t you?”
I nodded slightly and closed my lips around the now flaccid head of his beautiful manhood.
“Mmmnggh” I managed. Once again I could taste Simon’s seed in my mouth and my heart swelled as he spoke to me. He had acknowledged that I existed.

“You’re going to try harder to make me happy next time aren’t you? You won’t make me angry again will you?”
I shook my head, I didn’t want this moment to end.
“Good girl.” He smiled and rose to his feet. I lifted my head from the floor to keep him in my mouth for a few more seconds, my tongue extended and searching for him as he moved away. He tucked himself away and backed off a few paces as I sat up. He reached into his pocket and pulled something out. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, I just caught a glimpse of something pink.

“I took these from my sister. You’re going to wear them now.”
He held the item out in front of me. It was a pair of small pink panties, light pink cotton with pretty dark pink hearts.
“Strip. I want to see all of you.”

I struggled to my feet, painfully aware of my groin once again and slowly took off my school uniform. Simon looked on appraising my body as I slipped my pants down and exposed my naked, bruised flesh. I stood there, in the sunlight, my pale skin spotted with angry welts, I didn’t dare cover my penis although it ached desperately. Simon’s cum was drying on my face but a couple of drips landed on my chest. He tossed me the knickers.
“Put them on.”

I stepped into the panties, my skin thrilling at their touch as they ran up my naked, hairless thighs. They were small even for me and as I pulled them over my hips they squeezed my inflamed testicles against my body and made me whimper. Even as I did so, I felt a little blood rush into my penis and I stiffened.
“I see your little clitty likes it’s new home.” Simon leered at me. “Tell me how your clit feels in panties.”
“It feels so good!” I whispered.
“What does?”
I knew what he wanted me to say. I knew what this meant for me.
“My little clitty.” I answered.
Simon’s hand stretched out and grasped my throat, squeezing cruelly. He pulled me closer to him and lifted me onto my toes.
“Master.” He said.
“Yes Master, sorry Master. My little clitty Master.”
“Repeat after me.”
I listened to his words and said them back to him in a hushed voice.
“I am Master’s slutty sissy and I live to please him.”
“I am Master’s slutty sissy and I live to please him.”
“Remember it cunt. Now put your uniform back on but throw away your boy pants, you won’t need them any more.”
I nodded and quickly redressed as he turned his back on me and walked away.

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